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Die schwarze Komödie "The Ice Harvest" von Scott Phillips wurde von Harold Ramis (u.a. "Ghostbusters", "Reine Nervensache", "Und täglich grüsst das Murmeltier") verfilmt...

Weihnachten in Wichita, Kansas: Es ist bitterkalt und es schneit. Die Straßen sind verlassen. Nur ein paar wenige schräge Vögel sind in dieser Nacht noch unterwegs. Rechtsanwalt Charlie Arglist (John Cusack, u.a. "1408", "Con Air") muss die Stadt verlassen. Genau neuneinhalb Stunden bleiben ihm, um Wichtiges zu erledigen - darunter ein letzter wehmütiger Streifzug durch Bars und Nachtclubs und ein nicht ganz ungefährliches Treffen mit Vic (Billy Bob Thornton, u.a. "The Man Who Wasn't There", "Banditen!"), mit dem er einen Koffer voll Geld aus der Stadt schmuggeln will. Doch alles, was Charlie bei Vic vorfindet, ist eine Blutlache. Charlie hat jetzt nur noch drei Ziele in dieser Heiligen Nacht: Geld zurück, Rache nehmen - und selbst am Leben bleiben...

Ende März 2004 begannen die Dreharbeiten zu "The Ice Harvest"... Der Film sollte ursprünglich am 2. Februar 2006 in die deutschen Kinos kommen, der Starttermin wurde aber gecancelt... Am 17. November 2006 wurde der Film auf DVD veröffentlicht...

Ice Harvest

"The Ice Harvest" auf DVD !!!
Am 17. November 2006 erschien "The Ice Harvest" auf DVD... Jetzt bei Amazon bestellen !!!

[24.11.2005] Bei AICN gibt es eine positive Kritik von Capone...
[...] The Ice Harvest is a dark, devious, and disturbed new noir that probably has a bit more humor than similar films from the Coen Brothers (Blood Simple seems the most similar), Red Rock West, or A Simple Plan. But even with all the laughs, the film is a major change of pace and style for Ramis, who we discover has as much of an affinity for bloodshed as he does for belly laughs. [...]
My instant reaction to The Ice Harvest was, "Please, Mr. Ramis, may I have another?" Cusack and Thornton don’t need any help finding the humor in any situation, Cusack taps into some of the badass mannerisms he had in Grosse Pointe Blank, and while Thornton doesn’t quite go the Bad Santa route (despite the Christmastime setting), he doesn’t need to. He’s got some great line deliveries here. Platt steals every scene he’s in at gunpoint. You’ve seen him do it 100 times before, and it never gets old; the guy is that good and reliable. Most importantly, the film doesn’t feel forced or awkward in Ramis’ hands. Some may find the mixture of big laughs and messy violence off-putting, but those people need to get over it. This film is a scream.

[23.11.2005] Bei AICN gibt es eine recht negative Kritik zum Film...
[...] Just because a movie is set around Christmas, doesn’t mean it’s fit for holiday viewing. The Ice Harvest is a cold comedy that is difficult to warm up to. Unless you’re a diehard fan of Ramis, Cusack, or Billy Bob, steer clear of this mess. It’s a harvest that doesn’t yield any good jokes. [...]

[22.11.2005] Bei CS! gibt es ein Interview mit Harold Ramis und John Cusack...

[18.11.2005] Quint von AICN sprach ebenfalls mit Harold Ramis, u.a. über "Ice Harvest"...

[03.11.2005] In Focus sprach mit Harold Ramis, u.a. über "Ice Harvest"...

[24.10.2005] Quint von AICN liefert u.a. eine Kritik zu Harold Ramis' Film...
[...] It's not a fantastic movie, but it's definitely his best film since GROUNDHOG DAY. It's much bleaker, much more dark than his past offerings. The story is of a pair of guys that decide to rob a mob dude of about $2 million. The movie opens with them getting the money, in a total white collar crime way, right before Christmas. An ice storm comes in, so they bide their time in this small town. Of course, their crime is caught much earlier than they thought and they end up having to dodge a lug of a hitman and try to figure out how to get out.
The two leads are John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton who are both doing what they do best. It might have just been the snow and Christmas lights, but it really felt Billy Bob slipped back into his BAD SANTA mode, which is great. I love him in that movie. The bleakness and the black comedy kind of shine John Cusack in a GROSSE POINT BLANK light throughout, although his character in this movie is much more bumbling and less confident.
Oliver Platt... Oliver Platt is hands down one of my favorite actors working today. He's always hilarious even if the movie he's in isn't. He's fantastic in this movie, absolutely at the top of his game. Matter of fact, he's so funny in this movie that if the rest of the flick was godawful I'd still recommend seeing it just for Platt's work in it. He plays Cusack's best friend... who happens to be married to Cusack's ex-wife after stealing her from Cusack... Yet there is no drama about this. Cusack is indifferent and after we meet his ex, we understand why.
The friendship is what makes this movie for me. Platt gets shitfaced and obnoxious to deal with his crummy (yet prosperous) life while Cusack just stays cold to it all. It's a great straight man/loony bastard combo. I want to see a whole series devoted to these two and the adventures they have together.
Randy Quaid also pops up in the movie and is really great, playing a humorous, but really mean character. It's good to see him playing something other than the bumbling idiot (which he does really well, by the way... I'm not knockin' it).
Connie Nielson plays the femme fatale of the story. She's obviously playing all sides and uses her sex appeal to get what she wants. She's a bad person with a great body.
The violence in the film is pretty shocking in contrast to the black comedy. It's harsh and at times graphic. Not stomach turning or anything. There's no Lucio Fulci moments, but it is a tougher movie than you might expect.
The flick comes out at the end of November, so if you feel like a holiday movie with a bit of an edge (a little more in THE REF category than Rudolph) then you won't go wrong with this one. [...]

[09.08.2005] Bei gibt es ein Interview mit Connie Nielsen...

[25.05.2004] Bei CS! gibt es eine Promo Reel von Focus Features, die u.a. kurze Clips aus "Ice Harvest" enthält...

[16.04.2004] CS! meldet...
Randy Quaid is set to join The Ice Harvest, a dark comedy starring John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton, Oliver Platt and Connie Nielsen, reports Variety. The movie is currently filming in Chicago. [...]

[18.03.2004] Blickpunkt:Film meldet...
Connie Nielsen ersetzt die schwangere Monica Bellucci in dem von Harold Ramis für Focus Features geplanten "Ice Harvest". John Cusack und Billy Bob Thornton stehen als männliche Hauptdarsteller unter Vertrag. Das Drehbuch der schwarzhumorigen Gaunerkomödie basiert auf Scott Phillips gleichnamigem Roman und wurde von Robert Benton und Richard Russo adaptiert. Produzenten sind Albert Berger und Ron Yerxa. Die Dreharbeiten sollen in ein paar Wochen beginnen.

[25.02.2004] Blickpunkt:Film meldet...
Ende März beginnen in Chicago die Dreharbeiten zu Focus Features' schwarzhumoriger Komödie "The Ice Harvest". Regie führt Harold Ramis, in den Hauptrollen stehen John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton und Monica Bellucci. Die in einer kleinen Stadt am Weihnachtsabend spielende Story erzählt von einem Loser-Anwalt (Cusack), der Geld von seinen kriminellen Vorgesetzten unterschlägt. Thornton spielt einen Schutzgelderpresser, der Stripclubs und Massagesalons ausnimmt - unter anderem auch den von Monica Bellucci.
Für die Produktion zeichnen Albert Berger und Ron Yerxa verantwortlich.

[24.02.2004] CS! meldet...
Focus Features has set a late-March start date for The Ice Harvest, a Harold Ramis-directed dark comedy to star John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton.
Variety reports that the film revolves around embezzlers who get rich fleecing strip clubs and massage parlors but end up snowbound. Monica Bellucci is set to play a strip club owner in the pic.
The project is based on a Scott Phillips novel. Robert Benton had tried to buy the book and ended up writing the script with Richard Russo.

Ice Harvest
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Ice Harvest

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Ice Harvest

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Ice Harvest

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Ice Harvest

Ice Harvest
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