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"Battle: Los Angeles" (2010) ist ein SciFi-Actioner mit Potential - unter der Regie von Jonathan Liebesman (u.a. "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning")...

Seit Jahren werden überall auf der Welt immer wieder UFO-Sichtungen gemeldet - in Buenos Aires, Seoul, Frankreich, Deutschland, China. Aber 2011 wird aus diesen Beobachtungen eine furchteinflößende Gefahr: Die Erde wird auf einmal von unbekannten Streitmächten angegriffen. Während die Menschen weltweit machtlos mit ansehen müssen, wie ihre Städte dieser Invasion zum Opfer fallen, wird Los Angeles der letzte Zufluchtsort der Menschheit in einem Krieg, den keiner sich vorzustellen wagte. Nantz (Aaron Eckhart, u.a. "The Core", "The Dark Knight") und sein Team müssen eine letzte Verteidigungslinie errichten und sich dem Kampf gegen einen übermächtigen Feind stellen. Ein Feind, wie er ihnen noch nie zuvor begegnet ist...

Die Dreharbeiten zu "Battle: Los Angeles" begannen im August 2009... Der deutsche Kinostart - unter dem Titel "World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles" - war am 14. April 2011...

Battle: Los Angeles

[31.10.2011] Heute erscheint
"World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles" auf Blu-ray Disc und DVD...

[14.04.2011] Heute startet "World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles" in den deutschen Kinos...

[28.03.2011] CS! berichtet über die US-Kinocharts...
[...] Sixth place belong to Sony's Battle: Los Angeles, which added $7.6 million its third weekend for a total of $72.6 million. The film was budgeted at $70 million. [...]

[14.03.2011] CS! meldet...
[...] Produced by Neal Moritz, coming off his earlier 2011 hit The Green Hornet, the Jonathan Liebesman-directed Battle: Los Angeles (Sony) starring Aaron Eckhart won the weekend with a solid $36 million in 3,417 theaters, averaging over $10k per venue. It's looking to have the year's second biggest opening following last week's Rango, which may be showing signs of the box office recovering after a slow start to the year. Battle: Los Angeles also grossed $16.7 million internationally in the 33 markets where it opened mostly at #1 with Russia taking in $4.6 million on 655 screens, Korea making $3.6 million on 424 and the United Kingdom bringing in $3 million. It's another solid hit for Sony who have had four #1 movie openings this year. [...]

[09.03.2011] Bei CS! gibt es Video-Interview mit den Stars aus "Battle: LA"...

[03.03.2011] Gleich neun "Battle: Los Angeles" TV-Spots sind online...

[02.03.2011] Ein neuer "Battle: Los Angeles" Clip / Ausschnitt ist online...

[23.02.2011] Zwei "Battle: Los Angeles" Clips / Ausschnitte sind online !!!

[19.02.2011] Bei IGN gibt es ein "Battle: LA"-Poster...

[17.02.2011] Bei B-D gibt es HiRes-Szenenbilder...

[07.02.2011] Der "Battle: Los Angeles" Super Bowl Spot ist online !!!

[28.01.2011] Bei Latino Review und CS! gibt es Setberichte...

[12.01.2011] Ein neuer "Battle: Los Angeles" Trailer ist online !!!

[18.12.2010] Bei CS! gibt es ein "stimmungsvolles" Poster zum Film...

[14.11.2010] Der "World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles" International-Trailer ist online !!!

[12.11.2010] Der "Battle: Los Angeles" Teaser-Trailer ist online !!!

[02.10.2010] Bei gibt es einen Behind The Scenes und einen Viral Clip...

[09.07.2010] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik zu einer frühen Testvorführung...

[30.12.2009] Bei io9 gibt es erste Bilder, u.a. Aaron Eckhart...

[09.09.2009] meldet...
R&B singer-songwriter Ne-Yo, along with Ramon Rodriguez, Taylor Handley and Cory Hardrict, are suiting up for "Battle: Los Angeles," the sci-fi war flick that Jonathan Liebesman is directing for Columbia.
Jadin Gould, Bryce Cass and Joey King also have joined the cast, which includes Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Bridget Moynahan and Michael Pena.
Ne-Yo, who just booked the gig to write and sing the closing song for Disney's "The Princess and the Frog," will plays a corporal in the platoon.
Rodriguez, Handley and Hardrict are members of the platoon fighting the invading aliens. Cass, Gould and King are kids trapped in a community center.
The studio is taking advantage of Louisiana's incentives, with shooting beginning this week in Shreveport. Neal Moritz is producing.
"Battle" will be WME-repped Ne-Yo's highest-profile gig and one that takes him out of the music realm. His credits include "Stomp the Yard" and "Save the Last Dance 2."
Ramon Rodriguez, repped by UTA and the Collective, has appeared in "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and "The Taking of Pelham 123."
Handley, who returns for an arc on NBC's "Southland," is repped by Paradigm and manager Booh Schut. He also starred in Kevin Williamson's "Hidden Palms." Hardrict, repped by APA and the Burstein Co., appeared in "Gran Torino." [...]

[18.08.2009] CS! meldet...
Columbia Pictures has set a February 18, 2011 release date for director Jonathan Liebesman's sci-fi action-adventure Battle: Los Angeles.
The film revolves around a Marine staff sergeant (Aaron Eckhart) and his new platoon's battle against an alien invasion on the streets of Los Angeles. Michelle Rodriguez will play Crpl. Adriana Santos, a member of a radio battalion. Michael Pena plays the father of a boy the Marines find along the way, and Bridget Moynahan plays a veterinarian.
Chris Bertolini and Scott Silver wrote the script.

[20.06.2009] SpoilerTV zitiert aus einem Casting Call und liefert detaillierte Infos zu den Charakteren...

[25.03.2009] meldet...
Scott Silver has been hired to rewrite "Battle: Los Angeles" for Columbia.
The studio in April picked up Chris Bertolini's original screenplay, about an alien invasion pulverizing its way across L.A. Original Films' Ori Marmur and Columbia's Sam Dickerman brought in the material for Original's Neal Moritz to produce.
Aaron Eckhart is attached to star as a Marine platoon commander in the action film, with Jonathan Liebesman ("The Killing Room") attached to direct.
The CAA-repped Silver wrote "8 Mile," co-wrote and directed "The Mod Squad" and wrote and directed "Johns." Silver also has the sci-fi pitch "Samson" set up at Warner Bros., with Francis Lawrence attached to direct.

[24.03.2009] AICN zitiert aus einem Audio-Interview mit dem Komponisten Brian Tyler...
[...] It's like the coolest science fiction invasion film...I ever come about. [..] He (director Jonathan Liebesman) is doing a film more like SAVING PRIVATE RYAN or BLACK HAWK DOWN. It's not a slick, shiny, CGI alien picture at all. It's gritty battle. [...]

[16.03.2009] meldet...
The hardest thing about making an alien movie is finding new ways to depict your invaders; the hardest thing about being a leading man like Aaron Eckhart is finding new ways to reinvent yourself. These days, both struggles are being waged with "Battle: Los Angeles."
"We are doing our best to do something that hasn’t been done before," said 29-year-old South African born director Jonathan Liebesman, best known for getting gory with "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning" in 2006. "This is a more down and dirty alien movie. This isn’t like ‘Independence Day.’"
This time, Liebesman’s sci-fi action thriller centers on a marine platoon that must protect the City of Angels from alien invaders.
"This is like Paul Greengrass got a camera, saw some aliens, and shot it from the point of view of a platoon," Liebesman revealed, invoking the name of the "Bourne Supremacy" director famed for his hand-held, adrenaline-fueled action sequences. "It’s literally like ‘Black Hawk Down,’ if there were aliens in there. Like Iraqi war footage, but with aliens running around."
In his quest to make the "Battle" extra-terrestrials unlike anything we’ve seen before, Liebesman recently took the unusual move of turning to the web and seeking out some undiscovered artists.
"I’ve found some artists on the Internet whose artwork was amazing," gushed Liebesman. "[Their work] blew everyone away, and fortunately hadn’t been discovered."
In a similar attempt to redefine something we’ve become familiar with, Aaron Eckhart will be similarly giving himself an extreme makeover.
"He’s like a Clint Eastwood-esque leader of the platoon," Liebesman said of the "Dark Knight" actor’s first true action hero role. "He’s grizzled... He’s taking these young guys into battle, turning them into men."
"He’s awesome," the director said of Eckhart’s plans. "He’s just gonna knock this out of the park. You could tell when I met him, he was just right on the target of how he wanted to play this character. So, we are rewriting it with his notes and his input. I just can’t wait to work with him; it’s gonna rock."
Although no official start and release dates have been set, Liebesman has already begun shooting test footage in Santa Monica. "[The aliens won’t attack] the 405, but you’re gonna see some freeway sh-t," he explained, saying that since Los Angeles has fewer landmarks than a city like NYC, the film needs to find other stuff to blow up. "Iconography is overplayed, so in a strange way it’s the ordinary and banal that is more frightening to watch get attacked... We are continuously shooting tests [around LA] to refine the direction of the movie and the aliens."
Calling his film "like ’28 Days Later,’ an event that happens present day," Liebesman also made us one key promise: No laser guns. "No, it’s all gonna be very grounded," he said of the weaponry on his invaders. "Aliens are fantastical enough... the armory they use is not going to be out-of-this-world craziness."
"This is a movie I would be lining up on Friday to see," exclaimed the enthusiastic director, promising additional casting will be coming soon. "That’s why I am so excited; it’s a movie I would love to go and watch."

[02.10.2008] meldet...
For quite some time I've maintained that Jonathan Liebesman is a director with potential. This is despite the fact that I haven't enjoy either of his two features - DARKNESS FALLS or TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING. Liebesman wisely ditched the horror world and went on to direct a political thriller titled THE KILLING ROOM. That, perhaps, gave him the confidence to go in and pitch Sony his vision for the upcoming big-budget sci-fi action flick BATTLE: LOS ANGELES. Liebesman beat out other directors by showing off a "whiz-bang" presentation to Sony execs and producers that showed his vision for the project [...]

[22.04.2008] Bei Latino Review gibt es eine enttäuschende Kritik zu einem Drehbuchentwurf von Chris Bertolini (D+)...
[...] Everything in Battle L.A. has been done before. Now, as I mentioned, I’m not against things that have been done before - I’m just against things that have been done better - and trust me, everything presented here has been done better.
The whole time, I felt like I was reading the script to a mediocre arcade game. On top of the lack of anything really unique or interesting about the story, the characters are all flat, save for a few that come across as just cliché, and the dialogue also reads like it was lifted from a video game. The plot breaks down into such a clunky and simple structure that it resembles something a student fresh out of formulaic writing 101 might show off.
That’s not to say that Battle L.A. was horrible - it was dull and boring and infuriating at times. There was nothing to keep me interested. I didn’t care about the characters. I didn’t care about the plot, what little there was of it. I honestly just didn’t care about anything in this - not even the action scenes, many of which read like they were lifted right out of Halo and its clones. [...]

Battle: Los Angeles
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Battle: Los Angeles

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Battle: Los Angeles

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Battle: Los Angeles

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Battle: Los Angeles

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Battle: Los Angeles

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