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"The ChubbChubbs!" (2002) ist ein ca. 6-minütiger, computeranimierter Kurzfilm, der bei den 75. Academy Awards - ausnahmsweise völlig zurecht - mit einem Oscar ausgezeichnet wurde.... Was Jeff Wolverton (Buch) und Eric Armstrong (Regie) hier abgeliefert haben, lässt auf mehr hoffen...

Willkommen auf Glorf! Der Planet ist wahrhaftig eine Oase im öden Universum, verfügt er mit Ale-E-Inn doch über einen luxuriösen Nightclub. Nacht für Nacht verkehrt hier die Creme der Galaxis, um der Singenden Diva zu lauschen...
Meeper, ein kurz geratener Bewohner von Glorf, ist im Ale-E-Inn als Putzkraft angestellt. Heimlich träumt er davon, auch einmal im Rampenlicht zu stehen, doch als er bei seiner Putzerei die Sängerin irritiert, wird er gefeuert...
Meeper will sich rehabilitieren, indem er die Nachtclubbetreiber vor einer Schlägerbande warnt. Doch unversehens sieht er sich selbst mit den grimmigsten Geschöpfen des Universums konfrontiert...

Sony Pictures Animation plant(e) einen "The Chubbchubbs!"-Kinofilm... Ob noch etwas daraus wird, ist zweifelhaft...


CS! meldet...
Sony Pictures Animation is moving forward with plans to turn its Oscar-winning animated short film The Chubbchubbs! into a full length CGI feature, hiring screenwriters Dan Wilson and Dave Gilbreth to write the script. The two most recently penned Smart and Smarter for New Line Cinema.
No decision has been made about a director for the project, which follows an intergalactic janitor-turned-singer who's unwittingly befriended the most dangerous race of cute-but-lethal critters ever known. Loyal but fierce, they are called upon to save the universe from a sinister plan.
The film won't be ready for release until 2005 at the earliest, but a second short is being readied for release in front of Sony movies for next summer. A toy line for the franchise is also in the works.

[03.05.2003] Autor Jeff Wolverton schrieb uns...
[...] I pitched them an idea for a feature version just last week, we'll see if they like it. I'm also writing other stuff, pitching ideas, etc, so stay tuned. [...]

[27.03.2003] meldet...
It started as a test, just a test, and it won them an Oscar.
Now, the Sony Pictures Animation team is ready to translate their success of the animated "ChubbChubs!" to a longer, more detailed version -- and perhaps win the best animated feature Academy Award.
"It was sort of a little test, just to see what was working, what wasn't, and if we were prepared to do a feature basically," director Eric Armstrong tells "And, of course, I"m kind of glad we did it now."
Holding his Oscar up backstage, he adds, "Whether or not there is a feature, I think the success has created some interest in that possiblity." [...]

[05.12.2002] meldet...
A short film made only as a test -- and never intended for public release -- is being added to DVDs by Sony, and it could be nominated for an Academy Award.
This "The ChubbChubbs," a spoof on outer space,features such shocking moments as the robot from "The Day The Earth Stood Still" drinking from an oil can, the alien from "Alien" sipping back Land Squid Juice, Darth Vader and Yoda arm wrestling each other and the robot from "Lost In Space" robot dancing.
"The ChubbChubbs"is the first digitally animated short film from Sony Pictures Imageworks Incorporated. The animated short can be seen as an added value to the "Men in Black 2" DVD by Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment. [...]
Sony Pictures Imageworks is an award-winning visual effects and computer animation company and has received Oscar nominations for their work on "Hollow Man," "Stuart Little" and "Starship Troopers." A few of Imageworks recent projects include "Stuart Little 2," "Spider-Man" and "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone."
"The ChubbChubbs" movie takes place on Planet Glorf where an awkward hero named Meeper, voice of Brad Simonsen who also the coordinated of the film, is kicked out of the Ale-E-Inn, an intergalactic watering hole, by Boris the Bouncer, the voice of Rick Zeff who also helped cast the movie.
Outside, Meeper runs into a Jar Jar Binks-like character, who alters his slang so our hero can understand the warning that the ChubbChubbs are coming. The voice of the ChubbChubbs is Jeff Wolverton who wrote the short animated film.
Emmy, Aurora, Addy and Telly Award-winning Chance Thomas produces all original music and composes and orchestrates the score performed by the Utah Film Orchestra for "The ChubbChubbs." Thomas worked with Mortonette Jenkins, who has done back up vocals for the likes of Aaron Neville, Linda Ronstadt, Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones, is the voice of the singing Diva who knows only one song, "Respect."
Eric Armstrong, the director, has worked on both "Stuart Little" films, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone" and "Anaconda."
Jacquie Barnbrook, the producer, has worked on "Anaconda," "Riding in Cars with Boys," "Contact" and "Stuart Little."
"The ChubbChubbs" took home the honor of best animated short film at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival and won best short film at the London Effects and Animation Festival as well as best short film in the Australian Effects and Animation Festival.
At the end of the short film is a note that assures audiences "no aliens were harmed in the making of this film."

[17.08.2002] Bei YMA gibt es eine Kurzkritik...

DVD & Video

Den computeranimierten Kurzfilm "The ChubbChubbs!" findet man in der Rubrik "Trailer" auf der "Men in Black 2" DVD !!!


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Chance Thomas (u.a. "Robota") produzierte die Musik und komponierte/orchestrierte den Score, der vom Utah Film Orchestra eingespielt wurde... Thomas arbeitete mit Mortonette Jenkins, die der Diva ihre Stimme lieh: "Respect" !!!

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