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[26.02.2011] DH meldet...
Are you a good looking actor in your late twenties or thirties with a bit of fame and the ability to carry an action tentpole? Chances are then you'll be testing for Tony Gilroy's upcoming "The Bourne Legacy".
Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire, Josh Hartnett, Michael Fassbender, Luke Evans, Taylor Kitsch, Garrett Hedlund, Oscar Isaac, Kellan Lutz, Alex Pettyfer, Michael Pitt, Joel Edgerton, Paul Dano and Benjamin Walker are all in the mix for the role of the main male lead in the upcoming feature which won't have Matt Damon reprising the role.
Gilroy has previously stated this is NOT a "reboot or a recast or a prequel", but rather "there will be a whole new hero, a whole new chapter...this is a stand-alone project. Jason Bourne will not be in this film, but he's very much alive... We're going to show you the bigger picture, the bigger canvas. When you see what we're going and see what we're doing it'll be pretty obvious... but Jason Bourne's actvities in the first three films is the immediate trigger."
Gilroy wants to screen test all of the actors which, combined with availability, is expected to whittle down that list quite fast. Shooting aims to kick off in the Spring.

[10.10.2010] Hollywood Elsewhere lässt den "Bourne Legacy"-Regisseur zu Wort kommen...
Director-screenwriter Tony Gilroy (Duplicity, Michael Clayton) feels that Michael Fleming's recent Deadline story about his signing to direct The Bourne Legacy didn't have it quite right, so he called this morning with some notes and corrections. "I'm not trying to slag Fleming," he explained, "but one or two things need to be clarified."
The Bourne Legacy, for openers, has simply taking the title from Robert Ludlum's book "but will not use the story," Gilroy says. "It's a completely original screenplay." Secondly, "This is not a reboot or a recast or a prequel. No one's replacing Matt Damon. There will be a whole new hero, a whole new chapter...this is a stand-alone project.
"The easiest way to think of it is an expansion or a reveal," Gilroy says. "Jason Bourne will not be in this film, but he's very much alive. What happened in the first three films is the trigger for what happens. I'm building a legend and an environment and a wider conspiracy...the world we're making enhances and advances and invites Jason Bourne's return [down the road].
"Everything you saw in the first three films actually happened, and everyone who got into will be rewarded for paying attention. We're going to show you the bigger picture, the bigger canvas. When you see what we're going and see what we're doing it'll be pretty obvious....but Jason Bourne's actvities in the first three films is the immediate trigger."

[06.10.2010] Deadline kennt den künftigen Regisseur...
This signals that the picture -- tentatively titled The Bourne Legacy -- is on a clear forward track. Though it doesn't answer the question of whether Matt Damon will return to reprise his signature character of the amnesiac assassin Jason Bourne. I'm told that Universal plans to make the film even if it has to replace Damon, who'd be crazy to give up his franchise character and a huge paycheck. So the studio is making a deal with Bourne franchiser scripter Tony Gilroy ( who helmed both Michael Clayton and Duplicity) to direct the 4th installment. Gilroy was hired to write the fourquel back in June. The picture will be produced by Frank Marshall, along with Jeffrey Weiner and Ben Smith of Captivate Entertainment. Bourne had originally been earmarked for 2012, but right now a clear timetable hasn't been locked in. The picture is a giant priority for Universal, and Donna Langley and Peter Cramer have been working hard to make it happen.
So what about Matt? Damon last indicated that he wouldn't come back unless director Paul Greengrass helmed. Greengrass made the 2nd and 3rd installments, while Doug Liman directed the first. Greengrass exited the Bourne 4 in a huff when the studio began developing it while he and Damon were making Green Zone for the studio. Gilroy has scripted the first three pictures by deconstructing a dense Robert Ludlum spy thriller down to its essence of a man who can't remember his past. Even though some think Gilroy misfired with Duplicity starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen, his Michael Clayton was superb. [...]

[10.06.2010] CS! sprach mit Matt Damon und Regisseur Paul Greengrass über die Zukunft von Jason Bourne...
Universal Pictures announced today that Tony Gilroy is returning to write the script for The Bourne Legacy, the fourth installment in the Jason Bourne franchise. Gilroy is also writing a "franchise bible." He penned The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum.
Frank Marshall and Pat Crowley are also back to produce alongside Captivate Entertainment's Jeffrey Weiner and Ben Smith.
While "The Bourne Legacy" is a book written by Eric Lustabader in Robert Ludlum's "Bourne" series, the film will not be based on it.
Matt Damon has gone on record that he wouldn't reprise the role if director Paul Greengrass is not returning. We'll have to wait and see if this announcement changes Damon's mind.

[27.02.2010] CS! sprach mit Matt Damon und Regisseur Paul Greengrass über die Zukunft von Jason Bourne...
For the last two and a half years, the desire to do another Jason Bourne movie after the success of The Bourne Ultimatum has been fairly pervasive, especially for Universal Studios ever since it became a global hit. A little over a year ago, producer Frank Marshall hinted they were trying to get another installment off the ground for the summer of 2011, but things seemed to fall apart. We won't recap the entire back and forth about will-they-or-won't-they but when Paul Greengrass walked away from doing a fourth movie last fall, Damon followed suit and then over the course of doing press for Clint Eastwood's Invictus was asked repeatedly about what's next for Jason Bourne? The answer: Universal would relaunch the franchise with a prequel and then possibly Damon and Greengrass would do another movie down the road.
At the junket for the duo's upcoming Iraq-based action-thriller Green Zone, director Paul Greengrass finally laid to rest all of the speculation with a very definite summation of why he decided to move on:
"Listen, I just love the Bourne franchise, number one, and I owe it a great deal, and I gave my all on the two films that I made," he began, "But when I was honest with myself last Autumn, and I was starting to get going on other things, you just come to a point where you realize you've done it. You don't have anything more to contribute to a franchise that needs to continue obviously, and in order to continue, a franchise needs to be rebooted and reenergized by new perspectives. I just felt that I'd done it, and there's nothing unnatural about that. To make a film, it's 19 months of your life seven days a week, 20 hours a day, you've got to have real... and there were just too many other things that I was interested in. I felt like I'd had a wonderful, wonderful time, I loved it and I want it to continue. In the end, contrary to reports, there was never an argument with the studio of any kind at all. I did spend some time thinking that I might (do it) and getting myself to a place of 'what would it be?' and it's only when you do that where you find, 'You know what? I'm gone. I'm onto other things.' I explained (it) to them. We had a very nice discussion--they were completely understanding--and I said 'We'll make some other movies.' They said 'Excellent.'"
A little later, the same question was put to actor Matt Damon and he went as far to explain one of the possible ways they could go with a prequel that would make it easier to adjust for those who can't see anyone else play Jason Bourne:
"I think they have a good way to do a prequel with someone else, and basically make it about the Bourne identity, the actual identity. Any studio is interested in making it an evergreen that can just go on and on and on, and it never will with our character because he's resolved his issues now. He's got his memory back three times now. I don't think anybody wants to see me say 'I don't remember' again, but I think what we could do is that you can do some movies with another actor, anyone, whether it's Ryan Gosling or Russell Crowe or Denzel Washington, and he's Jason Bourne, and at the end of his one or two or three movies, you see them getting ready to pass the identity onto me, so it just becomes like a 007, it becomes the name that they give this certain person who is uniquely positioned. So then if Paul and I come back and do a fourth one in ten years, we'll pass it onto someone else and then the thing can kind of go on."
So clearly, Damon, who said unequivocally that he wouldn't do another "Bourne" movie without Paul is still maintaining the "never say never" credo, which is probably wise. [...]

[02.02.2010] Empire sprach mit Matt Damon über Teil 4...
[...] "There’ll probably be a prequel of some kind with another actor and another director before we do another one," he said, "just because I think we’re probably another five years away from doing it - we’ve got to get a script..."
OK, note the word ‘probably’. Could mean all kinds of things - that Damon is engaging in pure speculation, for one. But if anyone’s going to have the inside track on Universal’s plans for Bourne, it’s David Webb himself. So... does this mean that Universal has decided to - and here comes that dread word - reboot one of their biggest franchises?
Maybe, maybe... If so, it would contradict recent whispers that tentative feelers have been put out to a major director to fill Greengrass’ shoes, but there’s no doubting the appeal of a reboot for Universal. If they plough ahead with Bourne IV, they’ll have to persuade Damon to come back - a tough call, given his very public vow to work only with Greengrass on the movie. But by rebooting, with a new director and a younger actor, the problem is solved.
And in a way, this could mean that audiences could well get the best of both worlds - they would get a prequel that shows just how bad-ass Bourne was before he became the amnesiac assassin with a conscience, and eventually get to see an older, wiser Damon reprise the role for one final time.
Of course, the plot of Bourne IV has been something of a thorny issue, with multiple screenwriters no closer to cracking the story. And Damon admits that they’re none the wiser. "If you have any ideas, call Universal," he laughed. "They’d love for you to get in touch!" [...]

[01.12.2009] The Playlist meldet, dass der 4. Teil nun mehr auch ohne Regisseur dasteht...
[...] Sources and friends close to the project tells us that Paul Greengrass has quit "Bourne 4" and walked away from the project. [...]
What's Matt Damon's take on this? He's "loyal to Paul" which means he's likely not going to star in any "Bourne 4" film without him. Or at least not without his blessing and even then, it would have to be a spectacular script (and right now one of those doesn't exist, but Universal has been exploring other options....). [...]
"Bourne 4" is way off track. The studio, Greengrass and Damon's schedule (which he kept open) was hoping to shoot the film in the fall of 2010. With no script, that's unlikely going to happen (though anything's possible). Damon said earlier this fall (before Greengrasss quit) that the film was probably 18 months away from even going before the cameras. During TIFF he said two years.

[21.08.2009] Wie meldet, scheint sich der 4. Teil aufgrund eines fehlenden Drehbuchs zu verzögern...
Josh Zetumer has signed on to pen the fourth installment of Universal's "Bourne" movie series, writing what is being described as a parallel script.
George Nolfi, who worked on "The Bourne Ultimatum," initially came back for the fourth entry. He also boarded to write and direct "The Adjustment Bureau," an adaptation of a Philip K. Dick short story that reteams him with "Bourne" star Matt Damon.
But as that movie nears its September start date, Nolfi had to step away from "Bourne." Not wishing to slow development and keen on making "Bourne" part of its 2011 slate, Universal hired Zetumer to write a new script. It is unclear what will occur after Zetumer submits his draft or whether his script will be integrated with Nolfi's.
"Our hope is that Nolfi, a key member of the 'Bourne' team, will return after he is done with 'The Adjustment Bureau,' " a Universal spokesperson said.
Writing two scripts, though rare, is not without precedent in the tentpole movie world. "Star Trek: Generations," "Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer" and "Wolverine" are movies that had parallel scripts commissioned and sometimes had them combined. "Conan," still in development, is another project that falls into that category.
Frank Marshall and Jeffrey Weiner are producing the latest "Bourne" installment.
Zetumer, repped by UTA and Management 360, is generating heat around town for writing "Dune" for Pete Berg and Paramount. He wrote "The Infiltrator" for Warner Bros., to which Leonardo DiCaprio is attached and is being produced by Film 360, Appian Way and David Benioff.

[17.06.2009] CS! sprach mit dem Produzenten Frank Marshall, u.a. über den 4. Teil...
[...] "We'd like to shoot next year," he told us. "It's trying to get everybody's schedules in the right place and getting the script right. We've done pretty well with these scripts that are pretty loosely put together, but I'd like the script to be really solid this time before we go forward. We're spending a lot of time on this story." [...]

[16.03.2009] meldet...
Providing an update to another installment of "Bourne" films, Matt Damon has come up with a confirmation that a fourth "Bourne" movie is indeed in development. The Academy Award-recipient gushed on the "Untitled Bourne 4 Project" matter in the interview with Parade Magazine.
Asked whether his return to play Jason Bourne for a fourth time has been made official, Damon responded, "We're working on it." Explaining more on the project, he said, "This time it would be from an original script rather than a book by Robert Ludlum. But the director, Paul Greengrass, is busy and I am too, so we'll see what happens."
On whether or not he is ready to reprise his role, he stated that age will be his biggest obstacle. "Listen, when I did the first movie, I was 29 years old. I am 37 now," the star of "The Departed" confessed, "and after a tough fighting scene, the next day you wake up and feel your body more. That's just the way it is."
The fourth "Bourne" film has been reported to be penned by George Nolfi, the screenwriter of "The Sentinel"and "Ocean's Twelve". While earlier it was suggested that the story may be based on Robert Ludlum's "The Parsifal Mosaic", it has been noted that the latter could be developed into another movie by Universal Pictures.

[13.02.2009] CS! meldet...
In an interview with producer Frank Marshall last December, Marshall said that they were eyeing Robert Ludlum's "The Parsifal Mosaic" as the story for the fourth "Bourne" movie. Now, however, Variety says the fourth film and "Parsifal Mosaic" will be two separate films.
Universal is negotiating for screen rights to "Mosaic," an espionage thriller that shapes up as the first major project for Captivate Entertainment, the company that controls screen rights to Ludlum novels.
Universal is working on a fourth "Bourne" film for Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass based on an original idea, and Universal and Strike Entertainment are preparing an adaptation of Ludlum's "The Sigma Protocol."
"The Parsifal Mosaic" revolves around a U.S. intelligence agent who thinks he witnesses the execution of his lover, who was identified as a KGB double agent.
He retires, but sees her alive at a train station and attempts to find her and unravel a conspiracy. Soon, the agents become involved in an effort to track down Parsifal, a shadowy figure behind a blackmail scheme.
Universal is expected to put the film on a fast track.

[09.12.2008] CS! meldet...
Producer Frank Marshall revealed today at The Curious Case of Benjamin Button where the next "Bourne" adventure might be headed, citing one of Robert Ludlum's books, "The Parsifal Mosaic" as potential source material.
Q: What's happening with "Bourne" now that you have access to the Robert Ludlum library?
Frank Marshall: Well, that's the good news. We now have access to all the Ludlum story ideas. We're going to make the fourth movie from them.
Q: And Matt's signed on?
Marshall: No, the only people signed on right now is George Nolfi, the writer, and me. We have to get a good script and then, hopefully, Matt will follow.
Q: Would this come at all from the new book, "The Bourne Betrayal"?
Marshall: No, the "Bourne Betrayal" was written by a friend of Ludlum's.... It had nothing to do with us.... We want to stay true to the original character.
Q: Any ideas for a "Bourne" title?
Marshall: Well, there's a lot of jokes. "Bourne Again," "Bourne Yesterday," "Bourne Free," "Bourne on the Fourth." I actually want to do that. Call it that and release the movie on the fourth.
Q: Would you want to do a straight adaptation from one of the novels?
Marshall: Actually, there is. "The Parsifal Mosaic" is one that we like.
"The Parsifal Mosiac," not a "Bourne" adventure as a novel, deals with a U.S. spy who falls in love with another spy who is revealed to be a double agent just before her death. When he retires from the business, though, the spy learns that she may still be alive and sets out to learn the truth.

[21.11.2008] meldet...
Universal Pictures has made an overall deal with the estate of "The Bourne Identity" author Robert Ludlum that gives the studio exclusive rights to the Jason Bourne character and first look at other Ludlum novels.
The deal with Ludlum Entertainment paves the way for more installments in the Bourne saga, which was originally envisioned as a three-picture series but has become Universal's answer to James Bond.
After the first three films grossed a total of more than $1 billion worldwide, U signed Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass for a fourth film that George Nolfi is penning. Produced by Frank Marshall and Ludlum Entertainment chairman-CEO Jeffrey Weiner, the film will be readied for a summer 2010 release.
Weiner will take offices on the Universal lot as part of the deal and hire development executives as the company takes an active hand in developing projects, including some not based on books by Ludlum. Weiner was the author's accountant for 16 years before being tapped by Ludlum to be estate executor and to run the holding company that produces his movies and publishes his books and videogames. "Universal has done such an excellent job with the first three films that they deserve the opportunity to keep Jason Bourne at the studio forever," Weiner told Daily Variety.
The deal was put together by U co-presidents of production Jimmy Horowitz and Donna Langley, who said that the gritty action style has rubbed off on other action fare.
The deal also gives Universal an inside track on other Ludlum books that would be developed with Ludlum Entertainment. That is especially valuable for U, whose chairman Marc Shmuger and co-chairman David Linde have made franchises a priority. [...]
The author (Anmerkung: Robert Ludlum) died while "The Bourne Identity" was in production. Now, the estate has contractual approval not only on screenplays but also on characters and even actors, Weiner said.
"The goal is to pick the right people to be in business with, so you don't have to wield these things like a club," Weiner said. "If you get to that point, you're in business with the wrong people." [...]

[17.10.2008] meldet...
Universal is moving ahead with its fourth installment of "The Bourne Identity" series, setting George Nolfi to write the script.
Nolfi was co-writer of the third film, which was based on a story by Tony Gilroy.
Though the series is based on the Robert Ludlum novels, the new film won't be based on a Ludlum title, but rather an original story.
Studio toppers Marc Shmuger, David Linde and Donna Langley are making the continuation of the Bourne franchise a top priority in their effort to mount tentpoles, and they've secured director Paul Greengrass and star Matt Damon to attach themselves to a new film (Variety, February 22, 2008).
Pic will be produced by Frank Marshall and exec produced by Jeffrey Weiner and Henry Morrison.
The studio intended to stop at the third installment, but the film grossed $227 million domestically and $215 million overseas.

[30.05.2008] Bei gibt es neues Video-Material zum "The Bourne Conspiracy"-Videospiel...

[25.02.2008] "Das Bourne Ultimatum" wurde bei der diesjährigen Oscar-Verleihung mit 3 Oscars bedacht: Bester Schnitt, bester Ton und beste Tonbearbeitung !!!

[24.02.2008] meldet...
[...] Universal is a bastion of optimism.
While the rest of the industry fears doom and gloom, U is expanding its slate, widening its reach into international markets [...]
Shmuger and Linde landed Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon for a fourth "Bourne" movie, even though the director and star seemed ready to wrap it up after three pics. [...]

[13.01.2008] Der TV-Sender RTL zeigt heute um 20.15 Uhr "Die Bourne Identität"...

[06.12.2007] CS! sprach mit dem Produzenten Frank Marshall...
[...] While we were talking to Mr. Marshall about The Bourne Ultimatum, we wondered whether there was any serious possibility about a fourth movie, after Matt Damon has told reporters in recent months that he's reticent about returning. "There were only three books written. I know they've written a fourth but it wasn't written by Ludlum," Marshall said. "Look, we would love to continue the franchise. We just need a great story, and we're not going to do it unless we have a great story, but we are working on coming up with one, and Matt said to me, ‘Look, you hand me a great script, I'm in.' Unfortunately, we're not able to do any writing at the moment, but we're all thinking about it." [...]

[20.10.2007] AFP berichtet über einen möglichen weiteren "Bourne"-Film...
Matt Damon said Thursday he was open to another sequel of his Jason Bourne spy series but declined a fight against his more genteel British counterpart James Bond.
Damon said that playing the taciturn American spy was his biggest professional success since 1997's "Good Will Hunting," for which he shared an Oscar.
"Personally, the character means a lot to me because the character has done so much for my career. You know, it put me in the position where I have a lot more choices of kind of movies I want to make," he said in Tokyo.
"The Bourne Ultimatum," directed by British Oscar-nominee Paul Greengrass, will hit Japanese cinemas next month, after having enjoyed financial successes and waves of flattering reviews elsewhere.
The first two films in the "Bourne" series -- 2002's "The Bourne Identity" and "The Bourne Supremacy" in 2004 -- earned more than 500 million dollars worldwide, and Damon kept open the door for further sequels.
"If Paul Greengrass, maybe years down the road, was interested in doing another one, then I would do it, too," he said. "I don't think either of us completely put the character to bed yet."
But he ruled out a showdown with his fellow spy across the Atlantic James Bond, now played by British actor Daniel Craig.
"He keeps himself in very good shape. I would like to avoid any confrontation with Daniel Craig if I can."

[17.09.2007] CS! berichtet über die US-Einspielergebnisse...
[...] The Matt Damon action thriller The Bourne Ultimatum (Universal) continues to do huge business, seeing another negligible drop in its seventh weekend in the Top 10, landing in seventh place with $4.1 million and a total gross of $216 million in North America. It's grossed another $101 million internationally. [...]

[10.09.2007] CS! berichtet über die US-Einspielergebnisse...
[...] Hit sequel The Bourne Ultimatum rounded out the top five with $5.5 million. The Matt Damon action-thriller has reached $210.1 million domestically in six weeks on a budget of $110 million. [...]

[06.09.2007] Heute startet "Das Bourne Ultimatum" in den deutschen Kinos... Und titelt "Ein Held schlägt aus der Reihe"...

[28.08.2007] Bei Moviehole gibt es ein Interview mit Matt Damon...

[27.08.2007] Bei gibt es eine positive Kritik zu "The Bourne Ultimatum"... Derweil berichtet über die US-Einspielergebnisse...
[...] Universal Pictures' spy tale "The Bourne Ultimatum," although it was entering its fourth weekend, also held off the newcomers as it took the second spot with an estimated $3.7 million. [...]

[13.08.2007] berichtet über die internationalen Einspielergebnisse...
[...] Universal International's "Ultimatum," in the second spot domestically, made its overseas debut at 350 screens in 11 markets in Asia, the Middle East and South Africa, grossing an estimated $3.8 million. According to Universal International, the third in the "Bourne" series is tracking 97% ahead of 2002's "The Bourne Identity" and 58% ahead of 2004's "The Bourne Supremacy."
The Matt Damon thriller finished at No. 1 in Taiwan (an estimated $1 million from 56 sites for a per-screen average of $17,857) and in Thailand ($790,000 from 49 locations for a per-screen average of $16,122). "Ultimatum" opens in 10 markets this weekend, including the U.K. and Spain. The film's early worldwide gross is $136.1 million. [...]

[02.07.2007] Ein neuer "The Bourne Ultimatum" Trailer ist online !!!

[30.06.2007] Bei Cinematical kann man einen Blick auf ein "Bourne Ultimatum"-Poster werfen...

[27.05.2007] Bei gibt es neben ersten Screenshots folgende Meldung zu Robert Ludlum´s "The Bourne Conspiracy" für PS3 und Xbox 360...

[25.05.2007] The Daily Telegraph meldet...
JASON Bourne, America's answer to James Bond, is dead - at least as far as Matt Damon is concerned.
The actor said in Cannes today that the next Bourne movie, The Bourne Ultimatum, would be his last turn as the super-spy assassin, despite the franchise earning hundreds of millions of dollars around the world.
"The Bourne thing I'm definitely done with," Damon said, as he sat in a news conference with co-stars from Ocean's Thirteen, which was being shown in the Cannes film festival.
The Oscar-winner added, though, that Bourne character may well live on, played by another actor.
The Bourne Ultimatum, part of the series of best-selling action novels by Robert Ludlum about a renegade and lethal former US secret agent, is due for release in August.

[15.04.2007] Heute um 20.15 Uhr zeigt RTL "Die Bourne Verschwörung" als deutsche Free-TV-Premiere... Die Wiederholung läuft um 0.50 Uhr...

[29.03.2007] Der "The Bourne Ultimatum" Trailer ist online...

[13.03.2007] CS! berichtet über Universal's ShoWest-Präsentation...
[...] The big thing though was the footage shown from Paul Greengrass' The Bourne Ultimatum, once against starring Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. The extended but unfinished scene was essentially a chase through the streets and roofs of an Arab village leading to a fight between Bourne and a gunman stalking him. Julia Stiles was very prominent in the sequence, though at first, she looked a bit like Franka Potente from the first two movies as she's sporting redish hair with blonde-streaked highlights, a very cool look for her. There's not much to say about the scene which was heavily-edited, though it was obvious that it's by no means finished. Essentially, Bourne is trying to stay ahead of the gunman but he winds up being chased by the police across the rooftops. After losing them, he sees Stiles trying to get away from the gunman, and he leaps out of one window and into the window of a building across the alley and starts kicking the gunman's butt as Stiles watches on and tries to stay out of it. Looked pretty cool, and it probably will be even cooler once it's finished. [...]

[25.02.2007] CS! meldet...
The Downtown Express reports that Universal Pictures will shoot Matt Damon threequel The Bourne Ultimatum next month in New York:
Lauri Pitkus, a Universal project director, said that the movie will take over parts of South and Dover Sts. and Peck Slip to film a car chase scene from March 17-18, St. Patrick's Day weekend. The film crew will be on location from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. both days, Pitkus said, and will set up the night before.
The car chase will start at the corner of Market and South Sts. and end near the Department of Transportation lot underneath the Brooklyn Bridge at the corner of Dover and South Sts. [...]

[31.01.2007] Bei MR gibt es Bilder und Videos von den Dreharbeiten in Berlin...

[17.01.2007] Die NZ titelt "Matt Damon dreht in Berlin"...

[14.01.2007] Heute um 20.15 Uhr zeigt RTL "Die Bourne Identität"... Derweil gibt es bei CS! ein paar "Bourne Ultimatum"-Szenenbilder...

[02.11.2006] Moviehole meldet...
"Domino" star Edgar Ramirez has replaced Gael Garcia Bernal as the villain of the third "Bourne" offering, says Empire Online.
Ramirez plays Paz in "The Bourne Ultimatum", an assassin hot on the trail of Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne.
The pic is currently lensing in London and is set for a release in August of 2007.

[27.10.2006] CHUD meldet...
A couple of weeks back Gael Garcia Bernal was offered the role of a super-assassin hunting down Jason Bourne in The Bourne Ultimatum, Paul Greengrass’ second go round with Matt Damon as the amnesiac super-spy. Yesterday was the New York City press day for Bernal’s newest film, Babel, which reteams him with his Amores Perros director Alejandro González Iñárritu, and I asked him what was up with Bourne.
"I love those movies," he told me, but he won’t be taking the role. The reason, he said is that he’s finishing up his directorial debut, Deficit, a film about some rich boys who learn some tough lessons. [...]

[10.10.2006] Bei RMN gibt es Bilder von den Dreharbeiten...

[04.10.2006] meldet...
Filming on the third (and final?) installment of the Jason Bourne series, THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM, has begun in Tangier with stars Matt Damon, Joan Allen and Julia Stiles, as well as director Paul Greengrass, all returning. Joining the cast is Oscar nominee David Strathairn and an offer is out to Gael Garcia Bernal to star as the film's main villian. Tony Gilroy, Tom Stoppard and Paul Attanasio all worked on adapting Robert Ludlam's final BOURNE novel for Universal. In addition to Tangier, the sequel will shoot in Madrid, Paris, New York, London and Riga, the capital of Latvia. Interestingly, another spy movie, CASINO ROYALE, began filming earlier this year without its villian - Le Chiffre - cast. Universal and Greengrass hope to close a deal with Bernal, currently on screen in THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP, as soon as possible.

[01.10.2006] CS! meldet...
David Strathairn will take a lead role in Nickelodeon Movies and Paramount Pictures' The Spiderwick Chronicles and then will segue to the third installment of Universal Pictures' "Bourne Identity" franchise. [...]
The Bourne Ultimatum, directed by Paul Greengrass, will again star Matt Damon as Jason Bourne who is on the run, hoping to solve the mystery of his past. Strathairn will play the leader of a secret operation which is hunting Damon's character.

[27.05.2006] CS! sprach mit Julia Stiles über den 3. Teil "The Bourne Ultimatum"...
[...] "I'm going to be in it," she confirmed to "Paul Greengrass is going to direct it. Matt Damon and Joan Allen are going to be back too, and it's going through so many incarnations of scripts. I think I was lucky to not die in the last one, but I just don't know if I'm going to be good or bad."
"I really liked that you didn't know what I was doing in the first one," she continued, "and then luckily for me, they decided to explore my character a little bit more in the second one, and now hopefully, more in the third one. You feel like it's a trilogy that is complete. It's not just one movie and then another, and then another. Characters you didn't pay much attention to in the first one, you realize they are much more significant as the trilogy goes on. It's also a work in progress, too. That's part of the reason why I can't explain what exactly my role is going to be in this one, because what's great about Paul Greengrass is he's really good at updating those stories so it's not going to be anything like what the book was. I've seen a first draft, and then Tom Stoppard is doing [rewrites]. It'll be much more about current events, which I think is much more interesting." [...]

[14.03.2006] Empire Online sprach mit Paul Greengrass über den 3. Teil "The Bourne Ultimatum"...
[...] "We’ve got a script and we’re underway. It’s a new story, completely different from the novel. It was written by Tony Gilroy and Tom Stoppard. It’s going to have all the excitement you’d expect from a Bourne film and all the intensity you’d expect from a Bourne story. I can’t wait - it’s just going to be fuckin’ fantastic." [...]
"It’s going to rock. That’s honestly what it’s going to do. What direction? We’ll have a better car chase, have more exciting action, more intensity and just generally be a fuckin’ classy film. I think Matt Damon’s looking forward to it like I am. It’s going to be an absolute laugh." [...]

[16.02.2006] meldet...
[...] as two of the franchise's creative talents prepare to shoot "Bourne Ultimatum" later this year, they're admitting to James Bond-like plans to take the super-spy beyond the limitations of Ludlum's trilogy.
"It's kinda up to Matt [Damon]," series producer Frank Marshall recently said of how far "Bourne" will go. "Maybe to five [films] ... At some point, he's gotta find out who he is."
"[Next] there's a 'Bourne Ultimatum,' " Julia Stiles said. "Paul Greengrass is going to direct it again, and we won't shoot it until August."
"There's a script, and we're moving forward," Marshall added. "Matt Damon's available, and we're going for that right away. That'll be out in summer of 2007."
As fans of the series know, Stiles' precocious government agent was one of the breakout characters of "Identity," with the endearing qualities of both the actress and the character earning her significantly more screen time in the sequel. Grinning, the 24-year-old stated her desire for the trend to continue: "I hope so, but things always change, so I'm going to knock on wood. I hope that I get to be in it more."
Interviewed separately, Marshall said Stiles need not worry. "Yes, she'll be a central character in this," the producer revealed. "So will Joan Allen and some of the other characters from the last movie."
Adding that there will be two new villains in the next film, Marshall said the main challenge facing himself and Greengrass in the next several months will be the casting of the baddies. As fans of the novels know, the plot of Ludlum's "Ultimatum" focused on an aging terrorist who targets Bourne, leading to his uneasy alliance with the KGB.
"We haven't started casting yet," Marshall said of the process. "Paul Greengrass is doing another movie right now, and then once he's done with that in April, we go right into pre-production, so we'll start casting then."
"It kinda continues things," Marshall said of the "Ultimatum" script, which will continue the trend of reinventing the books. "It starts up where we left off in the last movie and moves forward with him trying to discover who he is."
The admittance that Bourne won't discover his identity in the third film will undoubtedly be met by a sigh of relief from series fans, many of whom feared that "Ultimatum" would be Jason Bourne's final appearance.
According to the producer, writers will be brought in to concoct storylines for life beyond "Ultimatum," with Damon's character discovering his true identity and resurrecting himself a few more times. "I think there's hope for a couple more," he said.

[10.01.2006] IESB sprach mit Frank Marshall...
[...] Bourne Ultimatum - Will begin shooting on August 1st. He says it has nothing to do with the book only the title is the same. There may be a relationship starting up between Julia Styles character and Matt Damon. [...]

[13.11.2005] Heute um 20.15 Uhr zeigt RTL "Die Bourne Identität" als deutsche Free-TV-Premiere...

[09.11.2005] CS! meldet...
Joan Allen [..] is also in early talks to reprise her role as Pamela Landy in The Bourne Ultimatum, the third installment of the Universal spy thriller franchise starring Matt Damon. The film is expected to shoot sometime next year. [...]

[24.08.2005] zitiert Matt Damon...
[...] "There's no reason the third one shouldn't be the best of all of them," he says optimistically. "That would be the only way to kind of come back and do it, is not just to milk the cash cow, but to make it a proper kind of trilogy and finish it on a great note so that people look back and say, 'You know what, that was a f***ing kick-ass three-movie trilogy there.' It's not something I would want to do forever, you know." [...]

[29.06.2005] Blickpunkt:Film meldet...
Tony Gilroy wird sich für Universal auch ein drittes Mal um den Agenten Bourne kümmern. Nachdem er bereits die Drehbücher zu "Die Bourne Identität" und "Die Bourne Verschwörung" schrieb, adaptiert der vielbeschäftigte Autor nun mit "The Bourne Ultimatum" auch den dritten Band von Robert Ludlums erfolgreicher Thriller-Trilogie. Wer die Regie übernehmen wird, ist noch offen. [...]

[15.03.2005] Empire Online meldet...
Matt Damon was in good spirits last night, blessed as he was with a glorious Empire Award for his role in The Bourne Supremacy. While we had Damon in our midst (and downing free drink) we'd clearly have been remiss not to probe the star on the deal with the third part in the Jason Bourne series, The Bourne Ultimatum, a film that will herald the return of the most kick-ass spy to grace our screens in decades (yes, Bond included).
"It's all character and it's not about gadgets and slick storytelling," says Damon of the series. "It's things that people can connect to, emotionally. The guy's had some fucked-up things happen to him, you know what I mean? So he's kind of an anti-hero in that way. But he's done some horrible things, too. I like that, because you don't see that in Hollywood movies a lot.
You will of course recall that the second film saw our hero finally free of the CIA and now in possession of his real identity. So when will Damon return to be, if you'll excuse the pun, Bourne again? "We'll probably do that in about a year and a half. We're all signed on in principle, in the sense that we've all agreed that we want to do it, but we're not going to do it unless we have a great script. It's ours to lose at the minute, and if we do make a third one, we want to make it as good as the first two. And if we can't do that, then we're going to have to let it drop."
Such concern for quality should come as a relief to fans of the books, who won't want to see Robert Ludlum's novels butchered - well, any more than they have been already. The original Bourne Ultimatum saw Bourne finally face off against his long-time nemesis, Carlos the Jackal - a character excised from Doug Liman's The Bourne Identity and therefore unavailable to 'return' for the third film. "Yeah, all that stuff with Carlos being actually caught. It's kind of a Cold War story. We're essentially retaining the title, so it's going to be called The Bourne Ultimatum. But we don't know at this point what the hell that means! So if you have any ideas for a script, then please..."

[25.10.2004] Blickpunkt:Film meldet...
[...] Die Fortsetzung von "Die Bourne Identität" ging mit 540 Kopien an den Start und schaffte nach ersten Schätzungen ca. 330.000 Besucher (ohne Previewzahlen). Teil eins war vor zwei Jahren noch mit 408.687 Zuschauern angelaufen und hatte insgesamt 1,6 Mio. Kinogänger angelockt. Anders als in den USA konnte sich die Fortsetzung also nicht verbessern. [...]

[21.10.2004] Heute startet "Die Bourne Verschwörung" in den deutschen Kinos... Die NZ liefert eine Kritik zum Film... Ausserdem bietet die NZ ein Interview mit Franka Potente...

[18.10.2004] Bei NZ berichtet über die Deutschlandpremiere...

[16.10.2004] Bei Blickpunkt:Film gibt es eine Kritik...

[24.09.2004] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik von Harry Knowles...
[...] it’s great "pulp" thriller material. What makes this film work for me is Matt Damon. He’s one of the best hands down "thinking" actors working right now. You can see him thinking in his action. So much is told through his eyes, body posture and movements. He isn’t built to be a super-action star, doesn’t have the "face" for it. Matt feels like a dramatic actor. Not necessarily a romantic actor. Not really an action star. But he handles both wonderfully. The entire last two-thirds of this film is all about a man in love, torn apart. He’s a wounded dangerous creature hunting other predators. It is lovely. The expanding of his world... adding to Julia Stiles and Brian Cox and Franka Potente with Joan Allen, well... Joan is perfect for the film. I don’t think I want to see another chapter of the Bourne saga on film, but that’s because I don’t want it to become repetitive. That being said, Matt is so great in this character - it feels how I wish the whole Jack Ryan series had been played. This feels vital and real. The difference between this film and the first is... The first film was a mystery. This one is a revenge film. I like that. I like that a lot.

[26.08.2004] Moviehole sprach mit Matt Damon...
[...] he looks forward to kicking and punching his way through a third round - called "The Bourne Ultimatum" - if all the elements come together. "They [the studio] definitely want one now. It’s a great place to be in, because now we can kind of just stick back and listen to people’s different ideas on what the third one should be. And if there is a third one... I’m going to have to do it".
Paul Greengrass is keen to helm the next chapter too, says Damon, which pleases him greatly. "He and I talked about it and he’s open to the idea. The one fear with this movie [Supremacy] is that the director has such success that they get offered everything under the sun and want have time to come back and do the next sequel." [...]

[27.07.2004] DH meldet...
Matt Damon told Dallas station 102.1 The EDGE that :personally didn't see a need for a third one but if the second does well enough and the script (for the hypothetical third film) was good, he would consider it".

[26.07.2004] Blickpunkt:Film meldet...
Mit vorerst noch geschätzten sensationellen 53,5 Mio. Dollar setzte sich "Die Bourne Verschwörung" an die Spitze der US-Charts und sorgte mit diesem Ergebnis für eine faustdicke Überraschung. Der erste Teil, "Die Bourne Identität", war vor zwei Jahren als Sleeper Hit der Saison auf ein Gesamtergebnis von 121,5 Mio. Dollar gekommen und hatte danach bei der Videoauswertung noch an Popularität gewonnen. Dass die Fortsetzung aber fast doppelt so gut als das Original (27,1 Mio. Dollar am Startwochenende) - und besser als "I, Robot" - anlaufen würde, hatten selbst Optimisten nicht erwartet. [...]

[20.07.2004] Bei CS! gibt es Interviews mit den Hauptdarstellern...

[14.07.2004] Bei IESB gibt es ein Interview mit Matt Damon...

[13.07.2004] Bei AICN gibt es weitere Kritiken zu BS...

[09.07.2004] Bei AICN gibt es Kritiken zu einer Testvorführung von BS...
[...] Paul Greengrass does an excellent job taking over the franchise. he pushes Oliver Wood's cinematography to a new level, encorperating much of the previously mentioned "Man on Fire"'s sense of color and motion, without being as overly gimicky as Tony Scott's revenge flick became. It's an excellent middle ground, and beautifully shot. He makes an overly long car chase sequence work, and makes an incredible fight between Bourne and his German counterpart all the more brutal. And his final character moments with Bourne, in which we can really get up and see the man, are shot with a voyeuristic intensity that made me get goosebumps. [...]

[08.07.2004] Bei gibt es ein neues Poster... Und die Offizielle Website bietet endlich mehr...

[03.07.2004] Bei AICN gibt es eine recht positive Kritik zu einer Testvorführung von "Bourne Supremacy"...
[...] The second film is hugely enjoyable and whilst it doesn't have the who am I? mystery element to it (we know who he is) it passed the time, had another great chase scene and it had quite a neat little ending [...]

[01.07.2004] Bei Yahoo! gibt es den neuen "Bourne Supremacy" Trailer !!!

[07.06.2004] Bei CS! gibt es ein Interview mit Karl Urban...

[07.05.2004] Der "Bourne Supremacy" Teaser-Trailer ist online !!!

[14.04.2004] Bei Latino Review gibt es das erste "Bourne Supremacy" Teaser-Poster...

[13.04.2004] Bei USA Today gibt es einen Set-Bericht zu "The Brothers Grimm", in dem aber auch kurz über das Bourne-Sequel gesprochen wird...
[...] "Everyone's coming back for the sequel," he says. "I think even Chris Cooper, who was killed in The Bourne Identity, is coming back for some flashback scenes."

[11.03.2004] sprach mit Julia Stiles, die einige Plot-Details verriet... SPOILER !!!

[20.01.2004] Bei Latino Review gibt es ein Script-Review... SPOILER !!!

[14.01.2004] Bei CS! gibt es Szenenbilder...

[07.01.2004] meldet... SPOILER !!!
[...] Brian Cox ("X2") returns as Ward Abbott, and Franka Potente ("Blow"), Damon's love interest in the first, has a cameo. Julia Stiles ("Mona Lisa Smile") is back as well, in an expanded role as Nicolette, the CIA agent who was tracking down Damon's amnesiac assassin in the first flick.
"I get to be interrogated by Joan Allen," revealed Stiles, who will join the rest of the cast in Berlin at the end of the month.
"Jason Bourne is still sort of tormented mentally by his experience working for the CIA," she explained. "He's still on the run and the CIA is tracking him down. But they think that I was in cahoots with him because I'm the only one that survived when my boss, played by Chris Cooper, died. It's exciting and I'm looking forward to it." [...]

[22.12.2003] CS! meldet...
Tomas Arana and Tom Gallop have been cast in Universal Pictures' The Bourne Supremacy for director Paul Greengrass. Arana plays the head of the CIA who oversees Joan Allen's character as she tries to find the elusive Jason Bourne. Gallop plays an agent who reports to Allen.
The sequel re-enters the shadowy world of expert assassin Bourne (Matt Damon), who continues to find himself plagued by splintered nightmares from his former life. The stakes are now even higher for the agent as he coolly maneuvers through the dangerous waters of international espionage-replete with CIA plots, turncoat agents and ever-shifting covert alliances-all the while hoping to find the truth behind his haunted memories and answers to his own fragmented past.
Arana has appeared in Gladiator and Pearl Harbor and is shooting Bayou. Gallop's feature credits include Jerry Maguire and Mercury Rising.

[29.11.2003] Bei Yahoo! gibt es ein erstes Bild vom Set...

[26.11.2003] DH zitiert Matt Damon...
"I'm getting on a plane [after this junket] to go to Germany to do 'The Bourne Supremacy'". Is it better than the first film? "I don't know. We've got Paul Greengrass directing, and he's fantastic, he directed 'Bloody Sunday,' he's just a terrific director. So you know, I don't know. The script is there, and Paul really is confident about it. So I don't know, hopefully it'll be good. We start shooting, it's ten to four now, that means it's midnight there. We start shooting officially in 20 minutes is our first day of shooting. [I am] back in shape for it, yeah. It's the same kind of physical stuff".

[12.11.2003] CS! meldet...
Universal Pictures has announced the start of principal photography on the espionage thriller The Bourne Supremacy, the second installment of best-selling author Robert Ludlum's "Bourne" series with Matt Damon returning as trained assassin Jason Bourne. Damon heads a cast that includes Joan Allen, Brian Cox, Julia Stiles, Karl Urban and Franka Potente.
The film is produced by Frank Marshall, Pat Crowley and Paul L. Sandberg and is directed by Paul Greengrass (writer/director of Bloody Sunday) from a screenplay by Tony Gilroy (The Bourne Identity), based on Ludlum's book.
The Bourne Supremacy re-enters the shadowy world of expert assassin Bourne (Damon), who continues to find himself plagued by splintered nightmares from his former life. The stakes are now even higher for the agent as he coolly maneuvers through the dangerous waters of international espionage-replete with CIA plots, turncoat agents and ever-shifting covert alliances-all the while hoping to find the truth behind his haunted memories and answers to his own fragmented past.
Compelling use of exotic worldwide locations and the muscular cinematic edge brought by vanguard director Greengrass maintain the aggressive style and fresh, non-traditional perspective established in The Bourne Identity.
Joining Greengrass is a talented production team behind the camera, including director of photography Oliver Wood, production designer Dominic Watkins, costume designer Dinah Collin, editor Christopher Rouse and special effects supervisor Kit West.
The film, which is shooting on location in Germany, Russia and India, is scheduled for release by Universal Pictures in 2004.

[08.10.2003] meldet...
Karl Urban is moving from Middle Earth to the middle of a spy game. The actor, best known as Eomer in "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers," is in negotiations to play Matt Damon's nemesis in Universal Pictures' "The Bourne Supremacy," sources have confirmed. The sequel to the hit 2002 film "The Bourne Identity" is expected to begin filming at year's end. British helmer Paul Greengrass is directing, with Frank Marshall, Paul L. Sandberg and Patrick Crowley producing. Tony Gilroy adapted the sequel, which is inspired by Robert Ludlum's second novel in the "Bourne" series. Gilroy also adapted the first installment. Universal executives Ally Brecker-Shearmur and Matt Jackson are overseeing the project. New Zealand-born Urban, repped by CAA, Brad Schenck of Thruline Entertainment and Colden McKuin Frankel, next stars in "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" and the "Pitch Black" sequel, "The Chronicles of Riddick."

[24.09.2003] Blickpunkt:Film meldet...
Nach ihrem überzeugenden Auftritt in "Die Bourne Identität " wurde Franka Potente auch für das Sequel "The Bourne Supremacy" verpflichtet. Das gab Produzent Frank Marshall im Interview mit "Blickpunkt:Film" bekannt. Sie wird erneut auf den unter Gedächtnisverlust leidenden CIA-Agenten Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) treffen. Neben Potente und Damon sind auch Brian Cox und Julia Stiles erneut mit von der Partie. Der Film unter der Regie von Paul Greengrass soll Ende des Jahres in die Produktion gehen und im Februar 2004 in Studio Babelsberg sowie Locations in Berlin und Moskau abgedreht werden.

[23.09.2003] Bei gibt es eine positive Preview zum PC-Shooter "XIII" !!!
"XIII" hat uns einen Heidenspaß gemacht. Es ist einfach mal etwas neues in diesem Grafikstil durch die Level zu laufen und sich mit einem "Argh" oder "Boam" von seinen Gegnern zu verabschieden. Eigentlich kann bei "XIII" gar nichts mehr schief gehen und es riecht schon jetzt stark nach einer Top-Bewertung.

[16.09.2003] Blickpunkt:Film meldet...
Ende des Jahres beginnen die Dreharbeiten zu "The Bourne Supremacy", dem Sequel des erfolgreichen Agententhrillers "Die Bourne Identität " mit Matt Damon und Franka Potente. Ins Cast neu aufgenommen wurde Joan Allen, die in die Rolle der CIA-Agentin Helen Landy schlüpfen wird. Nach dem Drehbuch von Tony Gilroy inszeniert der englische Regisseur Paul Greengrass. In den USA startet der Film am 23. Juli 2004, in Deutschland am 9. September 2004 bei UIP.

[24.06.2003] Blickpunkt:Film meldet...
Paul Greengrass führt mit Universal Verhandlungen, die Regie von "The Bourne Supremacy", dem Sequel zu Doug Limans Spionagethriller "Die Bourne Identität ", zu übernehmen. Matt Damons Zusage, abermals die Rolle des CIA-Agenten Jason Bourne zu spielen, liegt bereits vor. Wie schon für Teil 1 verfasste Tony Gilroy auch für den zweiten Teil das Drehbuch nach der erfolgreichen Bourne-Trilogie von Robert Ludlum. Als Produzenten fungieren Frank Marshall, Paul Sandburg und Patrick Crowley. Ende des Jahres soll mit dem Dreh begonnen werden.

[22.05.2003] Heute erscheint "Die Bourne Identität" auf DVD & Video !!

[14.03.2003] Blickpunkt:Film meldet...
Produzent und Drehbuchautor von "Die Bourne Identität", Frank Marshall und Tony Gilroy, bereiten die Verfilmung des zweiten Romans der "Bourne"-Trilogie von Erfolgsautor Robert Ludlum vor. [...]

[26.09.2002] Heute startet "Die Bourne Identität" in den deutschen Kinos... Bei Blickpunkt:Film gibt es eine Kritik...

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