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Day After Tomorrow

Die archivierten Nachrichten aus der Rubrik "Aktuelles"...

[24.05.2004] Unter gibt es etliche Bilder von der Premiere in Berlin...

[23.05.2004] Bei Blickpunkt:Film gibt es ein Interview mit Roland Emmerich...

[21.05.2004] Bei Yahoo! Movies gibt es mehrere Ausschnitte... Und bei AICN gibt es Kritiken...

[12.05.2004] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik (9/10)...
[...] This movie compare very little to the rest of the disaster flicks I've seen in recent years. Yopu realize pretty fast that there can be no happy ending to this movie and we are spared of the "mad-groups-of-scientists-racing-to-save-the-planet" plot that we saw in Armageddon, Deep Impact, The Core, Independence day and you name them. The race in this one is a father's race to find his son.
The drama works very well and the action/effects will stand up to anything released this year in my opinion. All in all a thought-provoking, no happy ending disasterflick. [...]

[07.05.2004] Bei MovieGod und AICN gibt es Kritiken...

[04.05.2004] Ein neuer "The Day After Tomorrow" Trailer ist online !!!

[29.04.2004] Bei gibt es einen exklusiven Film-Ausschnitt...

[07.04.2004] Bei CS! gibt es exklusive Storyboards... Und bei iFilm gibt es einen exklusiven Clip über die VFX !!!

[28.03.2004] Bei DH gibt es einen Bericht über die "TDAT"-Präsentation auf der ShoWest 2004...
An extended ten minute trailer showed us a good glimpse at many of the film's big action sequences including multiple tornadoes ripping through Los Angeles, giant waves surging through the streets of New York, and the breaking off of an Arctic Ice Shelf whilst scientists are working on it drilling ice core samples. The rest were just different or extended cuts of shots from the full trailer. All three FX disaster sequences are spectacular, whether the rest of the film will be - here's hoping.

[18.03.2004] Bei CS! gibt es ein Interview mit Jake Gyllenhaal - Benötigt Quicktime...

[05.03.2004] Die Offizielle Website bietet einen neuen "The Day After Tomorrow" Trailer !!! Bei Latino Review gibt es das finale Poster...

[04.03.2004] Bei Wire9 kann man mehrere Clips von einer Präsentation des Films downloaden...

[28.02.2004] Die Offizielle Website bietet endlich mehr !!!

[19.02.2004] Empire Online meldet... SPOILER !!!
[...] Three scenes were played before our eager eyes, the first of which depicting the destruction of downtown Los Angeles by mother nature herself. Now, it's been a while since anyone in the office was chased by a tornado but, were twisters to descend on a major metropolitan area and begin tearing it to pieces, we imagine it would look much like this. Effects that were, according to director Roland Emmerich, only half finished managed to impress us more than any digital effect in recent memory as everything from LAX to the Capitol Records building were torn apart by the rampaging storm. The moment when two such air funnels combine to create the mother of all cyclones puts the whole of Twister to shame. [...]

[11.02.2004] Bei Empire Movies gibt es ein paar neue Szenenbilder...

[26.01.2004] Bei CS! gibt es einige exklusive Katastrophenbilder... ;-)

[16.01.2004] USA Today meldet... SPOILER !!!
[...] "Blowing up buildings is an image you don't want to see anymore," Emmerich says, referring to Independence Day's famous White House explosion scene. "The movie is quite different from Independence Day, and I don't want to repeat myself, to be honest. I wanted to make the movie because the mood is so different than Independence Day. I sometimes think the comparison will only hurt it."
While aliens were the enemy in Independence Day, in The Day After Tomorrow, the enemy is us. The film is a nightmare story not about what could happen but what will happen if global warming worsens and world leaders look the other way, Emmerich says.
And so, in The Day After Tomorrow, tornadoes rip apart Los Angeles; a snowstorm buries New Delhi; hail the size of grapefruit batters Tokyo; and in New York City, the temperature swings from sweltering to freezing in one day. Dennis Quaid plays a paleoclimatologist trying to save his son (Jake Gyllenhaal) from the new ice age.
"A catastrophe where nature is going wild has a totally different feel to it," Emmerich says. "I read a couple of books, and I said to myself, this could happen. You have to make it as entertaining as possible, but you still want to raise a warning flag." [...]

[17.12.2003] Bei gibt es ein paar Szenenbilder...

[15.12.2003] Bei gibt es ein Interview mit Arjay Smith... SPOILER !!!
[...] Has filming finished on "The Day After Tomorrow?"
We actually got back in March. We shot in Montreal, Canada for six months. It was a wonderful time, I had a great time. Jake Gyllenhaal was also starring in the film, with Dennis Quaid. It’s going to be a big one. It’s going to have a lot of effects. They are actually still in production right now getting some of the shots together. I should be going in pretty soon to do some looping.
Who do you play?
I play Jake’s best friend, so I’ll be throughout the whole movie. Not to give away too much, but it’s a disaster/thriller type movie.
Doesn’t it involve a new Ice Age?
There you go, there you go - same concept. If the ice caps were ever to melt, what could possibly happen to planet Earth? It’ll keep you on your toes.
Was there a lot of acting with blue screens in this movie?
Actually, we did have a few scenes in front of the blue screens. They actually had a set and inside this studio - I mean this studio was just unbelievable. They had like New York streets built with cars, flooding with water to the top. We did a lot of stuff in the studio. We only did a couple of days outside in the actual snow. It was -40 when we were out there, so our stunt doubles really had to do the hard stuff outside. Everything was done inside and a lot of the scenes take place in this library. [...]

[15.11.2003] Bei gibt es das Teaser-Poster...

[05.11.2003] Die Offizielle Website ist gestartet - und der "The Day After Tomorrow" Teaser-Trailer ist online !!!

[26.07.2003] Bei Famous Frames, Inc. gibt es mehrere Storyboards...

[20.07.2003] Bei CS! gibt es folgende Meldung...
Just had a conversation with a guy who did some FX work for this film, and he told me that Emmerich has asked the FX people to digitally scan the entire island of Manhattan. From what I understand this was done for a huge scene where a gigantic tidal wave washes over the city (I saw some pre-vis work on this, but nothing final) and a scene of a giant oil tanker floating between the skyscrapers. (again, only in pre-vis now).
Another snippet of info he gave me was that the real interesting part of this film comes only after the destruction (LA torn apart by tornados, NY by tidal wave). The movie is focused more on the survival of the human race after the Ice age hits, and not so much during the destruction.
He said that they are hard at work to finish a few shots asap for a teaser that should be coming out soon.

[24.06.2003] Music from the Movies meldet...
Austrian omposer Harald Kloser has been hired to write the score for Roland Emmerich's upcoming science fiction thriller The Day After Tomorrow. [...] Emmerich has worked with Harald Kloser before: in 1999 he produced The Thirteenth Floor, which is probably the one Kloser score soundtrack fans are familiar with. [...]

[23.04.2003] Bei CS! gibt es neue Bilder vom Set...

[05.04.2003] Bei CS! gibt es die spektakulärsten Bilder vom Set, die die Welt je gesehen hat... ;-)

[03.02.2003] DH meldet: "The Day After Tomorrow: The Roland Emmerich sci-fi thriller has gone back to its original title"... *g*

[24.01.2003] Coming Attractions meldet...
We're told (from someone working on the set of this film) that Dennis Quaid's character, originally named Professor Adrian Hall, has been renamed to Prof. Jack Hall. The production is about a week behind schedule and still filming in Montreal, with their ETA for completion in the city hovering around the first of April. Our mole also reports that some shots need to still be filmed in Mexico City and El Paso, Texas.

[08.01.2003] DH hat eine "MAJOR-SPOILER"-Meldung...
The Roland Emmerich sci-fi flick doesn't open till 2004, but 'Delzo' caught an early look at the script and gives us some juicy spoiler details about some great stuff to watch out for: "Ok to me there's three great ideas in this otherwise mediocre sci-fi script. #1 The Opening: There's a massive sequence where a giant piece of Antarctic Ice breaks off its shelf and the action involves a group of scientists jumping the massive ice crevasse that results from the split - its a spectacular action piece which no other scene in the film can beat. #2 Los Angeles Destroyed. It only lasts a few minutes but one sequence has the City of Angels being ripped apart by multiple tornadoes including one tearing right through the heart of Sunset Blvd and a unique joke involving an Angelyne billboard. Finally, #3 The Super Freeze. The big juicy effect which will be awesome to see in this (it happens a few times) is the 'instant freeze' in which air sucked from the upper atmosphere rushes down and freezes everything on the ground (incl. people) in seconds.

[17.12.2002] Bei DH gibt es einen Spy-Report...
"Just finished working on the set of "Tomorrow" the Roland Emmerich disaster flick. Today we filmed a scene where Dennis Quaid's son and his friends are fleeing there private school for safety after finding out that New York is being terrorised by floods. They filmed in downtown Montreal at the McGill Law Center. The extras holding was at Point St Charles and whoa did they make one hell of a set. They rebuilt a street in New York and places taxis, buses, cars in the street. THEN, they filled it with water up to the doors. The set is massive at least a mile long with multiple levels. Kirsten Dunst was on the set to visit her current boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal and she was all over him. They were quite cute together. Emmy Rossum was adorable as always and Roland put on a great show. It was a great day and expect much from the movie".

[09.11.2002] DH meldet...
The Roland Emmerich sci-fi flick has been filming in Montreal recently at various locations including the Blackwatch 'War Hall' building of the Scottish Regiment, and Bluey Street right near the centre for the "Just for Laughs" festival. Large fan and snow making machines have been spotted around the sets, whilst the Blackwatch building is substituting for a decathlon scene requiring several hundred extras. Several thousand extras will be required for scenes to be shot in El Paso, Mexico during March for a somewhat ironic moment in the movie (Americans are running to Mexico to flee the cold weather).

[25.10.2002] Bei TNMC gibt es ein negatives Script-Review...
[...] I was barely intrigued at the opening of it. Then it became too random and cliché to really be remarkable. The writing just wasn't sharp enough. A love triangle between a woman and two men is something we have seen too commonly in big blockbusters. (Titanic, Pearl Harbor come to mind...) If you've seen one of those, you've seen them all. The only divergence with this one is it's utterly boring. I felt the writers were lazy. They could have gone a billion different ways with this but decided to pick the easy route. What's even more appalling is that FOX's other big 2003 summer blockbuster has the perfect contrary of this situation. X2 has one of the most subtle and engaging love triangles in a while now. [...]

[24.10.2002] Bei Dark Horizons gibt es einen interessante Meldung...
"I'm from Montreal and filming here will take place from November 7th to March. They are using Mel's Studios, the most prominent film studios in Montreal, and have a budget of around $100 million. In total there are to be 155 filming days. I looked up at the wardrobe section and their schedule and saw some set location details - a NASA refugee camp is being considered, Wall Street and Times Square will all be frozen over for other scenes. CGI wise they will either be using an outside source or local talent. Roland Emmerich (very cool dude) and his wife have both arrived in Montreal and are excited to start filming. On the posterboard of the production company several interesting pictures were up. One caught my eye was a CGI effect of the Statue of Liberty encased with CGI ice".

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