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"Jumper" (2008) ist die Verfilmung des Romans "Jumper" von Steven Gould...

Stets hielt sich David (Hayden Christensen, u.a. "Star Wars: Episode II" & "Episode III") für einen normalen Typen. Bis er durch Zufall entdeckt, dass er ein "Jumper" ist: Er kann sich binnen Sekunden an einen beliebigen Ort der Welt teleportieren, was er für die eigene Bereicherung und das Liebesglück mit seiner Freundin (Rachel Bilson, u.a. "Die Wilden 70er") nutzt. Doch damit steht er auf der Abschussliste einer Geheimorganisation. Er verbündet sich mit einem anderen "Jumper" (Jamie Bell, u.a. "King Kong") und lernt, dass er die Schlüsselfigur in einem jahrtausendealten Krieg ist...

Die Dreharbeiten - unter der Regie von Doug Liman (u.a. "Jason Bourne"-Trilogie) - begannen Ende Juni 2006 und endeten am 19. Januar 2007... "Jumper" kam am 27. März 2008 in die deutschen Kinos... Zwei weitere Teile waren angedacht...


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[09.06.2008] zitiert Hayden Christiansen...
It is not a matter of how high, but when and where. Hayden Christiansen is ready to jump again.
"We're talking about it," the 27-year-old Canadian actor tells Sun Media about filming a sequel to Jumper. Doug Liman's kinetic science-fiction flick arrives on DVD tomorrow in several editions: a version with full and widescreen on one disc; the two-disc, widescreen Special Edition; and a Blu-ray with the same expanded extras as the special edition.
"I know that they're having those conversations, I hear about them," Christiansen says of development plans for Jumper 2. Liman would like to eventually take the franchise in the same direction as his Jason Bourne series. Would Christiansen sign on again, as Matt Damon did with Bourne? "Oh yeah, and I think I probably will." [...]
Liman originally planned a movie trilogy based on Steven Gould's novel. Liman spun out a liberal re-imagining of Gould's more personal story about child abuse, which had jumping as a metaphor for escape.
"It was set up to become that -- a trilogy -- if it did well," says Christiansen. "And I think they're happy with how it did so they want to make another one. But I don't think they're rushing to get into production."
Christiansen "jumped" into the first Jumper with just two weeks notice. Liman had gone into production with a smaller budget, less ambition and a younger lead cast of Tom Sturridge and Teresa Palmer. To up the stakes and make it more adult, the film was shut down, the budget and scale were expanded and the leads recast with Christiansen and Rachel Bilson from The O.C.
The topic makes Christiansen squirm. "It's a weird thing to even talk about, to be honest, because I feel bad for the kid (referring to Sturridge).
"But I was very eager to be a part of it, as well, so there wasn't really any trepidation on my part thinking it was a little bit of a weird situation. They had shut down production I think for over a month. So it kind of felt like a fresh start for them, as well." [...]

[27.03.2008] Heute startet "Jumper" in den deutschen Kinos...

[24.02.2008] Bei gibt es ein Videointerview mit Samuel L. Jackson...

[19.02.2008] DH berichtet über das mögliche Sequel...
Despite the scathing reviews, "Jumper" topped the box-office this weekend and so the inevitable sequel will likely take place.
Director Doug Liman spoke about the possibility this week with Collider and says "this power can be used to leave this planet, this power can be used ultimately to go back in time, this power can be used if you go and work for the government you'd be the ultimate Jason Bourne."
Time travel? "The kind of jumping that we're showing in the movie which is a kind of worm hole jump which is why those scars are left behind, if you can travel through space through a worm hole from a scientific Einstein point of view, you could also travel through time...I've left the door open to time travel because of the specific kind of teleportation that I chose to portray in this film" he says. [...]

[18.02.2008] IESB berichtet über die Einspielergebnisse...
[...] Jumper took the top spot this weekend with $27,225,000. That works out to a total of almost 34 million thanks to the President's Day weekend Thursday opening. Those numbers will continue to grow pretty solidly tomorrow and we're probably looking at Jumper getting back a little less than half its $85 million budget over the four days.
That means that, regardless of the less-than-favorable reviews, Jumper's a success even if it won't be a hit. By next weekend we should know if its successful enough to point itself towards a sequel. [...]

[14.02.2008] CS! sprach mit dem Regisseur Doug Liman...
CS: [...] Sam mentioned that a lot was shot that was cut out of the movie to keep it streamlined and to save stuff for a sequel. Have you and Simon talked about doing a sequel and is there a danger of setting things up for a movie when you never know these days whether a sequel will be feasible?
Yeah, you know, there's two things. Yes, I cut a lot of explanatory stuff out. I did the same thing on "Mr. & Mrs. Smith." As a filmmaker, I'm very interested in how streamlined you can make one of these movies, and I'm not the only one. When J. J. Abrams did "Mission: Impossible," he was like, "I can explain the villain plot but can you make one of these movies without explaining what the rabbit's foot is." It's just from a straight intellectual filmmaker type thing. What can you get away with and where can you go with the genre, so for me, part of the editing process is "How much of the expository stuff can you pull out?" At the end of the day, all I care about are the characters, but can I strip the stuff out, like the machine that comes out in the third act of the film, we used to have a plot to explain exactly where the machine came from. Who gives a sh*t about the machine? All I care about is Sam Jackson believes jumpers need to be destroyed and can you take somebody who has this fundamental belief about killing in the name of God, I care about that character and what it might take to change his mind and what it might take somebody like the Hayden Christensen character, to get him to risk his neck? And I don't care about the machine. Can I make the movie without the scene that explains the machine, so it's not like "I'm saving it for a sequel and if a sequel doesn't happen we're screwed." Obviously, you don't see us going to make a sequel to "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" and there's a ton of expository stuff in that film that I don't bother explaining because end of the day, it's about those two people and their relationship. [...]

[09.02.2008] Bei Yahoo! Movies gibt es einen längeren Clip / Ausschnitt aus dem Film...

[08.02.2008] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik zum Film...

[03.02.2008] Bei IESB gibt es mehrere Clips / Ausschnitte und neue Szenenbilder...

[14.01.2008] Bei IESB gibt es neue Szenenbilder...

[10.01.2008] Bei IESB kann man einen Blick auf einen weiteren "Jumper" Trailer werfen...

[10.12.2007] Der neue "Jumper" Trailer ist online !!!

[14.11.2007] Eidos meldet...
Brash Entertainment gab heute bekannt, dass es an der Videospielumsetzung von Jumper arbeitet, die gleichzeitig mit dem gleichnamigen, von Twentieth Century Fox und Regency Enterprises produzierten, Film erscheinen wird. [...]

[10.10.2007] Der sehenswerte "Jumper" Teaser-Trailer ist online !!!
Mit Dank an Goody

[30.08.2007] sprach mit David S. Goyer...
[...] On co-writing "Jumper" (Feb. 15, 2008), starring Hayden Christensen ("Star Wars" Episodes II and III) and directed by Doug Liman ("The Bourne Identity"), about a teenager who discovers he can teleport:
"It’s based on one of the young adult books I’ve long been a fan of. My version diverged somewhat from [Steven Gould’s] book and then I actually left ‘Jumper’ to go do ‘The Invisible’ and then it’s diverged even more, but there’s still a lot of the original book in there." [...]

[29.01.2007] CS! meldet...
One crew member was killed Thursday on the Toronto set of the 20th Century Fox sci-fi thriller Jumper after being struck by frozen debris in a freak accident, reports Variety.
Set dresser David Ritchie, who was 56, was pronounced dead on the scene after a large piece of frozen sand and gravel fell from the top of a wall at an outdoor set that he and three crew members were dismantling in frigid winter temperatures.
Another crew member was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and kept overnight for observation.
Filming on Jumper, starring Hayden Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson, wrapped in Toronto on Jan. 19. Cast and other crew members are on location in Tokyo.

[18.12.2006] CS! meldet...
The New York Times reports that director Doug Liman and Fox got permission to shoot the sci-fi thriller Jumper, starring Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson and Rachel Bilson, at the Colosseum in Rome. Here's a clip:
No props. No lights. Not even a video cart was permitted to touch the ground. But Mr. Liman, his actors and a small crew from the science fiction thriller "Jumper" - granted unprecedented access even to the amphitheater's labyrinthine guts, where gladiators and doomed beasts once waited - were to shoot their pivotal love scene on a stage that still belongs more to the dead than the living. [...]

[16.10.2006] CS! meldet...
Rachel Bilson (The Last Kiss, "The O.C.") is stepping in as the leading lady opposite Hayden Christensen in Regency Enterprises and 20th Century Fox's sci-fi adventure pic Jumper, being directed by Doug Liman.
Variety reports that Bilson takes over the role from Teresa Palmer, who dropped out when the role was reconceived as a 25-year-old woman rather than a 20-year-old.
Samuel L. Jackson and Jamie Bell also star in the filming, currently shooting in Toronto.
Planned as a trilogy, Jumper is the next project for the creative team behind Regency hit Mr. & Mrs. Smith: Liman and producers Lucas Foster and Simon Kinberg.
Based on the 1992 Steven Gould novel, Jumper follows a young man from a broken home who discovers he has the ability to teleport. In his quest for the man he believes responsible for the death of his mother, he draws the attention of the National Security Agency and another young man with the same abilities.
David Goyer adapted the screenplay, which was rewritten by Jim Uhls and Kinberg.
Jay Sanders is producing with Foster and Kinberg. Ralph Vicinanza and Vince Gerardis executive produce.

[11.09.2006] Bei AICN gibt es Bilder vom Set...

[29.08.2006] meldet...
Max Thieriot will play a younger version of Hayden Christensen's character, the title role of Doug Liman's sci-fi adventure "Jumper," for 20th Century Fox and Regency Enterprises. Thieriot's character is a young man from an abusive home who develops the ability to teleport to different times and locations. Thieriot most recently appeared in Adam Shankman's "Catch That Kid" for 20th Century Fox and "The Pacifier" for Walt Disney Pictures.

[11.07.2006] meldet...
Samuel L. Jackson is teleporting into a starring role for Regency Enterprises' "Jumper." Doug Liman is directing the sci-fi thriller, making it his first feature helming gig since "Mr. & Mrs. Smith." Based on the Steven Gould novel, "Jumper" follows a kid from a broken home who discovers that he has the ability to teleport. In his quest for the man he believes is responsible for the death of his mother, the kid draws the attention of the National Security Agency and another youth with the same abilities. Jackson will play the NSA agent tracking the jumper, and may have ulterior motives for finding him. Tom Sturridge, Jamie Bell and Teresa Palmer already have been cast.

[05.04.2006] CS! meldet...
Thomas Sturridge, Teresa Palmer and Jamie Bell will star in New Regency's upcoming sci-fi adventure Jumper, reports Variety.
Planned as a trilogy, Jumper is the next project for the creative team behind Regency's summer hit Mr. and Mrs. Smith: director Doug Liman and producers Lucas Foster and Simon Kinberg.
Based on a 1992 novel by Steven Gould, the screenplay is being kept under wraps. Jim Uhls is rewriting an adaptation by David Goyer.
The original book followed a 17-year-old boy (Sturridge) who discovers he has the ability to teleport. He first uses his special power to escape his abusive father, and then puts his ability to use robbing banks before becoming entangled with terrorists and law enforcement.
Filming is set to get under way this spring in Montreal.

[11.11.2005] Blickpunkt:Film meldet...
Das Team hinter der Kamera von "Mr. & Mrs. Smith " formiert sich erneut und bereitet nach Angaben von "Variety" mit der Adaption des Jugend-Science-Fiction-Buches "Jumper" ein potenzielles Franchise vor. Doug Liman übernimmt die Regie, Lucas Foster und Simon Kinberg produzieren und New Regency finanziert. Steven Goulds Roman handelt von einem 17-Jährigen, der die Fähigkeit hat, sich von Ort zu Ort zu beamen. Jim Uhls überarbeitet das Drehbuch zum ersten von drei geplanten Filmen. Geplant ist, im Frühjahr mit der Produktion zu beginnen. [...]

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VIDEOSPIELE - Hardware, Spiele & Zubehör Eidos veröffentlicht am 14. März 2008 das Videospiel "Jumper: Griffin's Story" für Nintendo Wii, PS2 und Xbox 360: Das Spiel führt die Geschichte des Films weiter...

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