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[22.03.2006] Bei TcH gibt es den ersten "Garfield 2" Teaser-Trailer...

[12.03.2006] Bei TcH gibt es ein "Garfield 2" Teaser-Poster...

[21.12.2005] Bei CS! gibt es ein Szenenbild aus "Garfield 2"...

[11.06.2005] meldet...
Breckin Meyer, who played Jon, the goofball owner of the computer-generated cat Garfield, told SCI FI Wire that a sequel is in the works and that Bill Murray will likely do the voice again. "There's a lot of buzz about a sequel for Garfield," Meyer said. "It did very well. That surprised me. I don't know if it surprised them," Meyer added during press interviews for his latest film, Herbie: Fully Loaded, in which he plays Lindsay Lohan's older brother. "It did very well."
Garfield, based on the 27-year-old comic strip about the wise-cracking, lasagna-eating cat, opened last June to a strong $21 million and made $75.3 million domestically and another $123 million overseas.
"I hear they will get Bill [Murray] for the voice," Meyer said. "I believe they will get Bill. I hear he's very nice. I still haven't met him. We were in different places during the course of the filming, when he was recording," Meyer said. "I'd like to meet him."
Meyer, who now has a 2-year-old daughter, said he often gets parents telling him that they have seen Garfield. "It just came out on DVD, and they tell me they've seen it over and over and over again, because the kids watch it repeatedly. It's constantly in their machine," Meyer said. "I'm glad the kids like it and watch it over and over. I hope there's a movie I do that has a bit of shelf life." [...]

[09.04.2005] Moviehole berichtet über die Fortsetzung...
Huh, "Garfield" made money?
The patchy live-action film must've made some bank somewhere - most likely on DVD - because Twentieth Century Fox is bringing the orange meower back to the screen, says Variety.
"Garfield 2" has been greenlit for a July 2006 release, with "Muppets in Space" director Tim Hill signing on to play, ah, puppet master.
No word on whether the original cast - which included Jennifer Love Hewitt, Breckin Meyer and Stephen Tobolowsky - will return, though it's likely Meyer will return. He is, after all, Jon. Still, Bill Murray voiced "Garfield" and can anyone really see him returning?

[19.08.2004] Heute startet "Garfield" in den deutschen Kinos...

[22.06.2004] Bei Blickpunkt:Film gibt es eine Kritik...

[08.06.2004] Bei AICN gibt es einen üblen Verriss...

[14.05.2004] Bei gibt es mehrere Szenenbilder !!!

[27.03.2004] Bei gibt es einen neuen "Garfield" Trailer ...

[24.03.2004] Bei gibt es ein paar nette Sachen zum Film...

[14.01.2004] Bei IMP Awards gibt es das deutsche Teaser-Poster... Und unter findet man das Cover des Romans zum Film...

[02.01.2004] Bei IMP Awards gibt es ein weiteres Teaser-Poster...

[29.12.2003] Bei JoBlo gibt es zwei Promo-Bilder !!!

[29.11.2003] Bei AICN gibt es eine Beschreibung des kommenden "Garfield" Teaser-Trailers...
[...] As it begins, the beginning piano notes of "Old Time Rock and Roll" strike up. The camera looks through the entrance to a living room flanked on both sides by walls. Anyone over the age of twelve sees this coming. Garfield slides across the floor with sunglasses on ala Tom Cruise in Risky Business and the whole thing just goes to hell. Garfield, well, he looks exactly like you've seen in the promo art, ergo he looks nothing like Garfield. Fair enough. But then the trailer continues, half of it watching Garfield strut around, and the other half, Jennifer Love Hewitt talking about Garfield. Pretty lame stuff. I'd say nothing worth noting except that, well, there is one thing. There's a shot of Garfield dancing with Odie. Only it's not Odie. I mean, it's SUPPOSED to be Odie, but it's not. At least they knew enough to make Odie a dog. Except that he's a real dog, not a CG representation. Alright, once again, fair enough. But you know, could they at least get the color right? This Odie is dark brown and bares not the tiniest little inkling of resemblance to the tan, hyperactive ball of tongue and slobber that we all know, love and just can't wait to see get kicked off the side of the table. This teasers going to have Garfield fans screaming bloody murder. [...]

[17.10.2003] Die Offizielle Website wurde eröffnet...

[09.08.2003] Bei AICN gibt es ein erstes Bild des CGI-Garfields !!!

[12.07.2003] CS! meldet...
Debra Messing will voice the role of Arlene opposite Bill Murray in the upcoming Garfield at 20th Century Fox. Messing will play Garfield's pink, sarcastic girlfriend, who has a gap in her teeth, opposite Murray's overweight Garfield.
The film, based on the comic strip, features a sardonic cat who must tolerate the indignity of being saddled with a nebbish owner (Breckin Meyer) and a nitwit dog as housemates.
The live-action/CGI Garfield, penned by Toy Story writers Alec Sokolow and Joel Cohen, is being directed by Peter Hewitt. The film began production last week in the U.K.
Messing will voice the role while in London starring opposite Dermot Mulroney in the romantic comedy Something Borrowed for Gold Circle Films.

[09.06.2003] meldet...
[...] "Garfield," the movie, recently completed its live-action shooting in California. A June 2004 release date is tentative. Garfield, and Odie, Garfield's drooling, dumb doggie pal, will appear as computer-generated imagery integrated into the live action.
Garfield creator Jim Davis had input in the screenplay and worked with the animators trying to get the computer-generated image of Garfield just right.
Davis is no stranger to screenwriting. He's written 13 Garfield TV specials. The Marion native and Ball State University alumnus also helped direct the "Garfield and Friends" cartoon show.
Davis also makes a cameo appearance in the movie as a drunken conventioneer. [...]
Kim Campbell, spokeswoman for Paws Inc., the creative and business complex of the Garfield empire just outside Muncie, said she couldn't reveal much about the movie, but Garfield and Odie "really look like real animals more than like the cartoon character you're used to seeing in the strip. With computer-generated imagery, these animals really look alive. These are cartoony, but they're more realistic. The cat has fur."
Meyer plays Jon Arbuckle, Garfield's nerdy, single, human owner. "He's darling," Campbell said. "He's kind of got that everyman face. I don't think any of us would have thought of him in the beginning, but once he was cast, yeah, that's perfect. Jennifer Love Hewitt, also again, kind of a surprise to us, plays Liz, the veterinarian."
According to Twentieth Century Fox, Garfield's owner Jon takes in the hapless nitwit Odie, turning Garfield's world upside down. The lazy tabby would like to see Odie go bye-bye, but when a nasty dog trainer (Stephen Tobolowsky, who plays two parts) kidnaps the pooch, Garfield turns off the TV and, out of guilt, springs into action. [...]

[01.06.2003] SF Wire meldet...
John Davis, producer of the upcoming live-action/computer-animated Garfield movie, told SCI FI Wire that the CGI Garfield will look like a real feline. "Garfield is going to look like Garfield would if he was a real, live animal," Davis said in an interview. "The goal there is to make you believe that we found a cat that did all those things, even though it was all created in a computer. A tremendous amount of research and development has gone into making that cat look absolutely real."
But Garfield will still retain the distinct features of the traditionally animated and comic-strip characters, Davis added. "He has features like his ears and his eyes, and he's kind of a fat cat," Davis said. "He's bigger than any cat you've seen. You've got those big paws. You'll look at him and go, 'He's Garfield. That's Garfield.'"
Davis added that he is confident that his computer-animated cat will improve upon Scooby-Doo's computer-generated dog. "I thought Scooby kind of looked a little corny," he said. "We've gone to the next generation of technology." [...]

[29.05.2003] AICN meldet, dass Bill Murray Garfield seine Stimme leihen wird...

[05.05.2003] CS! meldet...
We've recieved word from many visitors that 20th Century Fox is shooting the live-action/CGI Garfield adaptation, starring Breckin Meyer and Jennifer Love Hewitt, on the Universal Studios backlot. Here's 'filmfreak11' with a bit more on what's going on...
I was on the studio tour in universal studios hollywood and passed by 2 ice-cream type trucks that seem to be for the new film "Garfield". One truck was green and yellow. It had a large bone-shaped on on the roof that said "kibbly dog". The other truck was gray, black, and red. On the side of this truck was a lasunga sign and picture. The film crew are still pretty active with the shoot.
Garfield was recently moved back about six months to June 4, 2004.

[28.04.2003] Chevy Chase: Unauthorized! berichtet, dass Chevy Chase die Rolle des Dr. Davis spielen wird...

[19.03.2003] Milchmann-Darsteller Geoffrey Gould berichtet auf seiner Website über die Dreharbeiten und liefert interessante Infos...
[...] Over lunch Annette indicated that only Garfield would be CGI. The other well-known and beloved characters would be actual cats and dogs, their lips computer animated to speak, a la Cats and Dogs and such. Why stray so far from the source? And why have Garfield as Garfield and none of the other characters as themselves?
On one hand, if all the animal characters were CGI, there would be a uniformity in the film's Garfield Universe (and CGI is easier to manipulate than live animals).
On the other hand there's Odie. I don't think it's ever been established if he's an actual breed. He's yellow with brown ears. At best he is very much a mixed breed/mutt. Is the handsome golden retreiver I saw (but did not see used) to portray the lovable empty-headed Odie?
3:15pm - I waited as they put "Nermal" in place with the Garfield stand-in (a well made Garfield model, complete with fur and familiar smirk). Instead of the grey tabby that is the kitten Nerman of the strip, they are using a very pretty long-haired Siamese cat. [...]

[01.03.2003] Hollywood Reporter meldet...
Jon Arbuckle, the perpetually single owner of Garfield the cat in the long-running comic strip, is about to get a live-action face in Breckin Meyer. The actor is in negotiations to star as Arbuckle in 20th Century Fox's big-screen live-action/CGI adaptation of "Garfield," with Jennifer Love Hewitt finalizing a deal to play his love interest. Peter Hewitt is directing the project, which John Davis is producing through his Davis Entertainment. A March start date is being planned. The comic strip centers on a rotund orange- and black-striped cat named Garfield, his dull-witted canine cohort Odie and owner Arbuckle. The 27-pound feline, first published in 1978, is known for his laziness, wry remarks and love of lasagna. The script, written by "Toy Story" scribes Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow, focuses on the rivalry between Garfield and Odie. The feature is live-action, with a computer-generated Garfield. Meyer, repped by the Gersh Agency, Brillstein-Grey Entertainment and attorney David Webber, has numerous film and television credits to his name, including the features "Kate & Leopold," "Rat Race," "Road Trip" and "Go." Jennifer Love Hewitt, repped by CAA, recently wrapped shooting Intermedia Films' "If Only."

[21.02.2003] Bei DH gibt es Infos zur Art der Animation...
The comic strip adaptation looks to be using "Dr Dolittle" type talking animal FX rather than actual CG cat & dog.

[13.01.2003] Bei CS! gibt es erste Gerüchte zur Besetzung...
[...] Jon - Rumored actors include Chris Kattan (SNL), Ryan Stiles (Drew Carey Show) and Jason Lee (Dogma) Lyman - Will Ferrell (Zoolander) has emerged as the top contender.
Liz - Either Molly Shannon (SNL) or Linda Fiorentino (MIB) will reportedly land this role.
Dr. Davis - A pet psychologist whose name pays homage to Garfield's creator is likely to be played by Chevy Chase (Fletch).
Garfield - John Goodman (Coyote Ugly) is the main contender for this role. The second choice is George Wendt (Cheers). [...]

[21.11.2002] Blickpunkt:Film meldet...
Peter Hewitt ("Ein Fall für die Borger") soll den faulen, fetten, Lasagne mampfenden Cartoon-Kater Garfield auf die Leinwand bringen. Fox hatte die Filmrechte an Jim Davis' Erfolgs-Comic Anfang des Jahres erworben und die Drehbuchautoren von "Toy Story", Alec Sokolow und Joel Cohen, beauftragt, ein Skript vorzulegen. John Davis produziert den Live-Action-CGI-Komödienmix, in dem Garfield und Hund Odie im Computer hergestellt werden.

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