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"Babylon A.D." (2008) ist die Verfilmung des Romans "Babylon Babies" von Maurice Dantec...

Ein namenloses Land irgendwo in Osteuropa. Chaos, Armut, Schmutz und Gewalt, wohin man blickt. Hier lebt Toorop (Vin Diesel, u.a. "Riddick - Chroniken eines Kriegers"), ein wortkarger Abenteurer und Söldner, der für Geld jeden Auftrag erledigt. Toorop stellt keine Fragen und kennt keine Moral - solange das Honorar stimmt. Dieser Kodex hat ihm zahlreiche Feinde eingebracht; deren Hass wiederum lässt seine Überlebenschancen täglich weiter schmelzen. So klingt das Angebot von Mafia-Boss Gorsky (Gérard Depardieu, u.a. "Asterix & Obelix"-Filme) denn auch zu verlockend, um es auszuschlagen: Toorop soll ein junges Mädchen nach New York schmuggeln. Als Gegenleistung will Gorsky ihm einen Neuanfang in Amerika ermöglichen. Aurora (Mélanie Thierry, u.a. "Largo Winch"), die junge Frau, die Toorop unversehrt auf dem anderen Kontinent abliefern soll, ist - obwohl anders vereinbart - nicht allein. Sie wird begleitet von einer resoluten Nonne (Michelle Yeoh, u.a. "Sunshine", "Tiger & Dragon"), die sich als Ein-Frau-Leibwache ihres Schützlings versteht. Und tatsächlich: Schon nach kurzer Zeit eskaliert die Reise zu einem alptraumhaften Trip in die Gefahr...

"Babylon A.D." - unter der Regie von Mathieu Kassovitz (u.a. "Gothika") - startete nach einer Terminverschiebung am 11. September 2008 in den deutschen Kinos...

Babylon A.D.

"Babylon A.D." auf DVD & Blu-ray !!!
Am 16. April 2009 erschien "Babylon A.D." auf DVD & Blu-ray Disc... Jetzt bei Amazon bestellen !!!

[11.09.2008] Heute startet "Babylon A.D." in den deutschen Kinos...

[04.09.2008] Concorde Film meldet...
Mathieu Kassovitz' mit Spannung erwartetes jüngstes Werk BABYLON A.D. startete am vergangenen Wochenende in den USA und spielte beachtliche 12 Millionen US-Dollar ein. Damit konnte sich die europäische Produktion gleich Platz 2 der US-Charts sichern.
In Deutschland startet BABYLON A.D. am 11. September 2008 im Concorde Filmverleih. Die deutschen Fans können sich auf die ungeschnittene Filmfassung mit einer Länge von 101 Minuten freuen. In den USA hingegen ist nur eine gekürzte 90-Minuten Fassung zu sehen. Im Internet kursieren seit Tagen Gerüchte, der Regisseur Mathieu Kassovitz habe den US-Verleih kritisiert, seinen Film geschnitten zu haben, um eine Altersfreigabe PG 13 zu erreichen. In Deutschland hat die Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle der Filmwirtschaft BABYLON A.D. ab 16 Jahren freigegeben. [...]

[01.09.2008] berichtet über die US-Kinocharts...
Twentieth Century Fox's Vin Diesel sci-fi actioner "Babylon A.D." and holdover DreamWorks/Paramount comedy "Tropic Thunder" were in a dead heat as the Labor Day weekend got underway at the domestic box office.
"Babylon"grossed $3.1 million as it opened in 3,390 theaters Friday, while "Tropic Thunder" grossed $3 million. There's a good chance that "Thunder" could pull ahead of "Babylon" for the top spot at the weekend B.O. In the midst of its third frame, "Tropic Thunder's" cume is $75.4 million.
A co-production with StudioCanal, "Babylon" opened in France on August 20, grossing close to $4 million to date. [...]

[30.08.2008] Bei AICN gibt es eine vernichtende Kritik von Massawyrm...
[...] This thing is just silly, a grotesque cinematic partial birth abortion unlike anything I’ve experienced. When Kassovitz said "It's pure violence and stupidity," he wasn’t lying. But he didn’t mean that in a cynical, eggheaded, pretentious director sort of way. It is utterly meaningless and only serves to make your brain hurt when it begins trying to be smart. It is kind of like what would happen if your thirteen-year-old brother watched Children of Men and got the money from FOX to make a better version of it. And I don’t mean that in a good way. Not at all. When Paul W.S. Anderson is making better science fiction than the French, you know something is terribly wrong with the world. Terribly wrong indeed. [...]

[28.08.2008] Bei und Sci-Fi Movie Page gibt es Kritiken...

[27.08.2008] AMC meldet...
Mathieu Kassovitz is pissed off. The French auteur, who first made waves in 1995 with La Haine, is supposed to be celebrating the passion project he's been nursing for the past five years. Instead -- the week before Babylon A.D. hits theaters -- he is nursing a grudge. "I'm very unhappy with the film," he says. "I never had a chance to do one scene the way it was written or the way I wanted it to be. The script wasn't respected. Bad producers, bad partners, it was a terrible experience."
The film, starring Vin Diesel, is an adaptation of the French novel Babylon Babies by Maurice Georges Dantec. It tells the story of a mercenary (Diesel) in the year 2019 who is hired to transport a woman and her guardian from Eastern Europe to New York. "The scope of the original book was quite amazing," says Kassovitz. "The author was very much into geopolitics and how the world is going to evolve. He saw that as wars evolve, it won't be just about territories any more, but money-driven politics. As a director it's something that's very attractive to do."
Diesel emphasizes the movie's theme of smuggling people across national borders. "This whole thing that's happening in Georgia right now is so fresh that no one has even asked about it yet," he says. "We're coming into an age where borders are closing, and I think that our society will be numb to it because of our freedom in the virtual world, our freedom in the Internet."
But according to Kassovitz, Babylon A.D. fails to deliver any of these messages. "It's pure violence and stupidity," he admits. "The movie is supposed to teach us that the education of our children will mean the future of our planet. All the action scenes had a goal: They were supposed to be driven by either a metaphysical point of view or experience for the characters... instead parts of the movie are like a bad episode of 24." [...]

[09.08.2008] Die Offizielle Website ist online, zudem sind "Babylon A.D." TV-Spots online !!!

[07.08.2008] Mehrere "Babylon A.D." Clips / Ausschnitte sind online...

[11.06.2008] Ein neuer "Babylon A.D." US-Trailer ist online...

[27.05.2008] Der "Babylon A.D." Teaser-Trailer #2 ist online...

[02.05.2008] Bei gibt es ein Poster zum Film... Und der "Babylon A.D." Teaser-Trailer ist online !!!

[11.04.2008] Twitch meldet...
[...] We reported a few days back that the film had been cut - and cut deep - by Fox for international release, their version of the film running ninety minutes while the Euro version was reported to hit the 160 minute mark. That ninety minute number is definite as Fox has submitted their cut to the BBFC for certification but we’re now hearing that the length of the European version may not be as long as originally reported, suggestions now being made that the European cut will have a run time in the hour and forty five minute - or 105 total minutes - area, which would mean cuts of only fifteen minutes as opposed to seventy. We haven’t been able to get firm confirmation of this, nor is it clear whether the change is the result of bad information in the first place - unlikely as it came directly from actress Michelle Yeoh - or if Kassovitz has been doing some cutting of his own.

[10.04.2008] Twitch meldet...
[...] Mary tipped us off back in November that the film was being prepared in two distinct versions - Kassovitz’ intended, longer cut for mainland European release and a Fox-mandated shorter version for release in the rest of the world. At the time of that report, word was that the full version would run two hours and forty minutes - for the math impaired that’s one hundred and sixty minutes - but no details were known about the shorter Fox version. Well, no more.
The Fox version has been submitted to the UK’s BBFC for certification and the version turned in there ran a mere ninety minutes, meaning if that hundred and sixty minute number is accurate Fox have cut a full seventy minutes - nearly half the run time - from Kassovitz’ picture. Even worse, the BBFC have rated the film 12A, which is the equivalent of a soft PG-13 in the US - many PG-13 films are rated 15 in the UK - meaning there can’t be much action or violence left in the picture whatsoever. With some directors this wouldn’t be an issue but Kassovitz is the man who made La Haine and Crimson Rivers and there’s absolutely no way he set out to make a PG-13 rated action picture, no way at all. [...]

[08.11.2007] Twitch meldet...
[...] according to the official blog for the film there are two rather different versions of Mathieu Kassovitz’ big budget sci-fi actioner Babylon A.D. - with Vin Diesel, Michelle Yeoh and Gerard Depardieu - being prepared. Europeans are getting a longer cut of the film in theaters in early 2008 while Fox, which holds rights in most non-European regions, have requested a significantly shorter version of the film, which they plan to release in North America at the end of August. According to Allocine the Euro version will run two hours and forty minutes. [...]

[28.05.2007] Ein "Babylon A.D." Promo Teaser, der im französischen TV-Sender Canal+ ausgestrahlt wurde, ist online...

[04.05.2007] Bei gibt es ein paar Szenenbilder...

[30.04.2007] CS! meldet...
Lambert Wilson (The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions) has been cast in two new features: Babylon A.D., starring Vin Diesel, and The Heaven Project. Sci-fi thriller "Babylon" is directed by Mathieu Kassovitz; "Heaven" is written and directed by John Glenn. [...]

[17.04.2007] Im Offiziellen Blog steht zu lesen...
[...] As you have heard we had to stop for a few weeks because of the weather and set issues. But be reassured we are back on tracks !
On Monday we finished one of the biggest scene of the film in a fake NY square entirely build at Barandov in Prague. Major explosions, Vin, Michelle and Melanie fighting their way through gun shots... very impressive !
As you have read on some websites, 2nd unit has started shooting some action sequences in northern Sweden. We had to shoot these scenes in Poland, but guess what: Not enough snow this year!! Even in Northern Sweden on Monday the snow was melting, it got us into a little panic, but it should be fine now. Earth is warming up... it's a fact.
Next week, all the cast should be flying there for 3 days.
Today we will be shooting with Vin, Lambert Wilson and David Belle's team. The set it amazing... but I can't tell you more :-) [...]

[16.01.2007] Bei gibt es Bilder vom Set...

[12.09.2006] CS! meldet...
Michelle Yeoh has signed for a pair of films. She'll first star with Sean Bean and Michelle Krusiec in True North. Asif Kapadia (The Return) directs the $10 million drama financed by Film Four and other equity investors.
Yeoh will then star alongside Vin Diesel in Babylon A.D. for Fox and Canal Plus, with shooting to begin in November.
True North, which begins shooting this week in Norway, is about a woman and a young girl whose barren existence is disrupted by a soldier.
Mathieu Kassovitz will direct Babylon A.D. from his script. Diesel had previously been set for the $60 million adaptation of the Maurice Dantec genetic manipulation novel "Babylon Babies."
Yeoh will play a nun who becomes caretaker to a young girl who might have been injected with a deadly virus.

[06.02.2006] CS! meldet...
According to (via VinXperience), French movie paper Le Film Français is reporting that Vin Diesel will star in Babylon A.D., a big-budget futuristic thriller to be directed by Mathieu Kassovitz (The Crimson Rivers, Gothika) from his script.
The 20th Century Fox and Canal Plus project was inspired by Maurice Dantec novel "Babylon Babies." The story is set in the near future and concerns genetic manipulation. In the book, a mercenary charged with delivering a young woman from Russia to Canada learns that she has been manipulated by a synthetic virus and what lies inside her could doom the human race.
Previously it was expected that French actor Vincent Cassel would land the role. Diesel can next be seen in the courtroom dramedy, Find Me Guilty.
Canal Plus will distribute Babylon A.D. in Europe while Fox gets domestic and overseas territories outside Europe. The movie will shoot in Eastern Europe and Canada in June.

Babylon A.D.
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Babylon A.D.

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Babylon A.D.

Maurice G. Dantec
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Babylon A.D.

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Babylon A.D.

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Babylon A.D.

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