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Kill Bill
Elle Driver

Elle Driver ist auch bekannt als 'California Mountain Snake'... Sie gehört der "Deadly Viper Assassination Squad" an...

Daryl Hannah, geboren am 3. Dezember 1960, spielte u.a. in "Blade Runner"...

"Kill Bill - Vol. 2" Production Notes...

Daryl Hannah's career has spanned over 20 years and she has appeared in over 40 feature films. From her early start as a teenager in Chicago in Brian De Palma's The Fury , staring Kirk Douglas, she set a pattern of working with some of the most talented and accomplished actors and directors of our time. Some of those include her turn as a gymnastic punk android in Ridley's Scott's cult classic BladeRunner starring Harrison Ford, to playing the innocent mermaid in Ron Howard's "Splash" co starring Tom Hanks and John Candy. Hannah has worked with Woody Allen, Neil Jordan, Oliver Stone, John Sayles, and several times with Robert Altman to name just a few.

Some of her most memorable films, which have stood the test of time, include Roxanne with Steve Martin, Steel Magnolias with Shirley MacLlaine and Dolly Parton , The Pope of Greenwich Village with Mickey Rourke, Grumpy Old Men and Grumpier old Men with the beloved Walter Matthau and the great Jack Lemmon.

As well as the big studio films, Hannah has become a strong supporter of independent cinema, acting in, and producing many films. She played a sadly comic stripper in the fully improvised "Dancing at the Blue Iguana" directed by Michael Radford, a hermaphrodite angel in the Polish Brothers' Northfork costar Nick Nolte and James Woods, and a woman struggling with adoption in John Sayles "Casa de los babies".

Hannah can soon be seen in KILL BILL Vol. II , the follow up to Quinton Tarantino's highly successful KILL BILL , in which she played the one eyed samurai assassin ‘ELLE DRIVER'. She has also recently completed John Sayles' political satire "Silver City" co-starring Richard Dryfuss and Chris Cooper.

In 2001 Hannah made her stage debut in George Axelrod's SEVEN YEAR ITCH, directed by Michael Radford at the Queens Theatre in London's famed West End.

Hannah directed produced, and wrote a 12-minute short, entitled " The Last Supper ," which received the Berlin International Film Festival's Jury Award for Best Short. Hannah also directed, produced and shot the documentary Strip Notes while researching her role in "Dancing At The Blue Iguana" that was shown on HBO and UK's Channel 4.

Hannah is an environmental activist who walks the walk, by living off the grid, adopting animals, and drives a clean burning vehicle.

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Kill Bill

Elle Driver

Elle Driver

Elle Driver
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