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Der Feldherr "Hannibal" soll die grosse Leinwand erobern...

Der Karthager Hannibal, evtl. gespielt von Vin Diesel (u.a. "Pitch Black"), ist die einzig ernstzunehmende Bedrohung des aufsteigenden römischen Imperiums. Mehr als 16 Jahre führt er Krieg gegen das Weltreich...

Vin Diesel's "Hannibal" soll irgendwann ins Kino kommen, zuvor kommt evtl. ein animiertes Prequel...


[16.03.2009] Latino Review sprach mit Vin Diesel...
[...] If this movie [Anm: "Fast & Furious 4"] is a big hit, will it finally enable you to get Hannibal off the ground?
We hope, right? In theory, yes. To be 100% honest, I think the studio might be a little bit, and I can understand, apprehensive about giving me a budget that big to direct. So the question has been, and is what probably has held the film back from being realized, "Do I have to direct it?"
I would ask you that. Do I have to direct it or, do I produce it, get my voice on it, you know, put my mojo on it, and let someone else direct it that the studio would feel comfortable with with that size budget. [...]
After the junket was over, Vin still talked about Hannibal. Should he direct it? Should he let someone else do it?
He said, "If it's in service of telling a great story, Because at the end of the day, you just want to see an incredible Hannibal. And you'd hope, that even if I'm not directing it, all of the work, the development that's been put into it will shine and that you will see that, and that it will speak to you. And the message and the integrity behind the story, and the passion that I've held on to, and that you know has driven me in the hope of telling that story, is present. The question is, how can I maintain that, and make a studio feel comfortable." [...]

[25.08.2008] meldet...
Vin Diesel told reporters that it's still his ultimate goal to produce and star in a live-action film based on the life of Hannibal, but that in the meantime he's producing and directing Hannibal the Conqueror, a children's animated series about the third-century B.C. Carthaginian general who rode an elephant across the Alps in order to attack the Roman empire.
"Hannibal, now that's my [dream project]," Diesel said in a group interview on Aug. 19 while promoting his latest film, the SF-action epic Babylon A.D. "Oh, Hannibal. Hannibal, Hannibal, Hannibal, you beast. It's Moby Dick. I'm not going to let it [go]."
Diesel has spoken of making a live-action film about Hannibal for nearly a decade, since he first rose to fame with Pitch Black. Though he's yet to secure financing for what would be a very expensive project, the animated Hannibal the Conqueror will at least fill the void for a while.
"You know my love of animation, you know my love of the [Ralph] Bakshi films and how I was always a fan of that medium," said Diesel, who was the voice of the title character in the animated classic The Iron Giant. "I'm directing an animated Hannibal that will serve as the prequel to the [live-action] film. So it's Hannibal as a boy. So it's like the boy and an elephant. It's for BET, actually, which will be great fun. Great, great voices [including Diesel as Hannibal]." Hannibal the Conqueror will premiere in 2009.

[06.07.2006] Moviehole meldet...
The real reason why Vin Diesel left the new film "Black Water Transit" may have just been discovered.
According to VinXperience, Diesel has been secretly filming his pet project "Hannibal" - a film that most of us assumed hadn’t even been financed yet, let alone had started shooting.
Quoting a Dominican Republic-based newspaper, the site said Diesel has returned to the area to ‘finish the filming’ of the movie.
Diesel has to be trying to get the film - in which he’d star as stars as a Carthaginian general who led an elephant-riding battalion across the Alps to attack Rome in the 3rd Century B.C.- for years. Has he suddenly struck a deal to make the thing, and nearly completed it - and with the trades none the wiser? [...]

[07.05.2006] ProSieben zeigt heute um 16.40 Uhr das Doku-Drama "Hannibal - der Albtraum Roms" mit Alexander Siddig als Feldherr Hannibal...
219 v. Chr.: Rom ist die aufstrebende Großmacht der Antike. Doch einer hat dem Imperium Vergeltung geschworen: Hannibal, Sohn des karthagischen Feldherrn Hamilkar. Als er einen Feldzug im heutigen Spanien startet, erklärt Rom den Karthagern den Krieg. Hannibal fasst daraufhin einen aberwitzigen Entschluss: Er überquert mit einem 50.000 Mann starken Heer die Alpen und schlägt die römischen Truppen in vier Schlachten vernichtend - doch Rom sollte er niemals einnehmen...

[06.04.2006] CS! meldet...
Vin Diesel has chosen the Dominican Republic as a location for his movie Hannibal, an epic about the 3rd century conqueror who led an army riding elephants across the Alps in an assault on Rome.
Diesel plans to direct and star in the title role of the film based on British author Ross Leckie's fictionalized memoir of the Carthaginian leader.
According to the Associated Press, the crew of Hannibal will film in the Caribbean nation for a month. Scenes will also be shot in Spain and California.

[14.10.2005] DH berichtet über eine weitere Verfilmung von Hannibals Leben...
Alexander Siddig ("Syriana", "Kingdom of Heaven", "Vertical Limit") will star as the great Carthagian general in the BBC's upcoming biopic, "Hannibal", set to air in January 2006 reports Sid City.
Hannibal is universally ranked as one of the greatest military commanders and tacticians in history, alongside Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan and Napoleon.
Siddig rose to fame playing Dr. Julian Bashir on TV's "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine". Directed by Edward Bazalgette, the BBC production films in Bulgaria in September and October with an air date of January 4th, 2006 on the BBC.

[11.03.2005] DH meldet...
[...] Diesel is now turning his attention to getting his long-awaited pet project "Hannibal" off the ground. The biopic, about the third century B.C. Carthaginian general who attacked Rome from the top of an elephant, had stalled when Diesel calculated a budget in the $200 million range. Now armed with a much smaller budget, Diesel is intent on starring in and directing what he proudly calls his "Braveheart."
"We're going to have all systems go on 'Hannibal,' " Diesel told MTV. "I've been working on my shots. In fact, my storyboard artist is a guy named Sylvain Despretz, who was Ridley Scott's storyboard artist on artist on 'Gladiator.' It's going to be exciting. Just wait for that one; it's going to all come together. I will not let you down...I like the idea of making a movie and not being governed by all the things that govern a $200 million movie. I want to do things like make it multilingual, non-English". For pointers on "Hannibal," Diesel has sought out the advice of close friend and advisor Mel Gibson. [...]

[02.03.2005] Moviehole meldet...
Moviehole caught up with action-king turned soft'n'fuzzy comedy headliner Vin Diesel who said he's trying to get his forthcoming "Hannibal the Conqueror", about Carthaginian general, Hannibal Barca, made as cheap as possible.
"I'm going to direct it as a multilingual film," he admits, the decision having been made "after I got a budget back from a studio that said it would cost $217 million over the line. So I said, huh. I know I'm not the smartest guy in the world but $217m, doesn't that mean that this film will never get made? There's no way in the world that this film will be made at $217m, and I am already committed to this character, channelling this guy. So I'll go into soft pre-production, and think about sequences, and think about ways to shoot sequences that would have the same story about it but cost a lot less. So I went into soft pre-production and I got the budget down to $50 million. I decided that I wanted to direct it. So you could take a scene that would cost $20 million and if you are thoughtful and creative, you can cut down that scene, and have the same story about, the same emotional and action impact, and not spend so much money and that's the problem. The second a film costs over $200 million, we give our industry out to the corporate world."

[15.02.2005] DH meldet...
In the past few months, muscle-rippling spunk Vin Diesel ("xXx", "The Fast & The Furious") has often mentioned his desire to develop his pet project - the long in development movie about Hannibal The Conqueror.
The project would have Diesel starring as the young man from the ruling clans of the city of Carthage in North Africa who makes an oath of vengeance against Rome when they kill his father. Dedicating his life to fulfilling that challenge, Hannibal becomes a general by the time he's in his mid-20s, and with an army of 100,000 committed to his goal, he sets out to bring Rome down, first by conquering Spain, and then by setting loose a surprise (and famous) attack on Italy by way of the Alps, with an array of forces that included war-trained elephants.
Now, while talking to DH correspondent Paul Fischer during press for "The Pacifier", Diesel divulged this exclusive tidbit - "I'm going to direct it. The studio thought it couldn't be done for under 200 million so we went into soft pre-production and I found put I could get the budget down to 50 million. The process excited me so now I'm going to direct". More on Vin later in the week.

[15.11.2004] CS! sprach mit Vin Diesel...
[...] Diesel had a lot of great things to say about the veteran director and what he's been learning from him in preparation for directing his own feature film, Hannibal the Conqueror. "I've learned so much. He is so incredible, and so demanding in some ways," Diesel told us. "It's like we'll do five to thirteen pages of dialogue a day. He'll do seven and ten minute talking shots, and he has it all mapped out in his head. I really think that Sidney Lumet is going to be someone that we will all be reminded of next year when 'Find Me Guilty' comes out. The greatest thing about Sidney, in terms of teaching me directing stuff, is that he'll have me come look behind the monitor and explain these very interesting and very cool shots. I mean, literally, he'll stop for a second and show me. He knows that, at heart, I'm a director and that I'm planning to return to directing shortly. I used to say with Steven Spielberg that I would have gone out to London just to get him coffee, let alone do a role that he wrote for me. With Sidney Lumet, I'd be on that set every morning at 6 AM just to watch him work. He's doing it fast, too. He'll do this entire film in less than a month." [...]

[13.11.2004] GetOut Magazine sprach mit Vin Diesel...
[...] Diesel’s real baby is ‘‘Hannibal,’’ an epic story about the Carthaginian general who rode an elephant across the Alps to attack Rome in the 3rd century B.C., which the actor is not only producing, but will star in and hopes to direct.
‘‘I’m dying to direct this,’’ he says, adding that he’s going over conception art for the film. ‘‘I see the images in my head. When we have story meetings I end up acting out scenes - it’s my favorite story to tell.’’ [...]

[01.04.2003] CS! meldet...
Vin Diesel gave an update to Entertainment Weekly about his upcoming projects. About the Hannibal epic he says that "I spent the summer in Sardinia learning and researching...we get to create the elephants Hannibal rode across the Alps. They were probably 20 percent mastodon, like nothing we've got today. This is a forgotten time in pre-Christianity, when people were praying to Baal...Hannibal is a guy who had a multicultural army before anybody. This movie is so big it's going to take at least two years. If we start now, we'll be able to release it in 2005." [...]

[15.03.2003] TV Guide sprach mit Vin Diesel...
[...] Two months from now, he goes into preproduction on his upcoming epic, Hannibal the Conqueror. "If there's any film that I want to do above and beyond every other film," the 35-year-old declares, "it's Hannibal."
He's already begun training to ride elephants bareback! Asked if he's fallen off his pachyderm yet, Diesel looks skyward, says "No, thank God," and makes the sign of the cross. "It's just me, in a Nike track suit, holding an elephant by the earflaps," he laughs. "They're so brilliant, temperamental and unpredictable." [...]

[10.03.2003] Moviehole sprach mit Vin Diesel...
[...] For years, Diesel has been driven by an innate passion to play this most extraordinary of ancient characters. Perhaps the actor could identify with the character. Or perhaps Diesel is just fascinated by ancient military history. "I think that the Punic Wars overall have been overlooked not to mention its relevance," Diesel explains. "Hannibal was victorious because he preserved culture at the end of the day and he was the first successful person to amass a multicultural army, soldiers from all nations fighting together for one cause and to start the journey of this imperialistic force." [...]

[09.08.2002] Prevue Magazine zitiert Vin Diesel...
While making the promotional rounds for his extreme sport action picture XXX, actor Vin Diesel took a moment to talk about his next film role, as famed Carthaginian general Hannibal in the film project of the same name.
"He’s a character I’ve always wanted to play, and not unlike how Mel Gibson wanted to play the Wallace character in Braveheart," Diesel enthusiastically explains. "He redefined war strategies. He was for the 3rd century B.C. -- for that whole era -- he was the classic underdog. He was the only guy who thought of attacking Rome. And he did it in a shrewd way."
"I can go on for hours talking about how fascinating he is," adds Diesel about the legendary general who used elephants to cross the Alps in a bid to bring down the Roman Empire. The red-hot actor will begin shooting the planned epic in the spring of 2003.
Hannibal is based Ross Leckie’s 1996 fictional autobiography that follows Hannibal from his boyhood, to his assaults on Rome, and finally his death on the Greek island of Bithynia. The novel is being adapted for the screen by David (Gladiator) Franzoni.

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DVDHannibal - Der Albtraum Roms
Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren
Darsteller: Alexander Siddig, Shaun Dingwall
Regie: Edward Bazalgette
DVD Erscheinungstermin: 9. Juni 2006

TV-Verfilmung der BBC über das Leben des legendären Feldherrn, der die Weltmacht Rom auf eigenem Gebiet angriff...


Vin Diesel
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Ross Leckie
Englischsprachiges Taschenbuch
255 Seiten (7. November 1996)

Ross Leckie läßt den Feldherrn in der Stunde vor seinem Tod sein abenteuerliches Leben selbst erzählen. Als die Römer eintreffen, hat er sich umgebracht...

Ross Leckie
Ich, Hannibal
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