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Die Graphic Novel "The Interman" von Jeff Parker soll verfilmt werden....

"It's an adventure story about a man named Van Meach, who has some physical peculiarities that make him able to handle extremely dangerous work. He was the original test-tube baby from a project called Interman that wanted to create Cold War operatives known as Adaptives. Result: you can drop Van anywhere in the world and he'll acclimate, and even learn the native language in hours. He can even adapt to more extreme environments, like the arctic or desert.
The international alliance that sponsored Interman becomes aware of Van, who does mysterious work that pays as well as what a hitman or mercenary earns. Recovered files suggest that the grown Intermen would be a terrible threat to any target they chose. In a post-Cold War world, Meach looks like an enormous security risk, and the alliance reforms to send hired killers around the world to close this file permanently. Now our hero, who doesn't even carry a gun, has to adapt to a new and deadlier world... or become extinct."
Jeff Parker

Wann Van "The Interman" Meach in die Kinos kommt, steht bislang nicht fest...


CS! meldet...
New Line has licensed graphic novel Interman, says Variety.
Created and self-published by Jeff Parker, Interman concerns a young man raised in seclusion who discovers he was genetically engineered by the government to be a superhuman killing machine. The military is after him, and he has to fight his instinct to become a killer.
Exorcist: The Beginning screenwriter Alexi Hawley is writing the adaptation.

[04.03.2004] Jeff Parker beantwortete uns ein paar Fragen... Do you have some news regarding THE INTERMAN - The Movie !?! Could you please give us a status update? And: What about THE INTERMAN - Volume 2 !?!
Jeff Parker: I may have something to announce about the movie soon, but I'm not able to say anything at the moment. Sorry!
But I am working on Volume 2, and this summer there will be a 32 page special with three short stories, each focusing on one of the main characters, Van, May, and Outcault. I'll let you know when that book is going to be solicited. [...]

[13.02.2003] Jeff Parker schrieb uns seine Gedanken zur Verfilmung...
It's too early to say anything yet since the writer hasn't been picked. The list of writers being considered is very impressive, though! While the books are always going to be my main concern, I have to say that I'm pretty optimistic about what Valhalla and Paramount will do with the movie. I'm currently beginning work on Interman Volume 2, and I'll give you news on that when I can. [...]

[13.02.2003] CS! meldet...
Variety reports that Paramount Pictures has optioned the rights to graphic novel The Interman for producer Gale Anne Hurd's Valhalla Motion Pictures to produce.
The book, penned by illustrator-turned-author Jeff Parker, is the story of Interman, the lone creation of a Cold War laboratory, who is able to rewrite his DNA and adapt instantly to his surroundings. On the run from NATO assassins who want to erase all evidence of his existence, the Interman then discovers there may be others like him.
Self-financed Valhalla is in post-production on Ang Lee's The Hulk for Universal and Marvel [...]

[15.01.2003] The Small Press sprach mit Jeff Parker und zeigt bislang unveröffentlichte Seiten aus "The Interman"...

[05.11.2002] Bei Pulse gibt es ein Interview mit Jeff Parker, obendrein gibt es ein paar Seiten aus "The Interman"...


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