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Die Legende von Dracula wurde unzählige Male verfilmt...

Dracula wurde u.a von Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee und Klaus Kinski verkörpert...

Bram Stoker's "Dracula" (1992) mit Gary Oldman in der Titelrolle war der letzte grosse "Dracula"-Film...

Mehrere neue "Dracula"-Filme sind in Planung, u.a. "Dracula Year Zero", "The Last Voyage of Demeter" und "Dracula: The Un-Dead"...


[28.02.2012] Deadline berichtet über ein "Dracula"-Projekt von Sony Pictures...
Sony Pictures has acquired a pitch from scribe Jason Keller for a period origin story on the Dracula mythology that will be produced by Joe Roth and Palak Patel. I’m hearing the deal was high six-figures against seven-figures. It becomes the latest in a growing list of films about the iconic vampire borne out of the legend of Vlad the Impaler. [...]
Insiders at Sony would only say the intention is to launch a period franchise. The deal brings together the combatants in the race to launch a Snow White film. [...]

[13.02.2012] Deadline berichtet über "Dracula Year Zero"...
Universal Pictures is negotiating with Gary Shore to direct Dracula Year Zero. This is the film that was close to a production start with Sam Worthington starring and Alex Proyas directing, only to see Universal close the coffin because the budget was too high. Matt Sazama & Burk Sharpless have written a new draft of the screenplay. Michael De Luca continues on the project as producer. [...]
Proyas left the project to direct Paradise Lost, which had its plug pulled by Legendary Pictures yesterday, again over high cost. At this point, Worthington is also not involved, per studio sources. He was to play Prince Vlad of Transylvania. He was also known as Vlad the Impaler and his lust for blood inspired the mythology behind Dracula. While Worthington might not be back, it sure looks like this movie is back on track.

[11.02.2012] Vulture berichtet über "Harker"...
Our spies tell us that Warner Bros. is in talks with Russell Crowe about starring in Harker, a reimagining of Bram Stoker’s Dracula that's being produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. It tells the vampire story from the point of view of Jonathan Harker, who - instead of his traditional role as a lawyer - is now a Scotland Yard detective investigating the Count's string of grisly murders in England.
The project (co-written by Lee Shipman and Vulture contributing vampire expert Brian McGreevy) began gathering steam at Warner Bros. around this time last year, when director Jaume Collet-Serra (Unknown, Orphan) became attached. But just a few months later, Warners had other plans for the Catalonian, hiring him to oversee Akira after director Albert and Allen Hughes struggled with casting the remake of Katsuhiro Otomo’s anime classic. Then Akira ran into budget issues and was put on ice as the studio struggled to contain its cost. Now we hear the plan is to try and make Harker happen first [...]

[06.03.2011] Latino Review berichtet über "Dracula 3D"...
Dracula is back from the dead and next time he will be in 3D.
Entertainment Weekly has confirmed actor Rutger Hauer ("The Hitcher," "Blade Runner") signed on to play the famous vampire killer Van Helsing in the horror "Dracula 3D."
"That could be really, really exciting," said Hauer to EW. "I’m flying to London and when I get there I want to have a talk [with] The Master about what he thinks he gets from me, to see where he lives. I can see 3D working really well and he’s experimenting with it."
There is not too much detail regarding the plot for this Dracula film version at this time. Last May, Shock Till You Drop reported the synopsis for the film as "a faithful translation of the Bram Stoker novel." [...]

[12.02.2011] Heat Vision berichtet über "The Last Voyage of the Demeter"...
The Last Voyage of the Demeter may be getting ready to finally set sail.
David Slade, who directed vampires in 30 Days of Night and Twilight Saga: Eclipse, is in talks to tackle the blood-sucking genre again with Phoenix Pictures' long-in-the-works period horror movie.
The lead role is not cast but Ben Kingsley and Noomi Rapace are attached to co-star. Phoenix is in active talks with actors for the lead role.
Producing Demeter are Mike Medavoy, Arnold Messer and Bradley Fischer, who have made habit of incubating and sticking with projects for lengthy periods. (Phoenix took almost as long to get Oscar best picture contender Black Swan made.)
Demeter was the name of the ship that transported Dracula from Transylvania to London in Bram Stoker's classic tale. In that novel, it washes up on the shores of England, tattered and broken, with one raving mad survivor.
Written a decade ago by Bragi Schut, the script places the voyage center stage in a tale that is reminiscent of the first movie in the Alien franchise, in which a crew is slaughtered one-by-one by a mysterious passenger.
The project has over the years attracted such directors as Robert Schwentke and Marcus Nispel. Stefan Ruzowitzky was on board but last month decided to work on the just-announced drama Blackbird, which is to star Eric Bana and Oliva Wilde.
Demeter hasn't left port just yet, however. The project is still in the midst of securing financing, although the attachment of Slade, riding high on Eclipse's near-$700 million in worldwide boxoffice, should go a ways to get there. However, by the time the funds are secured, the actors could change. [...]

[08.02.2011] Deadline berichtet über ein weiteres "Dracula"-Projekt mit dem Titel "Harker"...
Warner Bros is closing a deal to acquire Harker, a spec script by Lee Shipman & Brian McGreevy for a re-imagining of Bram Stoker's Dracula that will be directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. The filmmaker's latest is the Liam Neeson-starrer Unknown, which will be released February 18 by Warner Bros. Harker will be produced by Appian Way partners Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson Killoran, in a coproduction with Mad Hatter Entertainment. That label's Michael Connolly will also be involved as a producer.
I'm told that the script focuses on Jonathan Harker as the Scotland Yard detective who is tracking Dracula, and the script sets up the sleuth as a potential new franchise character. DiCaprio isn't planning to act in the film. Appian Way has a first look deal at Warner Bros, and the studio had the inside track even though other studios looked at the project over the weekend. The deal contains progress to production language and so the picture is expected to move quickly. Appian Way produced Collet-Serra's last directorial outing, the fright film Orphan.
The writers are hot stuff. McGreevy wrote the supernatural mystery thriller novel Hemlock Grove, a book which just told to Farrar, Straus and Giroux. The novel teams an aristocratic vampire, a werewolf and Frankenstein's monster, and places them in a Pennsylvania high school. As a team, the writers are scripting their pitch Pendragon for New Regency, with Sylvain White attached to direct. Rick Yorn sold the Dracula package and Paradigm reps the writers. Appian's Michael Ireland brought in the project.

[16.03.2010] STYD wirft einen Blick auf die vergangenen und kommenden "Dracula"-Filme...

[03.03.2010] Wie meldet, wird Stefan Ruzowitzky Regie bei "The Last Voyage of Demeter" führen...
Stefan Ruzowitzky, the Austrian director behind Oscar-winning foreign film "The Counterfeiters," is in negotiations to helm period horror "The Last Voyage of the Demeter" for Phoenix Pictures.
"Demeter" was the name of the ship that transported Dracula from Transylvania to London in Bram Stoker's classic tale. In that novel, it washes up on the shores of England, tattered and broken, with one raving mad survivor.
Written a decade ago by Bragi Schut (writer of the upcoming Nicolas Cage horror movie "Season of the Witch"), places the voyage center stage in a tale that is reminiscent of the first movie in the "Alien" franchise, in which a crew is slaughtered one-by-one by a mysterious passenger.
The project has over the years attracted directors, with Robert Schwentke and most recently Marcus Nispel among those attached. Two hurdles have been the period setting and the need to film on the water. Phoenix assuaged some concerns regarding the former, having led the boxoffice the past two weeks with the 1950s thriller "Shutter Island."
Mike Medavoy, Arnold Messer and Bradley Fischer of Phoenix are producing.
"Demeter" would serve as the English-language debut for UTA-repped Ruzowitzky, who has been making German-language films since 1996's "Tempo."

[16.02.2010] Wie meldet, überarbeitet Scott Kosar das Drehbuch für Summit Entertainment's "Vlad" - der Film erzählt die Geschichte des jungen Prinzen Dracula aka "Vlad the Impaler"...

[26.01.2010] Laut Latino Review soll Sam Worthington die Titelrolle in Universal's "Dracula: Year Zero" spielen...

[07.12.2009] Heat Vision berichtet...
After exploring the romantic angst of vampires in "Twilight," Summit is developing an action-oriented take on the most famous of the fanged: Dracula.
This one already comes with its own heartthrob in the form of Brad Pitt.
The company has picked up "Vlad," a script by actor Charlie Hunnam, and is in negotiations with music video and photographer Anthony Mandler to direct the project. Pitt is producing with Dede Gardner via the duo's Plan B Entertainment production shingle.
"Vlad" centers on Dracula as a young prince; he is known to history as Vlad the Impaler, the man behind the Dracula myth.
Summit picked up "Vlad" awhile ago, developing it quietly, but when execs saw Mandler's reel, the project got a shot in the arm.
Mandler is a music-video director who has worked with Rhianna (helming 10 of her videos), the Killers and Eminem. Execs were wowed by the reel he prepared, which drew comparisons to Zack Snyder and his work on "300"; Summit tried to land the latter project before it ultimately was made at Warner Bros.
With "Vlad," Summit hopes to make a visually edgy and radical period movie that also will break a new talent.

[19.09.2009] Unter gibt es Infos zur Fortsetzung von Bram Stoker's Original-Roman... Bei gibt es sogar einen Trailer zum Buch, das am 13. Oktober 2009 erscheinen wird... Derzeit wird verhandelt welches Studio den Roman "Dracula: The Un-Dead" von Dacre Stoker verfilmen darf...

[01.05.2009] berichtet...
Director Marcus Nispel ("Friday the 13th") is in talks to board "The Last Voyage of Demeter" for Phoenix Pictures with Mike Medavoy, Arnie Messer and Brad Fischer producing. Story, penned by Bragi Schut Jr., is based on a chapter in Bram Stoker's "Dracula" describing the arrival of the vampire count in England on a cargo ship that has crashed into the rocks at Whitby with no crew and the dead captain lashed to the steering wheel. Stoker tells the story via the captain's log of the voyage, which begins in Bulgaria and becomes increasingly disjointed as members of the crew disappear.
Chris Bender and JC Spink are exec producing. Robert Schwentke had previously been attached to direct.
Fischer told Daily Variety he's aiming to begin production this year. [...]

[29.01.2009] CS! sprach mit Alex Proyas, u.a. über "Dracula Year Zero"...
[...] we wondered if there'd been any progress on the two other films he'd been developing, The Tripods, based on the series by John Christopher, and Dracula Year Zero, a proposed origin story for Bram Stoker's legendary vampire.
Both are still in active development so either could be Proyas' next project. "I'm working on a bunch of different things and the two projects I'm excited about are an adaptation of John Christopher's The Tripod stories that I've co-written with Stuart Hazeldine, who is one of our writers on 'Knowing', and the Dracula project," the Australian filmmaker told us. "Both are very exciting projects but at this stage, we're still in the budgeting process for both, so I can't really tell you much more than that."
"I'm not a fan of remakes or sequels - I haven't done any and I'm not really that excited by them usually," Proyas said when asked about his decision to make a movie based on a character whose had an extensive life in film. "In the case of Dracula, the reason I got excited about the project is I read a particular script that puts the whole legend on its head in every conceivable way and comes out with something that is both a kind of an ode to Bram Stoker's original Dracula, in that it's kind of a prequel to that, but it also redefines the character to such an extent that I found it quite exciting, so that is very much a kind of reinvention of that character and it's why I got excited about it." [...]

[04.10.2008] STYD meldet...
[...] Bram Stoker's great-grandnephew and blood descendant, Dacre Stoker, and award-winning Dracula documentarian and historian Ian Holt have sold North American-English publishing rights of the Stoker-family-authorized sequel to Bram's classic novel "Dracula" to an alliance of Dutton U.S. (Brian Tart), Harper U.K. (Jane Johnson) and Penguin-Canada (Laura Shin).
The novel will appear in October 2009.
Laura Shin, senior editor of Penguin-Canada, who signed up for two additional sequels, said, "I was thrilled by this page-turning story and loved spending time with those great characters-Stoker and Holt did a fantastic job melding the old with the new, and I found the work to be a virtually seamless continuation of the original. The story has all the hallmarks of a historical novel, but with a modern sensibility that gives it wide-spread appeal."
Dutton and Harper signed a single novel deal. Although other precedent-setting foreign deals are already closed from preempts, Baror is planning to sign the bulk of world territories at the upcoming Frankfurt Book Fair.
Using Stoker family connections, the writers were able to access Bram Stoker's hand-written notes for his novel - which, before an editor changed the title, was to have been called "The Un-Dead."
"Our story," Stoker said, "includes characters and plot threads that had been excised by the publisher from the original printing over a century ago."
"The Un-Dead" is the first Dracula story to enjoy the full support of the Stoker clan since the original 1931 movie starring Bela Lugosi. Lugosi's appearance in Hamilton Deane's and John Balderston's stage production of the story on Broadway in New York, fifteen years after Bram Stoker's death in 1927, sparked the original novel's bestselling popularity. It has never been out of print since.
AEI's Ken Atchity, Chi-Li Wong, and Michael T. Kuciak (Life or Something Like It, Joe Somebody) will produce the film adaptation with Blue Tulip's Jan de Bont (Speed), and are expecting to see it go before the cameras in June '09.
The script has been completed by Ian Holt with the story co-written by Alexander Galant [...]

[12.07.2007] Variety meldet...
Alex Proyas will direct "Dracula Year Zero," Universal's origins tale about Vlad the Impaler. Project, being produced by Michael De Luca, is one of several in the works about the Romanian royal who inspired Bram Stoker's vampire tale.
Proyas ("I, Robot") was attracted to the script by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, enthusing over their "fresh take on the legend."
He said the project manages to play off the horror and the sympathy you have for a character that "sells his soul to the Devil to save his kingdom and family."
The scribes, who set up the project a year ago, said the goal was to show Vlad when he was still vital and to explore the fact that he's considered a hero in Romania for fending off the Turks.
"Usually when you see him, he's past his prime and 100 years old," Sazama said.
"In our movie, he's at the height of his powers," Sharpless added.
"Dracula Year Zero" reunites Proyas with De Luca, who shepherded "Dark City" when he was a New Line exec. It's also one of several monster movies in the works at the studio, which is prepping a third installment in its "Mummy" franchise and a "Wolf Man" redo starring Benicio Del Toro.
"One of the cool things about this is that we're doing it at Universal," Sharpless said. "This is the home of monster movies."
The script was the first spec sale for the writing partners, who are busy on a couple of other Universal projects, including Zack Snyder's "Cobalt 60."
Dueling Dracula projects set up around town include "The Historian," a contempo book about the search for Vlad the Impaler's grave that Brad Caleb Kane is adapting for Sony's Red Wagon shingle, and "Castlevania," an adaptation of a popular vidgame for which Rogue recently signed up director Sylvain White ("Stomp the Yard").

[26.04.2007] meldet...
[...] Ernest Dickerson (Juice) will be directing the sequel to Dracula called "The Un-Dead". Not only is Dickerson directing, but rumor has it that the following people are in negotiation to be in the film as well. Javier Bardem will play Dracula, Monica Bellucci will play Lucy, and John Hurt will play Professor Van Helsing.
As previously reported by Variety last May, Jan De Bont will be producing the pic through his his Blue Tulip Prods. banner along with Atchity Entertainment.
"The Un-Dead" is after the subtitle of Stoker’s original novel, the script was written by Ian Holt and is set 25 years after the book’s events. All the surviving protagonists, including Jonathan and Mina Harker and Professor Van Helsing, appear, along with Inspector Cotford, a character cut from the original manuscript, facing the bloodsucking Count once again. The Stoker family has officially recognized Holt’s screenplay, the first adaptation to receive such approval since the original 1931 Bela Lugosi-starring film.
Holt scouted locations in Whitby, England, and Transylvania, Romania, including a visit to the ruins of Dracula's castle. [...]

[12.07.2006] CS! meldet...
Universal Pictures has acquired the spec script Dracula Year Zero by new screenwriters Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless and set it up with Michael De Luca to produce via his De Luca Productions, says Variety.
The story explores the origin of Dracula, weaving vampire mythology with the true history of Prince Vlad the Impaler, depicting Dracula as a flawed hero in a tragic love story set in a dark age of magic and war.
Alissa Phillips of De Luca Productions, who brought the project in, will serve as co-producer. Donna Langley, president of production, and Jeffrey Kirschenbaum will oversee the project.

[10.02.2005] Bei CS! gibt es folgendes Gerücht...
While the rumor that Adrien Brody and Val Kilmer were cast in Phoenix Pictures' The Last Voyage of the Demeter was debunked, Dread Central has now learned that Patrick Tatopoulous has replaced Robert Schwentke in the director's chair. The site says:
Tatopoulos has made a name for himself in the FX industry designing the new Godzilla and most recently creating the lycans and vampires for Len Wiseman's Underworld universe. [...]

[08.02.2005] Bei FDM gibt es folgendes Gerücht...
[...] Val Kilmer and Adrien Brody could both have major roles in Sony's upcoming The Last Voyage of the Demeter, which is being directed by Robert Schwentke. 'The Last Voyage of the Demeter' is about the ship that carried Dracula's coffin from Transylvania to England.

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DVD-Extras: u.a. Filmographien der Schauspieler; US-Kinotrailer; Dracula-Dokumentation; Kostümbilder

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VIDEOSPIELE - Hardware, Spiele & Zubehör Koch Media veröffentlicht Anfang Juni 2008 das Point & Click - Adventure "Dracula: Origin" für Windows-PC...
Der Spieler schlüpft in die Rolle des berühmten Professors Van Helsing, der sich die Vernichtung Draculas zur Lebensaufgabe gemacht hat. Hindern Sie den Vampir daran, das Manuskript zu finden! Das umfangreiche Adventure wird Sie dabei nach London, Ägypten, Österreich und in die Karpaten führen - direkt in das schreckliche Reich des Fürsten der Finsternis.
Der raffinierte Mix aus detailreichen 2D-Umgebungen und komplett in 3D gehaltenen Charakteren, untermalt von einem grandiosen Soundtrack, erweckt die Fantasiewelt des Originals aus der Feder von Bram Stoker zu neuem Leben. Das Spiel verarbeitet überzeugend traditionelle Elemente aus der Vampirliteratur (Horror, Liebe, Blut, Kruzifixe, Pfähle, Knoblauch usw.) und erzeugt gekonnt mit einer Mischung aus Gothic, Romantik und Fantasy die genretypische düstere Atmosphäre...

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