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"The Brothers Grimm" - Terry Gilliam verfilmt das "wahre Leben" der Brüder Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm...

Wilhelm "Will" (Matt Damon, u.a. "Ocean's Eleven", "Bourne Identity") und Jakob "Jake" Grimm (Heath Ledger, u.a. "Ritter aus Leidenschaft", "Der Patriot") ziehen durch das durch die französische Besatzung leidende Deutschland des frühen 19. Jahrhunderts. Als vermeintliche Geistesaustreiber reisen sie durch die Lande und lassen sich ihren Exorzismus von den ahnungslosen Dorfbewohnern teuer bezahlen - die nicht wissen, dass diese Geistererscheinungen von den Brüdern selbst vorgetäuscht werden. Das geht gut, bis die Gauner von den französischen Besatzern gefangen genommen werden. Man verurteilt sie dazu, ihre Fähigkeiten als Hexenbeschwörer zu beweisen - gegen eine Hexe (Monica Bellucci, u.a. "Matrix Reloaded" und "Der Pakt der Wölfe"), die ihre unsterbliche Schönheit durch das Blut unschuldiger Kinder gewinnt...

Die Dreharbeiten begannen Ende Juni 2003 in Prag... Die Gebrüder Grimm kamen am 6. Oktober 2005 in die deutschen Kinos...


[08.08.2009] Der TV-Sender
RTL zeigt heute um 20.15 Uhr "Brothers Grimm"...

[14.04.2008] Der TV-Sender ZDF zeigt heute um 22.15 Uhr "Brothers Grimm" als deutsche Free-TV-Premiere...

[10.10.2006] Bei gibt es ein Interview mit Terry Gilliam...
[...] Is there a chance now with the new regime at Miramax that you could go back and re-cut The Brothers Grimm?
That’s the film I made. That’s my cut.
So the rumors that it’s Harvey Weinstein’s cut aren’t true?
No. There’s so much bullshit going around. What happened is that we had reached a point where we had done two public screenings and we were about to do a third and then Bob came over and saw a reel and a half and said, it doesn’t work. I said, you haven’t watched the film, Bob. I knew there was going to be a fight to the death. I said, listen Bob, I’ve got this other film [Tideland] we have to do because Jeremy got the money, we had to start shooting. Why don’t you just take the film away and do what you want with it and come back and we can talk about it.
They then called several award-winning directors and editors to take over the film and nobody did, and I went off and made TIDELAND, and we came back. We were editing TIDELAND and I got a call saying, Will you finish GRIMM, your cut. That’s my cut. I know the film is not my best film, but I don’t know what all the bad reviews are about. I think it’s actually a good film and I like it a lot! It’s flawed, but there are moments in there that are as good as anything I have ever done. I liked the film. [...]

[11.10.2005] Blickpunkt:Film meldet...
Wie bereits bei der Boxoffice-Trendmeldung vermutet, schob sich "Brothers Grimm" in der Endabrechnung an die Spitze der deutschen Charts. 192.967 Besucher zählte der Film von Terry Gilliam am Startwochenende [...]

[06.10.2005] Ab heute sind die "Brothers Grimm" in den deutschen Kinos zu Gast... Und bei Spiegel Online gibt es ein Interview mit Terry Gilliam, der u.a. ein paar nette Anekdoten ausplauderte...

[30.09.2005] Bei Blickpunkt:Film gibt es eine Kritik...

[31.07.2005] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik von Moriarty...

[25.07.2005] Bei gibt es ein neues Bild von Monica Belluci... Vorsicht !!!

[03.07.2005] Bei CS! gibt es mehrere Poster mit unterschiedlichen Motiven...

[02.07.2005] Bei gibt es neue Bilder...

[29.06.2005] Die Offizielle Website ist gestartet...

[16.06.2005] Moviefone präsentiert exklusiv den ersten "The Brothers Grimm" Trailer !!!

[02.06.2005] Empire Online sprach mit Terry Gilliam über seine Projekte...
[...] "Tideland is done. We finally finished that one, and we're actually finishing Grimm right now - we're in the dubbing theatres. So by the end of another two weeks, I'm a free man! And then we have to start selling the things. But I haven't had a film out since 1998, so it was about time I did something!"
And first up is The Brothers Grimm, which has gathered lots of positive buzz since the screening of 20 minutes of footage at this year's Cannes. "Well, 20 minutes is really good - the rest of it's crap! (laughs) Matt and Heath are totally convincing as brothers. They got on incredibly well, and hit it off. I didn't have to control them on set. They do all the work - I just have to nod occasionally, and pretend to know what I'm doing (laughs)."
"I basically cast them against type. Heath could be the cool, romantic lead, and Matt the introspective one, but I had it as the opposite. Matt plays the womanizer and hustler, and Heath plays the sensitive, romantic, neurotic character. It was really nice to watch them being completely different than they normally are." [...]

[27.05.2005] Bei gibt es das Poster...

[17.05.2005] Blickpunkt:Film berichtet über die Präsentation von "Brother's Grimm" in Cannes...

[15.04.2005] Bei gibt es ein paar sehenswerte Szenenbilder...

[08.04.2005] Bei AICN gibt es mehrere Bilder von den Sets...

[27.03.2005] Bei Dreams gibt es ein paar sehenswerte Produktionsskizzen...

[17.12.2004] Dreams sprach mit Terry Gilliam, u.a. über den Status von "Brother's Grimm"...
Now, what is the current status of The Brothers Grimm?
The current status of Grimm is still a little bit unclear. Up until a few days ago we thought we had to deliver the film for financial reasons by the end of March next year. But now I've just been told I have to deliver the film sometime in June.
Your final cut?
Yes. Due to the funding, there's restrictions on when it has to be delivered, so that's now the current date - we have to deliver by June. And at the moment over here Lesley Walker, who's also editing Tideland, and I have been working on the weekends on Grimm.
What work remains on it?
We've still got quite a few shots that aren't finalised on Grimm cgi-wise. In the end there's been about 750 cgi shots, and there's about 50 that aren't finished yet. And right now there's a lot of going round in circles about how much is left financially and the budget to pay for these things and how many shots are critical. So there's a lot of negotiations going on.
Any re-shoots in the pipeline?
No. It was finally agreed that I would finish the film with my cut with no re-shoots. That's been agreed, that is the current plan. [...]

[26.08.2004] Moviehole sprach mit Matt Damon...
[...] "Terry doesn’t have the final cut yet and they’ve also got to do the special effects - and it’s a pretty effects heavy movie. In the second and third acts there’s a bunch of effects stuff. I’ve seen the film, it’s good. It’s going to be a really good movie; I just think they’re holding it until next Spring". [...]

[24.07.2004] Bei SF Wire gibt es ein Interview mit Matt Damon...

[26.05.2004] Bei AICN gibt es Kritiken zu einer Rohfassung... SPOILER !!!
[...] The film opens beautifully with a scene in black & white and the only color we see is the blood red cloak,of who i assumed was Red Riding Hood,as she is being stalked by the wolf which for now we only see in shadow. After that we are introduced to The Brothers Grimm :Think Ghostbusters circa 1805.They go on and on to scared townspeople of how they can remove the witch that has been haunting them.Matt Damon is the pessimistic,womanizing,money loving Will Grimm,and Heath Ledger is the hopeful,bookish,hopeless romantic Jake Grimm.Of course its all a ruse,and Soon their tricks catch the eye of Jonathan Pryce as French emperor Delatombe who threatens them with torture unless they find 11 missing children who Delatombe believes were kidnapped by similar tricksters. Delatombe also places his italian aide Peter Stormare as Cavaldi to keep a close eye on the brothers.Arriving at the town in which the children have vanished they meet the beautiful Lena Headey as Angelika,think a female Davey Crocket of course both brothers become quite taken with her. [...]

[17.05.2004] SF Wire meldet...
MGM has pulled out of distribution of Terry Gilliam's upcoming dark fairy-tale movie The Brothers Grimm, leaving partner Dimension Films to handle worldwide distribution on its own, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Grimm went into production last summer with Dimension and MGM splitting costs and territories. But MGM backed out, retaining only a small equity investment in the film, the trade paper reported.
Grimm - starring Matt Damon, Heath Ledger, Jonathan Pryce and Monica Bellucci - originally was developed at MGM, with Mosaic Media's Charles Roven producing with Daniel Bobker. Dimension came on board to co-finance and produce and to handle domestic distribution in March 2003, the trade paper reported.
MGM is understood to have reached the decision on Grimm in part due to its heavy international release slate next year, in which the studio will unveil The Amityville Horror and the next James Bond movie, among other films, the trade paper reported. The Brothers Grimm is eyeing a November release date.

[21.04.2004] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik zu einer Testvorführung...
[...] Overall the story was pretty interesting, once it finally got into gear, but it was a little too long - just under two and a half hours. [...]

[13.04.2004] Bei USA Today gibt es einen Set-Bericht... SPOILER !!!

[16.02.2004] Bei The Z Review gibt es weitere Bilder...

[06.02.2004] The Z Review hat neue Bilder von Monica Bellucci als "Evil Queen" veröffentlicht !!!

[21.01.2004] Empire Online sprach mit Terry Gilliam...
"[...] we've finished shooting! Now we're editing it. I actually saw the first assembly today for the first time, and, well, it's going to be busy for the next few months," says Gilliam. "There's hundreds of special effects shots. Part of it is editing in the dark, because you're trying to imagine extraordinary things."
The film is about the two brothers, played by Heath Ledger and Matt Damon, who travel around the Napoleonic countryside vanquishing fake monsters and demons in exchange for cash. When the French government figures out what they're up to, they force the brothers to deal with the real thing...a number of murders being committed under mysterious circumstances in the northern woods between Germany and France. It is there that they have to try and discover what's really happening and deal with it before more people are killed or their lack of success leads to the guillotine.
"These are very different from their normal characters. They're cast completely against type, which is always a gamble, but when it pays off I love it," adds Gilliam. "The actors love it, and the audience likes waking up and discovering the world is different every day." [...]

[01.01.2004] CS! zitiert Terry Gilliam... SPOILER !!!
"I just finished shooting 'The Brothers Grimm,' starring Matt Damon, Jonathan Pryce and Monica Bellucci. We shot in Prague in six different languages: English, French, Russian, Czech, Spanish, Italian. It's the most expensive film I've never done. It concerns the brothers Grimm, who first pretend to save people in their village, then they find themselves in the middle of a real curse. It will be full of special effects: walking trees, flying wolves and a flock of crows doing incredible things.... Monica Bellucci is the Queen of the Mirrors, thanks to her the film becomes an adult fairy-tale..."

[03.12.2003] Bei CS! gibt es ein Bild von Monica Bellucci als "Evil Queen" !!!

[26.11.2003] DH zitiert Matt Damon...
"I'm happy to report to you all that I've just done a movie that Terry Gilliam directed. It's finished. Yeah, it's finished, yes. It was great, it was really great, and he was everything that I could have ever hoped he would be. You know, watching 'Lost in La Mancha' you see how passionate he is and what an incredible director he is, and it was just really nice to work with him. I have huge, huge hopes for that movie, I think it could really be special. It's very funny, it's got a lot of fairy tale imagery in it and stuff that the Brothers Grimm ended up writing about. Hard to classify, really. I'll probably see a cut of it in about six months or something, but it'll be interesting to see".

[17.11.2003] Bei CS! gibt es einen Artikel aus dem Magazin "Empire" - inkl. neuen Bildern...
[...] Joining Gilliam on the set was X2: X-Men United production designer Guy Hendrix Dyas. "Guy's work on this is amazing," added Gilliam. Dyas has had the chance to build and entire fairy tale village on the backlot, ruined castles, and not one but two full sized forests - one studio-based, one outside.
"We tried to find a real forest," Dyas explains. "Terry and I spent nearly a month scouting out here trying to find one. But then we realized that to control that environment we'd have to build it on set. So Terry can shoot day or night - do whatever he wants to do."
The magazine visited the set where Matt Damon was licking a toad. Repeatedly, take after take after vomit-inducing take. "It was okay until the lady doctor told me to take these three infection pills afterwards," laughs Damon. "Then again, for the money they're paying me, I can't complain." Also, Gilliam was admiring one of his forests as it's burnt to the ground by an army of Napoleonic soldiers. "Now that's a fire!" he shouts, an impish grin on his face. [...]

[13.11.2003] Reuters sprach mit Matt Damon...

[22.10.2003] DH zeigt Heath Ledger und Matt Damon in ihren Kostümen !!!

[21.10.2003] ET Online berichtet...
[...] Matt explained the general idea: "They're con artists, going from town to town trying to fool people into thinking they're ridding the town of the local witch or bridge troll. We've got forest fires ... running and people trying to kill us! It's all that kind of swashbuckling stuff!"
The inventive brothers are so successful at this ruse that NAPOLEON's government calls them in to investigate a potential, real-life villainess (played by MONICA BELLUCCI), who may be responsible for stealing the blood from innocent, young girls. [...]

[13.10.2003] Bei Guy Hendrix Dyas gibt es Artwork...

[16.09.2003] CS! meldet...
"Matrix" star Monica Bellucci has signed to play the evil queen in Terry Gilliam's Brothers Grimm, now shooting in Prague.
A Dimension Films-MGM co-production, Brothers Grimm is the story of two traveling con artists who perform bogus exorcisms and pretend to protect people from enchanted creatures until they encounter a real magical curse in a haunted forest.
Bellucci will portray the forest's ruler, a woman who has found eternal life but not eternal beauty. She turns to the forest in order to procure the young virgins whose blood she needs to stay lovely.
The film stars Matt Damon, Heath Ledger and Jonathan Pryce. Written by Gilliam, Tony Grisoni and Ehren Kruger, production is expected to continue through mid-November.

[29.07.2003] Bei gibt es Bilder vom Set...

[30.06.2003] berichtet über die Dreharbeiten...
Terry Gilliam's $75m Brothers Grimm kicks off its 17-week shoot in Prague today, with Matt Damon, Heath Ledger, Lena Heady, Peter Stormare and Jonathan Pryce in the main roles.
The shoot will travel around the Czech Republic for the next two weeks, with Czech castle- and cathedral towns including Krivoklat, Kacina, Kutna Hora and Ledec doubling for the 19th-century German countryside.
MGM and Miramax, via its Dimension subsidiary, are teaming up on the fantasy production, which casts Damon and Ledger as Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, the fairy-tale brothers, who in Gilliam's version are "Jake and Will," two 19th-century con artists who meet their match when they encounter an actual curse. Gilliam, Ehren Kruger and Tony Grisoni wrote the screenplay.
Robin Williams is no longer on board, and recent negotiations with Nicole Kidman for a small part failed to pan out, a source on the set told Screendaily.
Charles Roven and Daniel Bobker are producing, with John D Scofield as executive producer. Director of Photographer is Nicola Pecorini, Gabriella Pescucci is handing costume design and Guy Hendrix Dyas serves as production designer.
Prague-based upstart production service company Reforma Films is overseeing services for the shoot, which is based at Prague's Barrandov studio complex, together with Etic.

[14.06.2003] Fangoria meldete kürzlich...
[...] Dimension’s BROTHERS GRIMM epic, directed by Terry Gilliam from a script by RING’s Ehren Kruger, has added Lena (GOSSIP) Headey, Peter (BRUISER) Stormare and Jonathan Pryce to its ensemble; Pryce and Robin Williams had previously been said to be in talks to play villains, but Williams’ participation has not been confirmed. The movie rolls June 30 in and around Prague.

[02.05.2003] Moviehole meldet, dass Nicole Kidman eine kleine Rolle übernehmen wird...

[24.04.2003] CS! meldet...
The Terry Gilliam-helmed Brothers Grimm will start filming in Prague on June 30, says Variety. The 17-week shoot films through October 23 at Barrandov and on location in the Czech Republic. [...]

[05.03.2003] CS! meldet...
Dimension Films will partner with MGM to co-finance, produce and handle domestic distribution on the $75 million action fantasy Brothers Grimm, which figures as the company's biggest-budget production to date.
According to Variety, the Terry Gilliam-directed film, with offers out to Robin Williams, Heath Ledger and Matt Damon, is one of four high-profile projects on which Dimension will team with studio partners. [...]

[20.02.2003] CS! meldet...
Variety reports that Matt Damon, Heath Ledger, Robin Williams and Jonathan Pryce are in line to become MGM's fairy tale cast for its comedic actioner Brothers Grimm. In development at the studio for nearly two years, the film is now on the fast track for a 2004 release under the direction of Terry Gilliam.
The action-adventure tale revolving around the legendary German brothers and fairy tale scribes Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm is set to start shooting around Prague in June.
Written by The Ring screenwriter Ehren Kruger, the fictional plot has the folklore collectors, now called Jake and Will, traveling from village to village pretending to protect townsfolk from enchanted creatures and pulling off exorcisms. They are put to the test when they encounter a real magical curse, requiring genuine courage.
Final negotiations on the castings are underway, calling for Damon and Ledger to play the brothers, while Williams and Pryce would portray the villains Cavaldi and Delatombe.

[17.11.2002] AICN weiss mehr über den Stand der Dinge...
[...] "Brothers Grimm", which Gilliam says IS one of the studio in-house projects, which means there's a better chance. I didn't gather a real sense of excitement from him regarding BG. He said that he's spending the next 8 weeks trying to figure out casting, budgeting, etc. So, he says that's the timeframe on whether or not he'll do this one is 2 months. Gilliam said that this one has the most momentum right now, so that's where he's hitched his wagon for the time being. [...]

[31.07.2002] CS! meldet...
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Terry Gilliam is returning to the fantastical world of fairy tales and adventure that he explored in Time Bandits and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, signing on to develop with an eye to direct Brothers Grimm for MGM and Mosaic Media Group. A spring production start is being targeted.
"Grimm," in development for nearly two years at MGM, is a fictional action-adventure tale about folklore collectors and brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, called Jake and Will in this version. While traveling from village to village pretending to protect townsfolk from enchanted creatures, they encounter a real sorceress with terrifying powers and are put to the test.
The project is described as mixing the adventure of the Indiana Jones films with the humor of Shrek. Scribe Ehren Kruger (The Ring) penned the "Grimm" screenplay.
The only potential snag in the deal to direct "Grimm" could be Blue Ribbon Operation, a project that Gilliam is attached to direct for Imagemovers that was formerly set up at DreamWorks Pictures.

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Eine Sammlung der berühmtesten, im Film zitierten Märchen mit einem Lebensbild der Brüder Grimm, einem Nachwort von Terry Gilliam und Filmbildern...

Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm, Anastassija Archipowa (Illustrator)
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