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Die archivierten Nachrichten aus der Rubrik "Aktuelles"...

[09.06.2005] Moviehole meldet...
[...] Variety reports that the action superstar - whose latest film, "Kumite", tipped to be his comeback, has reportedly fallen though - has signed to star in a third live-action "Asterix" movie.
"Asterix at the Olympic Games," to be directed by Frederic Forestier, will see The Muscles from Brussels playing Cornedurus, Roman olympic winner during the reign of the emperor Cesar. Yup, that's Van Damme in a toga.
Gerard Depardieu will reprise his role as Obelix, but producers are on the lookout for a new Asterix, previously played by Christian Clavier in the first two live-action efforts.
Aishwarya Rai is believed to have a role in the sequel too.
The film is slated to begin shooting in March, with its French release scheduled for early 2007.

[18.05.2005] Bei DH gibt es folgende "Variety"-Meldung...
After two box office smashes, rights holders of the original "Asterix" cartoon books nixed the script for producer Claude Berri's third Viking-themed live action movie installment. Berri's producer son Thomas Langmann ("Blueberry"), who had the initial idea to adapt Asterix, has now come up with a new script, "Asterix at the Olympic Games" and a new director, Frederic Forestier. If all goes smoothly, pic could go into production in 2006...

[15.09.2003] Comedix berichtet über "Asterix in Hispanien"...
Drehbuchautor Gérard Jugnot hat über acht Monate an dem Drehbuch für die dritte Live-Action Version der Asterix-Serie gearbeitet. Doch Rechteinhaber Albert Uderzo ist mit dem Resultat unzufrieden und weigert sich, dem Projekt grünes Licht zu geben. [...]

[09.08.2003] Kino News Online berichtet über "Asterix in America"...

[20.05.2003] Im AsterIX-Forum wurde kürzlich ein neuer Trickfilm angekündigt: "Asterix und die Wikinger"... Und bei Animated Movies war zu lesen...
An M6 spokesperson explained why the French network is investing $25 million in an Astérix film: "Animated movies that air during the holidays usually score very high ratings. We originally wanted to produce an animated series, but Albert Uderzo always refused that the character he created with Goscinny be turned into a TV star. This is why we decided to go instead for a feature-length animated movie."

[07.03.2002] Heute startet "Asterix & Obelix: Mission Kleopatra" in den deutschen Kinos... Endlich bietet auch die deutsche "Offizielle Website" Infos zum Film...

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