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"Grease" (1978) ritt auf der Nostalgiewelle der 50er Jahre, die in den späten 70ern über Amerika schwappte (ausgelöst durch TV-Serien wie "Happy Days" und Filme wie "American Graffiti") und wurde ein riesiger finanzieller Erfolg und ein kulturelles Phänomen...

Ohne die wunderbar choreographierten Tanzsequenzen, die lebendigen Farben und die unvergesslichen Ohrwürmer (wie "Greased Lightning", "Summer Nights" und "You're The One That I Want") würde der Film allein von seiner albernen und mit Klischees gefüllten Geschichte leben... Erzählt wird die episodenhaft angelegte Geschichte über romantische Konflikte, die eine Gruppe von High-School-Absolventen erlebt: Die jungen und lebendigen Darsteller verdienen eine Menge Respekt, da sie Energie und die richtige Chemie in eine ansonsten langweilige Vorlage bringen...

John Travolta, der direkt von seinem Erfolg in "Saturday Night Fever" zu "Grease" kam, weiss um seine sexuelle Anziehungskraft und stolziert wie ein Gockel, gibt an, singt und tanzt dementsprechend, während Olivia Newton-Johns Darstellung von jungfräulicher Unschuld die einzige gute schauspielerische Leistung ihrer Laufbahn war. Und dann ist da noch Stockard Channing ("Practical Magic - Zauberhafte Schwestern") als Rizzo, die boshafte und sich Gehör verschaffende Anführerin der Pink Ladies, die sexuelle Zweideutigkeiten von sich gibt und beiden Stars die Show stiehlt...

Die Fortsetzung "Grease 2" (1982) - ohne Travolta und Newton-John - war allerdings nur noch "Naja!"...

Nach über 20 Jahren wollte man mit "Grease 3" das Franchise wiederauferstehen lassen... Der Film wird nun wohl aber doch nicht gedreht... Oder kommt evtl. ein Remake?


"Grease" - Remastered auf DVD !!!
Am 7. September 2006 veröffentlichte
Paramount die restaurierte Fassung von "Grease" als Rockin' Edition auf DVD... Jetzt bei Amazon bestellen !!!

[19.09.2008] MTV sprach mit Louis Feola von Paramount Famous...
[...] No story details are available just yet, but Feola promised it’ll be a musical where the songs function as an integral part of the plot.
"It’s a little tricky," he said. "I have a background in animation and I have done a lot of stories in animation where the songs drive the plot line. That’s a really tricky writing assignment, so ideally you would have a script writer who is also a songwriter, because it’s not just a song during the movie - it’s a song that drives the plot line. That’s the way we are envisioning it." [...]

[02.11.2007] meldet...
Michelle Pfeiffer, who starred in the 1982 flop Grease 2, has reportedly been approached to star in a remake of Grease alongside Jessica Simpson, who is tipped to play the role of Sandy.
Michelle said "It's a great idea and I hear they would like to get Jessica Simpson for the role of Sandy; she would be good."
"I would love to play the school principal. She is fun and has some great put-down lines. I think I would like the part now that I have been asked."
Although a remake of Grease seems like a good idea to Pfeiffer now, she regrets taking the role of Stephanie Zinone in Grease 2.
"I hated that film with a vengeance and could not believe how bad it was. At the time I was young and didn't know any better. I hear it's a cult movie now."

[31.12.2006] Der TV-Sender Kabel 1 zeigt heute um 20.15 Uhr "Grease" und im Anschluss um 22.25 Uhr "Grease 2"...

[15.11.2006] Moviehole meldet...
"Grease 3" is as dead as sunburnt skin, but that hasn’t stopped cast member Didi Conn from revealing the plotline for the potential film.
Conn, who would’ve reprised her role as Frenchy for the film, is so sure that the film will never happen now - apparently John Travolta nixed it, and others followed suit - that she’s let the cat out of the bag.
"Danny (Travolta) was a racing driver and still married to Sandy (Newton-John), who was a singer", PR Inside quoted Conn as saying. "Rizzo (Stockard Channing) and Kenicke (Jeff Conoway) were divorced and had a gay son".
As for Conn’s character, pink-haired ball of energy, Frenchy? [...]

[22.09.2006] Moviehole meldet...
In an interview with TV Guide, "Grease" star Didi 'Frenchy' Conn says although there were plans for a "Grease 3", all the scripts sucked - and now, both Travolta and Newton-John have walked.
"We've been planning one for years, and I've had meetings with writers, but they just don't get the innocence of Grease", says the bubbly actress. "The scripts are not right - they're sad, and everybody's a loser. I don't think John is interested anymore, and he's convinced Olivia not to do it. The feelings of John, Olivia and Stockard [Channing] are to let those characters be. I even read one script that had John's character dead. It was such a downer. That's not Grease — Grease is always an upper!". [...]

[27.12.2004] Moviehole meldet...
Apparently Paramount are still trying to coax John Travolta (If "Bobby Long" hits big, like it looks like it will, you'll have more luck catching a stray tabby with potato chips) into doing the long-planned "Grease 3".
According to Contact Music, the script has now slightly changed (what, no kids? no Kylie? great!) : It would now be set in 1980, with Travolta and Olivia Newton-John's characters meeting up again at a Rydell High School reunion and falling back in love. Awwww...
Apparently Travolta and Newton-John like the sound of it better now. "They loved working with each other then and really hope that can pair up again", says a source. [...]

[11.10.2004] Elites TV meldet...
[...] Last year the Hollywood Reporter, an industry trade publication, reported that Paramount Pictures has greenlighted the "Grease 3" follow up to the 1978 original musical movie starring Travolta and Olivia Newton-John as two teen lovers from opposite sides of the tracks.
Didi Conn, who also appeared in the original "Grease" film and its sequel "Grease 2" starring Michelle Pfeiffer, is serving as executive producer.
According to the Hollywood Reporter and, "Grease 3" will take place in the late 1970s and focus on the original characters and introduce their young adult offspring.
One casting continuity solution for John Travolta’s decision not to participate would have Joey Travolta replacing his brother as the primary character of Danny Zuko.
Henry Winkler is another possible casting replacement for the Danny Zuko role.
Winkler, who achieved fame playing Fonzie on the series "Happy Days" opposite Ron Howard and Tom Bosley, was offered the starring role in the original "Grease" film before it eventually went to Travolta.
A separate scenario has Rikki Lee Travolta joining the cast as the son of the Fonzie-like Zuko.
The younger leading man is the only member of the family aside from John Travolta to have starred as Danny Zuko. The best selling recording artist made headlines around the world in 2003 for appearing in a stage revival to raise money for charity.
He is ranked second in world popularity behind Donny Osmond as the title character in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat."
Australian recording artist Kyle Minogue has also been mentioned as a possible casting choice as one of the young adult offspring of the original greasers played by Travolta, Newton-John, Conn, Stockard Channing, and Jeff Conaway and the next generation sequel greasers played by Pfeiffer, Maxwell Caulfield, and Adrian Zmed.
Zmed is another consideration to play the Zuko character in "Grease 3." Fifteen years after his appearance in the "Grease 2" film in an unrelated role, Zmed went on to appear as Danny Zuko in the Tommy Tune stage revival of "Grease" in the late 1990s.
Richard Gere, Patrick Swayze, and Treat Williams have all also played the Danny Zuko role on stage and could be considered for the "Grease 3" film. reports that the new Paramount film will be produced by Carsey-Werner-Mandabach's newly formed feature film division along with Laurence Mark Productions. [...]

[04.10.2004] Moviehole sprach mit John Travolta...
Is he interested in the proposed "Grease 3"? "Oh God no", tells JT.
Travolta says it's mostly rumour anyway. "Well that and the prequel to Pulp Fiction, "The Vega Brothers." If there’s truth to the "Vega Brothers" that’s only in Quentin’s imagination. That’s never been presented to me but a "Grease 3," I just don’t want to do. There’s nothing about it that is - I didn’t do two why would I do a three?". [...]

[26.09.2004] IESB berichtete kürzlich über "Grease 3"...
There has been plenty of rumors and hopes of bringing a third chapter of Grease to the big screen but it has been plagued with script and casting problems. A few months back there was word that Grease 3 was indeed being brought to the big screen and that unlike the first sequel, Danny and Sandy would share the screen once again. There was even speculation that Kylie Minogue was going to be their rebellious teenage daughter. Plenty of websites and even newspapers across the globe were reporting that it was a done deal and that everyone had signed on the dotted line.
Soon afterwards reports were indicating that Travolta was not interested in reprising Zuko. We had the chance to ask to Travolta during the premiere of Ladder 49 if he knew what the status was on the project. "Grease was a long time ago and I don't believe that we will see another one on the big screen for a very long time", said Travolta. When asked if would like to reprise Zuko Travolta said"I have left those days behind me, I don't see myself ever doing another Grease film." [...]

[06.04.2004] Bei AICN gibt es neue Gerüchte bzgl. "Grease 3"...
[...] MTV did their showbizzy gossipy thing tonight - usually about as informative as a 7-Eleven clerk when wanting directions, because it's been said about twenty times over elsewhere - and It mentioned some Grease 3 rumors. Apparently Paramount is up and running with it again. But it looks like going without Travolta. Apparently he's not so keen to do it anymore, but Olivia Newton-John is. Latest is that the script's been changed to only feature the character of Sandy (Newton-John) and her two kids. But the kicker...they want to write in a new love interest for Sandy to sing-a-long with - and there's talk of Hugh Jackman jumping aboard. Make sense I suppose...he does want to do a musical? and hey, better voice? and really, without Travolta, they ARE going to need a big star to sell this. [...]

[21.06.2003] Moviehole meldet, dass John Travolta die Rolle in "Grease 3" abgelehnt hat...
[...] according to an insider, thing’s aren’t looking good for the project, with Travolta this week deciding against the project. "He was advised it might be a bad move", says the scooper. "Paramount are none too happy".
John’s exit from "Grease 3" is a major blow for the production basically sending it straight to the ‘could-have-been’ graveyard. After all, it’s not likely to go ahead with someone else in the role of Danny Zuko, is it? "Apparently recasting the part has been discussed, but it’s highly doubtful anyone will back such a project".
No exact reasons have been given for Johnny’s sudden thumbs down to the project, but we’re told it’s more than likely due to some of the ‘better’ offers - like the "Get Shorty" sequel - that he’s suddenly receiving. "He was having a crappy time there for a while. He’s not going to do Grease 3 unless it’s absolutely necessary - a last resort - and at the moment, he feels he can do better".

[05.05.2003] CS! meldet...
Paramount Pictures is drawing up plans for Grease 3, a continuation of the hit musical franchise, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
The plan is to set the new project in the late-'70s, feature plenty of disco music and have the story evolve around the children of the original characters.
John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, stars of the 1978 original, have already been given a heads-up that their services will be sought once a script is completed. A search for writers is underway.
Didi Conn, who played Frenchie, is serving as an executive producer. She is said to have been instrumental in generating the studio's current enthusiasm for putting together a new installment of the film.
The producers are hoping to avoid the failure of the second film in the series, which starred Maxwell Caulfield and Michelle Pfeiffer, by bringing back the old gang from the first installment while also introducing new characters.

[15.04.2003] Moviehole meldet...
Once again Olivia Newton-John is talking "Grease 3". TV Week didn't get anything new out of Livvy, except the fact it's going to take a year to develop. "Grease 3 is a possibility", says Newton-John. "It's going to take a year to develop, and it really depends on how the script is, but John (Travolta) and I will be interested, if it's the right thing". Newton-John said it will be a different movie thats for sure. "It will be different now. We're all in such different times in our lives - we're not the kids, we're the parents of the kids! I don't really know how the story will work yet, but it has to be very special because that movie was very special". Newton-John thinks the fans are happy with the Grease 3 news. "I think they love it! Everyone's got their own dreams of what happened to Sandy and Danny". [...]

[10.04.2003] Moviehole meldet...
Who knows whether this thing will ever happen. Olivia seems pretty sure, but Travolta not so. Livvy talked "Grease 3" again today while being interviewed by The Daily Telegraph, saying They're working on it..They're getting a writer. So we'll see what happens from here. But it seems to be pretty serious. They want to do it." And is her Danny Zuko - John Travolta - keen on the idea? "He's up for it if it's the right thing."

[24.03.2003] Moviehole sprach mit John Travolta...
[...] As to those widespread internet rumours that both have signed to do a Grease 3, Travolta doesn’t seem so keen on the idea and admits that he has definitely not signed on. "I haven’t seen anything on it. I just know that they’re working on something but I'm hoping there are some other musicals that will take this rare window of opportunity that we have with musicals," he says referring to recent box office champs Moulin Rouge and Chicago. "There’s this window of opportunity, and if I could find one soon before that shuts down, then I could probably do it." [...]

[01.03.2003] DH meldet...
The Daily Telegraph Newspaper here in Sydney says Olivia Newton John and John Travolta "officially" signed on for "Grease 3" this week. However, Newton-John debunked the rumour that Kylie Minogue is playing the daughter - apparently they've decided not to go with Kylie.

[23.01.2003] AICN kommentiert einen Bericht von Moviehole...
According to The Herald Sun - and despite the group The Bee Gee's lack of involvement - "Grease 3" is still happening, and as of today, 3 have signed up to appear in it. Travolta, Newton-John and Kylie Minogue have apparently just signed on the dotted line. And that's despite earlier reports that Minogue's rumoured casting was untrue.
Newton-John wanted her daughter Chloe, 16, to appear with her in the movie, in which her character Sandy and Travolta's character Danny return to Rydell High for a 20-year reunion.
But studio chiefs have signed Minogue, 34, to play the teenager instead.
"Kylie definitely doesn't look anything like her age and shouldn't have any problem playing a teenager," an insider told the paper.
"Anyway, it's worked before because Olivia was 30 herself when she played Sandy in 1978." Grease was a worldwide hit.
"I had tea with John the other day and he is really interested," Newton-John was quoted as saying.
"Grease 2 didn't work because they didn't use us."
Stockard Channing has agreed to cameo as Rizzo.

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DVDGrease - 2 Disc Rockin' Edition
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DVD-Extras: Digital remastert und restaurierter Film; separate Karaoke-Versionen; Einführung durch den Regisseur; Gelöschte und alternative Szenen; Die besten Szenen der DVD-Premierenfeier mit allen Stars; Interviews
Black Edition

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