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Die "Evil Dead"-Trilogie machte Bruce Campbell alias Ash und Regisseur Sam Raimi (u.a. "Spider-Man") weltbekannt, zumindest bei Freunden des Genres... ;-)

Ash, gespielt von Bruce Campbell, darf sich in den "Evil Dead"-Filmen gegen zahlreiche Untote zur Wehr setzen... Mit Hilfe von Kettensägen, Schrotflinten...

Sam Raimi, der seit seiner Kindheit Super-8-Filme gedreht hat, wird in Fankreisen seit seinem 1981 zum Teil selbst finanzierten Low-Budget-Horrorfilm "The Evil Dead" (dt. Titel: "Tanz der Teufel") hymnisch verehrt... Nachdem die Fortsetzung "Evil Dead II" zur überdrehten Splatter-Orgie geriet, versuchte sich Raimi 1993 im dritten Teil "Army of Darkness" (dt. Titel: "Armee der Finsternis") mit einer liebevollen Hommage an Fantasyklassiker und Ray Harryhausens legendäre Stop-Motion-Tricktechnik...

Ob "Evil Dead 4" jemals in die Kinos kommen wird, steht in den Sternen, stattdessen produzierten Sam Raimi und Bruce Campbell mit "Evil Dead" ein Remake bzw. Neuinterpretation ihres Kulthits "Tanz der Teufel" mit neuem Regisseur und neuer Besetzung, welche am 12. April 2013 ihre US-Premiere feierte... Im Herbst 2015 kommt die "Ash vs Evil Dead" TV-Serie" mit Bruce Campbell als Ash...

Evil Dead

[02.09.2015] Bei AICN gibt es einen Kommentar zu einem "Behind the Scenes" Video zur TV-Serie "Ash vs Evil Dead"...

[10.07.2015] Bei gibt es einen Trailer zur TV-Serie "Ash vs Evil Dead" mit Bruce Campbell als Ash...

[25.10.2012] Der komplette "Evil Dead" Red Band Trailer ist online...

[24.10.2012] Ein Teaser zum kommenden "Evil Dead" Teaser-Trailer ist online...

[09.03.2012] THR meldet...
[...] Jessica Lucas, who was one of the stars of CW’s Melrose Place, is in talks to join the production [...]
If a deal makes, Lucas will play the best friend of the girl going through withdrawal (Levy) who is also a nurse. Blackmore is playing the fiancée of Fernandez and new to the group.
Production is due to start April in New Zealand. [...]

[18.02.2012] sprach mit Jane Levy (Hauptdarstellerin im Reboot) und Bruce Campbell...
[...] "I'm so excited," she cooed. "I'm a big fan of the original. To me it's the scariest movie, ever. But this one is really different. They've changed it a lot, but it's still a pretty gory movie. My mom probably can't see it."
As for the tone, Jane says, "I think the humor in the first one came from the special effects of the time. I don't know that they meant it to be funny ... this one is not funny. It's definitely dark."
I also happened to run into Bruce Campbell this week at USA's Characters Unite Storytelling Event where talk quickly turned to 2013's Evil Dead and what fans should look forward to. "You can expect to have a damn scary horror movie. There's no Ash character -- The Evil Book is going to torment a new set of kids, so it's a remake, or a re-imagining or ... a re-whatever word you want to use. It's going to be re-scary."
And while this version will focus on a whole new crop of characters, there will be references to the original littered throughout -- for example, the terrifying trees that did a number on Cheryl in 1981 come back for more. "They're not terribly well-behaved this time either," Bruce laughed.

[13.02.2012] Wie Variety meldet, ist Lou Taylor Pucci (u.a. "Thumbsucker") für die Rolle des Eric im Gespräch...
[...] Pucci will play Eric, an intense academic whose intellectual curiosity gets him and his friends into trouble. [...]

[04.02.2012] Deadline meldet...
Jane Levy is in talks to play the lead in the remake of Evil Dead that Fede Alvarez will direct shortly. She replaces Lily Collins, who exited the film recently. Levy is the star of the ABC series Suburgatory, and stars in Fun Size, the Josh Schwartz-directed film for Paramount.
In FilmDistrict’s remake of Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead, Levy’s plays Mia, a character that corresponds to Ash, who was played by Bruce Campbell in the original 1981 movie. Mia is one of five young people who head to the remote cabin where evil awaits. Recovering from a recent overdose, Mia is particularly vulnerable. [...]

[03.02.2012] CS! meldet...
Shiloh Fernandez (Red Riding Hood) has signed on to play the male lead in the upcoming big-screen remake of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead, Variety reports. With the departure of Lily Collins as the female lead, Fernandez is now the sole confirmed cast member.
Fede Alvarez, who will direct the film, wrote the script with Rodo Sayagues. Diablo Cody did revisions on the draft. [...]

[25.01.2012] Empire meldet...
[...] Looks like Sam Raimi, director Fede Alvarez and the rest of the Evil Dead remake gang will need to find themselves a new leading lady. Because according to Variety’s Jeff Sneider, Lily Collins has decided to skip a jaunt to the cabin in the woods because of a scheduling clash. [..]

[05.01.2012] B-D meldet...
Ghost House and Mandate Pictures are going BIG with their casting for their forthcoming remake of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead, which begins lensing this March in New Zealand.
Bloody Disgusting has learned exclusively that Lily Collins (The Blind Side, Priest, Mirror Mirror) is in final negotiations to play "Mia" in FilmDistrict's reboot aiming for release on April 12, 2013.
*Update* Mia is the LEAD, and is (sort of) the female version of Ashley J. Williams (Ash), once donned by Bruce Campbell in the original trilogy. To reveal more would ruin the movie.
In this version, the story centers on five friends (David, Natalie, Eric, Olivia, and Mia) holed up at a remote cabin where they discover a Book of the Dead with a demonic force unleashed possessing each until only one is left to fight for survival. As we also exclusively reported, there is a drug subplot.
As previously explained, David is a mechanic and is engaged to Natalie. Mia is the friend who is heading to the cabin to detox; Olivia is her best friend/nurse. Eric, presumably, is the kid who unleashes the demons.
After a recent overdose, Mia struggles with her new-found sobriety. She begins acting insane, so it comes as no surprise that nobody believes her crazy claims of coyote dogs and trees attacking her!
Fede Alvarez directs the redo of Sam Raimi's cult classic 1981 The Evil Dead from his own screenplay co-written with Rodo Sayagues. Revisions were done by Oscar-winning writer Diablo Cody.

[09.12.2011] STYD meldet...
Sony has locked down a release date for The Evil Dead remake, directed by Fede Alvarez and produce by Sam Raim, Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert.
Given the recent news shooting will not begin until March, it looks like you'll have a full year or so to gripe more about the fact it is getting made.
The studio - which partnered with Film District to release the remake - announced The Evil Dead is going to strike on April 12, 2013. That is somewhat at the cusp of the summer movie season these days. I wonder if Sony will be keeping a close eye on how The Cabin in the Woods performs in April 2012 and take a few notes from that release.
Recently, some massive plot details from the remake were release and we're going to refrain from spoiling the whole picture (which this script review disguised as a news item all but did). If you dig around, you'll find it.
As we reported first here on Shock, shooting is going to take place in New Zealand. Between now and March, expect some casting announcements to start popping up.

[02.12.2011] CS! meldet...
Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions (SPWA) and FilmDistrict have partnered with Ghost House Pictures on a worldwide deal--excluding U.K. and France--for Sony Pictures to distribute the remake of Evil Dead. The announcement was made by Steven Bersch, SPWA President, and Peter Schlessel, CEO of FilmDistrict. Lia Buman, FilmDistrict's EVP of Acquisitions, will oversee the project.
Original producing partners Rob Tapert, Bruce Campbell (who also starred in the original franchise) and Sam Raimi will produce. Ghost House Pictures partners Joe Drake and Nathan Kahane will executive produce. Nicole Brown and J.R. Young will oversee the project for Ghost House.
Rob Tapert stated, "For 30 years, Sam, Bruce and I have been looking for the right home where we could return the deadites to the big screen. Amy Pascal and Jeff Blake at Sony and Peter Schlessel at FilmDistrict have always been incredible partners who share our passion for great storytelling as well as our obsession for scaring the pants off the audience. Together, we are looking forward to terrorizing a whole new generation."
Added Schlessel, "I have been part of the extended Ghost House family for a long time. It's fantastic to continue the relationship as we bring this classic horror film to a new generation of fans."
"Sony Pictures has a fantastic history collaborating with both Ghost House and Film District and we couldn't be more excited to continue working together on the contemporary adaptation of 'Evil Dead,'" said Jeff Blake, Chairman of Sony Pictures Worldwide Marketing and Distribution. "Sam and Rob have an extraordinary vision and we can't wait to share this film with audiences in most territories throughout the world."
Fede Alvarez, who will direct the film, wrote the script with Rodo Sayagues. Academy Award winning screenwriter Diablo Cody did revisions on the draft. Ghost House, FilmDistrict and SPWA are committed to renewing the franchise and have the film on the fast track towards a 2012 production start.
Often imitated, never equaled. Evil Dead was the horror movie that started it all. Now, after 30 years, Raimi and the original creators are passing the reins of their beloved classic to Alvarez. In this retelling, five friends hole up at a remote cabin where they discover a Book of the Dead. A demonic force is unleashed possessing each until only one is left to fight for survival.

[25.01.2011] Freep sprach mit dem Produzenten Rob Tapert über das "Evil Dead"-Remake...
[...] Is it possible that Tapert and Raimi will revisit their psychotic roots with the long-rumored "Evil Dead" reboot?
"It's possible; we're looking at a script this month" Tapert said. "What's interesting about 'Evil Dead' is very few people saw it in the format we made it for, which is for the theater. ... I think Sam wants to embrace the ultimate experience in grueling terror and see it remade for a proper theatrical experience." [...]

[17.03.2009] IGN sprach mit Sam Raimi, u.a. über das geplante "Evil Dead"-Remake und Teil 4...
[...] "I have talked with my partners about having a young director come in and remake Evil Dead," he revealed. "That film was made in 16mm on a shoestring budget and blown up to 35mm. The visual effects are crumby, it was done in mono, not even stereo, let alone 5.1. What you could do with it now would be so much better.
"I think if you had a new director using the full power of 35mm and 5.1 sound, you could really make a pretty socko presentation. It was always meant for the big screen, but never really seen on the big screen"
But what of Evil Dead 4, Raimi's long-mooted sequel to the trilogy. When IGN caught up with star Bruce Campbell earlier in the year, he was hesitant about signing up for a fourth, claiming that the fan backlash to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull should give everyone involved pause for thought.
"I liked Indy 4," Raimi said when we put this to him. "He's probably just trying to get out of getting in shape!
"Like any movie it's hard to say if you want to do it or if you don't want to do it until there is a script to talk about," he continued. "So one day I hope to have the time to write a script, and if that happens I'm hoping that Bruce will change his mind."

[23.10.2008] MTV sprach mit Sam Raimi über das Drehbuch zu "Evil Dead 4", an welchem er gemeinsam mit seinem Bruder schreibt...
[...] "It’s on hold still," Raimi said of the much-anticipated "Dead" sequel, likely to be pushed back even further by his recent talk that he’ll be directing two more "Spider-Man" movies that should keep him busy for the better part of the next half-decade. "It’s still on the back-burner."
While the 49-year-old writer/director acknowledged that the news will likely disappoint all his "Dead" heads, he is still promising that the franchise shall rise again. "I read this article online that [referred to those Comic-Con quotes] and was like, ‘Raimi promises again. He’s not going to deliver’," Raimi joked. "And I was like, ‘Oh my God, you guys know me so well.’
"I’m honored some people want to see it, and I’d like to do it, and one day I will," he added. "I just don’t know when."
If it’s any kind of consolation for their continued wait, Raimi did want to reveal to the fans that when he and Ivan hung out in August the duo did brainstorm a few small jokes - even if they are still a long way from a finished script. "It’s like every time we get together, we write a few jokes, or a page or two," Raimi explained. "But that’s about it." [...]

[09.09.2008] Screen Daily berichtet über das "Evil Dead"-Musical...
Producer Don Carmody and partners are in negotiations with Spiderman director Sam Raimi to bring to the screen the musical version of the former horror meister's Evil Dead films, Evil Dead: The Musical.
Conceived by George Reinblatt, Christopher Bond, Frank Cipolla and Melissa Morris, the camp stage interpretation of Raimi’s cult classic horror trilogy was originally mounted in Toronto and Montreal and has since gone off-Broadway.
Original directors Bond and choreographer Hinton Battle are lined up to co-direct the film version, which will be presented in 3-D. Carmody told Screen International he hopes to shoot the film in the spring of next year in Toronto with some of the original cast. However, he adds, serious rights issues still need to be resolved.
Carmody has been working on the project with Bill Franzblau and Jeffrey Latimer, the producers of the theatrical musical, in which Carmody was an investor.
Featuring songs such as "I’m Not A Killer" and "Look Who’s Evil Now", the stage version featured an audience-participation area known as the "splatter zone".
Presumably the 3-D will yield similar if less sticky results. [...]

[08.06.2008] STYD sprach mit Sam Raimi, u.a. über das "Evil Dead"-Remake...
[...] The director tells us there is still zero movement on the proposed Evil Dead remake that was first announced when Ghost House Pictures was formed. As he told me during our last meeting, he's just too busy focusing on other projects to mull over Ash's return to the screen. "We still want to do it," he says. "We still think it's worth trying and I've still not done a single thing about it." [...]

[17.10.2007] IESB sprach mit Sam Raimi, u.a. über das "Evil Dead"-Franchise...
[...] While him and Rob Tappert have talked about resurrecting the franchise and they have talked about doing something new, it is nothing but initial talk, there are no plans for Evil Dead to continue as of right now. [...]

[12.09.2007] Der TV-Sender Kabel 1 zeigt heute um 22.15 Uhr "Armee der Finsternis"...

[03.05.2007] Moviehole meldet...
Its all just talk, and personally that’s all I’ll believe it’ll ever be (because, as Bruce Campbell says, Raimi doesn’t NEED to do an "Evil Dead 4" he’s got bigger fish to fry), but "Spider-Man" director Sam Raimi tells The Herald Sun that he’s trying to recruit his brother Ivan to write the screenplay for a third sequel to his indy horror classic "The Evil Dead".
"I'm trying to get my brother, Ivan, to write the screenplay with me. He wrote Army of Darkness, the third one, with me and we have been talking about another one, but we haven't started work on it", says Raimi.
Interestingly enough, Raimi doesn’t mention - not one syllable - the previously announced "Evil Dead" remake. Hopefully they’ve decided to scrap that idea... it stunk to high heaven.... I can't think of anything worse. A flashy 40-million dollar do-over of a film that's main appeal lay in the fact that it was made so damn cheap? not for me.

[28.10.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik zu "Evil Dead: The Musical", inkl. kurzem Ausschnitt... :-))

[24.07.2006] Quint von AICN berichtet über die "Spider-Man 3"-Präsentation auf der San Diego Comic-Con 2006, wo Sam Raimi auch nach dem "Evil Dead"-Remake gefragt wurde...
[...] Sam says he dropped it when dealing with SPIDER-MAN 3, but might pick it up again when he finishes. [...]

[21.03.2006] Penny Blood sprach mit Bruce Campbell, u.a. über mögliche "Evil Dead"-Sequels und das geplante Remake...
[...] "We don't really talk about [another] sequel too much 'cause Sam is too busy right now. It would all be kinda moot. But I think we're gonna do a remake. It'll be a whole new story, though. It won't be with Ash. It'll be the evil book, and it'll affect a whole new group of people in a different situation. More like a reinvention. A lot of people, they got really crabby on the Internet when they first heard that type of stuff. But, we would never do anything to insult them. The trick is to take that premise - and we think it's a scary premise - and use some cool modern day FX... so we won't have green garden hoses in the shots. We wanna make a flat out, scary-ass, un-rated horror film." [...]

[26.09.2005] DH berichtet über das ursprünglich geplante "Evil Dead"-Remake...
Sam Raimi's brother Ted recently spoke with Mars Dust about his upcoming work and of course the topic of "Evil Dead" and the talked about proposed remake came up. When asked about it, his response proved surprising:
"Yes, I have this to say about it: there won't be one as far as I know. That's all I know. I mean there might be, there might be one but as far as I can tell there isn't. Nothing's going on with it at the moment".
Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures had previously been looking into both a remake of the classic 80's horror flick along with a low-budget fourth entry to the original series.

[22.07.2005] Capone von AICN sprach mit Bruce Campbell, u.a. über "Evil Dead"...
Capone: I’m now going to attempt to ask the inevitable EVIL DEAD sequel question in a slightly different way. Would you a perfectly happy man if you never played Ash again? Or is it something you’re burning to do just one more time?
B.C.: No, I never think about it. It’s not part of my program. Although THQ is coming out with yet another EVIL DEAD game, so my feeling is that as the video game technology improves, it actually becomes more like a sequel. They’re employing this new rag doll technology in the current game, and it’s cool shit. I voice it, and we added Ted Raimi as a sidekick, he plays a little Deadite, so now I have a guy I can kick the shit out of and talk to. [...]

[14.07.2005] Bei Moviehole gibt es ein Infos zu einem Filmprojekt mit Bruce Campbell, welches für "Evil Dead"-Fans interessant sein sollte...
It's not quite "Evil Dead 4" (you can hammer on about that one as long as you like - there's more chance of Naomi Watts offering to do my dishes) but Bruce Campbell's doing something that should float your boat 'near' just as much.
"In the Fall I’m going to start a new film for Dark Horse comics, a cool company set in Portland, they’re making movies now. It’s an untitled Bruce Campbell movie where I play myself", the legendary B-superstar tells Kotaku. "It’s about a small town that is having problems with a monster and nothing’s working so somebody suggests let’s get the Evil Dead guy. Unfortunately, in reality I don’t own a gun, I’ve never used a chainsaw and more die then before I got there."
It's the nearest we're going to get to the chainsaw-wielding chap from the Sam Raimi helmed "Evil Dead" series. Campbell again rules out a fourth chapter.
"As far as Evil Dead (yawn) 4. Sam Raimi is too busy making wheel-barrels of money right now", he says.

[09.06.2005] Bei Moviehole gibt es nix Neues zu "Evil Dead 4"...
Bruce Campbell's been telling us for years that there's more chance of Kevin Bacon becoming Vice President than Sam Raimi returning to helm an "Evil Dead 4", and seems he could be right.
Despite the rumours, despite the Raimi-fuelled claims, and regardless of what's been recorded in the trades...a fourth jaunt for Ash may be an idea that'll never get any further than a doodle in an excercise book.
IESB talked to Campbell who downplayed the rumours of an "Evil Dead 4", saying that Sam Raimi's not going to return to do a low-budget horror sequel when he can make money-spinning efforts like "Spider-Man".
Screen Rant talked to a contact of "Evil Dead" make-up man Tom Sullivan, who pretty much stated the same. Apparently, we shouldn't hold our breath for it. [...]

[01.05.2005] Unter ist die Offizielle Website zum neuen Actionspiel gestartet...

[05.03.2005] Bei gibt es ein Interview mit Bruce Campbell...
[...] About the sequel and the remake? It's actually really simple. We're going to do the remake and none of us feel bad about it because it's our own remake. We're not getting some 1970's TV show out of Aaron Spelling's file draw and making a movie. This is our own movie. So we're gonna update it for a new generation with new effects and tell a new story with a new cast. We'll be pulling the strings from behind. And hopefully they'll like it. I don’t know when it will come about. It'll take a while to find a director and to write it and get it all set but it's gonna be made.
The sequel. Everybody wants to make it. I do, Sam does, Rob Tapert does, so that's not an issue. The only issue is that this guy happens to have stumbled into a phenomenon. So until that dies down he won't have time. And really... there's no more mystery. That’s it. There's nothing beyond that. It really is that simple. To tell the guy who made Spider-man to stop so he can make Evil Dead 4... it doesn’t compute. [...]

[03.03.2005] Empire Online sprach mit Sam Raimi über das "Evil Dead"-Remake und "Evil Dead IV"...
[...] Raimi is also planning Evil Dead IV, which will see Campbell back in Ash’s blood-stained shirt and slacks, and Raimi back calling the shots.
"One day I’d like to do that. It’s not certain that it would ever happen, but that is a dream of mine," said Raimi. At the moment, Evil Dead IV is also listed for a 2006 release date (which would really confuse audiences), but as he’s currently hard at work prepping Spider-Man 3, it’s unlikely that it’s going to happen anytime soon. "There’s no script for it yet, so I don’t know that."
And which ending of Army Of Darkness (aka Evil Dead 3, for the uninitiated, in which Ash travelled back in time to fight demons with his boom-stick) will Raimi go with - the original ending, where Ash ends up in a post-apocalyptic 21st-century London, or the alternate one where he’s back in present-day USA, fighting zombies in a supermarket? "That’s a really good question. I’ve been working on some script ideas with my brother, but we’re still trying to figure that out, though." [...]

[04.02.2005] CS! sprach mit Sam Raimi und Rob Tapert, u.a. über das "Evil Dead"-Remake und "Evil Dead IV"...
[...] Evil Dead IV would just be made with Bruce, but if we make a new Evil Dead movie, which we're hoping to produce, Rob and I would try to get a young director with brand new ideas with his own cast and his own take on the thing. [...]

[26.01.2005] SF Wire sprach mit dem Produzenten Rob Tapert über das "Evil Dead"-Remake...
Rob Tapert, producer of the upcoming remake of The Evil Dead, told SCI FI Wire that he and director Sam Raimi deliberated for a long time before deciding to redo their cult-favorite 1981 supernatural horror movie. "It took a long time to get to the point where we wanted to remake it," Tapert said in an interview. "The funny thing is, nothing is as you would expect. Our original investors and I think [original Evil Dead star] Bruce [Campbell] and myself were more resistant to remaking the movie than Sam."
The low-budget Evil Dead launched the careers of Michigan high-school friends Tapert, Raimi and Campbell and was the first of three movies featuring the zombie-fighting, time-traveling Ash (Campbell). Tapert went on to produce such TV shows as Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and with Raimi formed the production company Ghost House Pictures (The Grudge), which they run with Senator International.
Tapert said that Raimi (Spider-Man) initiated discussions about remaking Evil Dead, which has spawned hordes of fans since its initial release. "Sam, in his own special way, kind of led that charge," Tapert said. "I think Sam was really the one who said, 'Gee, I would love to give a new filmmaker an opportunity to use that title and use their skills to retell this in a new way for a new audience.' I talk to Bruce Campbell every other day, and he says, 'You should see the message boards and all of the stuff I get saying "Please don't do it!"' So we're certainly going to have to tread carefully."
Tapert said that he is confident that with Raimi and himself on board as producers, the remake will live up to fans' expectations. "As long as we stay true to what was the original model of the first Evil Dead, which was that we want to hurt and punish the audience, then those who love it will be satisfied," Tapert said. "We mean to bring that out to a whole new generation in something that honors all of the people that loved it and yet gives them a new and thrilling ride that they weren't expecting. That's the challenge, and hopefully if we succeed that's kind of the glory."

[18.11.2004] Blickpunkt:Film meldet...
Sam Raimi wird ein Remake seines Kulthits "Tanz der Teufel" aus dem Jahr 1981 über Ghost House Pictures produzieren. [...]

[12.10.2004] IGNFF sprach mit Sam Raimi über "Evil Dead 4"...
IGNFF: Do you have any interest in returning to that series or do you ever talk to Bruce about that?
RAIMI: I would actually love to and one day I hope to. I hope sooner rather than later. I really had a lot of fun with them, and I think the audience may now want to see one. Maybe when I'm done with the Spider-Man movie I can get to work on one.
IGNFF: The Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash rumors keep circulating. What are your thoughts on that project?
RAIMI: Well, I actually really like those, the Freddy movies, and Jason is a classic American horror figure now. I have a lot of respect for those series, and maybe one day they will meet up, but right now what I'd like to do is, well I'd first rather make another Evil Dead picture, and then maybe when we're done with it, if there's an interesting story that really seems like it's not just a device to make money, which I'm not saying it was. I know that they wanted to do something really cool, but I wanted to keep the option open for myself to make another Evil Dead movie without the limitations of what that story may have done. That's really, I think, what it is.
IGNFF: So you do hold complete control over the rights to the Ash character?
IGNFF: So there's no way they can make that movie without your consent?
RAIMI: Right. I think that they were hoping that it might go. We talked about it, but then the press release came out and I think I would need more control than they would be happy with and I don't want to control some other director. Sean Cunningham's a brilliant director and I actually don't want to be in a position where I'm trying to protect Ash and the Evil Dead story and he's not getting everything he wants. Even though it might have been really great, I bet what he does is gonna be great, it didn't seem like a good position for me to be in. Anyways, they've got so many great possibilities with that franchise and those two characters, I don't think they really need the Evil Dead franchise to be part of it. [...]

[25.06.2004] IESB sprach mit Sam Raimi...
[...] Even though we only had a few words with him we were able to ask him about making another Evil Dead movie. He did say that even though he has no immediate plans to make one he would love to do so. I also asked about the possibility of a Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash and he said that he would be interested in reading the script if one existed. [...]

[30.05.2004] Bei AICN gibt es ein Interview mit Bruce Campbell, der u.a. über "Evil Dead 4" und "Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash" sprach...

[17.03.2004] Moviehole meldet...
There’s been a lot of rumours lately that New Line are working on using ‘Ash’ (Bruce Campbell’s character from the "Evil Dead" series) for the next "Freddy vs. Jason" sequel - as well as recent news that Sam Raimi is interested in doing another "Evil Dead" film.
"Evil Dead" guru Josh Becker, who wrote ‘the book of the dead’, as well as working on three films, chewed the fat with us yesterday and discussed the rumours.
"There is no truth in the rumour", confesses Becker. "It's my belief that there will never be an Evil Dead 4. Bruce won't do it without Sam directing, and Sam has no reason to go backward and make another Evil Dead movie until his career falters, which it certainly isn't doing."
So is Becker happy about this resurgence in horror of late?. "Yes and no. Yes because I think horror films are a terrific place for young directors to start; no because most of them aren't scary and are worthless to the genre. I don't think anyone's made a legitimately scary horror film since Aliens in 1986."
Don’t give up hope yet fans - but things don’t sound as ‘full speed ahead’ as the rumour mill’s been letting on.

[06.03.2004] Bei DH gibt es einen Bericht vom AFM...
[...] Bruce Campbell's got a new film in the can called "Going Back" from Inferno Films about two friends who take a road trip. It's the buzz of the room. As is the fact that apparently Campbell's talking with New Line Cinema about resurrecting his "Evil Dead" character. Comeback indeed. [...]

[12.10.2003] AICN meldet...
Harry here, somewhere in this world monkeys are set to fly out of Bruce Campbell's Ass cuz tonight at the opening night of ScreamFest in Los Angeles, Sam Raimi said, "He'd love to do the 4th Evil Dead film!"
Ok - that was part of an answer to the question from the audience to Sam regarding what he was up to next after SPIDER-MAN 2. I've heard that Sony has already got Sam committed to doing SPIDER-MAN 3, though that hasn't officially broke yet. However, after SPIDER-MAN 2 thrashes every record that SPIDER-MAN set and as excitement reaches the TILT stage with SPIDER-MAN 3... there's a strong chance that the 4th EVIL DEAD could happen. How?
For one, Raimi's stock in Hollywood is soaring due to his deft direction of SPIDER-MAN and let's face it, SPIDER-MAN 2 is just going to own us all. After SPIDER-MAN 3, Sam could easily be in the position of saying... that he wants to make the EVIL DEAD film that they never made... the fully financed, holy rat fuck, that's too fucking cool for words EVIL DEAD film. The one that says, well Quentin Tarantino got away with that absurd over the top gore... now it is time for Ash to get some!
Basically there are two problems that I see standing in the way of this happening. 1) Dino DeLaurentis owns the title EVIL DEAD (though Bruce and associates own the rights to the "ASH" character. 2) ASH isn't yet a mainstream icon.
With yesterday's confirmation, of what Bruce Campbell has been saying in Radio interviews and such regarding the genius that is BUBBA HO-TEP, that New Line is looking seriously at doing the ASH VS FREDDY & JASON... well there's that question... Is New Line that smart? Will New Line use two of their Horror icons to leverage into uber-light ASH... To make ASH a name on par with Freddy & Jason, then... Finance the Comedy Horror Epic of all time... Directed by Sam Raimi and starring the one true Bruce to end all Bruces... BRUCE CAMPBELL?!?!?!?!?
I can't imagine the monkey that would look Sam Raimi in the face after he makes Sony 3 Billion Dollars with Spider-Man... and telling Sam, "No, we don't want to finance your dream version of EVIL DEAD!" And if there are monkeys standing in the way of this... gas up the chainsaw and let's see them monkey suits flow crimson! [...]

[11.10.2003] Fangoria berichtet über "Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash"...
It’s true. FANGORIA has learned that New Line Cinema is seriously considering adding Ash (Bruce Campbell) to the inevitable FREDDY VS. JASON Round Two that the studio has in development. This is not some Internerd rumor, though the notion has been tabled out there in horror fandom for months. Sure, we’ve heard about other permutations for a follow-up to the blockbuster rumble (everything from FREDDY VS. JASON VS. LEATHERFACE to ...VS. CHUCKY to ...VS. MICHAEL), but the Ash scenario, evidently, is the only one that New Line is treating as a legitimate idea. [...]

[03.04.2002] AICN zitiert Sam Raimi...
Are you sick of being asked about Evil Dead 4?
Nah. Because I’d like to do it now. Bruce Campbell is just the best, and they are so funny to do. I like Horror movies, and with Bruce, they are just the biggest fun. [...]
I think after doing the Spiderman movies I’ll do something different, and perhaps it will be Evil Dead 4. [...]

[02.11.2001] AICN meldet...
[...] they held a Q & A with Robert Tapert and two of the actresses from 'Evil Dead.' Amazing how pretty much every story about this film has been told and since passed into legend.
The inevitable question was posed to Mr. Tapert, "Will there be an Evil Dead 4?" To which he responded, "Well, I've sort of been authorized to make some sort of statement... and Sam, Bruce and I want to make a good, old fashioned independent film. Sam directing, Bruce starring. Whether or not that will be an Evil Dead sequel, I don't know if any of us know that. But this project is something we are definately moving forward with." [...]

[23.11.1999] AICN zitiert Bruce Campbell, der auf der "Army of Darkness"-DVD nebenbei verkündet hatte: "I'll see you in EVIL DEAD 4."...
[...] "Howdy, pard. Yes, it was just a joke. I guess I shouldn't even kid about such a sensitive topic!!! Sheesh..." [...]

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