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Kill Bill

Bills Bruder Budd, als Killer unter dem Namen 'Sidewinder' bekannt, ist zum versoffenen Rausschmeisser verkommen...

Michael Madsen, geboren am 25. September 1958, spielte u.a. Vic Vega in Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs", "Species II" und "James Bond 007 - Stirb an einem anderen Tag"...

Budd hat seinen grossen Auftritt in "Kill Bill - Volume 2"...

"Kill Bill - Vol. 2" Production Notes...

Michael Madsen's credits run the gamut from the hippest of cult films to the biggest studio blockbusters. But he is probably best known for his hard-edged roles in genre films: The ear-slicing Mr. Blonde in Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs , a Mafia family capo in Donnie Brasco , a hard-core Special Ops officer in Species .

Yet, Madsen has also portrayed a lovable and caring father in Free Willy (1993), Susan Sarandon's supportive, understanding boyfriend in Thelma and Louise (1991), and the gentle Virgil Earp opposite Kevin Costner in Lawrence Kasdan's Wyatt Earp 1994). He is nothing if not versatile.

Born in Chicago, Madsen and his two siblings, including actress Virginia Madsen, were reared in a close-knit family environment. As a rebellious teenager growing up in a big city, Madsen sought refuge in old films and live theater. He entered the world of acting after seeing the production of Of Mice and Men at Chicago's fabled Steppenwolf Theater.

After painting houses, repairing cars, working as an orderly in a hospital, and pumping gas in his late teens and early twenties, Madsen moved to Los Angeles and began landing guest spots on Miami Vice , Cagney and Lacey , St. Elsewhere , and other TV series.

Madsen made his feature debut in the thriller hit WarGames in 1983, and after appearing in The Natural (1984), War and Remembrance (1988) and The Doors (1991), among others, he became an “overnight success” when Ridley Scott cast him in Thelma and Louise . However, it was his riveting performance as Mr. Blonde in Reservoir Dogs that truly put Michael Madsen on the map.

In 2002 Madsen starred in the series Big Apple , as Miller the Killer in the TV remake of High Noon , in FX's controversial 44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shootout , opposite Ashton Kutcher in the Miramax release My Boss's Daughter , and in the epic Euro-Western Muraya , a film adaptation of Jean “Mobius” Giraud's classic French comic strip Blueberry . He will make his directorial debut in 2004, also playing the title role in Pretty Boy , a fact-based gangster thriller about notorious Chicago mobster Charles Floyd.

Madsen has published three collections of poetry, Beer, Blood, and Ashes , Eat the Worm , and Burning in Paradise , which won the Independent Book Publisher's Firecracker Poetry Book of the Year Award in 2001. His most recent book, Blessing of the Hounds , was published by 12 Gage Press in 2002.

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Kill Bill


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