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Liebe, Eifersucht, Treue und Intrigen bietet "Hero" (2002) - Originaltitel: "Ying xiong" - von Yimou Zhang (u.a. "Rote Laterne"), der sich mit diesem historischen Drama erstmals im Martial-Arts-Genre bewegt...

China, vor über 2000 Jahren: König Qin (Chen Dao Ming) will seinen Anspruch auf die Herrschaft über ganz China gegen seine Konkurrenten durchsetzen und Kaiser werden. Seit Jahren gibt es Pläne, ihn zu ermorden. Vor allem drei Widersacher trachten ihm nach dem Leben: Broken Sword (Tony Leung Chiu Wai, u.a. "Infernal Affairs"), Flying Snow (Maggie Cheung, u.a. "Police Story"-Filme) und Sky (Donnie Yen, u.a. "Blade II"). Nach zehn Jahren, in denen es nicht gelingt, die drei zu besiegen, besucht Nameless (Jet Li, u.a. "Lethal Weapon 4") den Palast und erzählt eine außergewöhnliche Geschichte...

Übrigens spielt auch Ziyi Zhang (u.a. "Tiger & Dragon") mit...

"Hero" wurde für den Golden Globe und den Oscar nominiert... Und startete am 5. Juni 2003 regulär in den deutschen Kinos...


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Am 7. Juli 2005 erschien die
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[26.02.2006] ProSieben zeigt heute um 20.15 Uhr den Film als deutsche Free-TV-Premiere... Die Wiederholung läuft um 2.55 Uhr...

[30.08.2004] Blickpunkt:Film berichtet über die US-Charts...
Obwohl Miramax die US-Kinoauswertung von "Hero" seit eineinhalb Jahren immer wieder verschob (in Deutschland war der Film im Mai vergangenen Jahres in die Kinos gekommen), setzte sich das Martial-Arts-Spektakel mit Jet Li mit vorerst noch geschätzten 17,8 Mio. Dollar souverän an die Chartspitze. Das ist der mit Abstand beste Start eines chinesischsprachigen Films aller Zeiten. [...]

[08.04.2004] berichtet über die Verstümmelung des Films...

[25.03.2004] Fangoria meldete kürzlich...
While he was deep into the final edit on KILL BILL: VOL. 2 (due April 16 from Miramax), writer/director Quentin Tarantino revealed to FANGORIA that he will be "presenting" Zhang Yimou's HERO this summer. Nominated for a Best Foreign Film Academy Award in 2003, the Jet Li/Maggie Cheung martial-arts epic has been gathering dust on the Miramax shelf for over a year. Tarantino's support will help the studio finally launch HERO in New York and LA this June.
"And I am very proud to do that," Tarantino tells Fango. "I had to fight for it with Miramax. I think they lost faith in it and everything. And I thought that HERO was an absolute masterpiece, so I fought with them not to cut it. Not to bring it down, but to keep it the same length as when I saw it. And finally they agreed if I would present it. So I got in touch with Zhang Yimou and he was cool with that. Yeah, he was as happy as a clam. So that's what I am doing - it's pretty much what I did for IRON MONKEY." [...]

[02.02.2003] AICN schreibt, dass es sich bei "Hero 2" um einen anderen Film von Zhang Yimou handeln muss, der rein garnichts mit "Hero" zu tun hat... Ye Meng von Monkey Peaches klärt auf...
[...] The film is not a sequel/prequel to Hero. The Chinese title is Shi Mian Mai Fu, which means "Ambush from Ten Directions". It is originally the title of a 16th Century music piece, usually performed with pipa, a traditional Chinese stringed instrument.
On IMDB, "House Of Flying Daggers" was once indicated as the English title, which has been removed recently ( According to Warner Bros., the film's Japanese distributor, the English title is "Lovers" ( [...]

[29.01.2004] In einer Hochglanzbroschüre zum 25. Jubiläum von Constantin Film steht zu lesen...
Weitere Kinoproduktionen 2004/2005:
Hero 2
Wie schon der erste Teil besticht "Hero 2" mit überwältigenden Bildern, atemberaubenden Special Effects, einer grandiosen Kameraführung und natürlich einer spannenden und mitreißenden Geschichte. [...]

[09.06.2003] Kritiken gibt es u.a. bei Spiegel Online und NZ...

[05.06.2003] Heute startet "Hero" in den deutschen Kinos...

[05.05.2003] Zwischenzeitlich ist auch der deutsche "Hero" Trailer online...

[05.04.2003] Blickpunkt:Film meldet...
Die Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden hat in dieser Woche insgesamt vier Prädikate vergeben: Als "besonders wertvoll" eingestuft wurden das Martial-Arts-Epos "Hero" von Zhang Yimou [...]

[08.03.2003] Bei AICN gibt es eine weitere positive Kritik...
[...] This is a martial arts film to be sure, but don’t look for too much hand-to-hand stuff. The name of the game in HERO is swordplay and defying gravity. There’s more flying in the this film than all the SUPERMAN movies combined. [...]
The scale and sheer number of extras used for this film is extraordinary; the tireless attention to detail is commendable; and the symphonic nature of the story, and the fight scenes in particular, is unlike any film (Asian or otherwise) I’ve seen. Zhang Yimou is a master storyteller working with a boatload of the best actors China has to offer [...]

[16.02.2003] Die Jury der 53. Internationalen Berliner Filmfestspiele zeichnete den chinesischen Wettbewerbsbeitrag "Hero" mit dem Alfred-Bauer-Preis aus !!! Der Alfred-Bauer-Preis wird an den Spielfilm vergeben, der neue Perspektiven der Filmkunst eröffnet...

[11.02.2003] "Hero" wurde für einen "Oscar" in der Kategorie "Bester nicht-englischsprachiger Film" ("Best foreign language film of the year") nominiert...

[10.02.2003] Bei Blickpunkt:Film gibt es eine weitere positive Kritik...
[...] Mit seinem ersten Martial-Arts-Film beweist Zhang seine Fähigkeit, hollywoodgerecht und auch im Blockbuster-Format inszenieren zu können, ohne den künstlerischen Aspekt zu vernachlässigen. [...]

[03.02.2003] Bei gibt es mehrere Szenenbilder und den "Hero" Trailer im Quicktime-Format !!!...

[29.01.2003] Constantin Film hat einen Starttermin für "Hero" bekanntgegeben: 24. April 2003 !!!

[16.01.2003] Bei AICN gibt es eine weitere positive Kritik...
[...] This film is gorgeous. Its like a blockbuster arthouse action film. Zhang Yi Mou has such a flair for colors...I still can't get enough of the cinematography and costumes - its enough to watch the film on these 2 merits alone. If anything, I would hope that Hero gets nominated for Oscars in these 2 categories along with Best foreign film. Its like a mood ring, and every color represents something and there is so much to take in on screen, you'll want to watch it again.
As for the action, if you think all that flying around in CTHD was unbelievable, prepare to suspend belief as the action in HERO ups the ante even more. Every action sequence is almost like a ballet. Some of it is amazingly stylized but it works, especially in the context of the Color segments. [...]

[16.01.2003] Bei AICN gibt es eine weitere positive Kritik...
[...] While Hero is definitley light on story, it is basically 95 minutes of sword and arrow-play. Each set-piece builds on what came before it and every single one of them is done to perfection. I don't think there will be a single review from any website or newspaper that will not include a comparison to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon but it's definatly because of that film that Hero can be seen in the states. Yes, there's a lot of gravity-defying fights and while CTHD definatley works better in the story and character department, this is a far more ambitious effort, especially when it comes to a straight-forward action film, which is what Hero is. Those who wanted less musing and more fighting are going to get exactly what they want this time. I don't think there is more then a 5 minute break between ANY action sequence, and the short running time makes sure things are always moving.
[...] Hero is one of the most vivid films ever shot [...] This is the kind of cinematic imagry that people are going to look at for years to come. [...]

[10.01.2003] Die Süddeutsche berichtet über "Hero", der auf der Berlinale zu sehen sein wird...

[08.01.2003] Bei ScreenDaily gibt es eine Kritik...
[...] But for all the eye-dropping spectacle on show in Hero, what non-Asian audiences will miss is that western brand of romance which Ang Lee so beautifully injected into the martial arts genre in Crouching Tiger. In fact Crouching Tiger's composer Tan Dun provides another dreamy music score here - again featuring Itzhak Perlman violin solos - which will remind many viewers of Ang Lee's film.
Not that Zhang is a stranger to pulling the heartstrings as some of his recent pictures - Happy Times and The Road Home especially - have shown. But in Hero, he opts against inter-character relationships in favour of action and aesthetics. In fact in the final 98 minute cut, there is little room for much else, a shame given Zhang’s proven skills at capturing small, intimate moments which tell the personal stories that illumine the historical.

[07.01.2003] Der Hollywood Reporter hat eine positive Kritik veröffentlicht...
[...] Like Ang Lee's masterpiece, Zhang Yimou's film crosses art house and kung fu matinee appeal. A grand and magnificent picture, "Hero" should have no problem emerging from the shadow of "Crouching Tiger" to win its own admirers.

[29.12.2002] Bei The Trades (B) und TIME Asia gibt es positive Kritiken...
[...] For a quarter-century, from early Bruce Lee to late Jackie Chan, martial arts was the pulse to which Hong Kong films ticked and kicked. Those were expressions of the industry's vital adolescence. Hero shows how the same vitality can serve a thoughtful, resonant, mainland maturity. This is a story of noble insurgence against noble fidelity, and of the ways love may find its fulfillment only in death. Zhang Yimou may have dipped his cinematic pen in "mere" genre, but in doing so, he has inscribed a masterpiece.

[25.12.2002] CS! meldet...
Chinese-language epic Hero shattered all-time box office records in its native land Friday, taking in a domestic gross of more than 12 million Chinese renminbi, or just under $1.45 million, on its first day of release.
Variety says the Zhang Yimou-directed pic, known locally as "Ying Xiong," opened in 200 theaters nationwide and broke attendance records at every one, according to distributor Miramax Films. [...]

[06.11.2002] Bei Monkey Peaches gibt es ein Interview mit Zhang Ziyi aus der Beijing Times...
You have said you didn't get too many scenes in HERO and hoped for less media coverage for yourself. Is there anything unforgettable to you personally?
It's indeed I only played a supporting role. Since the day the shooting began, I always tried to participate in this movie as a student or an audience. There are many unforgettable moments. If (you are asking for) anything special, it is probably the maple forest (note: should be diversiform-leaved poplar forest) fist scene with Maggie Cheung. We were all hanging in the air. When making the shot with I diving onto (her), I felt my eye almost burst out off the sockets. I was holding the twin sabers. It's very heavy.
Many are not expecting HERO to get anything from the Oscar and say the music is too similar to that of CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON (note: both were composed by Tan Dun). Do you have any prediction?
Saying they are too similar, because they don't understand HERO. I think there is no violence in it and it is a passionate film which can warm your heart and inspire your soul, and is about a nation's cohesion. The American audiences, have been through the "9.11", will like it. [...]

[31.10.2002] Die Offizielle Website ist gestartet und bietet u.a. den "Hero" Trailer !!! Bei Monkey Peaches gibt es ein Transcript des Trailers...

[31.07.2002] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik zu einer Testvorführung...
[...] The film is absolutely epic in scope, as can be seen in sequences such as when The King sends his formidable forces against the neighboring Zhao kingdom. Thousands of warriors storm through the desert on foot, wagon, and horseback, thundering through the desert until they reach their target city, at which point they mobilize like some vast unfolding war machine.We learn the Qin's devastating power is in its vast array of archers, who unleash volleys of lethal arrows in such punishing force that nothing can withstand them. The skies fill with what looks like millions of arrows whistling through the air and punching into posts, walls, and people with terrifying accuracy. [...]
HERO will inevitably be compared to CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON, and this is its major weakness. It bears the same feeling of melancholy, and its fight scenes could easily be mistaken for each other -- characters soar through the air with silent grace; they skip over water as if it were land, and their fighting combines frenetic action and balletic grace. [...] This is a project by a master of the medium, a grand epic. [...]

Weitere Meldungen...

DVD & Video

DVDHero - Premium Edition (3 DVDs)
Director's Cut

Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 12 Jahren
Bild: 16:9 (2.35:1) anamorph
Ton: Deutsch (DD 5.1, DTS 5.1) & Mandarin (DD 5.1)
DVD Erscheinungstermin: 7. Juli 2005

DVD 1: HERO Director¹s Cut ­ 10 Min. länger als die Kinoversion
DVD 2: Bonus-DVD mit folgenden spannenden Extras: Interviews und Biografien von Darstellern und Crew, Making of (Englisch mit deutschen UT), Hero-Special, Textinformationen: Historischer Hintergrund, Produktionsnotizen, Der Look, Pressekonferenz, Interview mit dem Kostümbildner, Blick zu den Dreharbeiten, Schwertkampf-Sequenzen, Storyboard und ein umfangreiches Making of von ca. 3 Stunden.
DVD 3: HERO Director¹s Cut als hochauflösende HD DVD

Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 12 Jahren
Bild: Widescreen (1:2,35)
Laufzeit: 99 Min.
DVD & Video Erscheinungstermin: 5. Februar 2004

DVD Extras: Making of; Textinformationen (Historischer HIntergrund, Produktionsnotizen, Der Look); Darsteller und Crew (Biografien und Interviews mit deutschen UT)


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Tan Dun
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Erscheinungstermin: 26. Mai 2003

16 Titel: u.a. Hero: Overture; For The World - Theme Music; Warriors; Sorrow In Desert; Yearning For The Peace


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