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Eight Legged Freaks

Die archivierten Nachrichten aus der Rubrik "Aktuelles"...

[28.06.2002] Bei MovieGod gibt es eine Kritik...

[22.06.2002] Bei AICN gibt es eine recht positive Kritik...
[...] The setup takes a little while, actually maybe about 10 minutes longer than it probably should, and then it gets around to what we've all been waiting for....giant mutant man-eating spiders. They generally don't disappoint either. The special effects are great, and even though everyone's running around all panicky, in the back of your mind you know their having a ball. The filmmakers are obviously attempting to re-create the B-movie feel, and at times they really nail it. Nice tongue-in-cheek touches, such as a nod to HG Wells "War of the Worlds" were great. The whole time I felt like I was watching a cartoon for grownups. It was like the director said to the cast and FX guys "do whatever the hell you want! Let's party!" [...]

[13.06.2002] Cinescape sprach mit Dean Devlin (u.a. "Godzilla")...
"This has been a movie that’s been completely under the radar, but I think people are going to be surprised by it... But I think people are going to chuckle and have fun. And the spiders are just darn silly. It’s an old-fashioned good time at the movies."
He said he found the idea the way a lot of fanboy filmmakers dream of being discovered.
"It was done in black and white, very much in the style of those old-fashioned horror movies," said Devlin of a short film, LARGER THAN LIFE sent to him by Ellory Elkayem. "It cracked me up, and so I met with Ellory and decided to develop this story of EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS." [...]

[16.05.2002] Moviehole sprach mit Scott Terra (u.a. "Daredevil") ...
[...] "I play Mike Parker, the sheriff's son", says Terra of the role. "It was hard. It's hard to look at a tennis ball and scream like it's a giant spider coming to kill me", he laughs. "I'm a fan of these kind of movies though".

[15.05.2002] Bei CHUD gibt es das Filmplakat... Coooool !!!

[14.05.2002] Bei gibt es ein paar neue Bilder...

[11.05.2002] meldet...
Neu auf den 15.08.02 wurde der Grusler "Eight Legged Freaks" terminiert, Warner bezeichnet ihn nach wie vor als "Arac Attack: Angriff der achtbeinigen Monster", der Titel war in den USA gekippt worden.

[08.05.2002] Bei CHUD gibt es ein interessantes Interview...

[06.05.2002] Gestern fand in Los Angeles die Comicbook and Science Fiction Convention statt, u.a. mit den Stars aus "Eight Legged Freaks"... Bei AICN gibt es Infos von ein paar Con-Besuchern...

[27.04.2002] Bei AICN gibt es eine Vorab-Kritik... Vorsicht SPOILER !!!
[...] This is a great flick that should not be judged too harshly. It is complete fun and camp and the free spirit of the film and the actors were given a lot of range to ad lib during this shoot and even though it’s not perfect, it’s very enjoyable and combined with such amazing special effects, it makes for a near perfect summer hit! I’m predicting a big response from the public and that this film will run well into October as it will translate well as it goes from summer into fall. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED VIEWING!! [...]

[03.04.2002] Der US-Starttermin wurde auf den 19. Juli 2002 vorverlegt...

[29.03.2002] Die Offizielle Website ist gestartet... Sollte ein Pop Up mit Passwortkontrolle auftauchen... "freaks" und "bedlam" eingeben !!! Unbedingt anschauen !!!

[28.03.2002] Bei Sci Fi Wire gibt es ein Interview mit Nebendarsteller Rick Overton, der sich u.a. über die Effekte auslässt...
[...] Overton said there weren't a lot of "real" spiders on the set. "I'd say [there were] very little practical effects," he said. "There's one scene with the legs grabbing me through a grid, but the rest of it is like, you're looking where it should be. A lot of tennis balls, a lot of Xs of tape." [...]

[27.03.2002] Bei Sci Fi Wire erzählt Produzent Dean Devlin über die Titeländerung...
[...] "The studio retitled the movie Attack of the Killer Spiders... I said, 'No, if you're going to go in that direction, you have to go much more campy. Do a title like Big Ass Spiders or Eight Legged Freaks. Something like that.' A week later, I got a call from marketing saying, 'They love your title!' 'What title?' 'Eight Legged Freaks.' 'No! I was just kidding!'" [...]

[31.10.2001] Der "Eight Legged Freaks" Teaser Trailer ist online !!!

[08.08.2001] Bei Sci Fi Wire gibt es ein Interview mit Scarlett Johansson...
"Arac Attack is kind of a sci-fi spoof movie... I don't know if it's really a spoof; it's like a '50s film, like Tarantula... It's about these spiders that come, grow giant and attack this deserted town in Arizona... It's very campy, gory and scary, all those good elements. It's got all the good elements of a Roland Emmerich-Dean Devlin production [the producers of Independence Day]. I play the teen-age role-model girl who all the teens are supposed to relate to. There's a kid and a love story between my mother [Wuhrer] and David Arquette... It was bizarre. I'd never done anything like that before, which is why I took the project. It's acting I've never done, where you have to imagine being chased by 15-foot spiders. It was awesome. I'm excited about it. Everybody makes fun of me. 'Well, you've done The Horse Whisperer AND Arac Attack.'... I saw some of the digital effects when we were looping, and it looks pretty cool... I loved Jurassic Park III. It was a big chase movie, and it didn't pretend to be anything it wasn't. Arac Attack looks like something I'd enjoy seeing."

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