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[19.09.2006] Bei Moviehole gibt es eine Filmkritik (2.5/5)...
[...] A candy-coloured action extravaganza for those audiences who found the "Charlie’s Angels" movies too intellectually taxing, "D.O.A. Dead or Alive" is silly, skimpy fun that serves up a righteous ‘girl power’ message by making the majority of its butt-kicking warriors women.
Of course, it manages to have it both ways by ensuring that its feminine fighters are all immaculately made-up and styled, not to mention clad in skin-tight outfits that leave little to the imagination.
So there’s no denying that the movie looks great. But while the lights are on, there really is nobody home as far as "D.O.A". is concerned. [...]

[11.09.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine Filmkritik...
[...] the film - if you didn't know, based on a fighting game about girls with big tits- is a huge piece of shit. The most solidly entertaining piece of shit I've seen in a long time.
If you need any comparison, DOA is pretty much the spiritual sequel to Street Fighter: The Movie.
It's shitty and awesome in all the ways that Street Fighter was, and in my opinion it's even shittier and more awesome. [...]
The main plot revolves around Devon Aoki's shinobi ninja character Kasumi and her quest to find out what happened to her brother (also a ninja) who apparently died in the last tournament. Her brother's best friend (a ninja) also joins to protect her and she is followed to DOA Island by a purple haired ninja girl who is trying to kill her. All of these ninjas come from the same village in Japan. A village where nobody speaks Japanese and everyone has an American accent. Also the purple haired girl is somehow Caucasian.
You are introduced to Kasumi at the beginning of the film where she is cast out from her mountain top community for some reason I forgot and escapes 100 angry guards by jumping off a cliff and suddenly revealing a concealed pair of very modern gliding wings strapped to her back.
The whole movie is extremely silly like this, but it's great fun.
The fighting and action is pretty good and the filmmaking is slick enough in the flashy MTV visual and editing kind of way. [...]

[08.09.2006] Bei IGN gibt es ein Interview mit Tomonobu Itagaki von Tecmos Team Ninja, die an "DOA Xtreme 2" für die Xbox 360 arbeiten...

[23.08.2006] Bei TcH gibt es einen neuen "DOA - Dead or Alive" Trailer !!!

[19.08.2006] Bei TcH gibt es neue DOA-Szenenbilder...

[07.07.2006] CS! sprach mit Paul W.S. Anderson und Jeremy Bolt...
[...] "What's great about 'DOA' is the fantastic fighting opportunities, but also the sexiness with the volleyball, with the island. It has some phenomenal fight sequences," Bolt told
"We worked with Corey Yuen, who did the 'Transporter' movies, and we went to China. I was in China for 8 months last year making it with all the stunt people, and it [has] fantastic fight sequences, but also it's sexy. We put volleyball in the movie. There's a 3 minute volleyball sequence."
"We're ecstatic that Jaime [Pressly] has a hit show, as is Dimension," added Bolt. "She's now a household name, which is fantastic for us. She's also a brilliant martial artist, great volleyball player. She's phenomenally fit and she looks damn fine in a bikini."
Despite the much touted sex appeal, the producer is adamant that the movie is aimed at a specific teenage audience and - unlike the "Resident Evil" films - should open to anyone. Anyone over 13 anyway. "It's very PG-13 in the sense that it's obviously not a horror film. Any 13-year-old boy is going to... it's going to traumatize a whole generation. It's very different [from "Resident Evil"], it's more action adventure. It's a lot of fun."
Bolt is so enthusiastic about DOA: Dead or Alive that he reveals he and Anderson already have plans for it's future. "We're already thinking about sequels."

[11.05.2006] Bei GameSpot gibt es Impressionen zum kommenden Videospiel "Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 " für die Xbox 360 !!!

[04.04.2006] Bei TcH gibt es den neuen "DOA - Dead or Alive" Trailer !!!

[14.03.2006] Bei TeamXbox gibt es neue DOA-Szenenbilder...

[25.02.2006] Bei TcH gibt es ein paar DOA-Szenenbilder...

[14.01.2006] GameFront meldet...
Zwei Spiele aus Tecmos Dead or Alive-Serie sollen sich wohl auch für die PlayStation3 in Vorbereitung befinden. Das geht aus einem japanischen Zeitungsartikel hervor. Ob es sich um Umsetzungen oder Neuentwicklungen handelt, ist unklar.

[23.11.2005] Der "DOA - Dead or Alive" Teaser-Trailer ist online !!!

[21.11.2005] CS! meldet...
Dimension Films has acquired North American distribution rights to video game adaptation Dead or Alive by The Transporter director Corey Yuen, reports Variety.
Devon Aoki, Sarah Carter, Natassia Malthe, Matthew Marsden, Jaime Pressly, Eric Roberts and Holly Valance star in the adaptation. J.F. Lawton, Seth and Adam Gross and Granz Henman wrote the adaptation.
Impact Pictures' Paul W.S. Anderson and Jeremy Bolt produced the film, along with Constantin Film's Bernd Eichinger and Robert Kulzer and Mindfire Entertainment's Mark Altman.
Dimension, the genre arm of The Weinstein Co., will release Dead or Alive, shot in China, next fall.
The movie is based on Tecmo's bestselling game franchise. It centers on four female fighters in a competition to the death on an exotic island.

[17.06.2005] Bei Monkey Peaches gibt es ein paar Bilder von den Dreharbeiten, u.a. Devon Aoki im Kostüm...

[01.06.2005] DH meldet...
Kevin Nash has joined the cast which includes Devon Aoki, Matthew Marsden and Holly Valance according to Knox News.

[29.03.2005] Moviehole meldet...
Aussie singer Holly Valance - or 'Flick' as she's known to fans of TV's "Neighbours" - and "2 Fast 2 Furious" petrolhead Devon Aoki have secured roles in the film version of computer-game "D.O.A".
The 21-year-old Valance, next seen in "Pledge This!" with Paris Hilton, and Aoki, next in "Sin City", hit the dojo next month to brush up on their Kung-Fu, for the gig.
Directed by Corey Yuen, "DOA" tells of of an all-female kick-boxing squad trying to guard their employer.
Bounty-hunter Christie has been hired to bring in uber-crook Fame Douglas. Upon his return, she'll be paid a desirable fifty million big ones.
Unfortunately, Fame Douglas has hidden himself at the top of a tower, smack-bang in the middle of a remote island. On each floor, Christie encounters a member of the DOA troupe - and they've been paid to make sure she doesn't advance to the next - excuse the game pun - level. [...]

[03.03.2005] GameFront meldet...
[...] Neue Infos zum Kinofilm Dead or Alive soll es etwa April oder Mai geben. Neben Dead or Alive 4 sei noch ein weiteres Dead or Alive-Spiel in Arbeit, zu dem Itagaki aber keine näheren Angaben macht (möglich wäre z.B. DOA Code Cronus). [...]

[11.01.2005] Production Weekly meldet, dass Natasshia Malthe (u.a. "Elektra") eine Rolle in der DOA-Verfilmung spielen wird....

[02.07.2004] Constantin Film meldet...
[...] Neben der Entwicklung der Kinoadaption von 'DRIVER' haben gerade die ersten Vorbereitungen für die Verfilmung von 'DOA: Dead or Alive', basierend auf dem gleichnamigen Videokampfspielhit von Tecmo begonnen. Als Regisseur wurde Corey Yuen ('The Transporter') verpflichtet.

[13.02.2004] CS! meldet...
Hong Kong helmer Corey Yuen will direct Dead or Alive (aka "DOA") for Impact Pictures, says Variety. Based on Tecmo's best-selling video game franchise, the script was written by J.F. Lawton (Under Siege, Pretty Woman).
Production is planned for the end of the year after Yuen has wrapped Transporter 2, the sequel to 2002's The Transporter, for producer Luc Besson.
"DOA" continues Impact and Constantin's exploitation of video game properties, which began with the 2002 hit Resident Evil. The companies' follow-up, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, is being released on October 1.

[03.11.2003] CS! meldet...
[...] Next up for the production team of Anderson and Bolt [...] is a $25 million big-screen version of Tecmo's blockbuster Dead or Alive fighting game. The film will bring PG-13 fighting action and humor, devised by screenwriter J.F. Lawton (Pretty Woman). [...]

[09.04.2003] Hollywood Reporter meldet...
Impact Pictures and Constantin Films will bring Tecmo's "Dead or Alive" fighting video game franchise to the big screen in association with Mindfire Entertainment. Impact concurrently has video game-to-movie titles "Driver" and "Resident Evil 2" in the works.
Paul W.S. Anderson and Jeremy Bolt, founding partners of Impact Pictures, will produce "DOA" as part of their existing deal with Constantin Films. Robert Kulzer, head of production at Constantin, and Dan Kletzky, through his company Entertainment Licensing Associates, will be executive producers. Kletzky is concurrently executive vp business development at video game publisher TDK Mediactive. Mindfire president and chief operating officer Mark Altman also is producing, while Mindfire chairman Mark Gottwald is co-producing.
The "DOA" script is being written by J.F. Lawton ("Pretty Woman," "Under Siege"). Bolt said the film, described as "Charlie's Angels" meets "Enter the Dragon," will go into preproduction this year and is targeted for a fall 2004 release, which is expected to coincide with the video game release of the latest title in the game franchise, "Dead or Alive 4." No director has been named. Anderson, who directed the original "Resident Evil," is not available because of his previous commitment for the other two Impact titles.

[14.03.2002] Zum Start der Microsoft Xbox erscheint "Dead or Alive 3" endlich auch in Deutschland... Jetzt versandkostenfrei bestellen !!!

[12.03.2002] MHN meldet...
Mindfire Entertainment, which is developing feature films based on Sega's "House of the Dead" games and begins shooting on the first one in May, has acquired film and TV rights for the best-selling "Dead or Alive" video game franchise from Japanese game publisher Tecmo.
The Hollywood Reporter is talking about the game to movie make:
The live-action "DOA -- The Movie," which will have a budget in the $30 million range, will begin filming late this year for an expected theatrical release next year in conjunction with the next game's release. Mindfire also is developing a live-action television series projected for launch in fall 2004. Producing the film are Mindfire partners Dan Bates, Mark Altman and Mark Gottwald, along with Entertainment Licensing Associates president Daniel Kletzky. Mindfire is taking pitches from writers and may develop two scripts simultaneously, choosing the best one or possibly using the second for a sequel or TV pilot.
"Dead or Alive" is a critically acclaimed fighting franchise that most recently had its third installment, "DOA 3," ship for Microsoft's Xbox (news - web sites) launch and climb to the top of the sales charts. The game features a collection of colorful fighters, and the franchise is well-known for its well-endowed female fighters. The four "DOA" games have appeared on PlayStation, Dreamcast (news - web sites), PlayStation 2 (news - web sites) and Xbox and have sold more than 863,000 units in the United States since 1996, according to NPDFunworld TRSTS.
"Even though it's a fighting game, there's a complex story behind it all," said Altman, Mindfire's chief operating officer. " 'DOA' and Tecmo have set the standard for this genre of video game, so we plan to do a studio picture with an A-level cast and have cutting-edge Hong Kong-type fight choreography for the film, which respects the high standard and quality of the game and its martial arts action. With the vast array of locales featured in the games, I expect we'll do some globe-trotting for locations."

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