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"Ghost Rider" (2007) ist die Verfilmung der gleichnamigen Comic-Serie von MARVEL...

Der Stuntfahrer Johnny Blaze, gespielt von Nicolas Cage (u.a. "Das Vermächtnis der Tempelritter"), verkauft seine Seele dem Teufel, um im Austausch das Leben seines Vaters zu retten. Seitdem verwandelt er sich nachts in einen flammenden Totenkopf und jagt als Ghost Rider auf seinem Motorrad durch die Dunkelheit...

Weiterhin wirken mit Sam Elliott (u.a. "Hulk") als Caretaker, Wes Bentley (u.a. "American Beauty") als Black Heart, Peter Fonda (u.a. "Easy Rider") als Mephisto und Eva Mendes (u.a. "2 Fast 2 Furious") als Roxanne Simpson...

"Ghost Rider" startete - nach diversen Terminverschiebungen - am 22. Februar 2007 in den deutschen Kinos... Die Fortsetzung mit dem Titel "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" kam am 23. Februar 2012...

Ghost Rider

"Ghost Rider" auf DVD !!!
Am 30. August 2007 erschien die
"Ghost Rider" Kinofassung auf DVD, sowie in der Extended Version auf 2 DVDs... Jetzt bei Amazon bestellen !!!

[23.02.2012] Heute startet "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" in den deutschen Kinos...

[17.02.2012] Bei SHH! gibt es Video-Interviews mit Nicolas Cage und Idris Elba...

[14.02.2012] Eine "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" Featurette ist online...

[07.02.2012] Drei weitere "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" TV-Spots sind online !!!

[30.01.2012] Bei gibt es einen Mitschnitt aus einer italienischen TV-Sendung, bei der Nicolas Cage zwei Clips / Ausschnitte aus dem Sequel "mitbrachte"...

[28.01.2012] Bei gibt es Szenenbilder...

[26.01.2012] Drei "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" TV-Spots sind online !!!

[25.01.2012] Bei gibt es eine "Behind the Scenes"-Featurette...

[14.01.2012] Bei CS! kann man ein französisches Poster begutachten...

[05.01.2012] Ein erster "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" TV-Spot ist online !!!

[27.12.2011] Die Offizielle Website zu "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" hat ihre Pforten geöffnet...

[16.12.2011] Ein neuer "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" Trailer ist online !!!

[14.12.2011] Bei CS! kann man einen Blick auf ein neues Poster werfen...

[09.12.2011] Collider zeigt u.a. einen "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance"-Aufsteller...

[19.10.2011] SHH! sprach mit Mark Neveldine und Brian Taylor über das Sequel...

[17.10.2011] Bei SHH! kann man sich den NYCC Live Blog anschauen...

[20.08.2011] Der "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" Teaser-Trailer ist online !!! Und bei SHH! kann man einen Blick auf das neue Poster werfen...

[25.03.2011] STYD sprach mit Johnny Whitworth über seine Rolle als Blackout...

[17.03.2011] CS! meldet...
Johnny Whitworth, who stars in this week's Limitless, has confirmed in an interview with AMC Theatres that he'll be playing Blackout in the upcoming Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.
Introduced into the Marvel Universe in the early '90s, Blackout was a thug for hire who, after being scorched by Ghost Rider's hellfire, gained demonic powers and sought vengeance against the antihero (at that time Daniel Ketch, brother to Johnny Blaze).
While Whitworth has been confirmed for the film since late last year, it was not known that he'd be playing a character from the comics.
"I play the villain who, at the beginning, up until like page 70, is human," explains Whitworth, "I'm not a very nice guy. I'm bad. I get turned into, for those who read 'Ghost Rider', the character Blackout. I get turned into him by the devil to complete my job. That gives me the fortitude to fight Ghost Rider and the supernatural abilities to compete on some level with that guy." [...]

[27.01.2011] Bei Facebook gibt es neue Bilder von den "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance"-Dreharbeiten...

[08.01.2011] CS! zitiert aus einem Interview mit Nicolas Cage...
[...] Cage told the outlet that the sequel would depart from the 2007 original in several major ways, including offering a brand-new origin sequence reinvisioned by the directing pair of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. What's more, Cage promises some "wild" filming techniques.
"The director's on rollerblades," he said, "and hanging from wires with the camera, holding on to the motorcycle..." [...]

[28.11.2010] zeigt ein Video vom Sequel-Dreh...

[27.11.2010] Bei gibt es Bilder vom "Ghost Rider 2"-Dreh...

[13.10.2010] CS! meldet...
Christopher Lambert ("Highlander" movies) revealed on the official "Highlander" Facebook page that he is in talks to play a character in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. He did not reveal what role he would play.
If the deal goes through, he would be joining Nicolas Cage, Ciaran Hinds, Violante Placido, Idris Elba and Johnny Whitworth in the February 17, 2012 Sony Pictures release.
Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (Gamer, Crank) are currently in pre-production for the film.

[06.10.2010] Heat Vision meldet...
Idris Elba and Johnny Whitworth are in negotiations to join the cast of "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance," Columbia’s sequel to the 2007 hit. [...]
Elba plays an alcoholic warrior monk tasked with finding Ghost Rider. Whitworth plays a criminal who is recruited by the devil to find the boy and is later turned into a demonic creature. [...]

[01.10.2010] Heat Vision meldet...
Ciaran Hinds is in negotiations to rev up Columbia’s "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance." Italian actress-singer Violante Placido also in talks to join the cast.
The movie, featuring Nicolas Cage as the demonic biker anti-hero based on the Marvel comic, is a sequel to the 2007 movie and has Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor behind the cameras.
The story sees Johnny Blaze, aka Ghost Rider (Cage), hiding out in remote Eastern Europe and struggling to repress his curse. Blaze is recruited by a sect to take on the devil (Hinds), who wants to take over his mortal son’s body on the boy’s birthday.
Placido ("The American") will play the boy’s mother.
Neveldine and Taylor wrote the script, working off a story by David Goyer.
Avi Arad, Ari Arad, Michael De Luca, Ashok Amritraj and Steven Paul are producing.
The filmmakers are revving toward a late-November start, with shooting scheduled for Romania and Turkey. [...]

[18.09.2010] CS! meldet...
Sony's Columbia Pictures has set a February 17, 2012 release date for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor.
The sequel, again starring Nicolas Cage, has started shooting in Bucharest, Romania.
The first film hit theaters on February 16, 2007 and earned $228.7 million worldwide.
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance will be released in both 3D and 2D theaters.

[17.06.2010] Heat Vision meldet...
Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are in early negotiations to direct Columbia's "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance," the sequel to the studio's 2007 supernatural action movie starring the Marvel Comics character.
Nicolas Cage is in early negotiations to reprise his role as Johnny Blaze, a stunt motorcyclist who, in order to save the life of a loved one, makes a deal with the devil. His soul is twinned with that of a demon, and he becomes a flaming-skulled man driving a motorcycle from hell.
Plot details are under wraps, and it is not known if any other character from the previous movie will return.
While the dealmaking is in the preliminary stages, the studio hopes to get principal photography going by late fall.
"Rider," released in February 2007 to poor reviews, grossed almost $230 million worldwide. The studio faced a ticking clock scenario in where if it didn't act on a sequel soon, the rights to the franchise would have reverted to Marvel. It even considered the possibility of going ahead without Cage.
David Goyer wrote the story. Neveldine and Taylor are writers as well as directors, and the duo may do a rewrite, although that has not been determined at this stage. [...]

[24.04.2010] Vulture meldet...
How badly does Columbia need to get the motor running on its Ghost Rider sequel? So badly that if Nicolas Cage can't commit to making it this year, they may have to make it without him. Insiders confirm to Vulture that Columbia is facing a ticking clock on the rights to the BBQ-skulled Marvel Comics character: Legally, if the studio isn't in production on a sequel by November 14, 2010, the franchise automatically reverts to Marvel - which means the comic company's new owner, Disney.
Insiders tell us that Columbia is asking Marvel for an extension. (Asking, pleading, it's a fine line.) But time is running out. Cage has spoken about his desire to make a second Ghost Rider; the issue is whether his schedule will be free before the deadline. [...]
We hear that FlashForward writers Scott Gimple and Seth Hoffman, overseen by their show's creator (and Batman Begins scribe), David S. Goyer, have just turned in a draft of a GR2 script, which Columbia will bring to a still-evolving list of potential directors. [...]

[08.01.2010] Collider sprach mit dem Produzenten Mike De Luca, u.a. über "Ghost Rider 2"... Hier die Fakten...
[...] Mark Steven Johnson is not directing the sequel
Eva Mendes will not return as Roxanne Simpson
Ghost Rider 2 (or Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance) will be a hard PG-13
The film is going to take place in Europe
De Luca is open to David Goyer directing the sequel but it all comes down to his very busy schedule
Says the sequel will be like "pushing the reset button" on the franchise
As you might expect from the success of Avatar, Ghost Rider 2 might be done in 3D
Says Goyer has just delivered his updated outline to the studio
And says Ghost Rider 2 could be in front of the cameras this year [...]

[05.11.2009] MTV sprach mit David Goyer, der meinte "Ghost Rider 2" sei kein Reboot, sondern eine Fortsetzung, die 8 Jahre später spiele...
[...] "You don't have to have seen the first film. It doesn't contradict anything that happened in the first film, but we're pretending that our audience hasn't seen the first film. It's as if you took that same character where things ended in the first film and then picked it up eight years later - he's just in a much darker, existential place."
As for where that existential place might be, Goyer wouldn't delve into specifics - mainly because he doesn't have to.
"My script is out there on the Internet," he said. "We're not changing much from it. It'll be significantly the same script." [...]

[04.10.2009] Collider sprach mit David Goyer, u.a. über "Ghost Rider 2"...

[24.09.2009] meldet...
Columbia Pictures has begun to rev the throttle on a second installment of the Marvel Comics character "Ghost Rider."
David Goyer is in early talks to create the story and supervise writers for a film expected to once again star Nicolas Cage, who played the highly flammable cyclist in the 2007 original.
Through a spokesperson, Goyer said he hadn't signed on yet. But plans are already under way to base the sequel on a "Ghost Rider" script written years ago by Goyer, whose superhero work includes hit screen transfers of DC's "Batman Begins" and Marvel's "Blade" franchise. The original "Ghost Rider" was scripted by director Mark Steven Johnson.
"Ghost Rider" will be produced by former Marvel topper Avi Arad, Michael De Luca and Steven Paul, with Gary Foster executive producer.
The activity on "Ghost Rider" follows a flurry of activity on Marvel characters at almost every studio but Disney, which acquired Marvel Entertainment in a $4 billion deal.
Arad - who is producing both Marvel's "Ghost Rider" and "Spider-Man" at Columbia - said that on films that Disney doesn't distribute, Marvel gets lucrative first dollar gross fees, and is well compensated for the use of its characters in the Universal theme park. The acquisition's real upside, the library of Marvel characters, can be mined for decades, Arad said. [...]

[12.09.2008] meldet...
In an interview with MTV News last week, Nic Cage insisted that, not only were talks moving forward for "Ghost Rider 2," but they had progressed to a point where both villains and locations were bandied about.
"It looks like it will take place in Europe and the character will work with the [Catholic] Church," he said. "It'll be a completely new experience."
Cage is obviously enthusiastic - but is everybody?
"No, I think ‘Ghost Rider' had its moment," co-star Eva Mendes told MTV, more or less echoing statements she made last May. "I don't know about a sequel, but I don't think it needs one."
Now, it's not only possible, but probable, that as the titular hero himself, the demon on wheels Johnny Blaze, Cage is privy to conversations about the future of the franchise that Mendes isn't. And we don't want to call BS on his statements - it's obvious he's had talks about reprising his role.
But then what to make of the fact that Mendes is out of the loop? Well, it could mean things are so nebulous she hasn't even been contacted yet. Or it could mean she's not wanted back.
So when and if they DO call - would she wanna hop back on that motorcycle?
"I think it was a great experience, and I was so proud of it. It was fun... but I think it's done," she said. "But look, hey, if it's Nicolas Cage again - I'll do anything with him."

[04.09.2008] Bei CS! gibt es ein Interview mit Nicolas Cage...
[...] he discussed a sequel to last year's Columbia Pictures and Marvel release, Ghost Rider.
Cage: Yes, actually, had a nice meeting with the studio about 3-months ago, and we talked about going international with that character. Taking him into Europe, having him go on a motorcycle tour through Europe, and he's connected with the church, if you can believe that. So it sort of has elements to it that are very much in the zeitgeist, with "The Da Vinci Code" and things like that. [...]

[03.12.2007] CS! meldet...
Nicolas Cage is known for not doing sequels, but that seems to be changing. National Treasure: Book of Secrets is the follow-up to the first hit Disney movie and he isn't stopping there.
Today he told that he would be interested in doing another Ghost Rider movie.
"All they have to do is call, and I would love to see that happen. That would be fun," Cage said. [...]

[11.06.2007] Moviehole meldet...
Mark Steven Johnson tells IGN that he's considering dusting off Johnny Blaze for another Ghost Ride.
"We're talking about it, yeah, talking about it," says Johnson of "Ghost Rider 2". "I don't know what I'm going to do, to be honest. After Daredevil and this ... it takes so long, these movies. I really want something different, and the pressure of the fan community is always so great."
Johnson, who started out on comedies like "Grumpy Old Men", says he'd much rather do something lighter next. "I would like to do something more comedy-based," he says, "go back to my roots like the Grumpy Old Men movies and do something with effects. I love effects; I love working with them. So I don't know about for myself, if that's in the cards for me."
But if there is a "Ghost Rider 2", Johnson has his ideas.
"If there's a second one, I would push for Scarecrow," he says. "In fact, in my first script it was Scarecrow who was the villain, but then I heard that they were going to put him in the Batman movie. But now having seen it, he wasn't really in it that much. And the Marvel Scarecrow is really pretty cool, so I think he'd be an excellent villain. I also think there's a character named Blackout that could be interesting, [and] there's Vengeance from the later comics."

Ältere Nachrichten kann man im Archiv nachlesen...

Ghost Rider
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DVDGhost Rider - Extended Version (2 DVDs)
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Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider
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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
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Ghost Rider

Devin Grayson, Trent Kaniuga (Illustrator)
Ghost Rider - The Hammer Lane
Englischsprachiges Taschenbuch
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Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, Len Wein
Essential Ghost Rider - Volume 1
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Ghost Rider

Christopher Young
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Ghost Rider

VIDEOSPIELE - Hardware, Spiele & Zubehör Take2 / 2K Games veröffentlicht rechtzeitig zum Kinostart 2007 die Videospielumsetzung "Ghost Rider" für PS2, Sony PSP und GBA, die eine einzigartige Kombination aus Beat´em Up und Motorrad-Action bietet...
Authentische Comic Geschichte - Die bekannten Comic-Autoren Garth Ennis und Jimmy Palmiotti haben die Story des Spiels geschrieben.
Effektvoller Nahkampf - Schneller, Combo-basierter Nahkampf gegen eine Vielfalt von Gegnern unter Verwendung Ghost Riders Markenzeichen, der Höllenfeuer-Kette und der Höllenfeuer-Schrotflinte.
Adrenalin geladene Motorrad-Action - Spieler steuern das coole Höllen-Bike, bekämpfen Gegner mit der Kette und nutzen die Spezial-Kräfte des Motorrads um auf Wasser zu fahren, über Rampen zu springen, unter Hindernissen durchzurutschen und vieles mehr.
Vielfältige Kulissen - Ghost Rider führt die Spieler durch vielfältige Schauplätze aus dem Film, wie dem Quentin Carnival dem Caretaker's Graveyard und schließlich einen Wolkenkratzer hinab in die Tiefen der Hölle.
Aufrüsten und verbessern - Mit den Seelen erledigter Gegner lassen sich Waffen und Ausrüstung aufrüsten, neue Moves erlernen und Fähigkeiten verbessern.
Strafender Blick - Neben übermenschlicher Kraft, Schnelligkeit und Belastbarkeit, kann Ghost Rider seinen Gegnern emotionale Schmerzen zufügen, so wie diese sie anderen zugefügt haben.
Auge in Auge mit gigantischen Super-Schurken - Spektakuläre Boss-Kämpfe gegen die wichtigsten Bösewichte der Ghost Rider-Reihe, stellen die Kampffähigkeiten der Spieler auf die Probe.
Jede Menge Boni - Artwork, Bonus-Charaktere, Interviews und weitere Boni steigern den Wiederspielwert und fordern Spieler heraus.
Entwickelt von Climax - Erfahrenes Entwicklungsstudio was hervorragende Spiele wie "ATV Offroad Fury3", "MotoGP: Ulimate Racing Technology" und "Sudeki" entwickelt hat.
Exklusive PSP-Features - PSP-Version mit neuen Leveln, Boss-Gegnern und neuem Gameplay wie einem WiFi-Mehrspieler-Modus und Motorrad-Deathmatch für bis zu vier Spieler.

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
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