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Xbox 360 Die archivierten Nachrichten aus der Rubrik "Aktuelles"...

[26.09.2007] Heute erscheint "Halo 3" für Xbox 360 - auch als Limited Edition !!! Bei GT gibt es mehrere sehenswerte Videos zu "Halo 3"...

[25.09.2007] Quint von AICN durfte sich bei Bungie durch "Halo 3" kämpfen und berichtet...

[18.09.2007] Via AICN kommt u.a. ein weiteres "Halo 3"-Commercial, sowie dessen Making-Of...

[28.08.2007] Bei gibt es ein "Halo Wars" Gameplay-Video...

[24.08.2007] Via AICN kommt der Hinweis auf das neue "Halo 3"-Commercial #2, welches ebenfalls von Neill Blomkamp inszeniert wurde, der beim "Halo"-Kinofilm Regie führen soll(te)...

[12.07.2007] Via AICN kommt der Hinweis auf das "Halo 3"-Commercial "Halo: Arms Race", welches von Neill Blomkamp inszeniert wurde, der ebenfalls beim "Halo"-Kinofilm Regie führen soll(te)... Nicht zu vergessen: Der "Halo 3" E3 2007 Trailer ist ebenfalls online... Und dann wäre da noch die "Halo Wars" Gameplay Montage...

[19.06.2007] meldet...
Less than a year after its plans to co-produce with Universal a movie based on Halo, Microsoft's hit video-game franchise, fell apart, 20th Century Fox has signed a deal to become the primary licensor for Halo, Variety reported.
That means the studio will handle worldwide merchandise licensing for Halo on behalf of the tech giant.
Though the unsuccessful film development helped bring the two companies closer together, Fox's licensing division has a longer relationship with Microsoft. It handled similar duties for Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo: Elements of Power, two Microsoft-published games that came out in late 2005 in conjunction with the launch of the Xbox 360.
Fox is aiming to launch a broad array of products, from books to apparel to collectible merchandise, in conjunction with the release of Halo 3 in September.
Fox is already in various stages of discussion with several dozen licensees and will be talking to potential partners at this week's Toy Fair in New York.

[17.05.2007] Quint von AICN berichtet über den "Halo 3" Beta-Test...

[25.11.2006] Bei Halo Base gibt es die Übersetzung eines Gamespot-Interviews...

[31.10.2006] Die Produktion wurde gestoppt !!! CS! meldet...
After Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox backed out of co-financing the Halo movie, it was reported that prep work would continue at Jackson's Weta studios in New Zealand. But now, Jackson and Microsoft's WingNut Films has released the following statement saying that production has halted:
As was previously confirmed, we deeply regret that both Universal and Fox did not choose to move forward with financing the Halo film under the original terms of the agreement. At this time Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh, along with their partner, Microsoft, have mutually agreed to postpone making a feature film based on the Halo video game universe until we can fulfill the promise we made to millions of Halo fans throughout the world that we would settle for no less than bringing a first class film to the big screen. We are fully supportive of Director Neill Blomkamp's vision of the film. Neill is a tremendously gifted filmmaker and his preliminary work on Halo is truly awe-inspiring. While it will undoubtedly take a little longer for Halo to reach the big screen, we are confident that the final feature film will be well worth the wait.
The script, originally written by Alex Garland and rewritten by D.B. Weiss, was to have gotten another rewrite by A History of Violence scribe Josh Olson. The movie was previously targeted for a summer 2008 release.

[29.10.2006] AICN bietet einen Schwung "Halo 3"-Bilder...

[27.10.2006] Warner Bros. oder Paramount als Finanzgeber !?! CS! meldet...
Now that both Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox have backed out of financing Halo, producers and Microsoft have concentrated their efforts this week on Warner Bros. and Paramount, reports Variety.
Sony, whose PlayStation is a direct competitor to Microsoft's Xbox, was never a possibility; Microsoft's rivalry with Apple made Disney a difficult fit, because Apple CEO Steve Jobs is the company's largest individual shareholder and a Disney board member. And New Line is still engaged in a dispute with Halo producers Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh over "The Lord of the Rings" proceeds.
Warner Bros. and its financing partners are coming off a tough year, and they've so far balked at the deal terms proposed by the Halo, team, adds the trade.
The Universal/Fox deal gave the movie a $128 million budget. Microsoft and the producers would have received 19% of the gross.
Prep work continues at Jackson's Weta studios in New Zealand. An Alex Garland script, already rewritten by Ender's Game scribe D.B Weiss, will get another rewrite by A History of Violence scribe Josh Olson.

[23.10.2006] kommentiert den Ausstieg von Universal Pictures und 20th Century Fox...
[...] "We are disappointed that Universal and Fox wanted to significantly renegotiate the financial points of the deal. But the Halo franchise is hugely popular and our goal remains the same - to find a partner that shares our passion and will creatively collaborate with us to best represent the story and spirit of the Halo franchise. Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and the rest of the creative team are dedicated to ensuring the Halo movie becomes a reality. We are already in discussions with potential partners who recognize the value of the Halo brand and its appeal to consumers worldwide."
The reality here at Bungie towers is a feeling of optimism, satisfaction and happiness for reasons we can’t go into. Frankly we’re interested in making the best movie, and it’s possible that a partner who’s more concerned with numbers, might not be the best partner for what’s more vitally a creative process. Suffice it to say that Peter, Neill, Fran and Microsoft are as excited and dedicated as ever and WETA continues the pre-production process. Actually, when you do finally get to see the stuff WETA has already made, you will probably pee a little. [...]

[20.10.2006] Die Finanzierung der "Halo"-Verfilmung steht auf wackeligen Beinen !!! CS! meldet...
Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox have backed out of co-financing the big screen adaptation of Microsoft's Halo, reports Variety.
The trade says that while rumors had the studios concerned over a budget that was rising above the original projected $135 million budget, the filmmakers said the double defection came after Universal and Fox played hardball and unsuccessfully tried to get the filmmakers and Microsoft to reduce their profit participation.
The studios made the pay cut demand as a Oct. 15 deadline approached. On that day Microsoft was to have received the bulk of a promised $5 million upfront payday. The software giant also stood to receive 10% of gross for rights to the game and a script by Alex Garland.
"The only budget the filmmakers every spoke about was $145 million less the 12.5% rebate that you get from shooting in New Zealand, which would put it at about $128 million," said Ken Kamins, who represents the pic's executive producers Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh. "That was the only number that was ever discussed.
"What happened was this: Universal, on behalf of both studios, asked for a meeting with the filmmakers just prior to the due date of a significant payment. Basically, they said that in order to move forward with the film, the filmmakers had to significantly reduce their deals. They waited until the last minute to have this conversation. Peter and Fran, after speaking with their producing partners and with Microsoft and Bungee, respectfully declined."
Kamins said Microsoft is already in talks with other distribution partners. Prep work on the film continues, he said.

[28.09.2006] Wie GameFront meldet, wird es in naher Zukunft weitere "Halo"-Spiele geben: Das Echtzeit-Strategiespiel "Halo Wars" und ein "Halo"-Spiel unter Mitwirkung von Peter Jackson und Wingnut Interactive...

[15.09.2006] Bei AICN gibt es ein Interview mit Peter Jackson, der u.a. über den Stand der Dinge (das Drehbuch ist noch nicht fertig) und den "Halo"-Regisseur Neill Blomkamp plaudert...
[...] when Neill came along and we saw what he'd done and we'd spoken to him... believe me, he's doing something that is very, very different from what people are imagining, from what people have seen before. Some of the visuals... He's been working with Weta pretty much full time for, I guess it'd be about 2 months now, turning out lots and lots of art every day. And maquettes, production design, color art has been coming out of there. I've got folders and folders of it at home here. It's fantastic stuff. I mean, I look through it and I get excited about the film.
We're still developing a script and we've still got work to go on the script and that's underway, but while that's happening Neill is just producing his vision of this world. It is original and new and has not been seen before on the screen. It's not Ridley Scott, it's not James Cameron, it's not what we've seen before, but it's something new and fresh and it's cool. [...]

[19.08.2006] Bei AICN gibt es ein Interview mit dem Regisseur Neill Blomkamp...
Quint: [...] What's the overall tone you want to strike with the movie? Escapist, big budget action fun? Gritty, realistic future war? Neither? Both?
Neill Blomkamp: Well, I don’t want to give away exactly how I want to be, but, big budget action can certainly look very similar to 100 other films which are big budget action, so my goal is to make something that is honestly unique and a radical departure from stuff we are used to.
I’ve been given the resources and the source material to make something awesome, so I have to really invest myself 100% in a film that I love every frame of, and for me to love every frame means it has to have something that sets it apart.
Fans of the game should love this film, people who don’t know the game should be transported to a place that blows them away for two hours. [...]

[16.07.2006] Wie meldet, wird das "Halo"-Drehbuch von D.B. Weiss überarbeitet...
What seemed like a production on the fast track with the feature adaptation of the popular video game HALO is shaping up to be yet another horror story of production hell as the producers recently decided to toss out 28 DAYS LATER scribe Alex Garland's script (which is weird considering there seemed to be unanimous agreement that his script was excellent) and handed writing duties to novelist/screenwriter DB Weiss. He recently spoke to "GameSetWatch" about his involvement in the project and had this to say "Yeah, I’m pretty excited about it. And I did always think there was a lot more to the Halo universe than most games -- I remember switching to "Easy" mode on the first game, so I could plow through it more quickly and find out what happened next." Needless to say, this will likely significantly alter the production timeline, especially if the producers keep hiring new scribes until they get the "perfect" script. [...]

[13.06.2006] Bei gibt es eine Vorschau auf die 128-seitige "Halo: The Graphic Novel" (Hardcover - 24,99 US-Dollar), die am 19. Juli 2006 in den USA erscheinen wird...

[10.05.2006] Der "Halo 3" E3 2006 Announcement Trailer ist online und GameSpot meldet... SPOILER !!!
[...] Bungie, the internal Microsoft studio that created Halo, also released the trailer onto the Internet, and a high definition version was put up on Xbox Live Marketplace, the online service available to Xbox 360 owners. To quote the accompanying text found on Xbox Live, Halo 3 is about Earth under Convenant rule: "With its defensive forces, all but obliterated, Earth has fallen to the unstoppable might of the Convenant. These alien occupiers have discovered something beneath the ancient African sands - something incredible... something Forerunner." [...]

[29.03.2006] Bei DH gibt es ein Interview mit Peter Jackson...
Question: [...] Halo is a film that you're executive producing, is that...
Jackson: Correct.
Question: It's still going on?
Jackson: Yep. [...]

[09.12.2005] Bei Empire Online gibt es ein Interview mit Guillermo del Toro...
The rumours are true: Peter Jackson has approached Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro to helm the eagerly-awaited adaptation of the best-selling videogame, Halo.
However, del Toro - who's currently in Madrid, where he's in post-production on his new Spanish-language fantasy film, Pan's Labyrinth - is torn between committing to the Universal movie, or reuniting with his favourite comic character for Hellboy 2.
How do we know this? Well, we spoke to our old chum Guillermo yesterday and he confirmed that when he finishes work on Pan's Labyrinth - "the best thing I've ever done, that's not saying much but I'm sure of it! It's really beautiful, man!" - he has a quandary.
On the one hand, he is raring to go on Hellboy 2, the sequel to last year's cracking comic book adaptation, starring Ron Perlman as the red-skinned, demonic, wisecracking paranormal investigator.
The original made just under $100 million worldwide, but has done very well on DVD, prompting Sony Revolution to allow him and producers Lloyd Levin and Larry Gordon to develop a sequel. "It's going really good," says del Toro, who's completed a script. "It's about the fairy world and the mythical creatures all rebelling against humanity and saying it's the end of mankind and it's the season for the sons of the Earth. And basically Hellboy has to try to repress or suppress that rebellion."
Sounds good. Perlman and the rest of the original cast - including Selma Blair, Doug Jones, David Hyde-Pierce and Rupert Evans - are all coming back, while Hellboy creator Mike Mignola is also on board. "He should be reading the screenplay right now," laughed Guillermo.
But - and it's a big but - Hellboy 2 is still awaiting the big greenlight, before filming can take place (partially in the UK, fact fans). "We're budgeting," said del Toro. "I'm very much looking forward to it. I wanna do it. It's still on the front burner, but it's all about budget."
On the back burner, but very much in Guillermo's thinking, is Halo, a game that, with its fully realised alien worlds and bizarre creatures, is after del Toro's own heart.
"Well, Halo is very much an interesting project because it's so full of monsters," he said. "It's a big temptation. I'm in talks with them [Universal and Bungie Films] and Peter, but it's not true that it's on and Hellboy's off. Hellboy's on. If everything goes as planned, Hellboy will go."
An avid gamer, del Toro has been a big fan of Halo for some time. "Most of the time games don't have an universe or creatures that interest me enough. And this one does. Master Chief [Halo's mysterious hero] is such an iconic character and it's very much a sort of a good version of [Hellboy villain] Kroenen."
One factor in Halo's favour is that, from Doom to Resident Evil to Super Mario Bros., there hasn't yet been a good game-to-film transfer. "No, there hasn't," agrees Guillermo. "I really love the technical and visual challenges of the movie. It's a very intense game and I thought it was very cinematic. The game is structured in many ways like a movie. It could kick some ass."
However, time is not on Guillermo's side - if Hellboy 2 happens, or takes some time to go, it's possible Halo could go somewhere else. "The ideal for me would be to do Hellboy 2 and if Halo doesn't go away, then yeah, I'd love to do both. But it may go to somebody else. We'll see."

[06.12.2005] Bei DH gibt es ein Interview mit Peter Jackson...
Question: What attracted you to Halo?
Jackson: I'm a fan of the game.
Question: But video game movies suck.
Jackson: They do.
Question: So what will be different?
Jackson: Hopefully it won't suck.
Question: But why not direct?
Jackson: I want a break. I want to have the fun but not the hard work. I just want to be part of the creative team but not actually have the pain.
Question: Is there a director?
Jackson: Not yet, no. We're talking to some people but we're going to be shooting that next year. [...]
Question: Are you surprised with the positive reaction to the Halo script?
Jackson: Well, I'm pleased, yeah. You never know what to expect. [...]

[02.12.2005] IESB meldet...
Today during the junket for King Kong in New York an interesting story has started to develop. After weeks of speculation one possible director for Halo is no other then latino filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro. The word in the street is that he is currently in negotiations with Peter Jackson to direct the larger then life movie adaptation of the best selling video game.
If Peter does hire Del Toro that would force a delay on the upcoming sequel of Hellboy which 1st draft script was turned in recently to the studio. The question arises, will Sony/Revolution wait for Del Toro or bring some else aboard to direct the big red guy?
Official announcement is rumored to be very soon. [...]

[08.11.2005] Bei Latino Review gibt es eine sehr positive Kritik zum Drehbuch... SPOILER !!!
[...] This script rocks man. The script is so damn good and entertaining that I read it more than once. A tour de force. The clowns at the other studios who passed on this are gonna lose their jobs when this movie comes out and opens huge. Whoever at the other studios thought that this script wasn’t up to snuff can kiss my ass. Idiots. You think Peter Jackson is going to get involved with a property if the script royally sucked?! I think not.
Halo is a balls to the wall unapologetic, ruthlessly ultra-violent war movie - and it’s cool as hell, man. How violent is it? It’s the Saving Private Ryan of video game movies. We got headshots, bodies being cut in half by the swords of the Stealth Elite. We see what kind of damage plasma grenades can do and yes we get to see the horror of flood infection vessels - heads snapping back and torsos exploding. [...]

[03.11.2005] IGNFF meldet...
[...] It sounds like the Halo movie could start shooting in as few as six months. According to a report on the Scoop Independant News website, the film adaptation of Microsoft/Bungie's hit videogame series will begin filming in May with a mid-2007 release date planned. This is the first news we've heard of a production timeline for highly-anticipated flick.
This bit of news was apparently included in an official press release promoting a charity auction featuring an Xbox and Halo 2 game autographed by newly-signed Halo movie producer Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings, King Kong).
A director is not yet on board the project, but should be signed in the next several months as it appears likely that production will commence in Wellington, New Zealand this spring, with a blowout blockbuster release projected in Summer 2007.
Meanwhile, Bungie's Joe Staten has posted "The Great Hollywood Journey, Part III," his account of a recent trip to New Zealand to meet with Jackson and his partner Fran Walsh. It's online over at
Staten recounts their tour of the supremely cool WETA facility and had a bit to say about the Halo movie's status. "Believe it or not we actually did some work on the Halo film during our stay," he says. "Among other things we had a series of good conversations about script revisions and director options." [...]

[15.10.2005] Auf der diesjährigen XO5 gab es eine erste offizielle Stellungnahme von Peter Jackson, die man als 7 MB grosses WMV-Video bei TheCrazyHunters downloaden kann...

[05.10.2005] Blickpunkt:Film berichtet über eine mögliche "Halo"-Verfilmung durch Peter Jackson...

[04.10.2005] Bei gibt es folgende offizielle (!!!) Meldung zur "Halo"-Verfilmung...
[...] A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to partner with two tremendous Producers from Universal, Mary Parent and Scott Stuber. In the short time they’ve been on board, Mary and Scott have joined with Peter Schlessel to accomplish unimaginably wonderful things. Example? They’ve secured an Executive Producer to help guarantee the creative integrity and technical excellence of the Halo film.
And that Executive Producer’s name is Peter Jackson.
I’ll give you a second to process. If you’re having a strong, emotional reaction, don’t panic. When I heard the news it took me the better part of a day just to stop smiling.
Yes. The Peter Jackson, Executive Producing the Halo film.
Needless to say I and the rest of Bungie are positively incontinent (Marty especially). But what really knocks us on our asses is we’re also getting the combined talent of the mighty men and women of WETA in the bargain. From fabricating Covenant weapons to building life-sized Forerunner structures to accomplishing shot after shot of complex live-action/CG integration - simply put, there’s no group of people we’d rather have realize the Halo universe on screen.
Indeed, I don’t think there’s another group that even could.
Mary and Scott know Peter Jackson and his partner Fran Walsh because of their work on King Kong (which Universal is distributing), so I asked them for their personal take on this development:
"First, let me just say how honored and excited Scott and I are to be involved in this project. As huge fans of the game ourselves we know how high the bar is. We've made it our mission to try and involve the absolute very best people one can imagine in every capacity. Having developed a great relationship with Peter and Fran through the extraordinary Kong experience, and seeing first hand just how unique a filmmaking environment they have crafted, we approached them about the possibility of coming aboard to Exec Produce. Not surprisingly, they were already avid fans of the game, and given our existing shorthand, they said yes! To be able to continue our relationship with them - on HALO of all projects - is really a dream come true for us in the biggest possible way."
I daresay me too. And did I mention that Mary and Scott are awesome?
Not surprisingly I’ve begun apartment hunting in Wellington - though Chris Butcher says I can bunk with his grandmother in Christchurch so long I don’t mind a bit of a commute...
I’m only half joking. Parsons and I are hopping on a plane to New Zealand next week to meet Mr. Jackson and his team, and I imagine it won’t be the last time we make the trip.
If I didn’t make this clear in my previous update, Bungie’s in this for the long haul - 100% dedicated to making the Halo movie the best it can be. Now we have help. Ten thousand pound gorilla help. And that’s just about the best kind there is. [...]

[20.09.2005] AICN kommentiert das Gerücht, nach dem Uwe Boll Regie führen wird...
[...] Microsoft and Bungie are too protective of their sugar daddy big moneymaker to let Mr. HOUSE OF THE DEAD take the reins. Universal, 20th Century Fox, Microsoft and Bungie are too smart to let that happen [...]

[10.06.2004] Blickpunkt:Film widmet sich der geplanten Leinwandadaption...

[10.06.2004] meldet...
20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures are teaming up to make a feature film adaptation of the Microsoft video game "Halo." Negotiations still were under way at press time Thursday, but under the deal, Universal will take domestic rights and Fox will handle international on the project. Further components could be included in the agreement. The deal -- based on a script by "28 Days Later" scribe Alex Garland -- caused a stir earlier in the week when CAA sent it out via a messenger clad in a "Halo"-esque green costume. The deal came bearing some pretty stiff terms, including a two-hour bidding period and demands for $10 million against 15% of the gross. The script was commissioned by Microsoft, which also brought in producer Peter Schlessel to work on the project.

[08.06.2004] DH meldet...
Messengers outfitted like the hero in Microsoft vidgame "Halo" hit the studios Monday with a screenplay based on the bestselling franchise reports Variety. The script by "28 Days Later" scribe Alex Garland is now complete and has met the approval of Microsoft execs and the game's creators at subsiduary Bungie Studios.
Microsoft and CAA are seeking an advance of $10 million against 15% of the gross and strict control of development of a film adaptation. Winning studio would have to follow a "bible" created by game developers to make sure any changes to the script don't alter the universe established in the first two "Halo" games that will continue in future sequels for the Xbox.
Microsoft was apparently looking for a very quick response from studios, and whichever studio picked it up would have to move quickly into production with a start of shooting date scheduled for January. New Line and DreamWorks have already passed on the project and Sony is believed to have not been included because of its PlayStation division's competition with Microsoft.
Because of its value, Microsoft has been particularly protective of "Halo," refusing to sign the kind of licensing deal typical to most film adaptations. Sources close to those who read the script Monday indicated that it was particularly dense and loyal to the game's world, which features a rich alien mythology, but relatively little in character development (not so official sources have already started slamming it in fact).

[10.03.2005] Team Xbox meldete kürzlich...
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer is reporting that Microsoft is doubling the staff for the next installment in the Halo series.
"Making a game is getting to be more and more like making a movie," J Allard said in an interview. "You need to hire more artists, more animators and more musicians."
The Chief XNA Architect revealed to the SPI that 65 people worked for more than two years to develop Halo 2 and now the software giant is doubling Bungie staff for the next installment.

[27.02.2005] IGN berichtet über "Halo 3"...
[...] IGN learned last week while drinking secretly imported beers with its informants that Microsoft is prepared for the battle of its life in this upcoming console war. From what we understand, Bungie is hard at work on, not so surprisingly, Halo 3, which will be ready day and date with the launch of PlayStation 3.
So, while Bungie said it's working on something else, well, we have different news. Sure, the smart creative guys at Bungie are working on something else, but you had better bet your bottom dollar they're also working on the next Halo. The release of Halo 3 at the precise launch of PS3 is a pure, military tactical move, similar to the PS2's greatest lineup ever launching simultaneously with the launch of the Xbox and GameCube. It's designed to counter Sony's upcoming launch with the best weapon Earth has on its side, Master Chief.

[04.02.2005] CS! meldet...
Microsoft has put the finishing touches on a deal to hire Alex Garland (28 Days Later, The Beach) to adapt the bestselling video game franchise into one movie, reports Variety. The trade says Garland's screenplay will then be offered to studios as a complete "turnkey" script and rights package.
The "Halo" franchise is one of the most popular in video game history, having sold over 12.8 million units and grossed approximately $600 million since its 2001 debut. Last year, "Halo 2" sold 6.4 million copies and was the second-bestselling game of the year. [...]

[23.12.2004] DH meldet...
Every other week it seems we hear about another video game being turned into a big screen action vehicle or epic. Yet the valid question has been raised, why is that Microsoft's "Halo 2" and Rockstar Games' "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas", easily two of the most successful titles in any entertainment field this year, not headed the same way?
According to Variety it seems the answer is that the properties are so valuable that Hollywood doesn't have much to offer. Even if the company was offered huge amounts like $20 million for the rights, the harm of a film adaptation (games to movies so far have had a poor track record) may hurt more than do good - especially with both franchises still in their prime and the ability to make far more money in the games arena than in cinema.
Sources indicate that Microsoft is developing its own script for a "Halo" movie inhouse and has contacted agencies to bring an A-list screenwriter onboard to help work on it. If the games developer is happy with said script, it's expected to then be shopped around to producers or studios. Rockstar has reportedly snubbed interest from major players including Tony Scott and Eminem, and there are hints it may be working on its own script as well.

[19.11.2004] Bei AICN gibt es Insider-Infos...
[...] I work at Warner-Bros. We recently had a meeting with Ronald Shusett and Daniel Alter over doing the video-game adaptation for this upcoming movie they're producing called 2176. It's an epic space opera that's essentialy a futurisitc retelling of the revolutionary war. WBIE used to be monolith, which developed the ALIEN Vs. PREDATOR games. Shusett co-created the ALIEN franchise and co-wrote the story for AVP.
Anyway, it turns out one of our senior execs here has been trying to ankle and move into film producing and approached Bungie back at E3 about the HALO movie rights. The word from the company was that unless you got the writer and director of the original ALIEN, everyone can go fish. So with the writer/producer of ALIEN sitting in (someone')s office, I guess he who shall remain nameless thought it was his time to strike.
Now the tricky part is, apparently Ridley Scott has seen the materials before. And subsequently passed on doing it. But, with HALO 2 sales having been astronomical, Shusett and Alter's camp has been in-touch with Scott Free about it. What's more, upon reviewing the game, Shusett commented that it reminded him of STARSHIP TROOPERS, which apparently Ridley and him had considered collaborating on 20 plus years ago after ALIEN came out. Funny, considering Shusett's TOTAL RECALL director Paul Verhoeven went on to bastardize Heinlein's classic.
Don't know if Ridley's budged. Or how serious Bungie is about licensing the movie rights. But a HALO movie from the creative team behind ALIEN, and who also toyed with STARSHIP TROOPERS, would seem to be a great fit. What I wonder is if these parties can't come to an accord, why wouldn't Bungie be open to somebody like James Cameron? [...]

[15.11.2004] Wie aus zuverlässigen Quellen erfahren haben will, kommt der "Halo"-Kinofilm: Storytechnisch wird sich der Film am Handlungsbogen rund um "Halo" und den Nachfolger "Halo 2" orientieren und etwas darüber hinausgehen... Angeblich wird Ridley Scott Regie führen, Ed Harris soll Commander Keyes verkörpern, Samuel L. Jackson steht für die Rolle des Captain Johnson auf dem Konzeptzettel... Microsoft wird den Film voraussichtlich in der Januar-Ausgabe des amerikanischen Film-Magazins Variety ankündigen...

[11.05.2004] Bei gibt es neue Infos, Bilder und Movies zu "Halo 2" !!!

[24.10.2003] Heute erscheint "Halo" für Windows-PC... Bei KGN gibt es eine Kritik...

[27.06.2003] Bei Giga Games gibt es Infos zu neuen Folgen der sehenswerten "Halo"-Comedy-Movie-Serie "The Blood Gulch Chronicles", die man bei downloaden kann...

[12.06.2003] Auf der Offiziellen Website gibt es das E3 2003 "Halo 2" Video !!!

[07.01.2003] Halo Orbit meldete kürzlich...
Im HCB wird schon lange darüber diskutiert, laut Matt Soell ist ein Halo Kinofilm aber nicht in Arbeit. Schade eigentlich...

[23.09.2002] Bungie hat nach dem "Halo 2" Announcement Trailer, nun auch die Trailer-Musik als MP3 veröffentlicht...

[08.08.2002] Bungie kündigt "Halo 2" für die Xbox an... Es gibt bereits ein paar Screenshots...

[14.03.2002] Zum Start der Microsoft Xbox erscheint "Halo" endlich auch in Deutschland... Jetzt bestellen !!!

[13.03.2002] titelt "Microsoft sucht Partner"...

[01.02.2002] meldet...
Die Gerüchte um eine Verfilmung des Konsolen-Spiels Halo [...] scheinen sich nicht zu bewahrheiten. Bungies Matt Soell hat sich [...] geäußert. [...] Eine solches Diskussionsthema hat es bei Bungie offensichtlich nie gegeben.

[31.01.2002] Die Fansite meldet...
Matt Soell, on our forum, succinctly denies that a movie is being discussed.

[31.01.2002] meldet...
Wie die Filmseite berichtet, hat sich das Filmstudio 20th Century Fox die Recht an einer Verfilmung des Konsolen-Titels Halo gesichert. »Handlung und Charaktere sollen stark an das digitale Original angelehnt sein«, schreibt der Urheber des Gerüchts in diesem Forumsbeitrag. Eine offizielle Stellungnahme zu den Gerüchten ist angefragt, liegt uns allerdings noch nicht vor.

[30.01.2002] CHUD berichtet...
A large percentage of Chewers also fancy a video game or two, and Darottens from our message board is no exception, especially when it comes to Microsoft's XBOX.
On a site mostly in German, they spoke of an interception of a communique in Hollywood about a possible cinemanic journey to the world of HALO, the best game available for the system. From
"Fox are planning to make a Halo movie based on the hit video game, following a similar storyline with the same characters etc. It will be filmed at Fox Studios in Australia and will be shot in the bush and outback regions of Australia for the Halo planet scenes.
They are scheduled to begin work on the film late this year or early next year yet there have been no firm confimatons on the cast, crew and release dates."
While more often than not rumors like this tend to go by the wayside, it's always cool to discuss and speculate on how it would be handled. Halo would work better than a Super Mario Brothers or even Tomb Raider if handled correctly but we'll wait and see if there's any fire amidst this smoke.

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