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Die archivierten Nachrichten aus der Rubrik "Aktuelles"...

[23.09.2003] Bei gibt es Infos zur DVD "Bad Boys II" (RC 1), die am 9. Dezember 2003 erscheinen soll...

[17.09.2003] Bei Moviehole gibt es ein Interview mit Joe Pantoliano...
[...] what about the chances of a "Bad Boys 3"? "I’m hearing things already. "Bad Boys 2" has knocked everyone’s socks off over here. I’m sure, we’ll be doing one shortly.
"Actually, we should do another ten Bad Boys movies. I could come in in one of those electric wheelchairs, like Peter Sellers in "Dr Strangelove", just shouting away", laughs Pantoliano. [...]

[21.07.2003] Blickpunkt:Film meldet...
Megaproduzent Jerry Bruckheimer stellte mit "Bad Boys II" und "Fluch der Karibik" die beiden Toptitel des vergangenen US- Kinowochenendes, die gemeinsam 80 Mio. Dollar Kasse machten. "Bad Boys II", dessen erster Teil vor acht Jahren auf insgesamt 65 Mio. Dollar Einspiel kam, spielte trotz R-Rating und knapp 150 Minuten Laufzeit sensationelle 46,7 Mio. Dollar ein und bescherte Bruckheimer am zweiten Wochenende nacheinander die Nummer eins in den USA. [...]

[20.07.2003] Bei CS! gibt es weitere "Daily Audio"-Interviews mit den Stars... Darüberhinaus berichtet CS! über die Einspielergebnisse...
Sony Pictures' Bad Boys II, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, captured the #1 spot at the box office on Friday, earning an estimated $17.5 million from 3,186 theaters. The figure has already beat the $15.5 million that Bad Boys earned its entire first weekend from April 7 - 9 in 1995. [...]

[18.07.2003] Bei CS! gibt es ein Interview mit Will Smith... Die Kritik von CS! fällt nicht so gut aus (5/10)...
[...] In deciding whether or not to see it, you should consider your opinion of the first film, the lead actors, and Michael Bay’s style.

[17.07.2003] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik von Harry Knowles...
[...] if you want to see dead enormous tits, giggling exposed ass-cheeks, an industrial tortilla shipping container filled with the oozing bloody jigsaw puzzle remains of a Russian Mafioso and more shit blowing up than in all the other summer films combined... By all means... Check out BAD BOYS 2, it is some sort of mad crazed insane work of evil, it will corrupt many again and again and again.

[11.07.2003] Bei AICN gibt es eine positive Kritik...
[...] those friggin stunts! obviously, the car stuff is CGI assisted, but the work is flawless. everything looks TOTALLY real, unlike, say, the rubbery hood stuff in MATRIX 2, the play-doh Shrek character work of HULK or the ridiculously bad green screen stuff in FULL THROTTLE(or ARMAGEDDON for that matter). if I was 15, I'd see this 5 times, which is more than I can say for EPISODE 1, EPISODE 2, HULK, SPIDERMAN or MATRIX 2. ultimately, it has to be seen to be believed. i don't think there's any way Bruckheimer, Bay or anyone else can top this as the ultimate bad rollercoaster ride on steroids buddy cop picture. this almost plays as a parody/kiss-off of the whole '80s buddy cop genre -- sort of the BEAT THE DEVIL of Beverly Hills Cop/Lethal Weapon movies. Joel Silver must be shitting in his size 48 gaudily embroidered maxfield pants right now. Jerry has beaten him at his own game. [..]

[05.07.2003] Bei LOE gibt es eine positive Kritik zu "BB2" (4.5/5)... Bei Latino Review gibt es ein weiteres Poster zu "BB2"... Und die Offizielle Website bietet neues Material !!!

[20.06.2003] U-Daily News zitiert Jerry Bruckheimer bzgl. "Bad Boys 3"...
[...] "When we had about two weeks of shooting left to go on 'Bad Boys II,' Will and Martin were having such a good time, they phoned (Columbia studio chieftain) Amy Pascal and said, 'We want to sign up for another one.' So, hopefully we'll get them all back together again in a year or two.' [...]

[12.06.2003] Bei Latino Review gibt es ein Poster zu "BB2"...

[28.05.2003] Die Offizielle Website bietet endlich mehr !!!

[16.05.2003] Der finale "Bad Boys 2" Trailer ist online !!! Und zitiert Michael Bay bzgl. "Bad Boys 3"...
[...] "We'll see how this one does," Bay said Tuesday at a PlayStation 2-sponsored party. "But according to the audience last Thursday when we tested it, I think [the series will continue]." [...]

[11.05.2003] Bei AICN gibt es eine weitere positive Vorab-Kritik...

[10.05.2003] Bei AICN gibt es eine positive Vorab-Kritik...

[05.04.2003] Bei gibt es ein Szenenbild...

[15.02.2003] Bei CS! gibt es ein Interview mit Ron Shelton...

[17.01.2003] "Bad Boys 3" !?! sprach mit Jerry Bruckheimer...
What can we look forward to in Bad Boys 2? They've become huge movie stars and Martin is as funny as ever and Will is terrific and they got along great and had the best time. In fact, they called me from the set about right before Christmas saying, "We've got to do another one." I said, "You haven't finished this one yet." They're already getting ready to do another one. "Jerry, I want you to hire a writer." So, they had the best time.
What did it take to get that together? Years. Years and years. First we had them going to England and we had them going everywhere. Then Will had an idea to bring them to South Africa and we developed all these different screenplays and none of them works. We figured out the real comedy and the fun was just those two guys, so we just put them back in that area and it worked.
What is the action like this time? It's amazing. The first movie we made for $22 million and this one's a lot more, so it's a big movie.

[18.12.2002] Der "Bad Boys 2" Teaser-Trailer ist online !!!

[29.11.2002] Bei CS! gibt es eine Beschreibung des "Bad Boys II" Teaser-Trailer...
A lady is waking down a hall. All of a sudden 3 men come up to her with guns and she does some kung foo and beats them. The screen flashes and she turns into the columbia logo. Then the logo explodes and on the screen it says THEY'RE BACK AND THEY'RE BAD! You see a shot of Martin Lawrence and Will Smith on the highway with a worried look on their face. On a firey backround the words BAD BOYS 2, COMING NEXT SUMMER appear then a voice says presented in Digital Matrix picture and sound!

[14.11.2002] Bei CS! gibt es einen Spy-Report...
On Nov 12, 2002 the crew was filming a scene from the movie Bad Boys 2 in Coral Gables, Fl where I live. I was there for most of the day to watch. The scene involved a funeral procession that was stopped by Miami PD (cars & helicopter). Smith and Lawerence stop the hearst, pull out the coffin and pry it open looking for hidden money. However, they find none and realize the have stopped the wrong hearst. This was the only scene they shot all day.

[27.09.2002] Bei Entertainment Tonight gibt es einen Set-Bericht...

[23.08.2002] CS! meldet, dass Peter Stormare (u.a. "Vergessene Welt" und "Minority Report") gecastet wurde...

[15.08.2002] CS! meldet...
According to Variety, the Florida Dept. of Transportation has rescinded the rainy-day provisions of a permit granted to Columbia Pictures' Bad Boys 2 for filming on the heavily traveled MacArthur Causeway that connects Miami with Miami Beach.
The Jerry Bruckheimer production received permits to close down the eastbound lanes from 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. for four days (Aug. 5-8), with westbound lanes also shut during filming. An estimated 90,000 cars normally travel the causeway during rush hour. However, the resulting traffic jams and delays frayed locals' tempers, and politicos were flooded with complaints.
Due to rain, the Bad Boys 2 producers requested another two days on the causeway on Aug. 26-27, which coincide with the opening of local schools. The request was denied, but the officials are still open to negotiating for other time periods, says the trade. The sequel is filming in and around Miami into December.

[08.08.2002] CS! meldet...
Hollywood action got underway in South Florida last Thursday as Bad Boys 2 began filming in Miami. The Sky 10 news channel caught movie magic in the making as a police helicopter chased several Coast Guard choppers under the Port of Miami Bridge while a go-fast boat sped under it. [...]
The production will close the MacArthur Causeway Aug. 5 through the 8th. The Associated Press says that Columbia Pictures is spending about $500,000 to cover the costs of the closure -- through Thursday -- including the hiring of police officers to redirect traffic. The movie makers also are paying the toll for one of the alternative routes to Miami Beach.
In related news, People News reports that stuntmen filming a chase scene on the bridge avoided serious injuries yesterday, after the car they were driving ploughed through two street lamps. Andy Gill, the driver of the camera car which was following the action lost control and sped off the road. Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident.

[27.07.2002] CS! meldet...
[...] the MacArthur Causeway will be blocked Aug. 5-8 for the filming of Columbia Pictures' Bad Boys 2. Tens of thousands of Beach-bound cars are expected to be diverted from the MacArthur Causeway for the four-day period. The stars will be chasing a car-carrier, its cargo crashing down around them, as they rehash their 1995 blockbuster hit against the Miami skyline. [...]

[23.07.2002] Bei gibt es ein Interview mit Gabrielle Union...
[...] "I'm like the black Annie Oakley," she said with a laugh, referencing the young 19th century gunslinger immortalized in film and television. "I shoot everything that moves. It's just going to be a lot of fun and a lot of action. You know, typical Michael Bay, Jerry Bruckheimer ... tons of explosions!"
[...] "I play Syd, who's Martin's sister and Will's love interest," Union explained. "She's an undercover D.E.A. agent working on busting an ecstasy ring. And she's actually been able to kind of work her way pretty far up in the criminal underworld hierarchy. And wacky hijinks ensue! There's kind of a sexual tension between my character and Will's character, Mike. And it provides animosity between him and Martin's character."
Union said she'll get started on "Bad Boys 2" in early August. [...]

[18.07.2002] Bei gibt es eine "Hollywood Reporter"-Meldung, laut der Gabrielle Union (u.a. "Love & Basketball", "Eine wie keine") die weibliche Hauptrolle in "BB2" ergattert haben soll...
[...] Union will play Sydney Burnett, the half sister to Lawrence's character, Marcus Burnett. She also is the love interest to Smith's Mike Lowrey, who repeatedly tries to charm and seduce her, causing friction between him and his partner. Although Sydney claims to have a desk job, she is really an undercover agent pretending to launder dirty money. [...]

[13.05.2002] Bei FilmJerk gibt es ein Casting Sheet, mit Detailangaben zu den Charakteren in "Bad Boys 2"... Vorsicht SPOILER !!!

[08.03.2002] Coming Attractions meldet...
On the last day of this year's ShoWest gathering, Sony Pictures announced that all the main players from the first Bay Boys film -- producer Jerry Bruckheimer, director Michael Bay and stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence -- have all signed onboard for the sequel. Sony wants to release Bad Boys 2 sometime in the summer of 2003. When asked how she felt about concrete plans for the long-anticipated sequel, Columbia Pictures chariman Amy Pascal said "It feels good. We're very, very excited."

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