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VIDEOSPIELE - Hardware, Spiele & Zubehör "House of the Dead" ist nach "Resident Evil" eine weitere Videospiel-Verfilmung aus der "Zombie-Ecke"...

Die College Kids Cynthia, Greg, Karma, Simon und Alicia wollen das Ende des Frühjahrssemesters ausgiebig feiern. Da kommt ihnen die Rave-Party auf einer verlassenen Insel gerade recht. Doch die fünf kommen zu spät - das Boot mit den Partygästen hat bereits abgelegt. Um doch noch mitfeiern zu können, überreden sie den Bootsmann Victor Kirk (Jürgen Prochnow, u.a. "Das Boot"), sie zu der Insel zu bringen. Doch statt tanzender Menschenmassen treffen sie auf Horden metzelnder Zombies. Diese haben die Tänzer bereits zum Frühstück verdrückt und warten jetzt auf einen Nachtisch. Ein unvergleichlicher Kampf auf Leben und Untod beginnt...

Die Dreharbeiten begannen am 6. Mai 2002 in Vancouver unter der Regie von Uwe Boll (u.a. "Alone in the Dark")... Der Film lief am 10. Oktober 2003 in einigen US-Kinos... Am 2. November 2004 erschien der Film hierzulande auf DVD...

Das Sequel "House of the Dead 2: Dead Aim" unter der Regie von Michael Hurst wurde am 14. Oktober 2005 beim Sitges Film Festival uraufgeführt und lief ab 11. Februar 2006 im SciFi-Channel...
Eine ständig weiter um sich greifende Zombie-Infektion breitet sich auf einem abgelegenen Universitätscampus aus. In der Hoffnung, die Ausbreitung der Infektion aufzuhalten und die Zombie-Plage zu stoppen, erhält eine geheime Regierungsorganisation den Auftrag, Patient Zero zu finden - den ursprünglichen Zombie, der die Infektion in Umlauf brachte - und ein Gegenmittel zu entwickeln...

Übrigens: Ein 3. Teil ist ebenfalls in Planung...

House of the Dead

[07.11.2006] Heute erscheint "House of the Dead 2" auf DVD & UMD !!!

[30.01.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik zu "House of the Dead 2"...
[...] HOUSE OF THE DEAD 2: not total shit, but you have better things to do anyway. I'll give you a list if you need one. [...]

[05.01.2006] Der "House of the Dead 2" Trailer ist zwischenzeitlich online !!!

[01.11.2005] Fangoria zeigt das "House of the Dead 2" Teaser-Poster !!!

[18.10.2005] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik zu "House of the Dead 2", der beim Film Festival in Sitges gezeigt wurde...
[...] A big surprise was "House of the Dead 2." I hated the first film, but the new one has almost nothing to do with it and was great. Very funny, very gory and a lot of action. I could not believe how much I liked it. One of the people from the movie said "I know you’re wondering how could make a better movie than the first" joking about it, but it is really one of my favorite zombie movies since the "Dawn of the Dead" remake. At one point, the hero runs out of bullets and picks up an axe and everyone in the audience went crazy as he chops up the zombies, but the best part is when they’re driving in an ambulance and the AMS are talking when the patient changes to a zombie and they shoot him and just go back to talking. [...]

[29.07.2005] Heute um 20.15 Uhr läuft beim Pay-TV-Sender Premiere erstmals "House of the Dead"... Wiederholungen gibt es den ganzen August über...

[18.07.2005] AICN berichtet über "House of the Dead 2"-Präsentation auf der Comic-Con...
[...] THey showed the trailer, and some scenes from the movie. What can I say?
They all had a good sense of humor about the sequel. The director said that a good thing about making a sequel to House of the Dead is that it's not like making a sequel to "The Sixth Sense", i.e There aint too much pressure b/c the first one was not a classic. Also, funny was that someone in the audience asked "Where's Uwe Boll?", and the moderator said that Mr Boll is not involved with the film. I clapped, and maybe a dozen others joined me.
It apparently will be a departure from the story of the first film, which is a good thing.
Another amusing thing mentioned is that the opening of the film will be a mislead, in that it will play like a Porky's-esqe college romp, and them become the expected zombie movie after five minutes. I think that's clever. One of the scenes they showed was actually quite powerfull. |It involved an act of bravely kind of remisinscent of one of those grim scenes in Starship Troopers(My seventh favorite movie of all time) where someone accepts their fate. [...]

[18.04.2005] CFQ meldet...
Actress Emmanuelle Vaugier [...] recently completed production on the lead role in House of the Dead 2: Dead Aim, due out from Lions Gate next year [...]

[12.04.2005] Über oder kann man die kurze Demo zum Zombie-Shooter "House of the Dead 3" ausprobieren - sowohl den Survival- als auch den Time-Attack-Modus...

[29.03.2005] Bei gibt es eine Kritik zum PC-Shooter "House of the Dead III" (55%) !!!

[17.12.2004] Dread Central sprach mit Mark Altman über das Sequel ...
[...] There have already been a lot of rumors about this project on the web and we'll be making an announcement about House of the Dead soon. What I can tell you definitively is that Uwe Boll is not involved with production of the sequel although we wish him the best on all his upcoming projects. We have a great director in Mike Hurst whose helming it and it's a completely separate story with a differenet cast and a story that is more faithful to that of the video game." [...]

[22.11.2004] Bloody-Disgusting meldet...
[...] it appears that Lions Gate Film's (who acquired Artisan) will begin shooting House of the Dead 2 this week in CA. So are you ready for the good news? Uwe Boll has nothing to do with the film, he's too busy destroying other franchises. This means that the movie could actually be cool. Lions Gate has been doing a good job of only bringing quality horror to the screen, so I have full faith [...]

[29.08.2004] CountingDown meldet...
According to the folks over at Game Winners Uwe Boll has made the sequel plans official!
And it is official. Director Uwe Boll had a talk with the Official PS Magazine(OPM) that the script is pretty much done. Also, in the extras of the HOTD DVD, he and his partners stated that this time he wants to take a more Horror like approach but keep true to the game with action. He will also take the main characters G and Rogan and have them as the main characters in the new movie. He's looking for a 2005 release and is also looking to end the series with a third.

[25.01.2004] Bei F & M gibt es ein Interview mit Uwe Boll...
[...] F & M: Ihr letzter Film "House of the Dead" lief bereits im Oktober 2003 in den US-Kinos an. Wann können deutsche Filmfans den Zombiestreifen begutachten?
Uwe Boll: Kommt hier bei KINOWELT auf DVD raus. War für das Kino wohl zu brutal. Horrorfans gibt es in Deutschland nicht soviele wie in den USA. [...]

[09.10.2003] Bei und gibt es Kritiken...

[16.09.2003] Bei Latino Review gibt es eine Kritik von George Roush...
[...] HOTD manages to play itself out as it should. A film that realizes that the subject matter is ridiculous, the actors are horrible, the dialogue insane, and the special effects are weak. Does that make this an unmemorable experience? Not at all.
Do you like zombies? Well, you’re going to get zombies. Lots of zombies. HOTD is a ninety-minute gore fest that starts off slow in the first 20 minutes, and then kicks into overdrive without any brakes. [...]
An actual video game comes to life on screen. And it couldn’t be more satisfying and fun. [...]

[10.09.2003] Bei Insomniac mania gibt es ein lesenswertes Interview mit Uwe Boll, der u.a. über "House of the Dead" spricht... Vorsicht SPOILER !!!
[...] Will there be a sequel to House of the Dead, perhaps even a trilogy?
Uwe - Yeah, for House of the Dead the second part is already written and I know got an offer to do House of the Dead and with the same guy, like Jonathon Sheri and other people from the movie, but I didn’t make it, so I redeveloped it on my own and I do a second part from House of the Dead that has nothing to do with the first part. It will be a different approach and we will have an AMF response team in the middle of the movie so we will not have actors from the first part in the second part. [...]

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