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Die archivierten Nachrichten aus der Rubrik "Aktuelles"...

[27.02.2008] Wie AICN meldet, soll Hugh Keays-Byrne (aka Toecutter in "Mad Max") die Rolle des "The Martian Manhunter" in der "JLA"-Verfilmung mit dem möglichen Titel "Justice League: Mortal" übernehmen... Und meldet...
Now that the writers strike has been resolved, Warner Bros. is pushing ahead with its plans to make "Justice League" in time for a 2009 debut.
Warners tried to get "Justice League" into production earlier, but put it on indefinite hold in January, allowing the cast options to expire (Daily Variety, Jan. 16). At the time, the studio said it didn't want to move ahead until the scribes had another shot at the script.
Scribes Kieran and Michele Mulroney are busy polishing up the script, which is expected back at the studio in several weeks, and the cast has been advised to keep training for their superhero roles. Director George Miller is in pre-production in Australia.
Adam Brody, cast as the Flash, is the biggest star in the superhero lineup. Rapper Common nabbed the Green Lantern role; other roles went to lesser-known thesps such as Armie Hammer Jr. (Batman) and Megan Gale (Wonder Woman).
"Justice League," based on a DC Comic, is a huge priority for the studio and considered a launching pad for future superhero projects down the line. [...]

[26.02.2008] meldet...
[...] Justice League was due to be shot at Fox Studios this year until Warner Bros suspended production last month, citing uncertainty over the new incentives. Based on a comic book, it is due to star the Australians Megan Gale, Teresa Palmer and Hugh Keays-Byrne among eight lead roles and employ a huge crew that includes visual effects specialists.
"One of the reasons for doing Justice League in this country is the opportunity to bring back all the people we lost on Happy Feet who went overseas," Miller said. "We spent four years developing this talent and the cream of them left because they didn't have another film to go on to ...
"The idea is to say come back, start off on Justice League then move onto Happy Feet 2."
Miller described the movie's status as "precarious" and said Warner Bros was pushing for it to be shot overseas, with Canada the most likely option. [...]

[23.02.2008] JFX Online meldet...
We caught up with Rapper extraordinaire turned actor Common in Larchmont Village on Wednesday [...]
I asked Common about the status of ‘Justice League of America’ which has him set to play the Green Lantern and he was eager to talk. Common responded, "Now that the writers strike is over, [the script is] going to head back to the writers for a cleanup. God willing, it’ll get done. This would be a big role for me." [...]

[22.02.2008] Bei AICN gibt es eine positive Kritik von Massawyrm zum Animationsfilm "Justice League: The New Frontier"...

[15.02.2008] Moviehole berichtet über die Terminverschiebung der Realverfilmung...
[...] Australia’s Herald-Sun Newspaper says that a 2010 start date, rather than mid-2008, is now being eyed. Apparently much of the cast have gone and booked themselves up this year, but more importantly, the studio has realised the film isn’t ready to roll. No big loss - except for Megan Gale who has just quit her day job [as a runway model] to become Wonder Woman [...]

[04.02.2008] Bei AICN gibt es eine überschwengliche Kritik zum Animationsfilm "Justice League: The New Frontier"...
[...] It is an accomplished, serious and adult adaptation that keeps every ounce of the original story’s brilliance. What we have here is a serious adult superhero story straight out of the Silver Age, but with the weight of the best of modern age storytelling.
The actual animation is nothing short of breathtaking. Everything is magnificently detailed and drawn. The character designs are stunning [...]

[21.01.2008] berichtet über Megan Gale und ihre Rolle...
Gale, 32, has finally confirmed the news first revealed by The Sunday Times' Perth Confidential in November that she has been cast as Wonder Woman in George Miller's coming blockbuster, Justice League of America.
"I still can't believe it,'' Gale said. ``I have been infatuated with Wonder Woman since I was a teenager.''
[...] she has stepped up her fitness regimen ahead of her Wonder Woman role and will also learn how to fight and wield deadly weapons.
Gale said she had known since October that she had the part in the Warner Bros film, but was sworn to secrecy.
The movie will be directed by Miller, of Happy Feet fame, but the start of filming in Sydney has been delayed by the US writers' strike.
Gale said she was a big fan of American actor Lynda Carter, who donned the gold-plated bustier, knee-high boots and star-spangled bloomers to play Wonder Woman in the 1970s TV series.
"I've been a fan of Wonder Woman since I was a teenager,'' Gale said. ``People used to tell me I looked like Lynda Carter.
"It was always a bit of a fantasy. It was never going to be a reality for me, but it kind of found me and I'm a big believer in fate and destiny.
"Even if the writers' strike goes on forever, for me, the fact that I've been cast as Wonder Woman is enough.'' [...]

[17.01.2008] meldet...
"Justice League" is no longer moving faster than a speeding bullet.
Warner Bros. let the options lapse on the young cast that director George Miller chose to play DC superhero staples. The studio, which had set Tuesday as its greenlight deadline for the pic, confirmed Wednesday the project is on indefinite hold.
Project now most likely won't get under way until late summer or fall at the earliest.
Cast members were informed late Tuesday their options would not be exercised, but they were also assured the studio is determined to make the film with them in it. But before that can happen, there are several problems to be resolved.
The studio's reasons included not getting the official response it needed on tax breaks from shooting in Australia. And while WB execs like the script they got from Kieran and Michele Mulroney, it would benefit from a little more work, something that isn't possible because of the writers' strike.
Some were surprised the studio didn't exercise cast options anyway. The deals gave WB the flexibility to exercise the deals immediately, or in July, and the actors will be making salaries in the low six-figure range. While Adam Brody, cast as the Flash, has a track record, most of the cast comprises such newcomers as Armie Hammer Jr., who plays Batman, and Megan Gale, who will play Wonder Woman.
The studio risks losing them to other film jobs. But it is likely most if not all the cast will make sure to be available starting late summer and fall, just in case. That's because of the starmaking potential of "Justice League."
Studio had set this week as the deadline to greenlight the superhero tentpole, which it was racing to get into production for 2009 release. That was always considered a dicey proposition, particularly when the writers went on strike, and because the film needs to be completed before the SAG deal expires in June.
With "Justice League" on indefinite hold, the studio has a superhero gap on its 2009 slate; status of the next "Superman" pic is also uncertain.

[14.01.2008] IESB meldet...
[...] Justice League is in trouble and was expected to be delayed until at least April/May, that is if it didn’t get scrapped altogether. It appears that "official" news just might be a few days away.
Talking to a couple of friends that are working on Justice League, they tell me that the crews are all aware of the problems, the cast and script with the latter being the biggest issue are about to put the production on hold.
Crews have been told that if problems don’t get fixed within the next few days, pre-production will come to a halt, a decision is expected by mid-week. [...]

[09.01.2008] Wie IESB meldet, wurde der Film vorerst auf Eis gelegt...
[...] "George Miller really wants this movie to be way big but the cast is 100% unknowns," [...]
Another problem we are hearing is that some upper level execs including the new big boss Jeff Robinov is not too sure if the timing is right for JLA. Most of it has to do with the Nolan camp not being happy with the decision of moving forward with the JLA film considering the positive buzz surrounding The Dark Knight.
So what is going to happen? "The cast for Justice League is mediocre, the execs know it's mediocre, it's going to go down to wire on this one, this movie cold be huge but right now it's plagued with a couple of big issues and the WGA strike isn’t making things easier," [...]
I got a call from one of our moles over at Warner Bros. who told us, "Justice League has been pushed back to at least April or May and possibly a start date as late as June or July... that is of course if the movie doesn't get scrapped altogether." [...]

[07.01.2008] meldet...
Weta Workshop's involvement in another blockbuster movie has been unmasked - the physical effects studio has beaten Hollywood to design and make the costumes for superheroes including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash. [...]

[23.12.2007] meldet...
IT'S bonjour Sydney for Bond girl Eva Green, who has jetted into the Harbour city to add some potential big-screen sparkle to Australian director George Miller's Christmas.
According to film industry insiders, the French femme fatale is in town to audition for Miller's upcoming blockbuster Justice League of America, to be shot at Fox Studios next year. [...]

[01.12.2007] Wie AICN meldet, wird das australische Model Megan Gale die Rolle der Wonder Woman 100% übernehmen... Aber das hatten wir ja schon... ;-)

[20.11.2007] Bei SHH! gibt es den letzten Stand in Sachen JLA-Besetzung - noch immer unbestätigt... ;-)
Superman - D.J. Cotrona
Batman - Armie Hammer
Wally West/The Flash - Anton Yelchin
Aquaman - Santiago Cabrera
Iris - Zoe Kazan
Wonder Woman - Megan Gale
Talia al Ghul - Teresa Palmer
Green Lantern - Common [...]

[18.11.2007] Bei AICN gibt es den letzten Stand in Sachen JLA-Besetzung...
[...] The trades are going to announce the cast of Justice League next week, but courtesy someone connected to Ken Ralston I can tell you four confirmed names.
Palmer is not Wonder Woman, I believe she's a villain. Brody is Wally West. Common is The Green Lantern. Porter, they think, is Superman. There's also word that Michael Gough might be appearing as Alfred. [...]

[13.11.2007] Wie IESB meldet, wird die JLA-Besetzung in Kürze offiziell bekanntgegeben...
The WGA is not slowing down the WB and its plan to get Justice League on track, WB sources tell IESB that the cast will be announced this week.
Variety reported that there may be some delays on some studio tent poles including Justice League, this is not accurate according to WB sources.
They tell the IESB that unlike the story ran by the trades, casting is 100% locked. The cast has been chosen and sworn to secrecy but official confirmation will happen sometime this week.
There have been so many names associated with the Justice League throughout the last few months that it would make anybody’s head spin. [...]

[11.11.2007] widmet sich den Problemen, die durch den Streik der Drehbuchautoren entstehen...
[...] Major tentpoles are the most vulnerable should the strike drag on. Warner Bros. execs are nervous about how to proceed with "Justice League of America," which is still uncast and is a crucial potential franchise boasting popular DC Comics characters. While WB expects to move ahead on most of its projects, if the strike extends past February, the studio will have some reevaluating to do. [...]

[28.10.2007] Laut sieht es ganz danach aus, als würde Teresa Palmer (u.a. "Wolf Creek") die Rolle von Wonder Woman übernehmen...

[27.10.2007] Bei AICN gibt es Antworten auf Fragen, die jemand beantwortet, der vorgibt das JLA-Drehbuch gelesen zu haben... Wie auch immer... SPOILER !!!

[26.10.2007] Laut IESB wird Rupert Evans entgegen anderslautender Gerüchte nicht die Rolle des Superman in JLA spielen...

[24.10.2007] Bei UGO gibt es Neues zum JLA-Plot...
Our JLA source has returned. After listening to the rumors that there had been a leaked draft of the first 14 pages of the Justice League of America screenplay floating somewhere out there on the internet, our spy laughed and said that the real JLA script was nothing like that. In fact, our dude/ette on the inside told us precisely what happens in the first 14 pages of the authentic Justice League of America screenplay and wanted you to know what you can expect in the real deal.
Whereas the fake script opened on Green Lantern flying a jet fighter, the real Justice League of America script begins on a much grander and somber note: Superman walking on the rooftop of a cathedral. He is there as well as five other members of the Justice League (Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter) because they are paying their respects at a funeral, grieving over the loss of someone that we don’t know as of yet. [...]

[21.10.2007] Bei IESB gibt es Neues zum Casting...
[...] Josh Duhamel (Transformers) and Bijou Phillips (Hostel: Part 2) have both tested for unspecified roles in George Miller’s Justice League of America. [...]

[18.10.2007] Bei IESB gibt es Infos zum möglichen Plot...

[16.10.2007] IESB meldet...
[...] Director George Miller flew in Saturday from his native Australia for a marathon casting session that started Sunday and continues Monday, seeing 35-40 actors test for roles in the comic book movie, reports The Hollywood Reporter.
Miller is seeing about four or five actors for the parts of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern and the Martian Manhunter, with a few overlaps. A few nonhero parts might be testing as well.
On the roll call are Adam Brody (Fox's "The O.C."), Joseph Cross ("Running With Scissors"), D.J. Cotrona ("Windfall"), Mary Elizabeth Winstead ("Grindhouse"), Michael Angarano ("Sky High"), Teresa Palmer ("Wolf Creek"), Max Thieriot ("Jumper") and rapper Common.
The cast of NBC's "Friday Night Lights" is well-represented as well, with Minka Kelly, Adrianne Palicki and Scott Porter also among those testing for parts. No costumes are involved in the tests, which are being taped as actors read script pages.
The trades continue saying that Miller is looking for actors to grow into their roles over the course of several movies. Sources say Miller, known to be a methodical director, is testing not only for the roles themselves but how the actors interact with one another while keeping an eye on the look of the whole group. The director is due to present his findings to the studio midweek. [...]

[13.10.2007] Obsessed With Film meldet...
[...] over on George Miller’s Justice League, we can report that the bulk of filming will take place at Fox Studios in Sydney and will involve extensive green screen work.
As for crew members, Miller has added another Oscar winner to his team in the form of director of photography Dean Semler. Art direction comes from Hugh Bateup and Damien Drew, both veterans of The Matrix franchise and Superman Returns.
P.J. Voeten, who has worked with Miller on Happy Feet and Babe will join the production as first assistant director when he finishes work on The Mummy 3 in Canada.
Now for something that’s sure to get fanboys salivating - WETA will be creating the costumes for the Justice League heroes! They may even be handling visual effects as well, though that news isn’t confirmed yet.
It’s worth noting that films on this scale will often take on several effects houses to manage the workload, so WETA are likely to be involved in some form.

[13.10.2007] IESB meldet...
[...] A few weeks ago we reported that T.I. Harris had read for the role of the Green Lantern/John Stewart but for the last few months we had heard that there were two actors that WB execs had always had in mind for the coveted role but there was no confirmation if they had been approached.
The two actors are Tyrese Gibson and Common. Patrick over at UGO was able to confirm that Gibson was in the mix and today we finally were able to confirm from studio sources that Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. aka Common, has read for the role and has been become a leading contender for the Green Lantern.
We contacted his representation over at William Morris and Polaris PR earlier in the day and have made multiple attempts to have them go on the record on his possible involvement, they have declined to comment at this time.
So what about The Flash? It’s been confirmed that Barry Allen would be the version of The Flash that we will we see in the Justice League film but who would get to play him?
For years its been known that Ryan Reynolds had always been a top contender to play the Flash and even recently he has made remarks alluding that he might be involved some how in the film. But today we got word that WB was looking to get Adam Brody and Justin Long to read for the part.
Let me be very clear about this, I don’t know if they did read for the part and maybe this was just an exec talking out loud but regardless that gets me a bit worried. What is this cast going to look like?
Meanwhile online rumors are that WB is waiting to announce all the actors at once and that might be happening on November 18, 2007.

[07.10.2007] IESB weiss mehr über die Handlung... SPOILER !!!
[...] The people over EW have printed, in part, the following,
EW - What we have seen remains faithful to the comic book that first appeared in 1960. All seven original members of the Justice League -- Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and the Martian Manhunter -- are featured in an origins story about the superhero conglomerate. The plot revolves around villainous businessman Maxwell Lord and involves cyborgs called OMACs (One-Man Army Corps), who can take over humans and turn them into killing machines. There are epic battles between Superman and Batman, as well as Superman and Wonder Woman. [...]

[29.09.2007] meldet...
[...] actress Jessica Biel has decided to pass on playing Wonder Woman in Warner Bros. live-action adaptation of Justice League of America. The former 7th Heaven star had been in early talks to play the Amazonian princess. [...]

[28.09.2007] meldet...
[...] we have an interesting story that there was actually a director attached and working on the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie for a full three weeks before the project was given to George Miller. It's been revealed that the director was in fact... David Slade. He's the guy who is tearing viewers a new one with 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, the vampire flick that quite frankly looks incredible. It also makes me wish that he'd stayed.
The second little nugget of information, is a casting rumor. IESB are reporting that I do know that Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. aka T.I. (American Gangster, A.T.L) has recently read for the role of Green Lantern/John Stewart. All I know is that he read for the part, I don't know how he did or if they are seriously considering him after the audition, but, he could be in the running. [...]

[26.09.2007] Patrick verrät bei UGO einiges über den Plot... Vorsicht SPOILER !!!

[25.09.2007] meldet...
Jessica Biel is in talks to lasso up as Wonder Woman in Warner Bros.' all-star superhero film "Justice League of America."
Potential deal marks the first piece of casting to emerge from the DC Comics-based ensemble project, which is expected to feature Superman, Batman, the Flash and Aquaman in addition to Wonder Woman.
George Miller boarded the bigscreen adaptation last week as helmer.
Biel is filming the indie drama "Powder Blue," which wraps in October, opposite Forest Whitaker. She will then segue to "A Woman of No Importance," based on the play by Oscar Wilde. That leaves room on the actress' schedule for "Wonder Woman," which Warner is fast-tracking as a project before any potential strikes. However, the film's likelihood hinges on the studio's ability to assemble a cast of superheroes in a small window of time. Christian Bale and Brandon Routh -- Warner's reigning Batman and Superman, respectively -- are not expected to join the production.
The studio declined comment, saying that it prefers to announce an entire cast rather than piecemeal deals.
"Justice League," which is penned by Kieran and Michele Mulroney, could help ramp up a Wonder Woman spinoff, which has long been in development at the studio, with Joel Silver producing. [...]

[24.09.2007] Moviehole meldet...
With recent confirmation that it’ll film in Australia, it shouldn’t be any surprise to hear that local actors are going to be able to start their Christmas shopping early with parts in "Justice League"- but don’t fret Jack Thompson hasn’t been asked to play Batman and as far as I know, Samuel Johnston hasn’t auditioned to be Aquaman. I’m sure, for the most part, you’ll simply be seeing most of the extras and a few support roles filled locally.
That’s not to say that Aussie actors won’t be going up for the main roles - Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and The Flash - but the casting directors aren’t just going to cast locals in the leads if they’re not right. In fact, we know of one local actress who has tested for one of the main roles (and who would fit the bill in my humble opinion.)
Actress Victoria Hill is hoping to don some iconic tights. The starlet, currently seen in the Village Roadshow release "December Boys", has tested for the role of Wonder Woman.
Now that doesn’t mean she’s in the running or a contender - you’d have to be a fly on the wall in the casting director’s office to get wind of how she went, obviously - but she did read for the Amazonian princess. [...]

[21.09.2007] meldet...
Warner Bros. is moving aggressively ahead with the bigscreen adaptation of DC Comics' "Justice League of America," with George Miller aboard to direct.
Project, which is in the initial phases of casting, is a pre-strike priority for the studio, which needs a superhero tentpole for 2009.
Still, making all the pieces fit has been complicated by overlapping superhero projects in the pipeline, since "Justice League" features a pantheon of superheroes including Superman and Batman.
Batman and Superman are active properties for the studio, though the next installment in the "Superman" franchise has taken a backseat to "Justice League" in part because Warners is so keen on the "Justice League" script by Kieran and Michele Mulroney.
Beyond the Caped Crusader and Man of Steel, "Justice League" will likely feature Wonder Woman, the Flash and Aquaman. The Green Lantern is also featured in the comicbook.
Several sources close to the project said that Christian Bale, star of the revived "Batman" film franchise, and Brandon Routh, star of Bryan Singer's "Superman Returns," would probably not appear in the movie.
Helmer Christopher Nolan, current steward of the "Batman" franchise for the studio, would prefer that Warners delay "Justice League" until after he finishes "Batman" projects in development; Bale has also let his uneasiness about "Justice League" be known.
To work around these issues, the studio explored making "Justice League" as an animated film or with motion capture, but all indications are that the pic will be an f/x-driven live-actioner.
Project is so complicated -- and casting-dependent -- that even those deeply involved are holding their breath until production begins.
"They're working very hard to get it to happen," said one party close to the project. "But there are so many characters, it's complicated."
It was for this very reason that many believed Warners would move ahead first with a follow-up to Singer's "Superman Returns." Singer, however, is busy with Tom Cruise starrer "Valkyrie."
Miller has a warm relationship with Warners. He last helmed "Happy Feet," which generated $379 million in worldwide box office for the studio.
This project could give the studio a launching pad for future Wonder Woman and the Flash pics. The studio has been developing bigscreen adaptations of both DC properties.

[03.09.2007] OWF meldet...
[...] Warner Bros have hired casting directors Susan Shopmaker (The Holiday, Mean Girls), Michelle Allen (TV’s sadly cancelled Dead Like Me) and RDC Casting (The Shipping News) in New York, Vancouver and Toronto, respecitively, to cast the Justice League movie.
Confirmation comes via industry audition site Showfax who have multiple roles up for grabs. None of them specify which parts they are, they’re mainly tagged as "Male/Female Option #1, #2? etc (which I guess means they are small roles or there to hide the names of the characters from online snoopers). [...]
This is purely speculation, but with calls going out to three cities already (with more to come, I’m sure), this probably means that George Miller is looking to find several unknowns or up and coming actors for the film. If sides for the part of Superman aren’t going out then the Tom Welling rumours could well be true.
The locations of these auditions are also interesting; initially they are taking place in two Canadian cities but in only one in the US. Could this suggest Warners are looking to shoot the movie up in Canada? [...]

[23.08.2007] CS! meldet...
One of the most talked-about topics online these days is Warner Bros.' Justice League of America adaptation, which Happy Feet director George Miller is reportedly attached to.
Reports have said that the superhero team-up movie would include Batman, Superman, The Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern, that casting would start next week, and that Christian Bale (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight) and Brandon Routh (Superman, Superman: Man of Steel) would not be involved.
It didn't quite make sense how Warner Bros. would be able to pull it off, but perhaps now we know how they can. says that the movie might be a CGI/performance capture project, much like The Polar Express, and the upcoming Beowulf and Avatar. Here's a bit of the scoop the site received:
However, and take this with a grain of salt, Imageworks are apparently in the running to provide services on the JLA film, competing with R&H and possibly WETA (the latter being unconfirmed).
But the real interesting thing about this is that the contract is for an all-cgi "photo-real" motion capture movie, much like the upcoming Beowulf.
If the reports hold up, expect Justice League of America to go into production early 2008.

[06.08.2007] MyFanbase meldet...
In den USA wird derzeit an einer neuen Zeichentrickserie über die "Justice League of America" ("JLA") mit dem Namen "Justice League: The New Frontier" gearbeitet.
Niemand Geringeres als David Boreanaz hat seine Stimme der Comicfigur Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) geliehen. In weiteren Rollen zu hören sind Brooke Shields (Schauspielerin und Produzentin) als Carol Ferris, Neil Patrick Harris ("How I Met Your Mother") als Barry Allen/Flash, Lucy Lawless ("Xena") als Wonder Woman, Jeremy Sisto ("Law & Order") als Batman, Kyle MacLachlan ("Sex and the City", "Desperate Housewives") als Clark Kent/Superman und Phil Morris (Martian Manhunter in "Smallville") als King Faraday.
Der Film soll am 28. Januar 2008 direkt auf DVD veröffentlicht werden; wann und ob in Deutschland steht noch nicht fest. Ein kleines Preview-Video gibt's aber schon auf youtube zu sehen.

[26.06.2007] Moviehole meldet...
Now THIS is interesting.
Remember this little story we ran? Remember how we stated that the powers-at-be at Warner Bros were considering doing "Justice League" before the "Superman" sequel? Remember how our report was debunked by a couple of other sites - one of them being Variety who, funnily enough, are the ones running THIS story - and their sources?
Well, all I can say is... Um, actually, I don’t know what to say, besides... I told you something was cooking and here’s the pot to prove it.
Here’s what Moviehole Variety reported today :
One of the more ambitious projects around town - the bigscreen adaptation of DC Comics' "Justice League" - cleared a major hurdle last week.
Husband-wife writing duo Kieran Mulroney and Michele Mulroney turned in a first draft that had Warner Bros. suits actually smiling - no small feat, considering "Justice" follows a half-dozen of the best-known superheroes working together, including Batman and Superman.
But the accomplish-ment raises a tricky question for Warners: Should it release "Justice" before its "Superman Returns" sequel?
Christopher Nolan’s next Batman pic "The Dark Knight" bows in July 2008. Bryan Singer’s "Superman" follow-up had been expected to play in 2009. But there’s no script yet for that pic, while Singer is busy getting ready to shot Tom Cruise starrer "Valkyrie" for UA.
The question now: Will a souped-up "Justice League" prove to be Kryptonite to Superman?

I’d say it’s a definite possibility. My contact at the Burbank water tower insists that it’s always been a consideration to release "Justice League" before "Superman Returns II". I don’t have a crystal ball though, and neither do the WB, so it’s hard to say what will go first.

[22.02.2007] /film meldet...
Warner Bros. is aiming to make comic-book geeks around the world pee their pants. They have hired a team of writers to script a live-action feature film which will include most of DC Comics superhero line-up: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, and more.
Kiernan and Michele Mulroney have been hired to write a big screen Justice League of America movie. You might recognize their names, because they’re the hot Hollywood scribes of the month (they wrote a draft of the Kiefer Sutherland’s Mirrors which starts shooting in May).
The JLA first appeared in February 1960. The original line-up consists of: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter. But the team has gown to also include Green Arrow, Atom, Hawkman, Black Canary, Captain Marvel, Plastic Man, Zatanna and others. The Jusice League spawned several cartoon television series, including the cult 1960-70’s Super Friends. Justice League Unlimited is currently aired on the Cartoon Network.
The comic books usually have the heroes band together to fight alien forces or groups of supervillains.
It has been previously reported that both Christian Bale (Batman Begins) and Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) have contract options to star in a Superman vs. Batman movie. I wonder if Warner’s legal team could spin that stipulation into the JLA idea. The studio is also trying to greenlight a Wonder Woman film. I assume that the lead star’s contract will include a JLA option. [...]

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