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Bei "Fathom" handelt es sich nicht um ein Remake des Films "Fathom" (1967) mit Raquel Welch in der Titelrolle, sondern um die geplanten Verfilmung der hierzulande eher unbekannten Comic-Serie von Michael Turner...

Fathom - das ist Geschichte der jungen Meeresbiologin Aspen Matthews, die im Alter von 11 Jahren ohne Erinnerung an ihr bisheriges Leben mit dem Kreuzfahrtschiff "Paradise" im Hafen von San Diego ankam. Nachdem sie ein U.S. Navy-Offizier adoptierte, entdeckte sie ihre Leidenschaft fürs Wasser. Als 25-jährige wird sie in eine Unterwasserstation gebeten, wo sie ihren ersten Kontakt mit einer mysteriösen Unterwasserrasse hat...

Eine Real-Verfilmung der Comic-Serie - möglicherweise mit Megan Fox (u.a. "Transformers") in der Titelrolle - kommt nicht vor 2011 in die Kinos...


[16.06.2010] MTV sprach mit Megan Fox...
[...] Fox confirmed that "Fathom" is still in the works and will eventually get made — even if that means someone else has to take on the lead role of Aspen Matthews.
"That's going to happen even if I have to step away from it and give it to someone else," she told MTV. "That movie will happen, just because I love it and it needs to happen."
Of course, none of that's to say that Fox has left the production — and if she did, you can be sure that she wouldn't surrender the role to "someone who doesn't give a s--- about it." But things seem to be moving along just fine at the moment, as the actress revealed that "Fathom" is currently in the scripting stage.
"They're still working on the script and getting that together," she said. "That's in the early fetal pre-production stages." [...]

[01.05.2009] USA Weekend sprach mit Megan Fox, u.a. über ihre kommenden Filmprojekte...
[...] Megan, didn't you just sign up for two movies based on your favorite pastime?
Yep. "Jonah Hex" [shooting soon] is adapted from a post-Civil War, apocalyptic-type graphic novel. The main character is this real like bloody badass, and I play the love interest. It's a new take on the Westerns. It's not slow, and the suspense is totally different. I'm also doing Fathom. That's a comic book property by my favorite artist, Michael Turner. It's about this underwater race of people, and it's plausible, really, because so much of the ocean is unexplored. We don't really know what's under there. It could be happening, which I like. [...]

[27.03.2009] meldete kürzlich...
After years of being adrift in development hell, Michael Turner's Fathom is finally heading to the big screen with Megan Fox in tow as the lead character, Aspen Matthews.
"I think she's fantastic for this part," exclaimed Aspen MLT President, Frank Mastromauro. "She knows so much about Fathom, which is spectacular. Growing up she was a huge fan of the book and a huge fan of Michael's. When we met her, she was already well versed in [Fathom] volume one and [was] asking us questions about the book. And it's just really great to have someone who is enthusiastic about the material. Not because it's another movie they're making, but because it's a movie that in their heart they want to make because they love the character and they love Michael and the people who created it so much. Of course it's fantastic that she's in some great movies - Transformers, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - she's definitely the 'it' girl right now. And I think she's going to do a fantastic job. I've met her several times and I know she's really into the project.
"When [Michael Turner] met Megan he thought she was fantastic," continued Mastromauro. "He was 100 percent for it and couldn't have been happier. He honestly couldn't have pictured someone else doing this right now, just due to the fact that Megan was so into the character. It's a no-brainer. She just translates Mike's beautiful woman into live action perfectly." ,br.,br. The screenplay will be based on the first volume of Fathom and will be adapted by Jordan Mechner, the creator of the Prince of Persia video game series (and also the screenwriter of the forthcoming Prince of Persia movie produced by Jerry Bruckheimer).
"We met a good ten to twelve screenwriters and heard all of their pitches on the movie," related Mastromauro. "All of them had great takes and great scenes, but Jordan's was honestly just head and shoulders above everyone in terms of the way he thought out the mythology and the way he thought out the story. I definitely can't go into detail about it, but he just really thought about it as a great movie about a comic book, instead of making a comic book into a movie. And that's just so cool in terms of him adapting it. He kept it very much Fathom, but updating it and translating for the screen in a much more applicable manor for today's audience. And in a way that I hope and feel that people are really going to love. He's just a mega talented guy and I couldn't be happier working with him because he's also one of the nicest guys I've met as well."
Fathom's transition from comic to movie has been an arduous ten year journey, a journey which the late Turner was unable to see to its end.
"Looking back, I feel it was almost purchased for what the book achieved at the time not for what it actually was," lamented Mastromauro "Because it was optioned when only the zero issue, a preview and the first issue had been released. But it seems like they weren't prepared for exactly what the book was. That's why over the years, we'd get different screenplays and different takes on the project and they weren't staying true to what Fathom actually was. And it was just kind of tough. Michael found it really difficult in terms of trying to express what the book was about versus what was always turned in. So, I would say that encompassed probably a good five or six years in terms of going back and forth and getting back notes and Mike explaining the book. Because at the time volume two of Fathom wasn't even out yet. Volume three wasn't even a thought.
"Obviously, Mike knew what the ultimate story was. At the time, I don't think a lot of people knew that. And so a lot of stuff wasn't put out the way Mike had envisioned. He always knew there were going to be changes made for the movie. But up to that point nothing clicked."
However, Mastromauro believes that Fox Atomic will finally be able to properly realize Turner's vision.
"Everyone working on this property gets it," said Mastromauro. "They understand Fathom. They get Fathom. They understand what the universe is about. Not that it's just some girl underwater. And I really appreciate the fact that everyone who is into this is into it because of what it is, instead of what it achieved previously. Obviously, we could have gone and tried to set it up at different places, but once we got into discussions with Peter Safran, Steve Bessen, Brian Austin Green and the other producers. And we started talking with the other executives at Fox who understood the property; it was just a no-brainer. They really liked the source material in terms of what it brought out. They felt there was nothing like it in the market, which I feel is a great compliment and I agree with. So, I just think as of right now, we couldn't have been aligned with a better studio to get this movie produced for the whole world to see." Though with the movie still in an early stage of development, there's no indication yet of whether Turner's art style will make it into the finished film. "We haven't crossed that path yet," admits Mastromauro. "I know, honestly when they look at the volume one material [that] they really like it and obviously I know they would like to try to incorporate some stuff in there. So, I definitely hope so. I know it's going to be tricky adapting the costumes for example and the ships if those are used or not. It's going to be a fun endeavor to see how that all works out. But I'm sure they're going to pick some great creative people and FX workshops. I'm just looking forward to seeing what the future holds for it."

[04.03.2009] meldet...
Megan Fox is attached to star in and produce "Fathom," an adaptation of the Michael Turner-created comicbook, for Fox Atomic.
Script will be written by Jordan Mechner, best known for designing the "Prince of Persia" vidgame.
Fox would play Aspen Matthews, who was found abandoned on a ship and is adopted by a military man. She becomes a champion swimmer and marine biologist who comes of age realizing she has water-based powers and is part of an underwater race. The actress, who will appear in "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and "Jennifer's Body," will produce with Safran Prods.' Peter Safran, Brian Austin Green and Steve Bessen. Turner, who passed away last year, will remain as the project's executive producer. Frank Mastromauro will also be an exec producer.
The comicbook was originally published by Top Cow and more recently by Aspen, an imprint that Turner created. The comicbook is still published after his death.

[26.09.2008] IESB meldet...
Since the death of Fathom creator Michael Turner in June of 2008, it would seem that the live action film based on the comic book would be out the window. [...]
Fathom has continued to be published with Volume 3 #1 debuting on August 6, 2008. A variant cover with a tribute to Turner was put out as well with a limited 3000 run.
Well, in regards to this live-action film that has long been in development hell, the IESB received an interesting update today.
A reliable source has told IESB that the live action FATHOM film is still at 20th Century Fox but has officially been handed over to the "genre" arm of the studio Fox Atomic.
The studio is currently out to several writers to bring aboard to revamp the script as a vehicle for Megan Fox, who, our source says, has officially signed onto the project this week. Fox is set to play the lead character of Aspen.
The comic book is centered around the character of Aspen, the central character in the Fathom universe, Aspen Matthews continues to search for clues from her past in order to balance the turmoil between the two world's she's inhabited. Stepping off the Paradise cruise ship in 1984, Aspen was adopted by the naval officer Captain Matthews and subsequently raised under his supervision. She flirted with Olympic gold in Seoul in 1988 before controversy washed away his swimming career. Instead focusing on earning multiple degrees in Marine Biology, Aspen became an expert in her field and earned her a position on the DMD, or Deep Marine Discovery. It was at the DMD where Aspen's tumultuous journey with the race of The Blue began. After defeating the renegade leader Killian and ending the Blue Sun incident, Aspen was captured by the mysterious race known as The Black. [...]

[16.12.2005] Der deutsche Comic-Verlag Infinity meldet...
Nachdem mit Aspen (in Heft 1 und 2 von Aspen bzw. als Großformat im Fathom Sonderheft 1) das Warten auf eine Fortsetzung von Fathom endlich ein Ende hatte, freuen wir uns, noch vor Weihnachten mit der eigentlichen Serie an den Start gehen zu können. Die in den USA etwas unübersichtliche Erscheinungsweise hat uns einiges Kopfzerbrechen bereitet, denn es ist gar nicht so einfach, die diversen Miniserien und Specials in eine leicht zu verstehende Publikationsweise zu packen. Wir haben uns schließlich dafür entschieden, die amerikanischen Titel in inhaltlicher Reihenfolge als Fathom - Neue Serie zu bringen. Sprich, wer unsere Ausgaben ab Nummer 0 liest, dürfte keine Probleme haben, der Story folgen zu können. Zusätzlich haben wir die unregelmäßig erscheinende Serie Fathom Sonderheft kreiert. In dieser erscheinen die Hefte, die parallel zu den Ereignissen spielen, wie z.B. Fathom Sonderheft 2, das die Story von Fathom - Neue Serie 2 quasi ergänzt. Last but not least werden in der Sonderheft-Serie auch die "Ausreißer" erscheinen, denn trotz unserer Bemühungen wird es sich vermutlich nicht vermeiden lassen, dass der ein oder andere Titel in den USA zwar zeitlich später erscheint, aber inhaltlich früher einzuordnen ist.

[23.03.2005] Moviehole meldet...
[...] Alba, who starred in Cameron's TV offering "Dark Angel", tells IGN FilmForce that Cameron has always been keen for her to headline an underwater adventure called "Fathom".
"Jim Cameron has been kind of talking about maybe doing a comic book that involves scuba diving, it's sort of like this girl underwater, and I have been talking about doing something like that", says the spunky actress, next seen in "The Fantastic Four".
So will "Fathom" happen? "It was just something that he sort of liked. We talk about a lot of things. I just thought that, I didn't scuba dive for seven years and I should brush up on it...", says Alba, adding that she hasn't been asked to be part of "Battle Angel Alita" yet.
"Fathom", based on a Top Cow comic, was first announced in 2002. It had been previously set up as an animated film.
Cameron apparently got interested in the project after he read, rather oddly, a scene on a ship: In the comic's first issue, a young woman with no memory is found on a yacht. This "underlying theme of an ordinary person facing extraordinary circumstances", is what drew Jimbo to it.
Linda Woolverton was writing the screenplay a few moons back.
Maybe it'll happen, maybe - like, sadly, a few of Jim Cameron's projects - it won't.

[25.06.2002] Coming Soon! meldet...
Screenwriter Linda Woolverton (Beauty and the Beast) will write Fathom for James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment and 20th Century Fox, reports Variety.
Woolverton has agreed to script the live-action version of Top Prods.' comic book which is a fantasy adventure of a young woman named Aspen who discovers she is descended from a mysterious race that evolved below the ocean's surface. The subsequent journey of self-discovery features battles both underwater and on dry land. The original "Fathom," created and illustrated by Michael Turner, kicks off with a young girl found on an abandoned yacht with no memory of her past.

[14.01.2002] MHN meldet, dass Mila Kunis eine weitere Kandidatin für die Rolle der Aspen Matthews ist... Mehr über sie erfährt man auf ihrer Offiziellen Website...
" i'm an ****** at lightstorm entertainment and i have some news that you might find interesting.
just to tell you, i'm a fan of your site. even though though it's not a big deal, i won't mention my name: #1 because i don't even think you would know who i was and #2 because i don't want to risk my job. anyway, to the point, yes, it is true that jessica alba is being considered for the lead in this movie but there are also others. mila kunis from that 70's show is right behind jessica alba for the role. i haven't read the comic book that this movie is based on, but i have seen pictures for it and i think that mila looks more the part. anyway, the real brawl of who gets the part is between kunis and alba. thought it might be useful."

[12.01.2002] Dark Horizons berichtet...
Jessica Alba (u.a. "Dark Angel") is rumoured to be up for the lead role of Aspen Matthews in the film adaption of the comic which James Cameron's company is producing.

[19.11.2001] FathomCom meldet...
[...] Cameron and Lightstorm now plan "Fathom" as a live-action flick, still at Fox, as the studio has just renewed its option. And the wheels are already in motion. "They don’t want to sit on this," Turner said. "They have three writers working on treatments right now."
Both Turner and Cameron will be working with those writers. "Cameron is going to oversee it every step of the way, just like he does with "Dark Angel", Turner remarked. And that might not be all. "Depending on the script and timing, he might jump in and do more. If he wants to direct it, he’ll do it." [...]

[01.09.2001] berichtet...
Top Cow Productions wird mit James Camerons Firma Lightstorm Entertainment einen Kinofilm zum Comic "Fathom" fuer 20th Century Fox produzieren. Derzeit wird laut "Comics Continuum" ein Drehbuchautor gesucht. Comics von Top Cow, die auch ins Kino kommen werden sind "Rising Stars" (bei MGM) und "Inferno" (bei Warner Bros.).

[24.04.2001] Im TopCow Forum ist ein FanArt Filmposter aufgetaucht... Prompt wurde die Diskussion um eine Real-Verfilmung - mit Katie Holmes (u.a. "Dawson's Creek") in der Titelrolle - neu entfacht... ;-)

[12.02.2001] Bei gibt es einen Bericht über die Comic-Serie von Irene Salzmann...

[11.07.2000] berichtet...
"Wird der Comic "Fathom" von Michael Turner 2002 in die US-Kinos kommen? Laut "Dark Horizon" meinte Comic-Erfinder Turner, alle Vertraege seien nun unterschrieben, der Film werde etwa zu dem Termin in die Kinos kommen."

[30.06.2000] Comics2Film berichtet...
"A recent report found in the The Hollywood Reporter indicated that Fox was closing down it's Phoenix-based Arizona facility. However, the same report indicated that some projects, like Fathom would be moved to the Blue Sky Studio facility in New York."

[27.06.2000] IGN FilmForce berichtet, dass die Blue Sky Studios (u.a. "Ice Age" und "Alien - Die Wiedergeburt") an "Fathom" weiterarbeiten...

[31.08.1999] zitiert Michael Turner...
"It's pretty high budget, like The Prince of Egypt [...] They really like the comic book and they want it to look like the comic book. It's not going to be a musical. No singing crabs. I'm going to be as involved as they'll let me be...we've kind of settled down on one or two different writers."


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