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Die archivierten Nachrichten aus der Rubrik "Aktuelles"...

[26.01.2004] Bei AICN gibt es einen Bericht über die Vorführung von BRII in Rotterdam...

[05.07.2003] Bei AICN Japan gibt es eine Kritik zu BRII...
This is a great battle movie! So far both audiences(at advance screening)and critics give positive opinion.Actually Kinji Fukasaku directs only one day of shooting but Kenta,a son of Kinji Fukasaku directs the rest of film and result turns to good .This time another whole class mates(submitted by Takeshi's daughter) are choosen to battle under new rule:kill Shuya who becomes terrosit after the first film within 3 days.Yes ,of course all students have neck choker with new feature.All the students ship to isolated island where Shuya and his company Wild Seven hide.The battle sequence is so similar to "Saving Private Ryan" but camera moves too much which makes us dizzy.After war begins ,film goes to end so fast.Takeshi Kitano and Sonny Chiba appears on flash backs.I don't go to more details on this film because,Toei is hard to bring this movie to the US now.This movie could be big hit on Japanese movies in this summer.

[26.06.2003] Bei AICN gibt es eine erste, negative Kritik zu BRII... Vorsicht SPOILER !!!
[...] the plot is pointless, nonsensical, and silly. The young actors don't ever really act but just scream and cry. I got tired of see so many rip-offs of other films. Unlike the original film and the BR novel, nothing cruel or ruthless ever happens. [...]

[23.06.2003] AICN Japan meldet...
Punk rock band, Stancepunks will sing the theme song for the upcoming 'Battle Royale II". Director Kenta Fukasaku says that his father even liked this song. The title of the song is "Mayonaka Totsugegitai".

[15.06.2003] AICN meldet...
[...] Toei company removes "Battle Royale II" posters from school zones because of PTA protests. PTA does not like the lines on posters,"All Persons Killed In war,junior high school students..." Now the Toei company is making new signs which will cost another $12,500.
About 10 books relating to "Battle Royale II" will be published within 2 months. They are photo album, guide book, essays and so on. You can get some of them from soon. [...]

[09.06.2003] Bloody-Disgusting berichtet über die DVD-Veröffentlichung von "BRII"...
Pretty much anyone who has checked out the ultra violent Battle Royale is dying for more, and knowing it comes out this July in Japan makes it worse for those people who think they might never see it. Well an announcement just made reveals that we will be able to buy BR II on DVD this upcoming 2004.
Gorezone writes, "Tartan Video in the UK (region 2)have recently acquired the rights to a selection of Japanese horror/exploitation films at the Cannes Film Festival. They have purchased Takashi Miike's new film GOZU, BATTLE ROYALE II, Hideo Nakata's CHAOS, TWILIGHT SAMURAI and THE EYE 2." [...]

[08.06.2003] AICN hat Links zu einem weiteren "Battle Royale 2" Trailer... Und AICN-Japan meldet...
"Battle Royal 2" is nearly completed (expect to finish June 15th) and will be premire on June 22 in Tokyo. I will try to get in and write the first review for you guys.

[01.05.2003] Ab heute liefert die erste Ausgabe der "Battle Royale" Comics aus... Eine positive Kritik zur US-Ausgabe gibt es bei Comic Book Galaxy (5/5) !!!

[27.04.2003] AICN berichtet, dass ein weiterer "Battle Royale 2" Trailer online ist...

[24.04.2003] Bei gibt es ein Interview mit einem BR2-Insider und weitere Neuigkeiten... Die Dreharbeiten wurden in der Zwischenzeit abgeschlossen...

[23.03.2003] Bei BR2.BattleRoyaleFilm.Com gibt es nicht nur Bilder aus einem TV-Special, sondern auch Infos zum Plot des Sequels... Vorsicht SPOILER !!!
It's three years after the events of the original Battle Royale, and Shuya Nanahara (Tatsuya Fujiwara), one of the survivors, is now an internationally-known terrorist determined to bring down the government. His group, Wild Seven, consists largely of survivors of previous Battle Royales (or is it "Battles Royale"?), and have been successfully staging terrorist attacks for the past three years.
When a Christmas day attack that levels several buildings in Tokyo (including the twin towers of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building) and kills 8000 people is attributed to Wild Seven, the government enacts the "New Century Terrorist Counter-Measure Alternative" program, a.k.a. the BR2 act, and sends the forty-two students of Shikanotori Junior High Class 3-B to hunt Nanahara and his cohorts down in their island stronghold. In order for the government to study the benefits of "teamwork," the new students work in pairs, with their collars electronically linked so that if one of them is killed, the other dies as well.

[26.02.2003] AICN meldet, dass Sonny Chiba in "Battle Royale 2" mitspielen wird...

[02.02.2003] AICN berichtet, dass ein neuer "Battle Royale 2" Teaser-Trailer (inkl. "Hinter den Kulissen"-Aufnahmen) verfügbar ist...

[14.01.2003] Regisseur Kinji Fukasaku ist verstorben... Bei AICN gibt es einen Nachruf, in dem u.a. erwähnt wird, dass ein 15-sekündiger Teaser-Trailer zu "Battle Royale 2" veröffentlicht wurde... Laut ScreenDaily stellt nun Fukasakus Sohn "Battle Royale 2" fertig...
Kinji Fukasaku, whose controversial dystopian thriller Battle Royale was one of the big local hits of 2001, has turned over direction of the sequel to his son Kenta, after a setback in his battle with bone cancer.
Fukasaku, 72, began principal photography of Battle Royale 2 in Tokyo on December 16, but soon after complained of severe pain and had to be hospitalised on December 21. He then fell ill with pneumonia and his plans to return to the set after the New Year's holiday were put on hold.
A producer and scriptwriter on both Battle Royale and the sequel, Kenta was his father's first choice as a replacement. Fukasaku, however, still hopes to return to the film, which he has announced as his last, by the end of February.
Once best known abroad for the cult classic Black Lizard and the Battles Without Honor and Humanity series of gangster films, Fukasaku was a leading commercial force in Japanese cinema for more than two decades. His career was faltering, however, when he made Battle Royale, a film about 42 junior high school students forced to play a murder game by a repressive government in a near-future Japan.
Though denounced in Parliament and elsewhere for its excessive violence, the film was a huge hit with its teenage target audience, grossing $26 million. The sequel is scheduled for a summer release by Toei.

[06.11.2002] Kinowelt Home Entertainment veröffentlicht "Battle Royale" am 10. Dezember 2002 als Leih-DVD & Leihvideo...

[27.09.2002] Frau Winhart, PR Managerin von Kinowelt Home Entertainment, informiert uns zum Stand der Ding bzgl. der Veröffentlichung von "Battle Royale" auf DVD...
[...] der VÖ-Termin von "Battle Royale" wurde auf unbestimmte Zeit verschoben [...]

[26.09.2002] AICN hat eine Meldung bzgl. "Battle Royale 2"...
[...] Nipponese news services are announcing today that during yesterday's press conference for BATTLE ROYALE 2 in Tokyo, Kinji Fukasaku (director of films as awesome and diverse as BATTLE ROYALE, FIGHT WITHOUT HONOR AND HUMANITY, and BLACK LIZARD) announced that he is ill with cancer.
The 72 year old director was originally diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer in 1996 and quickly recovered. Now it has returned and has spread to his bones and spinal column. Facing a regime of radiation treatments, the doctors have advised him not to work on another film.
But Kinji says he is going to do BR2 any ways, saying words to the effect that he'd like to use up the rest of his remaining time making movies. [...]
Principal photography on BATTLE ROYALE 2 will begin in December and the film is slated for release in summer 2003.

[26.07.2002] KFC Cinema meldet...
Here's coming the much-anticipated directors version of the cult movie 'Battle Royale'. Released in cinemas in Japan, but never before seen in the UK, the Battle Royale Directors Cut DVD features an extra 8 minutes, including an alternative ending (all with optional English subtitles), presented in anamorphic widescreen. This limited edition two-disc set also features a Making Of documentary, interviews with director Kinju Fukasaku and Beat Takashi Kitano, and original theatrical trailer. In addition, the boxed set will include a poster art collectors card and a unique film frame card and a 4-page booklet. Choose your weapon and fight for your copy now before the new term begins. The limited edition set will retail for £29.99 and will go on sale from the 29th of September.

[20.07.2002] CHUD meldet...
If you weren't satisfied with just one class of Japanese school kids slaughtering each other on an island, it looks like you're in luck -- a sequel to the Japanese movie Battle Royale is on the way.
The controversial Battle Royale, directed by Kenta Fukasaka, has become something of a cult favorite here in the States -- no small feat considering it (like another cult Japanese fave Versus) hasn't been released theatrically nationwide or on any home video format in the US.
In the original (sort of a mixture of Lord of the Flies, The Most Dangerous Game and The Running Man), a class of undisciplined students is unwillingly recruited into the Battle Royale program by the Japanese government. They're each outfitted with explosive collars, given a unique item (Uzi, grenade, crossbow, etc.) and told they have three days to whittle their numbers down to one, or else everyone gets decapitated in a most unpleasant manner.
The sequel, like the first, will be based on the Koshun Takami novel and will apparently take place a year after the Battle Royale contest. Focusing more on the ramifications of the contest, the public has become aware of the governments non-traditional methods and begun rebelling. The two surviving students of the previous contest try to rally the people, but wind up being captured and tossed into the current Battle Royale as "transfer students". Teen bloodshed ensues.
Expect having to go through outside channels to get hold of this one whenever it's finally released.

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