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Bei "Catwoman" (2004) mit Halle Berry in der Titelrolle handelt es sich um die Verfilmung der gleichnamigen Comics...

Die schüchterne Grafikerin Patience Philips (Halle Berry, u.a. "Gothika", "X-Men") gerät im Kosmetikkonzern des despotischen George Hedare (Lambert Wilson, u.a. "Babylon A.D.", "Sahara", "Matrix Reloaded & Revolutions") und seiner Frau, das kaltblütige Supermodel Laurel (Sharon Stone, u.a. "Casino", "Basic Instinct", "Total Recall - Die totale Erinnerung"), zwischen die Fronten eines tödlichen Komplotts. Wie durch ein Wunder wird Patience gerettet - und neu geboren mit der extremen Wahrnehmungsfähigkeit und Agilität einer Katze. Ein kompliziertes Doppelleben beginnt. Als übermenschlich starke Catwoman beginnt sie ihren Rachefeldzug...

"Catwoman" kam am 17. August 2004 in die deutschen Kinos... Ein Sequel war in Planung, wird aber wohl nicht realisiert... Wahrscheinlicher ist ein Remake mit neuer Besetzung...


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[30.07.2008] Wie meldet, habe sich Angelina Jolie "bereits nach der Rolle von Catwoman in einem möglichen weiteren Abenteuer erkundigt, praktisch als Kino-Comeback nach ihrer geplanten Babypause"...

[31.03.2008] Der TV-Sender ZDF zeigt heute um 22.15 Uhr "Catwoman" als deutsche Free-TV-Premiere...

[18.02.2006] meldet...
Halle Berry had to write "I will not make Catwoman II" on a chalkboard four times Feb. 16 in order to earn her pudding pot as Harvard's Hasty Pudding woman of the year, the Associated Press reported.

[07.02.2005] Moviehole berichtet über ein mögliches "Catwoman"-Sequel...
You'd think no bums on seats and a lack of hires on video would ruin the chances for a potential franchise, but according to, rumours of a "Catwoman" sequel are still running rampant.
The newspapers reponse to the sequel whispers? "Hiss". Couldn't have said it better myself.
The paper isn't the only place to report the rumour, a few other spots are saying the kitty litter's about to get a refill too, even if Halle Berry goes astray, and even if the crimefighter purrs straight to video.
Berry mentioned last year - even after it was crowned a turkey - that she'd be keen to do a sequel, regardless. "You'd see Catwoman walking a little more on the darker side in the sequel, says the actress.
The character does have a loyal comic-book following, but distancing it from Batman's world was a grave mistake. If they must make a sequel - and if they must, do it straight to video with an unknown in the lead - at least mention the guy with the cowl.
Personally, I say forget "Catwoman" ever happened - coax Michelle Pfeiffer into putting the leathers back on, and start afresh.

[22.08.2004] ProSieben zeigt heute um 16.45 Uhr ein Special zum Film...

[17.08.2004] Heute startet "Catwoman" in den deutschen Kinos... Bei der NZ gibt es eine Kritik...

[23.07.2004] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik von Harry Knowles...

[21.07.2004] Bei gibt es mehrere Ausschnitte (Quicktime)...

[09.07.2004] Bei gibt es Storyboards von Mark Moretti...

[06.07.2004] Bei IGN FilmForce gibt es ein Interview mit der Produzentin Denise Di Novi...

[04.07.2004] Bei CS! gibt es neue Szenenbilder...

[26.06.2004] Bei AICN gibt es eine recht negative Kritik zu "Catwoman"...
[...] Tonal inconsistencies, melodramatic acting, shameless over- the-top production design (i.e., Hedare’s conference room could double as Dr. Evil’s lair for a fourth AUSTIN POWERS if need be) and, as previously mentioned, an abhorrent screenplay, credited to no less than four scribes are as detrimental to overall failure of CATWOMAN as is helmer Pitof’s curious - and cinematically / narratively unnecessary - penchant for CG-heavy establishing tracking shots. [..]

[20.06.2004] Bei Chad Darnell gibt es einen kurzen Bericht über die Nachdrehs...

[16.06.2004] Bei gibt es ein Interview mit Ashley Judd...

[30.05.2004] Bei gibt es ein ein Interview mit dem Produzenten Edward L. McDonnell...

[27.05.2004] Bei bigmir)net gibt es ein weiteres "Catwoman"-Plakat...

[25.05.2004] Bei AICN gibt es böse Kommentare zu neuen "Catwoman"-Aufnahmen...

[22.05.2004] Bei gibt es neue Szenenbilder...

[06.05.2004] Die Offizielle Website und der "Catwoman" Trailer sind online...

[05.05.2004] The Trades hat ein paar Bilder aus dem kommenden Trailer veröffentlicht...

[04.05.2004] Bei gibt es einen exklusiven Animatics-Clip...

[27.04.2004] Bei CS! gibt es das neue Teaser-Poster in guter Qualität...

[30.03.2004] Bei AICN gibt es Download-Links einer Rohfassung des "Catwoman" Trailers !!!

[02.03.2004] Empire Online sprach mit Halle Berry, u.a. über die Querelen wegen des "Catwoman"-Kostüms...

[15.02.2004] Bei SHH! kann man einen Blick auf "Catwoman"-Barbie werfen... *g*

[04.02.2004] Bei HNR gibt es neue Set-Bilder...

[30.01.2004] Bei gibt es ein Video von Halle Berry im "Catwoman"-Kostüm...

[27.01.2004] Bei HNR gibt es Infos zu einem Unfall am Set...
[...] Halle Berry was rushed to St. Paul's Hospital in Downtown Vancouver around midnight last night. She was hit by a boom while doing some physical work at the Performing Arts Center (formerly Ford Center). Catwoman has been there for the last week and a half doing special effects/stunt work and was set to move on this week. No word if Halle will be taking a few days off to recover but supposedly her stay at the hospital was brief (a few hours) and she was more shaken than anything.

[19.01.2004] Bei SHH! gibt es neue Bilder, u.a. von Sharon Stone als Laurel Hedare und Lambert Wilson als Georges...

[24.12.2003] Bei AICN gibt es Infos zu den Querelen hinter den Kulissen... Es scheint einige Änderungen, u.a. beim Catwoman-Kostüm gegeben zu haben... Möglicherweise wird sogar der Starttermin verschoben, um Nolan's "Batman"-Projekt nicht zu gefährden...

[12.12.2003] Bei SHH! gibt es Insider-Infos vom Set...

[08.12.2003] Bei HNR gibt es ein Hi-Res-Bild von Catwoman...

[28.11.2003] Bei HNR gibt es - mal wieder - neue Bilder vom Set...

[04.11.2003] Bei HNR gibt es neue Bilder vom Set... Bei gibt es eine Presseerklärung von Warner, die nicht nur eine Namensänderung preisgibt... SPOILER !!!
[...] CATWOMAN is the story of shy, sensitive artist Patience Philips (HALLE BERRY), a woman who can't seem to stop apologizing for her own existence. She works as a graphic designer for Hedare Beauty, a mammoth cosmetics company on the verge of releasing a revolutionary anti-aging product. When Patience inadvertently happens upon a dark secret her employer is hiding, she finds herself in the middle of a corporate conspiracy.
What happens next changes Patience forever. In a mystical twist of fate, she is transformed into a woman with the strength, speed, agility and ultra-keen senses of a cat. With her newfound prowess and feline intuition, Patience become Catwoman, a sleek and stealthy creature balancing on the thin line between good and bad. Like any wild cat, she's dangerous, elusive and untamed.
Out to settle a few scores, Catwoman's adventures are complicated by a burgeoning relationship with Tom Lone (BENJAMIN BRATT), a cop who has fallen for Patience but cannot shake his fascination with the mysterious Catwoman who appears to be responsible for a string of crime sprees plaguing the city. [...]

[28.10.2003] Bei CS! gibt es ein Interview mit Halle Berry...

[16.10.2003] Bei SHH! gibt es exklusive Bilder... DH meldet...
A scoop on the Halle Berry flick hit the other day on "The Daivd Letterman Show" of all places. Whilst talking with Dave, Berry spoke a little about the role and more importantly how it fits into the context of the other Catwoman/Batman universe. First up its confirmed there's no special 'powers' for the character: "She can fight. She fights like a cat. You know, she doesn't have anything super-human, y'know? But she can do anything a healthy good tiger can do...she can do". The origin? "Well, she dies, like all the other Cat-Women...she dies and is reborn a Cat-Woman. But what's interesting about the take on this movie, is that we're not saying that my version of Catwoman is the only Catwoman...She is one of an army (of what we believe) of nine Cat-Women, so we leave room for Eartha Kitt, who was a great Catwoman, and Michelle Pfeifer, who was another awesome Catwoman. And I'm just another Catwoman, because we believe that there are nine".

[06.10.2003] Bei SHH! gibt es ein Set-Bild von Halle Berry als Patience Price... Und HNR meldet... SPOILER !!!
We've got a few more pics to wet your appetite of Halle Berry in Vancouver, 2 shots with the suit on and another of her as "Patience Price". The Cat Suit controversy still rages with many questions such as was the catsuit pictured in Time Magazine picture maybe a prototype? Does the "Catwoman" character change outfits as time goes by and become more provocative and cat like? The latter is what we've been hearing here in town.
Thanks to scooper "Goonies Never Say Die" who sent in 5 scanned pages of the shooting script. The scene involves "Catwoman" going to a nightclub and having a run in with "Armando" played by Micheal Massee and reciting such crap dialogue as "Kitty want whip now" and "Cat got your tongue". HNR is able to verify the identity (and validity of the pages) of the scooper as the scene was shot last week at the Rogers Sugar Building in Vancouver.
Cast Notes: Sharon Stone's is now in town and set to shoot her 1st scene next week, also her characters full name is "Laurel Hedare". Alex Borstein is set to play "Sally ". Still no word if in fact Frances McDormand has signed on to the picture to play one of "Laurel's" henchmen or is that henchwoman?

[02.10.2003] meldet...
It's the cat's meow for Alex Borstein and Michael Massee as both join Warner Bros. Pictures/Village Roadshow's "Catwoman" for French helmer Pitof. Di Novi Pictures is producing. The film, centered on the DC Comics antiheroine from "Batman," stars Halle Berry, Sharon Stone and Benjamin Bratt and is shooting in Vancouver. Borstein, best known for her comedic work on Fox's "Mad TV," will play Berry's best friend. Massee will get the chance to go toe-to-toe with Berry by playing the heavy. His credits include "24," "Amistad" and "Lost Highway." Borstein is repped by Endeavor and Mosaic Media. Massee is repped by Terry Kelley and Associates and managed by Tracy Samuels.

[29.09.2003] SHH! hat ein Bild aus der TIME veröffentlicht: Halle Berry als Catwoman !!!
The cat is finally out of the bag. HALLE BERRY slinks into a strapping new ensemble this week when filming starts in Vancouver for Catwoman. The Oscar-winning actress plays the Felonious Feline (see also: Princess of Plunder, Mistress of Malevolence) from the Batman series, a role made famous by Eartha Kitt in the '60s TV show and reinvented by a neoprene-clad Michelle Pfeiffer in 1992. Berry's leather cat suit for the 2004 film is "very bare, very urban, very downtown," she says. Her character, Patience Price, is a scientist at a cosmetics company who transforms into Catwoman - or should we say Sex Kitten?--to take on her nefarious boss, played by Sharon Stone. Benjamin Bratt as a detective is the love interest for Berry's Catwoman, who is both villainess and heroine. "She's not Superman," Berry says. "She's not trying to save the world." Instead, like a pampered house pet, Berry says, "Catwoman is out to save herself." Could be quite a purr-formance.

[23.06.2003] Bei IGN FilmForce gibt es Details zum Plot... SPOILER !!!

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DVDCatwoman (2 DVDs)
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DVD Erscheinungstermin: 18. Januar 2004


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Suzan Colón
The Life and Times of a Female Fatale

Englischsprachiges Taschenbuch
144 Seiten (Juni 2003)

Mit einem Vorwort von Adam West...

Jim Balent, Doug Moench
Batman - Sonderband #7

(Juli 2000)

Als Gebundene Ausgabe...


EA Games veröffentlichte am 12. August 2004 "Catwoman" für Windows-PC, für den GameCube, für die PS2, die Xbox und den GameBoy Advance... Jetzt bestellen !!!

Das Spiel führt den Spieler durch mehr als 20 Level in sieben verschiedenen Schauplätzen des Films, einschließlich dem Juwelier-Laden, der Hedare Factory sowie Hedares Villa und Ländereien.

Spieler treffen auf alle Hauptfiguren des Films, einschließlich drei der großen Bosse: Armando, Hedares Oberkomplize; Wesley, der hinterhältige Buchhalter von Hedare, und Laurel Hedare, das hübsche Gesicht hinter den bösen Machenschaften.


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