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"Hellraiser" (1987) ist ein Horrorfilm-Klassiker von Clive Barker (u.a. "Abarat", "Tortured Souls")...

Mit Hilfe eines chinesischen Zauberwürfels sucht Frank Cotton, die Zenobiten herbeizurufen, seltsame Dämonen aus einer anderen Welt, die grenzenlose sinnliche Lust und Freuden des Fleisches versprechen, wie sie noch kein lebender Mensch erfahren hat. Doch die Grenzen zischen Lust und Schmerz sind fließend, wie Frank bald feststellen muß, und wer sich erst einmal in den Händen der höllischen Mächte befindet, den lassen sie nicht so leicht wieder los. Um in seine Welt zurückzukehren, benötigt Frank die Hilfe der Frau seines Bruders und Blut. Viel Blut...

Es folgten weitere "Hellraiser"-Filme, die leider zunehmend schlechter wurden... :-(

Die Low-Budget-Produktion "Hellraiser: Revelations" scheint nur der Sicherung der Rechte gedient zu haben... Ein "Hellraiser"-Reboot" ist in Arbeit !!!


[10.09.2011] Bei STYD gibt es Entwürfe der Zenobiten für das geplante "Hellraiser"-Reboot...

[20.08.2011] Der "Hellraiser: Revelations" Trailer ist online...

[18.03.2011] Bei STYD gibt es eine vernichtende Kritik zu "Hellraiser: Revelations" (3/10)...

[24.02.2011] STYD meldet...
At the time of this writing, Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer are in the middle of scripting Hellraiser for Dimension Films. To use the word "remake" to describe the project seems a bit wrong, as it appears the duo are crafting more of a "reboot."
"We're keeping it within the world of the box. What the box is and what the box does," Lussier told Shock Till You Drop today during a Drive Angry-related interview. Farmer interjected, "Clive's film is very personal. That's a difficult story for us to come in and re-tell."
"To go in and tell the story of Frank and the family wouldn't be right," added Lussier. "What we went in to pitch with at Dimension was to come at it from a different angle, but go into the same world and see things you haven't been able to see in the other movies. There have been so many films, how can we make this one different?"
The two are quite assert that, despite online reports, the film will not be PG-13. Said Lussier, "We had the contracts changed to specifically say we were delivering an R-rated film. The treatment we turned in, it was like, if you're expecting a happy ending, stop reading now."
Asked if there any familiar names in their redo - beyond Pinhead and the Lament Configuration - like "Julia" or "Kristy," Lussier and Farmer gave us no answer, but merely looked at each other and grinned.

[22.10.2010] STYD meldet...
Sure, reports earlier this week were pinning other directors at the helm of the Hellraiser remake, however, Shock was tipped off that Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer were going to tangle with Pinhead at Dimension Films.
Today, we have confirmed our scoop. And I think it's safe to say you can forget that b.s. about a PG-13 remake. Never believed that for a minute.
Farmer practically tipped off his Facebook followers to his latest gig by posting a picture of a Pinhead bobblehead toy sitting on his desk. Lussier is currently in post-production on Drive Angry 3D. Curious to hear now what they plan to do for the Hellraiser saga.

[18.10.2010] B-D meldet...
[...] we've confirmed that Christian E. Christiansen (say that ten times fast) is circling Dimension Films' big budget Hellraiser remake. As it was previously reported, the Victor Garcia low budget sequel, Revelations, was greenlit in order for the Weinstein Company to retain the rights (much like they did in 2005 with both Deader and Hellworld). Based on what I've heard from various people who have pitched their version of Hellraiser, the Weinsteins are looking for someone to make the franchise fitted for "teens" (super, super, super lame), thus making the director of Sony Screen Gems' The Roommate perfect for the gig. This leads beautifully into the news that the company hopes (nothing is signed) to land Amber Heard (Mandy Lane, Zombieland, The Stepfather) in the lead role. [...]

[22.09.2010] B-D meldet...
A few weeks back we reported that Devon Sorvari (The Dark, The Realm), Steven Brand (as "Dr. Ross Craven"), Sanny Van Heteren (as "Kate Bradley"), Tracey Fairaway (as "Emma") and Daniel Buran (as "Vagrant") were all cast (more info on their character) in Dimension Films' low budget Hellraiser: Revelations, now filming in Los Angeles under the direction of Víctor Garcia (Return to House on Haunted Hill, Mirrors II). Bloody Disgusting was the first to tell the horror world that Derek Mears was the new Jason Voorhees, now we've got the exclusive scoop on who will replace Doug Bradley as the infamous "Pinhead"!! You'll find the details inside, along with the name of who will be playing "Pseudo-Pinhead".
We've been doing some hard digging over the past week and finally got exclusive confirmation that Stephan Smith Collins (pictured below - he looks pretty badass) will star as your new Pinhead in Victor Garcia's Hellraiser: Revelations.
FX specialist Gary J. Tunnicliffe penned the screenplay that follows two friends who unleash Pinhead, who becomes their master of pain. Apparently, one of the friends has a change of heart. He backs out on his oath hoping to swap himself out with one of his friend's family members.
In addition, we learned that Nick Eversman (Vampires Suck) has been cast as "Steven" and Jay Gillespie will star as "Nico / Pseudo-Pinhead".
Th character "Steve" is the son of Sarah (possibly Devon Sorvari) and Ross (Steven Brand). His character kicks off the mayhem while on a backpacking trip in Mexico with his friend Nico (Gillespie). On their trip the duo are presented with a choice to "experience a reality beyond current existence"thanks to the infamous puzzle box. Pinhead becomes his master.
The story continues as Nico realizes that he's commitment to Pinhead forever, and thus attempts a daring switch plan to release himself from the puzzle box. But apparently things go wrong as he's also said to be starring as "Pseudo-Pinhead". This Pseudo-Pinhead is such a devoted servant of Pinhead, he mimics his appearance as closely as possible and revels in the pain that leads to his pleasure. There may also be a stunt actor playing this role.

[26.09.2009] In einem Variety Weblog steht zu lesen...
[...] "I’m heading back to my franchise films," Weinstein said, citing plans to shoot sequels to "Hellraiser" and "Scanners" in 3D. [..] "These films are our strength, and we are committed to doing them in style." [...]

[03.03.2009] Bloody-Disgusting sprach mit Clive Barker über das "Hellraiser"-Remake...

[03.02.2009] Bei Bloody-Disgusting kann man sich ein mögliches (!) neues Pinhead-Design anschauen...

[29.12.2008] The Northlander von AICN sprach mit Pascal Laugier, u.a. über das "Hellraiser"-Remake...
The Northlander: [...] What are your thoughts, or plans, for HELLRAISER, and how do you feel also about remakes in general?
Pascal Laugier: First of all, HELLRAISER is a child's dream coming true. I saw the first when I was 13, I remember precisely the shock it had on me because it was so new, so fresh, so it's very hard to resist the temptation to do HELLRAISER, you know? So of course. When you come from my culture it's like amazing you're even proposed to do HELLRAISER. So of course I felt about it a lot. Right now I have no reasons to refuse the opportunity because IF I disagree with the producer I would leave the project. You know, I'm not forced to do ANYTHING I don't want. So, let me write the first draft, let me tell you what all the American producers have reacted to the reading of the first draft and I will tell you if I'm in good hands or if I'm gonna leave a hellish experience but in ANY CASE, I won't betray Clive Barker's work. I want to do a fresh film filled with a lot of unexpected and surprising things. At the same time, I want it to be connected to the real, original material.
The Northlander: You mean the source material?
Pascal Laugier: Yeah I'm talking about the novella and the first film that are very close to each other. We'll get the chance to have much more money than even Clive had in the first film, so it will be of course more epic, it will be bigger, and I hope that it won't be softer. And right now I trust the guys in Dimension [Films] You know? It's all a matter of human relationship. I talk a lot with Bob Weinstein, he cares about the projects, he's a movie buff, he knows a lot about cinema. But at the same time he's Bob Weinstein and he's a very realistic money maker. So it will be a battle, and I hope that a balance will be found so the film will be close to my vision. What can I say? I'm not sure. I can't sign with my blood that I'm gonna achieve [...]

[30.10.2008] meldet...
Pascal Laugier, whose horror film "Martyrs" stirred controversy in his native France, is in final negotiations to write and direct Dimension's re-imagining of "Hellraiser," one of horrormeister Clive Barker's best-known creations.
Released in 1987, "Hellraiser" told the story of an unfaithful wife who attempts to assist her dead lover in his escape from hell. The movie introduced viewers to a race of demons called Cenobites, most notably one nicknamed Pinhead -- who became one of the most enduring horror characters of the decade -- who was summoned using an antique puzzle box.
Dimension has been hoping to relaunch the franchise for the past couple of years, first hiring Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo to write and direct a remake then tapping Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton to write a new draft.
ICM-repped Laugier at least seems to have thematic sympathies with the material, with his "Martyrs" beginning as a revenge movie then entering the grounds of spiritual horror, with torture figuring as a focal point. Torture -- though not the so-called horror subgenre of torture porn -- also is a key point in "Hellraiser."
"This is a dream project for me," Laugier said. "I know Clive Barker's work very well, and I would never betray what he has done. Fans are expecting a definitive 'Hellraiser,' and I don't want to take that away from them."
"Martyrs" has been dividing audiences since appearing at the Festival de Cannes because of its unrelenting violent nature. The movie was hit with a 18+ rating -- a rarity in France and an equivalent of NC-17 in the U.S. -- sparking a protest by the country's Society of Film Directors.
At the Toronto International Film Festival, several people reportedly fainted during its midnight screenings. The Weinstein Co. is the domestic distributor, but no dates have been announced.
The remake is part of Dimension chief Bob Weinstein's master plan.
"If I could make all my films from franchises, I would," the Weinstein Co. co-chairman said at the recent Media and Money conference in New York. At the event, presented by Dow Jones and the Nielsen Co., parent company of The Hollywood Reporter, he rattled off a list of other films that he hopes to continue sequelizing, including "Scream" and "Scary Movie."

[18.02.2008] STYD meldet...
[...] writers Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton have recently signed a deal with The Weinstein Company to pen the upcoming Hellraiser remake.
Dunstan and Melton cut their teeth on the Hollywood horror scene thanks to the DVD success of Feast, a creature feature distributed by Dimension. Since then they have penned Lionsgate's $125 million worldwide-grossing Saw IV and this year's Saw V.
Dunstan is currently in principal photography on Dimension's Midnight Man based on a script he co-penned with Melton.
The Weinstein brothers recently set a release date of January 9, 2009 for Hellraiser after it was evident directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury were never going to make the initial (unrealistic) September bow.

[07.12.2007] STYD meldet...
Drive a pin through September 5, 2008 in your calendar - that's the date MGM and The Weinstein Co. have circled for Clive Barker Presents: Hellraiser, a re-telling of Barker's novella "The Hellbound Heart" which is being written and directed by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury (Inside). TWC's a fickle company, so don't be surprised if the release date suddenly moves.

[17.10.2007] meldet...
Following the recent success of the "Halloween" remake, Dimension is moving ahead on reinventing "Hellraiser," setting Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo to write and direct the remake of one of horrormeister's Clive Barker's best-known creations. [...]
Based on Barker's critically acclaimed novella "The Hellbound Heart," "Hellraiser" was written and directed by Barker and spawned a lucrative film franchise.
Dimension is aiming to make the movie pre-strike.
Senior vp production Matthew Stein will oversee the project on behalf of Dimension.
French filmmakers Maury and Bustillo come to the project off the strength of their supernatural thriller "Inside," about a pregnant woman who loses her boyfriend in a car crash and subsequently is violently haunted by a mysterious woman. The Weinstein Co./Dimension picked up the distribution rights to their film debut this year.
The filmmakers said they had the blessing of Barker to reappropriate his story and also had a playful message to any horror fans that were ready to trash the idea of a remake, "No tears, please; it's a waste of good remaking!" [...]

[14.10.2007] TwitchFilm sprach mit den Remake-Regisseuren...
BLAKE: [...] So your doing "Hellraiser" next?
ALEXANDRE BUSTILLO: We are actually writing the script right now and we don’t want to remake exactly the Cliver Barker movie. We have met Clive and told him what we want to do with "Hellraiser" and he said, "It’s f**king good do it!" We are happy to have his benediction. It will not be a remake. It will still be called "Hellraiser" and it will have a new Pinhead.
JULIEN MAURY: It’s more of an adaptation.
ALEXANDRE BUSTILLO: With our vision we want to be very fair to the cinephile fans of "Hellraiser." We want to make something very different and something new with it.
JULIEN MAURY: Clive is 100% behind us and that makes us really assured.
ALEXANDRE BUSTILLO: It will be very different. It won’t be like the original "Hellraiser" or that series of movies. We are big fans of the original but we don’t want to do it as a remake since that would be complete nonsense to do [or approach] it that way. Our story is very very different I promise! It will be cool! [...]

[07.10.2007] Moviehole meldet...
[...] Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury will direct the upcoming "Hellraiser" remake (wasn’t that dead a few weeks back?).
Apparently the brothers - they did that flick "Inside" - will be nutting out a screenplay based on a 40-page treatment that Pinhead pop Clive Barker penned.

[11.09.2007] Bei STYD gibt es Infos zur US-DVD "Hellraiser: 20th Anniversary Edition"...

[10.11.2006] CS! meldet...
Dimension Films has announced that Clive Barker, whose spine-tingling films have terrified audiences across the globe, is set to team with Dimension Films to remake his most celebrated thriller, Hellraiser. Barker will write the screenplay and serve as a producer. Anthony Diblasi and Joe Daley will co-produce the remake. No director or cast has been attached to the project yet. [...]

[20.10.2006] zitiert Clive Barker...
[...] "I just want to have five minutes to bring you up to date on the Hellraiser situation, so that we don’t surprise anybody!
"They’re going to remake Hellraiser One with a lot more money and they’ve invited me to write it - the invitation came from Bob Weinstein - which I am going to do, on the basis that if I don’t do it, it will be done in some way that I probably won’t like!
"It’s only that one that I really, really, really care about in terms of its remake value - and it’ll be kind of fun to have the extra money to do the effects and all that cool stuff.
"So it puts me in the situation of writing both the beginning and the end of Pinhead at the same time - ‘In my end is my beginning...’ I’m not in the middle, as it were, I’m leaving out his middle age, I’m just dealing with his beginning and his end.
"I’m excited about it - actually it’ll be kinda cool to revisit it once and see if there are things we can do to it which will make it significantly better. "I wouldn’t wish to direct - I only want to write and be a part of the producing team. I wouldn’t want to revisit something that I did as a director, something that I did all those years ago: that would be too, in a way, painful - not painful but weird, difficult, strange...
"I am very happy at the idea of having some more money for the cool stuff - I don’t know how much more money, but it’s got to be more than the $900,000 that we had the first time!" [...]

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Clive Barker
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Die deutsche Fassung der Kurzgeschichte "The Hellbound Heart", auf welcher der erste "Hellraiser"-Film basiert...


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