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Creature Tech Das Comic "Creature Tech" von Doug TenNapel soll verfilmt werden...

Durch das "Leichentuch des Turin" wird der verstorbene Dr. Jameson ins Leben zurückgerufen... Nun versucht er zu beenden, was er vor 150 Jahren begonnen hatte: Die Welt mit Hilfe eines gigantischen Weltraum-Aals zu zerstören... Dr. Michael Ong, ein angehender Pastor, der sich der Wissenschaft verschrieb und nun für "Creature Tech" arbeitet, stellt sich dem Bösen in den Weg... Unterstützt wird er von einem ausserirdischen Symbionten, einer CIA-Gottesanbeterin und einigen Rednecks...

Wann "Creature Tech" in die Kinos kommen soll, steht bislang nicht fest...

Creature Tech

Reuters meldet...
Tom Parker and Jim Jennewein have been tapped to do a rewrite on "Creature Tech" for 20th Century Fox's Fox 2000 division and Regency Enterprises. [...]

[10.01.2003] sprach mit Doug TenNapel...
G: [...] Any hope of Creature Tech getting turned into that animated film or television property in the near future?
T: It will be a movie. The studio (New Regency/Fox) approved my outline and I'm almost done with the rough draft!
G: What are you working on next?
T: I have an animated series at Nickelodeon based on my comic Gear. I'm also working on a prime-time animated series at Fox and a movie with Nick Cage.

[26.08.2002] Moriarty von AICN hat einen Kommentar zur Veräusserung der Filmrechte und zitiert Doug TenNapel...
[...] New Regency are not out to make a brain-dead action film, they want to elevate the graphic novel into a great film. I'm writing the script so it's mine to screw up! [...]

[23.08.2002] CS! meldet...
Variety reports that Fox-based Regency Enterprises has snapped up Doug TenNapel's forthcoming graphic novel Creature Tech. The creator of the popular videogame, toy line, and TV show "Earthworm Jim," TenNapel's newest adventure examines the interplay between science, religion and family.
"Tech" is a fantastical story set in the rural American heartland, where the specter of an evil wizard uses the iconic shroud of Turin to conjure a giant space eel in an attempt to destroy the world. The only thing standing in his way is an atheist with an alien strapped to his chest.
Illustrator TenNapel's "Creature" book is not yet published, but is due out next week from Top Shelf Productions.

[23.08.2002] Bei gibt es einen ausführlichen Bericht über die Entstehung des Comics...
[...] "In 1996 I wrote the feature script for Mothman and made the movie in 1997 - and it’s still in post production. That leads us to 1998 where I wrote the script for a little movie called Creature Tech. Sony Columbia Tri-Star bought the television rights but they bounced back to me when they did nothing with the property for two years." [...]
TenNapel said he opted to turn Creature Tech into a comic after he realized that it was the only what he could get the ‘feature’ version of it made to his standards. "Hollywood executives had a tough time understanding Creature Tech from the script," TenNapel said. "I could explain the Meat-man [see the story...] ‘til I was blue in the face but they just wouldn't get it until they say it on the page.
"I also figured that this comic was the movie. If a movie never got made, this would be my version that I would be happy with forever. Ironically, we are now in discussions with a few parties about a Creature Tech feature." [...]

[12.08.2002] Moriarty von AICN hat eine Kritik zu TenNapels neuem Comic...
[...] Simply put, CREATURE TECH is the best American animated film since THE IRON GIANT. Yes, better than TOY STORY 2. Better than SHREK. Better than anything from any studio. I know... it’s a graphic novel... but when you read this thing, there’s no doubt what it is. It’s a movie that just happens to be in print. It’s the complete storyboard, every frame, of something that would blow people’s minds. It’s incredibly entertaining, first and foremost. No matter how strange it gets, no matter how daring a moment TenNapel goes for, the thing always entertains. Every panel is worth looking at. Every character is worth spending time with. [...]

Creature Tech

Doug TenNapel
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Creature Tech

"Creature Tech" von Doug TenNapel erschien bei Top Shelf Comics...

Doug TenNaple
Creature Tech
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