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Rasputin ist ein mächtiger Magier, der u.a. dämonische Kreaturen wie Sammael beschwören kann...

Karel Roden, geboren am 18. Mai 1962, spielte u.a. in "Blade II" und "Bulletproof Monk"...

"God made everything out of nothing, but the nothingness shows through." PAUL VALERY

Grigory Efimovich Rasputin
(1864?-1916) (1936-1945) (2002-2003) and going...

6'2". Black hair, head shaved, beard.

LIKES: Devotion, precision, dedication, blind faith, hot tea and light fabrics. Sain Augustine's CITY OF GOD, PARADISE LOST, THE ZARAGOZA MANUSCRIPT, Hyeronimus Bosch.

DISLIKES: Sweets, greasy food, the hungers of the flesh.

BIOGRAPHY by Guillermo del Toro: The Historical biography of Rasputin fairly well-known: Born in the mid 1860's -depending on the source we can set the event between 1864-1869- to a peasant family in the Siberian town of Pokrovskoye in the Tobolsk province. He was a simple Mushik, a peasant, working the fields with his Father or hauling a cart overloaded with harvest good to or from Town.

He received no education in his early youth and by all accounts he was a raucous youth, gifted with an intense will and deep, piercing eyes. legend attributes him the early gift of prophecy.

Rasputin entered the scene in St Petersburg and achieved notoriety as a holy man ("staretz") in the power circles of St. Petersburg society and ultimately the Royal Family.

His Machiavellian influence and his legendary, prolonged assassination are in public record. These and other factual events are of little or no interest to us.

This is the secret biography of said man.

Autumn 1886. Grigory kneeled at the bank of the Tura River. He was drunk and disoriented and in dire need of some water. He broke through a thin film of ice and drank avidly, wetting his face and beard and falling then on his back, exhausted from a night of drinking and womanizing. There was no scenario less auspicious to stage a Religious Vision.

And yet it came.

Excerpts from Rasputin's diary: "And I looked and beheld an Angel, and in his hand the key to the bottomless pit, and in his head six golden crowns."

"And in the midst of the six crowns was I, chosen amongst men to serve the master and lay at his feet when the end approached"

"And he laid his fiery eyes upon me, saying unto me, I am the path to the true life, eternal and all-powerful. You are the crossroads in which I will transverse the worlds"

"I am he that was cast off; and, behold, I have risen for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of destruction and rebirth."

"Write the words which thou hast heard, and the things which you have witnessed, and the things which shall be hereafter; I will grant you the gift of prophecy and in your left hand you will hold the gift to heal only those afflictions which will emanate from me"

"And he bestowed upon me a vision of things to come; a large, carved stone fell from the sky and burnt a forest, and a crown arose from it and held it captive and I alone was its liberator and that, was my first task."

"And I saw my first death and I felt the river enclosing my cold body and it was all darkness and silence"

"Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life."

"And I rose from the sign of blood and at the hour of the wolf found the hyena from the East and joined his ranks and saw man destroying man and burn his flesh and tan his skin. And a second vessel was built to grant me wisdom and a gate to let the masters in"

"Behold, the birth of the Scarlet beast that will be delivered unto mankind and will cast his doom unto the world. His right hand shall crush the nations and make them yield before thee"

After his awakening from this vision, Rasputin rushed home and wrote for 6 days and 6 nights, without ever stopping to feed or to drink or to sleep. And on the seventh day he rested and for three days he lay down in fever and delirium. After waking up, Rasputin knew exactly what he needed to do: he joined the monastery at Verkhoture and the Khlysty sect within. He purified his skin through pain and sin and had more visions and wrote every word and every image in his diary. As he did so he witnessed the first miracle: the diary became of infinite length and no matter how much he wrote, new pages would emerge out of thin air. And many times, a page -bearing his handwriting- would appear when needed, even before he set pen on paper.

He called this book "The Book of Paths"

Rasputin returned to his hometown and married Praskovia Fyodorovna. They had three children.

The Angel appeared again and touched the right side of the Peasant's forehead and set him forth in a quest of prophecy and healing. His mission would become clearer with time.

Rasputin proclaimed himself a "strannik" (holy man) and embarked into a long pilgrimage.

His fame grew and so did his power. And he was visited again by the Angel and he told him of Aleksei, the tsarevich and his blood disease.

"Place your left hand upon his forehead and whisper upon his ear the name of the Master and he shall heal"

Rasputin was granted access into one of the most closely guarded courts of Europe. Healing the boy he did and from that day on his influence on the family grew.

In 1908 the foretold artifact from the sky landed in Siberia. A massive slab of stone. The Czar took possession of it. Rasputin was denied access to it and his efforts were thwarted by circumstance and politics.

The Angel appeared to him and announced his imminent death and asked him to allow his own assassination.

Rasputin did so. Consuming sweets (which he detested) laced with arsenic and allowing an excruciating agony at the hands of his captors. In return, the Master vowed to destroy the Romanovs and sink the country in despair. Both things took place.

>From the Darkness Rasputin learned calm. He learned that the body was the least important part of his self. That he could come in or out of that shell at any time. And he saw his future and the scarlet sky that would burn under Hitler's rule and what would be achieved and how it would come to pass and he knew that the roads for his rebirth were about to cross again.

Rasputin's ashes were stolen by Hitler's elite service men and brought forth to the highest ranking ceremony of the Thule society. Only six men were present and the blood of many innocents was spilt to be mixed with the ashes. From this emerged Rasputin. And he became the shadow behind the throne. This time he was wiser. He never became public. He learned that enemies are made that way and become harder to dispose of.

He became quite the fisherman of Nazi disciples. Ilsa, Kronen, Himmler, Doctor Herman Von Klempt, Inger Von Klempt. Himmler, Hans Ubler, Ernst Oeming... Kroenen was his favorite apostle and Ilsa his Magdalene, the vestal whore. She was his favorite. His chosen one. He opened all mysteries to her and begged the Master for her life and youth.

He taught her that humans should be treated like cattle.

Humanity was a meld of meat and spirit and the only hope for transcendence was to mortify the body to sharpen the soul. He took her senses to the edge and showed her the threshold of true power.

The rest of their Berlin circle was attracted to things far too mundane: the sex, the drugs, the debauchery. But people like Von Krupt or Himmler granted him access to material wealth and earthly power.

He promoted an ill-planned advance on Moscow in hopes to capture the Stone sent by the Masters. It cost Hitler the war.

The Portal Generator, consumed much of the Reich's resources and gave him the chance to set in motion his third.

The Scarlet beast, The Hell boy was born. And Rasputin waited in the darkness for a sign and a chance to finish his task. This time the world would bend to his will.

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