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Die archivierten Nachrichten aus der Rubrik "Aktuelles"...

[22.11.2003] Bei gibt es ein "Findet Nemo"-Special, inkl. Making Of, Impressionen von der Deutschlandpremiere, sowie Interviews mit Anke Engelke, Christian Tramitz und den Animateuren Andrew Stanton und Lee Unkrich (Benötigt WinZip & Windows Media Player) !!!

[21.11.2003] Das Bundesamt für Naturschutz bittet anlässlich des Kinostarts von "Findet Nemo" darum, Kindern und Jugendlichen keine exotischen Tiere zu Weihnachten zu schenken...

[20.11.2003] Heute startet "Findet Nemo" in den deutschen Kinos... Spätestens jetzt werden die Merchandise-Artikel sehr gefragt sein... Auch Hasbro hat einige interessante Sachen im Angebot...

[16.11.2003] Heute finden vielerorts "Findet Nemo"-Vorpremieren statt... Sicher auch in Ihrer Nähe... Hinterher können Sie ja mal einen Blick in unser "Findet Nemo"-Lexikon werfen... ;-)

[15.11.2003] Bei Blickpunkt:Film gibt es eine Kritik...

[14.11.2003] Bereits am Sonntag, den 16. November 2003 finden vielerorts "Findet Nemo"-Vorpremieren statt...

[11.11.2003] Die "Findet Nemo"-Stickerkollektion von Panini ist ab heute überall im Zeitschriftenhandel erhältlich !!!

[29.10.2003] Bei CS! gibt es eine positive Kritik zur "Finding Nemo" RC1-DVD, die - noch vor dem dt. Kinostart - am 4. November 2003 erscheinen wird...
[...] The Finding Nemo DVD has something for all ages. Technophiles will love the animation and DVD presentation. Movie lovers will get a kick out of the story. Kids will love the DVD extras and the cartoon characters. Overall, it’s a required addition to anyone’s DVD collection.

[02.10.2003] Empire Online meldet...
A nationwide drive is currently underway to stem the tide of fish murders expected to take place after the release of Finding Nemo on Friday. The film, in which kidnapped clown fish Nemo makes a leap for freedom down a nearby convenience, provoked a tide of fish fatalities as enterprising American children were inspired to 'liberate' their pets by flushing them to oblivion.
The UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre is urging fish lovers to keep their scaly friends in their bowls lest they meet a watery doom at the local sewage treatment plant. "Finding Nemo is a very engaging film, and parents who already have aquariums need to explain to their children that the fish will not survive if they are flushed," says Paul Holthus, president of the Marine Aquarium Council. "We also urge parents whose children are inspired by the film to start a saltwater tank, to think carefully before buying tropical marine fish for their children."
Sales of Clown fish and similar tropical fish rose by 20 per cent after the film opened in the US. [...]

[11.09.2003] TV Guide sprach mit Ellen DeGeneres, u.a. über ein mögliches Sequel...

[06.08.2003] DH berichtet über "Finding Nemo 2"...
"We're not going to let the hype influence us into making rash decisions. If there is a sequel, it will happen when there's a story that's equal or better than the first" said Director Andrew Stanton about sequel possibilities.

[30.07.2003] Bei AnimatedBLISS gibt es - neben dem Cover - detaillierte Infos zur "Finding Nemo" RC1-DVD, die - noch vor dem dt. Kinostart - am 4. November 2003 erscheinen wird...

[17.07.2003] Bei CG Networks gibt es ein Interview mit den Animatoren Victor Navone und Carlos Baena...

[03.07.2003] Wie Blickpunkt:Film meldet, hat die Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden (FBW) "Findet Nemo" mit dem Prädikat "besonders wertvoll" ausgezeichnet...

[17.06.2003] Cindy Pearlman schreibt...
[...] "Finding Nemo" swam back to the top of the box office.
This comes as no surprise to co-director Lee Unkrich, who says, "Everyone who worked on 'Nemo' felt there was something special about this one. It's really an epic story about children and parents."
It's also from the Pixar folks, who can't seem to lose. Could there be a... "Toy Story 3?" "Monsters Inc. 2?" on the drawing board? Unkrich laughs and says, "We hear a lot of demand for 'Monsters 2,' but that's not on the list right now." He adds, "A lot of us at Pixar would love to do another 'Toy Story,' but there are no concrete plans."
What is cooking is "The Incredibles." "It's about a family of superheroes who go into the witness-protection program," says the director. "We're also working on 'Cars.' The main characters are cars and the whole thing takes place on Route 66."

Dorie [09.06.2003] Die Calgary Sun sprach mal wieder mit Ellen DeGeneres über ihre Sprechrolle...
[...] "I got to love that Dory has memory loss. It makes her so innocent and optimistic. She's like a child not a jaded adult. Having such a limited attention span makes her so childlike.
"It made me feel like a happy child every time I went into the studio to do a recording session.
"Of course, then I'd get into my car and onto the freeway to drive home and I'd scream at the other motorists so the euphoria was always short-lived." [...]
When it came time to record Dory talking whale, Andrew said: 'Just talk whale.' I'm pretty certain he thought I'd be baffled but I wasn't.
"There was a girl who lived next door to me who used to do her yoga to whale albums. It used to drive me crazy, but that experience served me well for Finding Nemo." [...]

[04.06.2003] Auch Garth von DH findet den Film genial...
[...] 'Nemo' however has now taken the crown - its at least equal best with TS2 and the more I think about it the more its rising to be stand out Number One. EVERYTHING about this movie is just pitch perfect - the animation, the characters, the story, the emotional resonance, the humour, etc. is incredible.[...]

[01.06.2003] Bei CS! gibt es erste Infos zu den US-Einspielergebnissen...
Disney & Pixar's new animated Finding Nemo earned an impressive estimated $20.6 million on Friday from 3,374 theaters. The opening day figure marks the 17th best in history and beats Monsters, Inc. ($17.8 million) to become the biggest first day for an animated feature ever. [..]

[30.05.2003] USA Today sprach mit den US-Sprechern... Neue Kritiken gibt es bei (B+), Latino Review (B), Hot Fish (9/10) und Film Freak Central (4/4)...

[29.05.2003] Bei AICN gibt es nun auch eine Kritik von Harry Knowles himself...
[...] FINDING NEMO is absolutely perfect.
Take loved ones to see the film and talk afterwards. It’s all about the price of love and the lengths we go to preserve it. A film that is entirely artificial, but made with more soul, heart and care than any film that we ever get to see today. Absolutely precious. Our world is dangerous today, barracudas everywhere, but just because they’re out there, doesn’t mean we cease swimming.
OH! One last thing. The legend of father montage might be the single greatest edited and conceived sequence of film we see this year. Absolutely breathtaking. Wow!

[28.05.2003] Die LA Times berichtet über Cameo-Auftritte...
[...] "We have two rules in our movies," says Andrew Stanton, who wrote and directed "Finding Nemo," which is being released Friday by Disney. "Get the Pizza Planet truck in there somewhere and always have John Ratzenberger be a voice." The former gets its most fleeting cameo ever in "Nemo," whizzing past a dentist's office where a major part of the film is set, while the latter, whom Stanton calls "our good-luck charm," gives voice to an entire school of fish.
[...] orb-eyed Mike from "Monsters" can be seen snorkeling past the camera in "Finding Nemo." Buzz Lightyear also shows up in "Nemo," as do characters from two upcoming Pixar films, 2004's "The Incredibles" and 2005's "Cars." [...]

[27.05.2003] Bei AICN und Juicy Cerebellum (9/10) gibt es Kritiken...
[...] Finding Nemo is that rare family film that blankets its audience in a soothing glow. It takes children to another world, and adults back to their childhood. It's cinematic magic that wraps you up in a smile and allows you to leave the theater comfortably embraced by a big, virtual hug. It's a date movie. A parent movie. A kid movie. A teenager movie. A grandparent movie. It's a moviegoer's movie. It's an animated classic. It's Finding Nemo. And everyone appreciative of quality cinema will be glad that they found this film

[23.05.2003] Bei gibt es ein weiteres Poster...

[22.05.2003] berichtet über "Nemo" und zeigt die schönsten Bilder... Und bei AICN gibt es eine weitere positive Kritik...

[20.05.2003] Bei DH gibt es eine positive Kritik... Die Calgary Sun sprach mit Ellen DeGeneres über ihre Sprechrolle...
[...] On May 30, DeGeneres provides the voice of Dory, the forgetful blue tang fish, in Disney's release of the Pixar animated feature Finding Nemo.
"(Director) Andrew Stanton called to say he'd written a character for me ... No one's ever done that for me, so I was really excited.
"Then he told me it was a really verbose blue fish with short-term memory loss.
"I told him I'd do it, but if the script didn't turn out to be really good, I might just forget I'd committed to the project."
Since playing Dory, DeGeneres admits she finds it increasingly difficult to eat fish.
"I told Andrew, in his next movie I want to play a tub of Hagen Daas ice cream. Now that's something I'd like to be able to resist." [...]

[13.05.2003] Bei AICN gibt es eine positive Kritik...
[...] Pixar has struck gold yet again. "Finding Nemo" is a strong animated adventure filled with an array of colorfully drawn characters. At the core of it lies a very human father-son tale that doesn't disappoint. [...]

[08.05.2003] Der finale "Finding Nemo" Trailer ist online !!!

[07.05.2003] In Focus sprach mit Andrew Stanton und Lee Unkrich über "Finding Nemo"...

[28.04.2003] meldet...
Brit rocker Robbie Williams makes big waves with the end title track "Beyond the Sea" (taken from his 2001 release, "Swing When You're Winning") for "Finding Nemo," [...]
Additional music for "Finding Nemo" is scored by Grammy(R) winner and Oscar(R)-nominated composer Thomas Newman, whose credits include "Road to Perdition," "American Beauty," "The Shawshank Redemption," "The Player" and the Title Theme to the HBO series "Six Feet Under."
The "Finding Nemo Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" is scheduled for release on May 20, 2003 on Walt Disney Records. [...]

[18.03.2003] Bei Zboneman gibt es eine weitere Vorab-Kritik...

[17.03.2003] Die Offizielle Website bietet jetzt die "Sea Gallery" mit einigen schönen Szenenbildern...

[10.03.2003] Bei InsideKino gibt es eine weitere Kritik zur Testvorführung von "Finding Nemo" (2-)...

[09.03.2003] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik zur Testvorführung von "Finding Nemo"... Vorsicht SPOILER !!!
[...] the characters need more flesh, especially those in the aquarium. there are a lot of characters introduced, somehow i smell spinoff (hopefully a bruce spinoff). nemo and the aquarium fish need to have their relationships developed. dory is the more interesting of the searching pair. the one character(s) that are gotten down perfectly are the seagulls, they make for great comedy. [..]

[06.03.2003] Bei AICN gibt es eine kurze Meldung zu einer Testvorführung von "Finding Nemo"...
[...] saw finding nemo this evening.
three quick things to say before i hit the hay:
1. This may be the first pixar movie to get a pg rating (probably due the shark chase scene)
2. steve jobs was on hand to talk about the flick, followed by john lassiter, and then the director (name forgotten)
3. this is better movie than expected. its not finished, as evidenced by the fishing boat scene toward the end, but what we saw was almost as good as done. there were no songs, hard to imagine where they'll be slotted in.
4. opening the evening with robert goulet and the disney dancers doing 'you got a friend in me' was priceless. oops, thats four things.
5. while we're going beyond three, bruce the 12 step shark stole the show the brief period he was on - remember, 'fish are friends, not food.' [..]

[05.03.2003] Bei Latino Review gibt es ein neues "Finding Nemo"-Poster...

[18.01.2003] Bei IMP Awards gibt es das "Finding Nemo" Teaser-Poster...

[23.12.2002] Es gibt einen neuen "Finding Nemo" Trailer !!!

[31.10.2002] Heute wurde der "Finding Nemo" Teaser-Trailer veröffentlicht... Und Hollywood.Com berichtet, dass möglicherweise Pixars Kurzfilm "Knick Knack" (1989) als Vorfilm gezeigt werden wird...

[16.10.2002] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik zur Rohfassung von "Finding Nemo"...
[...] What most impressed me about the film at this stage is how the world Stanton has imagined is so fraught with danger. There seems to be a monster or predator of some menacing variety lingering about at every turn; in particular, there’s a genuinely scary encounter with a shark (named Bruce, of course) that starts off menacing, only to be defused and played for laughs. Then, quite unexpectedly, it veers back towards menace, setting off a thrilling pursuit in a sunken submarine. The way the shark’s eyes suddenly go black when it smells blood will give children nightmares for weeks. For the record, I think a good, clean scare like this is healthy.
This being a very rough assemblage, with lots of storyboards substituting for fully animated action, it’s impossible to accurately gauge FINDING NEMO’s place in the Pixar pantheon. While there doesn’t appear to be a jaw-dropping set-piece on the scale of the door chase from MONSTERS, INC., there are some nicely profound moments sprinkled amidst the fun, along with a theme - forging forward and accepting life’s inherent, and sometimes cruel, uncertainty (I doubt I’ll ever see a more thoughtful exchange between two characters dangling from the tongue of a whale again in my life) - that resonates in the wake of, yes, I’m going to say it, 9/11. So while I’m not seeing this film graduating to the level of their best work, I can’t say for sure that it won’t end up in that elite class.
We’re still a long way off from FINDING NEMO’s May release date; if there’s any company that can get it right (well, let’s say *more* right) between now and then, it’s Pixar. [..]

[15.10.2002] Quint von AICN meldet...
[...] FINDING NEMO was screened for Pixar employees sometime in the last 10-12 days and unfortunately the reaction wasn't very strong. I was told that it's pretty much considered company wide that FINDING NEMO will be their weakest film. This is not to say it sucks and has no merit, but only that those who saw it were disappointed with the results so far. Keep in mind that the movie is far from being finished and that a weak Pixar movie has to be 100 times better than most passable Disney schlock. [..]

[12.09.2002] Heute erscheint "Die Monster AG" auf DVD & Video... Auf der DVD gibt es eine exklusive Vorschau auf "Nemo" !!!

Bloat [23.08.2002] Bei DH gibt es Infos von der Australian Intl. Movie Convention...
One of the true highlights of the convention was some very rough early work from Pixar's latest effort. Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres play two fish on the Great Barrier Reef in search of another whose been caught and now imprisoned in a fish tank of a Sydney dentist's office. DeGeneres' character has no short term memory which constantly causes headaches for Brooks. Barry Humphries (aka. Dame Edna) lends his voice to a shark with problems - seems he's joined 'Sharkaholics Anonymous' where other sharks come together to meet and discuss their difficulties and ways to avoid it - the problem? eating fish. Geoffrey Rush voices a pelican and one sequence has him having to rescue the two fish from a flock of seagulls which involves rapid flying and swerving through various sailing vessels. Alongside rush Aussie actors Eric Bana and Bruce Spence will also voice the other two pelican characters. Other sequences include a scene where they ask a school of fish for directions - the group then form themselves into various shapes until they decide upon an arrow.

[03.08.2002] Bei Cinescape gibt es ein Interview mit Peter Docter...
[...] "There' s actually a little preview for it on the [MONSTERS, INC.] DVD," he says. "It's about tropical fish characters. It's an underwater story and it's really fantastic. If you've ever been scuba diving or snorkeling you know that there's just a complete, amazing world down there and computer graphics is really a great medium [for it]. It's something we try to do with all of the films is to take advantage of the medium so that you're not trying to fight against something. Humans are really hard. Toys were a good first choice because everything we did was kind of plastic looking. With fish it's the same way. A lot of the other things that are going on down there - well, water excepted, water's really hard - but a lot of the other things are fairly straightforward for what computers can do with it, sort of fish shapes and that sort of thing."
Docter actually won’t be directing FINDING NEMO (that task has fallen to his colleague Andrew Stanton), but he is in the early stages of development on his next film for Pixar. And we mean early.
"I'm just starting now in development, thinking of ideas for people to watch in 2007," he says, referring to the enormous lead-time an animated film requires.
"You have any ideas?" he concludes with a laugh. "Let me know. I'm just sitting here in a room thinking up thoughts."

Sheldan [13.06.2002] Bei CS! gibt es erste Bilder und einen Abriss der Story...
[...] In the colorful and warm tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef, a Clownfish named Marlin lives safe and secluded in a quiet cul-de-sac with his only son, NEMO. Fearful of the ocean and its unpredictable risks, he struggles to protect his son. Nemo, like all young fish, is eager to explore the mysterious reef. When Nemo is unexpectedly taken far from home and thrust into a dentist's office fish tank, Marlin finds himself the unlikely hero on an epic journey to rescue his son.
In his quest, Marlin is joined by a good Samaritan named Dory, a Regal Blue Tang fish with the worst short-term memory and biggest heart in the entire ocean. As the two fish continue on their journey, encountering numerous dangers, Dory's optimism continually forces Marlin to find the courage to take risks and overcome his fears. In doing so, Marlin gains the ability to trust and believe, like Dory, that things will work out in the end.
Confronting seabirds, sewer systems, and even man himself, father and son's fateful separation ends in triumph. And the once-fearful Marlin becomes a true hero in the eyes of his son, and the entire ocean. [...]

[01.11.2001] Wie Sun Microsystems meldet, wird Pixar bei der Produktion von "Finding Nemo" noch stärker auf die Hochleistungstechnologie von Sun setzen...

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