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In den 80er Jahren mutierte Mattel's Actionfigur "He-Man" zum Comic-, Hörspiel- und Filmstar...

Bereits 1987 entstand unter dem Titel "Masters of the Universe" eine Verfilmung mit Dolph Lundgren (u.a. "Rocky IV", "James Bond 007 - Im Angesicht des Todes") in der Rolle des He-Man...

Der friedliche Planet Eternia wird von den Mächten der Finsternis bedroht. Skeletor, der tyrannische Anführer der Unterwelt, will mit seiner Gefolgschaft das Universum erobern. Dazu benötigt er die magische Macht von Schloss Grayskull. Diese wird von der Zauberin Sorceress gehütet. Sie überträgt dem jungen Prinzen Adam die Aufgabe, das Geheimnis von Grayskull zu schützen. Wenn Gefahr droht, verwandelt sich Adam in He-Man, den furchtlosen Kämpfer für das Gute. Zusammen mit den "Masters of the Universe" nimmt er den Kampf gegen Skeletor und seine Truppen auf...

Die Realverfilmung "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" soll tatsächlich kommen, echt jetzt !!!


[12.04.2010] Via Heat Vision gibt es Neuigkeiten in Sachen "He-Man" Verfilmung...
Mike Finch and Alex Litvak, the duo who wrote the upcoming "Predators" reboot, have been brought aboard to pen "Masters of the Universe" for Columbia.
The studio picked up movie rights to the 1980s Mattel toy property in the fall, when Mattel and Warner Bros. parted ways after the sides couldn't agree on a creative vision.
The addition of the rising writers is the first major move on the property and signals the project is being rebuilt from the ground up. While at Warners, "Masters" went through several writers and in latter stages had John Stevenson, who co-helmed "Kung Fu Panda," attached to direct.
Getting the go-ahead to tackle any major toy-brand film can be tricky. Depending on the property, writers and directors need to get a thumbs-up from the studio, which then has to win approval from the toy company. In the case of "Masters," Mattel has story approval.
In their pitch, the scribes attempted to balance a treatment that would convince the studio it was cinematic and keep the toy company satisfied that its characters were being portrayed appropriately. [...]

[24.09.2009] Wie Heat Vision meldet, wurde mit Columbia Pictures eine neue Produktionsfirma gefunden...
He-Man may have found a new home.
Just weeks after "Masters of the Universe" parted ways with Warner Bros., the Mattel toy property is in negotiations to be preemptively picked up by Columbia with Escape Artists attached to produce.
After months of deal-wrangling, Warners picked up "Universe" in 2007, hiring several writers and earlier this year set John Stevenson to direct. The two companies eventually began seeing two opposing visions for the movie and when the option came up, both sides decided to let it lapse.
Stevenson is no longer attached and the project would be built from the ground-up. [...]
Run by partners Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal and Steve Tisch, Escape Artists’ credits include "The Taking of Pelham 123," "Knowing" and "The Pursuit of Happyness."

[10.09.2009] Wie meldet, ist Warner Bros. ausgestiegen und Mattel sucht nun nach einer neuen Produktionsfirma...
Warner Bros. and Mattel will be parting company on "Masters of the Universe," the live-action reinvention of the signature Mattel toy line that WB and producer Joel Silver have been developing since 2007.
Mattel and WB didn't see eye to eye over the direction of the project and made a mutual decision to let the option lapse this month. Story revolves around He-Man, a prince who becomes a warrior battling the evil Skeletor for control of his magical homeland.
Mattel will take back the property and set it up elsewhere. The expectation is that director John Stevenson ("Kung Fu Panda") will remain with the project, but not Silver, who is exclusive to WB.
As Disney's Marvel Entertainment acquisition and WB's overhaul of DC Comics and its movie output shows, branded properties are important commodities. The owners of those brands now have more direct involvement -- and higher expectations. [...]

[14.05.2009] Via kommt die folgende Meldung...
[...] Warner Bros. and Silver Pictures have tapped newcomer Evan Daugherty to pen the latest draft of "Grayskull," the studio's big-screen take on Mattel's "Masters of the Universe" cartoon and toy line.
John Stevenson ("Kung Fu Panda") is attached to direct the adaptation of the show, which followed a blond warrior named Prince Adam who, when uttering the magic words, "By the power of Grayskull -- I have the power," turned into the heroic He-Man. He and his allies -- Battle Cat, Man-at-Arms and Orko -- defended their planet Eternia from the evil forces of Skeletor, who tried week after week to conquer the fortress Castle Grayskull, which imbued He-Man with his powers.
Warners sees the big-screen version as a gritty fantasy and reimagines Adam as a soldier who sets off to find his destiny, happening upon the magical world of Eternia. There, Skeletor has raised a technological army and is bent on eradicating magic.
Justin Marks penned the previous draft.
Landing "Grayskull" is a huge coup for Daugherty, whose only writing credit is the unproduced screenplay "Shrapnel." Daugherty wrote the script -- a character-driven psychological thriller about two mortal enemies on a hunting trip to the death -- to earn an NYU film-school grant. He was living at his parents' home at the time and paying bills by doing freelance video editing.
Daugherty didn't get the grant but entered an obscure screenwriting contest called Script Pimp, where he caught the attention of Jake Wagner of management firm Energy Entertainment. The script made the Hollywood rounds and landed on the Black List, while Daugherty moved to Los Angeles to pursue his writing career. [...]

[30.01.2009] meldet...
Warner Bros. and producer Joel Silver have set "Kung Fu Panda" co-director John Stevenson to make his live-action directing debut on "Masters of the Universe," a reimagining of the signature Mattel toy line.
Pic will revolve around He-Man, a prince who transforms into a warrior and becomes the last hope for a magical land being ravaged by the evil Skeletor.
Silver is producing through his Silver Pictures banner. Mattel's Barry Waldo will be exec producer.
WB acquired the property in 2007, and Justin Marks wrote the first draft of the script based on a story he developed with Neil Ellice.
The Mattel property was adapted into the 1980s cartoon series "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe."
The property was previously turned into a campy flop by Cannon Films in 1987, with Dolph Lungdren as He-Man and "Frost/Nixon" star Frank Langella as the villainous Skeletor.
The film project is a big priority for Mattel, which licenses a high-end line of He-Man toys that are popular with hardcore collectors.
Hollywood has become a magnet for branded toy-line properties, as DreamWorks and Paramount ready a June 26 release for "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and Paramount preps for an Aug. 7 release on "G.I. Joe." Both began as toy lines that became hit animated series.
Waldo said Stevenson's vision to elevate the material matched with Mattel's desire to see He-Man become a big studio film. Mattel has also brought its "Hot Wheels" film to WB and Silver.
"John had such passion that we found ourselves running to catch up with his vision," Waldo said.
Stevenson has also worked on "Shrek" and "Shrek 2," "Madagascar" and "James and the Giant Peach." He began his career working for Jim Henson on projects that included "The Dark Crystal" and "Labyrinth."

[17.10.2008] Wie Latino Review meldet, ist das "Grayskull: Masters of the Universe"-Projekt bei Warner gestorben...
[...] Warners simply doesn’t get the property and wasn’t high on it to begin with.
The studio gave the execs at Silver Pictures a very small list of A-director names they would consider making the film with, amongst them Doug Liman and Bryan Singer who both passed.
There were some up and coming directors that were gung ho on the script, but the studio wasn’t feeling them.
Another reason and perhaps the biggest was that Navid McIIhargey, the exec who brought in He-Man to Silver Pictures, left the company last month to become a Senior VP at New Regency as reported last month in both trades.
Sources tell me Navid and another exec (who also left Silver) - guys in their thirties who grew up on the property - were the unsung heroes of He-Man and are no longer there doing the day to day to get He-Man over the mountain and get the movie made.
In the Hollywood business culture, once an exec leaves, usually his projects are killed by the new incoming exec.
Even heroes like He-Man need allies and Prince Adam no longer has any at the studio. Sad.
Execs at toy company Mattel are so infuriated at Warners, that they want the property back to take it elsewhere. Mattel’s anger is understandable. No movie equals no toys to make.
I personally don’t get it. You would think with all the money 80s toy properties like Transformers made for Paramount that every studio in town would do the same. Paramount knows better, they got the Transformers sequel and G.I. JOE in the pipeline for next year and Hasbro alone stands to make a king’s ransom on just the toys.
I adore the Grayskull script. It’s one of my favorites for this year which I will be voting for in the upcoming black list for 2008. It really could be another Lord of the Rings combining both mythology and science fiction. The potential is HUGE! You can read my script review HERE.
As a story analyst, it’s comforting when the good scripts in this town get made regardless of the obstacles like another of my favorites script KASHMIR went through. Awesome that KASHMR is finally getting made as announced this week.
GRAYSKULL is another gem which I want to see get made and other fanboys do too. The piles of email I get on this property alone are proof.
Warners should put the project into immediate turnaround because trust me, someone will pick it up. [...]

[04.06.2008] Bei Latino Review gibt es eine Kritik zu dem Drehbuch "Grayskull: Masters of the Universe" von Justin Marks...
[...] We get both the origin of HE-MAN (or HE-MAN BEGINS), the origin of SKELETOR, and the origin of THE POWER SWORD. If Warners even remotely executes this script like they did 300 they will have a monster hit on their hands because this script leaves it open for a trilogy.
GRAYSKULL is the perfect marriage of Sorcery and Science fiction where in Eternia both Fantasy and Technology co-exist. The character arc of the hero ADAM works for me because like Bruce Wayne in BATMAN BEGINS, Adam has to overcome his selfish need for revenge and realize his destiny for the greater good of his people - the fallen son of Eternia must rise to occasion and become HE-MAN. [...]

[16.11.2007] IESB zitiert den Drehbuchautor Justin Marks...
[...] Are there any wishes you would have for casting?
Let me just say we don't want wreslters. [Laughs] I'm not saying he should be He-Man, but Michael Biehn is my all-time favorite actor. You go to Hicks or Kyle Reese, and James Cameron created that action hero type, and I feel like I always write with the mindset of that type of hero who doesn't exist these days. He's that guy who, if he took a weapon and said, "Follow me," I'd be right behind him.
How are you going to incorporate all the..let's say disparate elements of the He-Man mythology?
He-Man is sword-and-sandals meets science fiction. If you avoid it and just try to make it sword and sandals, then it becomes a boring movie. If you just try to make it science fiction, it's going to be really kitschy and weird, and it's not going to be true to He-Man. You have to make it both. So we have to come up with specific ideas, grounded, that would spawn a world that was people carrying around swords, and yet, guys like Tri-Klops running around with his spinning visor and this sort of nano-technological way about him. What is the sorcery that can create stuff like that?
So you're really sticking fairly closely to the original world?
There's some stuff going around...we should clear that up. There's some rumor spreading that he's a soldier in the Iraqi war. Where did they get that? This is an Eternian movie and it's a story about an Eternian hero. We're not going to Earth, here. We're not going to the modern world. We're not going to a strip mall in the Valley. [Laughs] By the way, I think there are really great things about the original Masters of the Universe.
What kind of questions?
If you remember, He-Man [toys], very early on, had two halves of the sword-Skeletor had half, He-Man had half and you could clip them together. And that was discarded by the cartoon. And I'm not sure if I can tell you but we finally got the answer to [why there are two halves], because it'll be something that I think can affect the movie. [...]

[27.10.2007] Der TV-Sender Kabel1 zeigt heute um 2.25 Uhr "Masters of the Universe" mit Dolph Lundgren als He-Man...

[26.10.2007] IESB gibt es - neben dem passenden Video - die folgende Meldung...
Just days after Mark Millar openly told fans around the world that he wants to take a crack at Superman, comic book writer and filmmaker Kaare Andrews (Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk, X-Men) is ready to pitch He-Man and we have the video presentation to prove it. [...]
Now Warner Bros. along with Joel Silver is getting ready to make their vision of He-Man. Will screenwriter Justin Marks get the story right? I hope so, I hope he understands that He-Man/MOTU is special to millions of fans around the world.
What scares me is that it appears to me that Joel Silver is not a fan of "genre," he’s a business man before a filmmaker.
He-Man is also special for Kaare Andrews and he has made a very cool animated presentation/pitch of his vision for Masters of the Universe.
Kaare has this to say bout He-Man:
Where I grew up we didn’t get He-Man on television. We had to rent them on VHS. It made the show special... gave each episode an importance. I watched them mostly when I was staying with my Dad. I’m not sure why. Maybe my Mom didn’t have a VCR yet. I had a lot of the toys. My favorites were Battle Armor He-Man and Battle-Ram. I had He-Man bed sheets. I had the Paninni He-Man sticker book. I bought the comicbooks. My Mom sewed me a He-Man Halloween costume. And when I was supposed to ‘grow out’ of my toys my little brother carried on the tradition. I don’t believe in trying to intellectualize childhood experiences. Obviously it had something to do with power fantasies, imagination and storytelling. But I prefer to think of that time in simple words. Because simple is powerful. And He-Man was the most powerful in the Universe.
He gets it, I hope that Warner Bros. gets it too. Kaare put this presentation together in one weeks time and out of his own pocket, pretty bad ass. [...]

[24.05.2007] meldet...
Warner Bros. and producer Joel Silver are working with Mattel to turn "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" into a live-action film.
Justin Marks is set to write the script. Silver will produce.
Deal, which is contingent on Mattel formally approving an outline for the project, is another example of Hollywood overhauling a 1980s-era pop-culture touchstone in the hopes of seeding a tentpole pic. The sale comes just a few weeks before the July preem of DreamWorks' Michael Bay-directed "Transformers," which began as an '80s animated series and toy line.
He-Man was born as a Mattel action figure, and the toymaker created an animated series in hopes of selling dolls. The series became a cult favorite, but the brand was hardly helped by its first bigscreen incarnation, the campy 1987 flop "Masters of the Universe" that starred Dolph Lundgren as the title character and Frank Langella as his nemesis Skeletor.
The toymaker, which now licenses "He-Man" for high-end merchandise sold to hardcore collectors, has been wary of going Hollywood again. An attempt by Fox 2000 to make another movie, this time with director John Woo, ended in futility as the toymaker didn't spark to the screen plans.
For Mattel, the stakes are potentially high as success could mean an entire relaunch of a toy line.
The franchise has been reimagined by the producer and the writers and pitched to Mattel as a classic good vs. evil battle, using the kind of visual effects strategy employed in "300." A warrior is touted as the last hope of a magical land called Eternia, which is being ravaged by technology and the evil Skeletor.
Many of the characters in the Middle Earth-like universe will be informed by the mythology created in the four different cartoon series done since the 1980s.
The story was hatched by Marks and Neil Ellice, the latter of whom will co-produce. Silver Pictures, which is turning the Japanese animated series "Speed Racer" into a live-action film to be directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski, sparked to the potential. Silver Pictures exec Navid McIlhargey brought it in and will be involved in a producing capacity.
The viability of the "He-Man" universe is evidenced by the traffic that has occurred since rumors of a screen resurrection hit the Internet. Contrary to Web rumor, the lead role has not yet been cast. [...]

[18.05.2007] AICN meldet...
[...] we’re seeing a revival of all the things that were important to ‘80s kids, and for a while now, we’ve been hearing rumors that HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE would be one of the properties getting the big-budget treatment. Remember when John Woo was supposedly doing it? Since then, I’ve seen Adam Rifkin’s name attached to it for a while, and IMDb hilariously had M. Night Shyamalan listed as the writer for a brief period.
However, I can tell you today exclusively who IS writing the film: Justin Marks.
If you don’t recognize the name, you will soon. Justin’s the guy who is writing SUPERMAX, the Green Arrow in prison movie that David Goyer is producing for Warner/DC. He’s also writing bigscreen versions of VOLTRON and STREET FIGHTER. So basically, Justin Marks is the most gainfully employed professional fanboy on the planet right now.
Joel Silver’s going to be producing HE-MAN as soon as Marks finds time to write it, and Warner Bros. is going to be releasing the film if it makes it through the development process. [...]

[14.05.2007] meldete kürzlich...
Die Animationsserie aus den 1980er Jahren "He-Man" soll demnächst auch die Kinoleinwand erobern. [...]
Mit Dank an Peter B.

[01.12.2006] Moviehole meldet, dass die Verfilmung gecancelt wurde...
[...] seems Fox2000’s proposed film version of "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" may have gone the way of "Batman Vs. Superman", "Broadway Brawler" and "The Crusades" - swallowed by a black hole with an appetite for languishing film projects. It seems the film version of the popular 80s toon is essentially dead.
Executive Producer Rodney Ferrell ("Flicka"), of Fox2000 pics, tells Moviehole that they’ve just literally just wiped their hands clean of the property. "This was a project set up at Fox", begins Ferrell, "but in the recent months we gave the project back to Mattel and are no longer involved".
The film had John Woo attached as a producer and Adam Rifkin ("Underdog") attached as the writer. Fox2000 were set to produce and distribute the movie.
Its been a long and tumultuous journey for the "He-Man" pic - its been delayed multiple times, has seen several writers come and go (They were unsure about Rifkin’s script too - suggesting another writer may have even been approached before the project left Fox's hands), and seemingly had to wait until a space cleared in the ever-so-busy calendar of producer, Woo. (The studio even tried to coax Woo into directing at one stage).
Though the studio can’t confirm, there were believed to be several actors being looked at for the role of the Battle-Cat rider: Paul Walker, Triple H, Chris Showerman and Matthew Davis.
Mattel may still be interested in making a "He-Man" film - and it may still involve Woo’s company, LionsRock - but the book’s now closed on this incarnation.

[17.10.2006] Laut Moviehole hat John Woo zwar die Lust am "He-Man"-Projekt verloren, es aber noch nicht gänzlich aufgegeben...
Seems Adam’s still without ‘The Power of Greyskull’, further delaying the long-planned "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" film.
The movie - based on the 80s cartoon series about an emaciated blue skeleton taking on a blonde sword-wielding cross dresser - has been set up at John Woo’s company for a while, but according to a representative of Lions Rock, the project is still a few light years away from coming to fruition.
"John is attached, but the project isn't a priority or high on his radar. Essentially, [he] lost enthusiasm", the source tells MTV.
Interestingly enough, the company apparently started reaching out to a number of actors last year to seek out their interest in playing the lead role. Those believed to be contacted about playing the lead role of He-Man included gnarly flaxen lad Paul Walker ("2 Fast 2 Furious") and model-cum-actor Chris Showerman ("George of the Jungle 2"). With Woo reportedly interested in casting an unknown for the film - whether the studio is or not, that’s another matter - it’s likely that Showerman (who, by the way, has yet to hear any more from the company), or another rumoured contender Matthew Davis ("Blue Crush"), will get a little bit more of a look-in than more established names like Walker.
The Lions Rock source told MTV that Adam Rifkin ("Detroit Rock City") has handed in a script for the film but he’s unsure whether or not it would be optioned should the film ultimately get the greenlight - it’s just as likely that someone else may be tapped to pen the pic.
The one thing suggesting that the film is still going ahead though is the report that Mattel are in "active" talks with Lions Rock about the film - indicating that not everyone has lost zeal in the project.

[04.07.2006] Laut CanMag wird John Woo das "He-Man"-Projekt nicht realisieren...
[...] Interestingly enough, they had been discussing names for the "He-Man" movie - everyone from Triple H, Matthew Davis, Chris Showerman, Paul Walker (Nicolas Cage was NEVER involved) [...] (The films that Woo has gone on to do are "Battle of Red Cliff", starring Chow Yun Fat, and a film called "The Red Circle". [...]

[05.01.2006] meldet...
You may know John Glover as Lex's ruthless father Lionel Luthor on The WB's "Smallville". Or, you may know him from his many film, television and stage appearances. He's quite a prolific actor and according to this site, one of his upcoming roles includes evil overlord "Skeletor" in the upcoming big budget feature adaptation of HE-MAN. [...]

[22.02.2005] verbreitet folgendes Gerücht...
[...] apparently Jennifer Garner is currently the frontrunner to play She-Ra in the flick, plus our insider tells us that rumors of Jason Lewis and Nicolas Cage being involved are false.
He also tells me that shooting is expected to begin before the year is up.
Don't go putting too much stock in this rumor, just mull it around a bit. Garner could be a good candidate, but it could look a bit weird seeing her with a big fro of blonde hair, after all, this isn't "Alias," the wig would be on the whole time.

[07.01.2005] Moviehole meldet...
[...] IESB had a chance to ask Jason Lewis if the rumours about him playing "He-Man" in John Woo's big-screen rework are true. "I think that's rumour man, I don't even think they've started casting that sucker", says Lewis. "I'd have to see the script first", he adds, saying if the script stank it could bomb his career.

[24.12.2004] Bei AICN gibt es neue Gerüchte zur "He-Man"-Verfilmung...
[...] I checked in with a buddy over at Fox2000 in terms of whether there would be any chance of auditioning for the film - especially the lead. Seems Lion Rock Productions and the studio aren't going to be going down that route, instead they'll be merely 'making offers'. Another dead end for unknown actors like myself, Bottom Line : They're looking for a 'name' for both He-Man and Skeletor, which is understandable I guess.
Here's a few names that are apparently mooted for the He-Man part - no real surprises. The Rock (believed to have already met), Jason Lewis (Sex and the City), Ryan Kwanten (Summerland), Paul Michael Levesque.
No word on Skeltor, but those rumors about Nicolas Cage were false apparently. [...]

[11.11.2004] Latino Review sprach mit Nicolas Cage, u.a. über "He-Man"...
[...] Cage will not be playing Skeletor in John Woo’s recently announced He-Man project. "No, I don't know anything about that." He did, however, leave the door open for another project with Woo. "I think John Woo’s a terrific filmmaker and I would love to work with John again. I think we have a good rapport together."

[11.10.2004] Moviehole meldet...
According to a scooper for Dark Horizons, Director John Woo might be chasing his "Face/Off" star Nicolas Cage for the role of Skeletor in the recently announced "He-Man" film.
Cage has been speaking to Woo about the film - based on the popular "Masters of the Universe" toon and toys - but it's possible that the actors commitment to "Ghost Rider", which is set to film in Melbourne, might make it impossible for him to do the film.
Meantime, the director has apparently set his sights on a possible He-Man/Adam, "Sex and the City" star Jason Lewis. Lewis recently wrapped a role in the Keira Knightley starrer "The Jacket".

[04.10.2004] CS! meldet...
Variety reports that Fox 2000 has set John Woo (Paycheck) to direct and produce He-Man, a live-action film based on the characters in Mattel's "Masters of the Universe" line of action figures. Adam Rifkin will adapt the screenplay.
Originally made into an animated series in 1983, the property was also adapted into a live-action film in 1987 called Masters of the Universe, which starred Dolph Lundgren as the hero and Frank Langella as Skeletor.
He-Man began life as Prince Adam, the hybrid of an Earthling and an Eternian. At the age of 18, he was taken to Castle Grayskull, where Adam received super powers. He-Man has a sidekick in the form of a tiger, Battle Cat, and a deadly enemy, Skeletor.
Woo is also attached to direct The Rock in the video game adaptation Spy-Hunter for Universal Pictures.

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