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"Dagon" (2001) ist die neue Horror-Odyssee von Kultregisseur Stuart Gordon, basierend auf der Story vom Meister des Makabren: H. P. Lovecraft...

Eine kleine Gruppe strandet vor der Küste Imboca’s einem alten, verwahrlosten Fischerdorf. Doch anstelle von Hilfe erwartet sie das unvorstellbare Grauen, denn die unheimlichen Bewohner des Dorfes brauchen Opfer für Ihren Gott... den Gott der Tiefen des Meeres... Dagon.


[09.11.2002] Bei gibt es eine recht positive Kritik...

[01.11.2002] Bei AICN gibt es eine weitere positive Kritik...
DAGON is one of the greatest horror movies ever made and certainly the greatest adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft`s literature. See, Lovecraft is one of the toughest writers to crack because his obssessions are so dark and vivid that the cinematic horror overcomes the basic suspense and becomes a surreal nightmare. This is why deadpan adaptation by Corman and Curtis Hanson didn`t cut it with DUNWICH HORROR and Stuart Gordon`s RE-ANIMATOR worked on another level which had nothing to do with Lovecraft`s original concept. Stuart Gordon is very near to solving the case in DAGON. Even though this isn`t actually the film Lovecraft would authorize, it`s pretty damn close. The story of two contemporary civilans meeting the strange breed of marine god worshippers is done with unmatched energy. This film grips you and never lets go. It even never misses to be spot-on when it comes to measuring the number of accents and inteludes. The main thing about this film is Gordon`s direction. He perfectly controls the style of this film. It sure does get funny at times but it ain`t because of attempted humour. To the contrary, it gets funny because it is to scary to actually scare you. It makes you look for the bright side, as if when you get into trouble and try to be optimistic. The acting is top-notch. The main role was obviously tailor made for Jeffrey Combs but he is too old now and Ezra Gooden made it as good as Combs would. The whole point with this cast of mostly unknowns is that these characters are not presented by performers. You don`t get distracted by all the movies you detect when you see actor`s face. You don`t get distracted by their virtousity. It`s just that acting is so good that DAGON feels like a stylish documentary. Brilliant. Gordon`s framing is perfect and he not only gets the most out of the moderate budget but he also manages to make this budget look perfectly fitting. [...]

[22.08.2002] Bei ESplatter gibt es eine positive Kritik...
[...] Known for being a more faithful adaptation of an H.P. Lovecraft story than what normally gets made in Hollywood (this film was actually produced in Spain if anyone's wondering), "Dagon" takes itself more seriously than your average Stuart Gordon/Brian Yuzna production. Although not a crowd pleaser like "From Beyond" or "Re-Animator," it manages to be genuinely scary. Unfortunately, in an age when horror fans are becoming increasingly more interested in seeing martial arts, action and goofball comedy blended in with their fear films, "Dagon" may have trouble finding a solid audience. But it is, nonetheless, one of Stuart Gordon's best and hardcore horror lovers should certainly enjoy it.

[18.08.2002] Bei Fangoria gibt es eine positive Kritik...
[...] DAGON works as both a mystery and horror spectacle, with some good performances, decent FX and a dreaded tone that make it worth popping in your VCR or DVD player

[01.07.2002] Harry von AICN liebt den Film...
I loved this nightmare. It isn’t a straight telling of DAGON or SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH, but it is the straightest telling of the intent of Lovecraft I’ve ever seen. This isn’t wacky or funny. This movie has few moments of laughs, usually the nervous type... Ezra Godden’s Paul’s fumblings with a lock... Terrifyingly hilarious... but not really. It isn’t funny at all, but to stay latched onto the horror of his moment, it is too much, that nervous giggle is all that keeps that dry cotton mouth of yours from screaming a string of "Oh shits!" [...]
Like Raimi did with SPIDER-MAN, Gordon did with DAGON. He made changes, took what he needed to tell this story to a modern audience, and changed it and turned it into something new [...]

[28.06.2002] Bei Bloody-Disgusting gibt es eine sehr positive Kritik...
[...] This is so incredibly well done. I just wish Brian Yuzna would stick to making H.P. Lovecraft movies, that's what he does best. The whole movie is basically a cat and mouse game, but new things happen all the time so you never get bored, I was stuck from the beginning and didn't want to move my eyes for one second.
The acting is great from all actors, but I suggest that you don't rent this movie; I suggest that you buy it! Because this is a piece of art, even if it does sound a bit cheesy with ‘fish people’, it's done in a very stylish way. [...]

[21.11.2001] AICN meldet, dass der "Dagon" Trailer online ist...

DVD & Video

H.P. Lovecraft's Dagon
Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 18 Jahren
DVD Erscheinungstermin: 14. April 2003

Extras auf der Doppel-DVD: Videointerviews mit Stuart Gordon, Ezra Godden, Rayuel Merono, Macarena Gomez, Francisco Rabal und Produzent Julio Fernandez (ca. 77 Min.),Making of Featurette, Originaltrailer (deutsch, englisch), Spots, Biografien und Filmografien, Bildergalerie, H.P. Lovecraft Biografie & Bibliografie...


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H.P. Lovecraft
H.P. Lovecraft
Omnibus Vol 2: "Dagon" and Other Macabre Tales

Englischsprachiges Taschenbuch
512 Seiten (18. April 1985)


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Dagon (DVD)

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