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"Doomsday" (2008) ist ein Projekt von Neil Marshall (u.a. "The Descent", "Dog Soldiers")...

Nach dem Ausbruch eines tödlichen Virus wird um den Seuchenherd Schottland eine gigantische Mauer gezogen. Niemand kann mehr hinein und das Land selbst ist vom Rest der Welt abgeschnitten. Doch als dreißig Jahre später der sogenannte "Reaper"-Virus England erneut heimsucht, schickt die Regierung einen Elitetrupp, angeführt von der taffen Eden Sinclair (Rhona Mitra, u.a. "Beowulf"), in das immer noch hermetisch abgeriegelte Infektionsgebiet, um Dr. Kane (Malcolm McDowell, u.a. "Uhrwerk Orange") und das von ihm entwickelte Antivirus ausfindig zu machen. Hinter der massiven Mauer wartet ein unbekanntes Land aus Ruinen, in dem Tod und Anarchie regieren und was sie dort finden, übersteigt jede Vorstellungskraft...

U.a. wirken auch Bob Hoskins als Bill Nelson und Alexander Siddig mit...

"Doomsday - Tag der Rache" kam am 12. Juni 2008 in die deutschen Kinos...


[12.06.2008] Heute startet "Doomsday - Tag der Rache" in den deutschen Kinos...

CS! berichtet über die US-Einspielergebnisse...
[...] Neil Marshall's third film, the apocalyptic action flick Doomsday (Universal) failed to find much of an audience, grossing just $4.7 million in its debut weekend in less than 2,000 theaters to open in seventh place. [...]

[12.03.2008] Bei STYD gibt es ein Interview mit Neil Marshall...

[11.03.2008] Bei IESB gibt es mehrere "Doomsday" Clips / Ausschnitte...

[05.03.2008] Mehrere "Doomsday" TV-Spots sind online !!!

[04.03.2008] Ein paar "Doomsday" Clips / Ausschnitte sind online !!!

[28.02.2008] Bei IESB gibt es einen Schwung neuer Bilder...

[24.02.2008] Die Offizielle Website bietet neues Material...

[17.01.2008] Der "Doomsday" Trailer ist online !!!

[06.01.2008] Neil Marshall wirft auf einen Blick zurück...
[...] One of the things I was adamant about doing with Doomsday was going back to a kind of gritty stunt/action movie that doesn't get made anymore. Real people, in a real world, doing really REALLY dangerous stuff! No green screen, no wires, just crazy stunties standing on, jumping into, and hanging out of cars travelling at 80mph and smashing into each other! Stunts SA I salute you! When I wanted to crash and roll a 10 ton armoured transport (one of two we designed and built especially for the movie), they hadn't done anything like that before, but were perfectly happy to give it a try, and it worked spectacularly!
We exploded countless pyro's in the centre of Cape Town, in the middle of the night. We closed down the city centre (to stage a frantic foot/bus/motorbike chase) on a Saturday afternoon! We took over a major theme park, dressed it as the villains lair (playing host to a twisted Moulin Rouge-style stage show and a spot of brutal human sacrifice!) and filled it with a thousand screaming extras, waving baseball bats, hanging from the rafters and generally baying for blood. They had a lot of fun that night, and so did we. What I thought was going to be the most difficult sequence to shoot turned out to be relatively easy. Also, Axelle makes the first of her two cameo appearances in the movie in this sequence, dressed as one of the punk marauders. She also plays an infected plague victim later in the movie.
We commandeered a Russian freighter in dry dock to film the opening shoot-out, a steam train for an escape sequence, and a derelict slaughterhouse to stage an elaborate 10 min action sequence that'll leave you breathless and shell shocked, and we did it all for real. [...]

[07.12.2007] Bei AICN gibt es eine weitere Kritik...
[...] What is this film? It's really hard to categorize and you can't really pin it down. It has action, scares, humor and a very hot Rhona Mitra. The shitty reviews I'd read made me think this was going to be another virus/plague movie, but Dday isn’t a virus movie. Thankfully it’s an action movie, the kind we haven't seen in a long time. It’s a movie made by a guy who loves the same movies I do. It’s a movie for fans made by a fan. [...]

[23.10.2007] Bei AICN gibt es zwei recht unterschiedliche Kritiken...

[06.10.2007] Bei AICN gibt es eine weitere Kritik...
[...] If you love 80s action movies then book your ticket for this baby now. Fans of the genre can look forward to a thrilling ride through their favourite films as Marshall 's grab bag style takes us from 'Mad Max' to 'Escape From New York', via 'The Warriors'. [...]

[22.09.2007] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik zu einer Testvorführung...
[...] I'm not sure how much studio influence is to blame here. I mean Mr. Marshall wrote this thing also. Yes, it was a different take on these kinds of films, whether it be the Mad Max trilogy, 28 Days/Weeks Later films, or even Escape From New York, but Doomsday just didn't do any kind of justice to itself or even to a modern take on the classics. The story was too slow in spots and too fast in others. A re-cut should fix this, but it won't fix the far fetched storyline. It became laughable at times. It was like 6 movies in one and you didn't know what kind of movie you were watching. The whole knights in shining armor was just ridiculous. [...]

[15.08.2007] STYD sprach mit Neil Marshall...
[...] In the spring of '08, Rogue Pictures will release Marshall's anticipated Doomsday, a film that is a slice of Miller's The Road Warrior and "a bit of John Carpenter as well. The two main inspirations for this are 'Warrior' and 'Escape from New York.' It wears that on its sleeve quite blatantly," says Marshall on an Omni Hotel terrace in San Diego where he and I are scarfing down some breakfast before leaping into the fray at the Comic-Con. There's not a trace of weariness in him, especially coming from a man who stepped off an intercontinental flight the day prior to preview his actioner before a throng of fanboys later this afternoon; I, on the other hand, nurse a terrible headache from an evening of libations.
"The story came about six years ago, an amalgamation of ideas," Marshall continues. "I grew up in Newcastle then I moved to Carlisle which is at opposite ends of Hadrian's Wall in the UK. I used to drive along the ruins of it and it just occurred to me what situation would have to occur to have that wall rebuilt in the future. Then the virus thing came into it. And I had this vision, this image of these futuristic soldiers versus this knight in armor and what situation might allow that to happen without it being a time travel movie."
These random swatches of inspiration are exactly what the Comic-Con crowd comes to witness in Rogue's Doomsday presentation lightly touching on the fact that it's a movie about a unit in search of a cure, led by actress Rhona Mitra, that infiltrates a virus-ravaged Scotland years after it is walled off from the rest of the UK. And as Marshall promises, it's a bit of everything, from the Road Warrior-esque car chases to even a bit of John Boorman's Excalibur? "Oh, completely. There's a lot of 'Excalibur' in there, I'm a huge Gilliam fan and the Red King from 'The Fisher King.' I just threw that all into the mix. The world of 'Doomsday' just allowed us to go to town on everything and anything." And it shows, Marshall has something radical on his hands unlike anything we've seen in many years. (It should be noted that Malcolm McDowell and Bob Hoskins co-star.)
It's also his biggest project to date and embarking on something like Doomsday left no room for hesitation on his part. "It's a massive film to pull off, huge scenes with extras, massive carnage, I loved it. I was just running with it and having a good time. When I went in I was just like, this is so daunting." However, he was in good company, returning from The Descent are production designer Simon Bowles and director of photography Sam McCurdy. "Everybody was taking a really big step on the scale of everything which was so much bigger."
Bigger meant gorier, apparently. "There's definitely plenty of gore, it's an action movie so when the gore happens, it's brutal, this is an R-rated film for sure. Our makeup FX guy came up to me and said, 'You realize there are more blood and guts in this film than there were in 'The Descent?' We've got severed heads, exploding heads, limbs being shot off."
"The things that I thought would be the most challenging turned out to be the least challenging," Marshall notes before we're asked to wrap up our brief rendezvous. "In one of the biggest scenes we had 800 extras and it had this big song and dance number thing going on and I thought that was going to be a nightmare, but it was the easiest thing we shot. We had the lead villain Craig [Conway, the unfortunate camper of 'Dog Soldiers'] doing his thing and all we had to do was just stand back and shoot it." [...]

[02.08.2007] sprach mit Neil Marshall...
[...] Marshall on how this film's more epic scope compares with his previous films: "It's like everything times 100. The scale is just on a different planet compared to the other ones. Those ones were like a cast of six people in a small dark hole or in a cottage and this is just a much bigger cast and the scale is ... it's a huge journey across the country and it takes in several different worlds, I guess, different environments and uh, it's huge. We got castles, we got gang warfare, we've got futuristic London, destroyed Glasgow ... " [...]
The concept of a virus breaking out and an England that has been isolated draws obvious comparisons to 28 Days Later. "Well 28 Days Later was not the first virus movie ... but our film is not about the virus. The virus is the back story and it's primarily about the group ... and they're adventure. It's much more like an action movie and less of a horror movie. [...]

[28.07.2007] Bei Latino Review gibt es ein Video-Interview mit Neil Marshall...

[07.10.2005] DH meldet...
Rogue Pictures has joined forces with L.A.-based Crystal Sky Pictures to back "Doomsday," the $15 million-$20 million next project from British writer-director Neil Marshall ("Dog Soldiers", "The Descent") reports Variety.
"Doomsday" is described as a futuristic action thriller with political overtones, set in northern England and Scotland. A disaster threatens the future of mankind, and a team of people have to stop it.
Rogue, which is taking worldwide rights to the pic, is bankrolling development of the script under an aggressive deal to move rapidly toward production next spring in the UK.

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Spiele sprach mit Neil Marshall...
[...] Any chance at a Doomsday video game? The story definitely seems like it makes it a likely candidate. "I think there definitely is and it's perfect for that kind of thing. There's definitely video game potential." [...]


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