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King Kong


CLOSE ON A drawing of the MAP from the base of the Kong statue ... It appears to show the position of a SMALT. ISLAND, south west of the Sumatran mainland.

KURT is sketching it from memory ... he refers to his TRANSLATION BOOK. DENHAM and the ship's skipper CAPTAIN ENGLEHORN look on.

KURT (Slowly) "Pulau Tengkorak" - The Island of the Skull ...

DENHAM (excited) What else? Were there directions?

KIURT (pause) Yeah.

KURT looks at them BLANKLY.

DENHAM (frustrated) Well?

KURT (slowly) There were detailed navigational co-ordinates in an ancient Sanskrit alphabet. I didn't have time to translate it all.

ENGLEHORN (tense) Look, I've sailed these waters for twenty-seven years ... there's no island like that around here.

DENHAM (more excited) What a climax to the film - The first white men to set foot on ... (pauses) "Skull Island" (very excited) Twentieth Century man comes face to face with a ... a ... naked stone age tribe!

ENGLEHORN (agitated) I tell you it doesn't exist!

DENHAM We need those co-ordinates -someone's gotta get back there and jot the rest of it down

A cough O.S ... DENHAM'S'S turns and his gaze settles on PEEK standing in the doorway ...


CLOSE ON ANN - skillfully producing an accurate PENCIL RUBBING of the HIEROGLYPHICS and MAP on a sheet of TRACING PAPER.

LORD DARROW and DOUGLAS are studying the STATUE OF KONG in the soft twilight ... They talk QUIETLY - out of ANN'S earshot.

LORD DARROW The Beast God cult flourished up until the fifth century. It originated on a remote island and quickly spread to the mainland, where the worshipers were systematically hunted down and killed by the Hindu. No likeness of Kong was allowed to survive. All trace of this culture was eliminated as if it had never existed ...

DOUGLAS (animated) Are you suggesting a pocket still survives on this island?

LORD DARROW Maybe ... but, from what we know of the culture, I wouldn't set foot on the "Island of the Skull" with anything less than full military back- up.

ANN comes running over, EXCITEDLY waving the finished COPY OF THE MAP.

ANN Father It's somewhere south-west of here - we need to inform the museum ... · organize an expedition -

LORD DARROW (interrupts) All in due course, Ann. Our first responsibility is to get these artifacts safely back to London.

DARROW checks the time with an ornately engraved SILVER FOB-WATCH.


ANN (waving MAP) But, it's here! An undiscovered island!

CLOSE ON RANDELL PEEK, casing the site from a safe distance...

JACK (O.S.) Hey!

JACK is scrambling up the hill towards the GROUP.

ANN Oh God, it's that bloody yank!

LORD DARROW Now now, Ann! Try be to polite.

JACK (angry) Alright old man! You'd better have a good explanation because you've just lost me ten grand's worth of business!

LORD DARROW (confused) I beg your pardon?

JACK I've gotta contract to clear a hundred thousand acres of rainforest by Christmas and my entire work force has just walked out. They're spooked by some weird shit you guys are pulling out of the ground!

LORD DARROW (casual) Oh no! That can't be right ... we've had no problems with our people ...


POV TENT FLAP pulled back to reveal ... LARGE EMPTY TENT, clearly VACATED IN A HURRY.

WIDE SHOT LORD DARROW looks around ... Apart from the HANDFUL of ENGLISH, camp is deserted. ANN looks flustered. JACK stands with his hands on his hips.


ANTHONY (whispers) They said the wrath of Kong has returned ... "Those in his shadow will be plagued by death".

LORD DARROW (urgent whisper) Call the shipping company, Tony. It's time we started freighting the artifacts home.

JACK Your Lordship! Aren't you forgetting something? I'd appreciate a little talk about compensation.


ANN He's grubbing for money, father.

JACK (to ANN) I just wanna deal with the boss, ok?

ANN (angry) No, it's not ok! We're not about to be robbed blind by some two-bit hustler on the make!

JACK You - calling me a thief? Well, that's great, coming from a glorified grave robber! You break into the tomb of some dead Egyptian - the poor guy's happily enjoying the afterlife when suddenly his shit gets stolen by a bunch of light fingered limeys!

ANN Tell me, Mr Driscoll - is it a requirement of the forestry business that you have to be as thick as the trees you cut down?


LORD DARROW steps forward - JACK backs away in MOCK HORROR.

JACK (theatrical) Holy God! The mummy walks!

ANN (yelling) How dare you? My father is the British Museum's most respected archeologist!

JACK (yelling) Do they have him on display at the weekends?

CLOSE ON ANN'S MAP, on a table with OTHER SKETCHES. PEEK calmly grabs it and heads away. EVERYONE is distracted by the ARGUMENT that continues ...

ANN (yelling) God, you're so obnoxious! Our work happens to be of great anthropological value!

JACK (yelling) Value? ... Value?

JACK grabs an ancient EARTHENWARE POT off a table of ARTIFACTS ...

JACK (CONT'D) You couldn't get ten cents for this thing! It's cracked!

He tosses the POT over his shoulder, SMASHING it!


ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!! MILITARY VEHICLES roar into the camp ... 100 SUMATRAN SOLDIERS spill out of several TRUCKS - they stream through the site, YELLING and PULING PEOPLE FROM TENTS.

SOLDIERS (yelling) Out of your tents! Out of your tents!

JACK looks around, totally confused.

LORD DARROW What is the meaning of this???

The Sumatran COLONEL IN CHARGE steps up.

COLONEL We are closing you down! No more permit! You go home!

TENTS are being TORN DOWN ... ARTIFACTS swept into SACKS. BOOKS and PAPERS are thrown into a pile and DOUSED WITH PETROL.

LORD DARROW You can' t destroy these things ... They're part of history.

COLONEL Some things better left alone.

WHROOOSH' The FIRE roars into life.

A SUDDEN YELL - RANDELL PEEK is thrown to the ground by TWO SOLDIERS. He is clutching ANN'S MAP!

SOLDIER He was caught trying to escape!

The COLONEL unrolls the MAP ...

ANN (very tense) That's mine.

COLONEL Burn everything.

He hands the map to a SOLDIER 1 ... ANN tries to rush forward, but is RESTRAINED by SOLDIER 2.

LORD DARROW sees SOLDIERS streaming away from the KONG STATUE.

LORD DARROW (distressed) We're shipping that back to England -

COLONEL That won't be necessary.


LORD DARROW (quietly) God forgive you.

DARROW sinks to his knees, CLUTCHING HIS CHEST.

ANN (horrified) Father!!!

ANN rushes over as LORD DARROW gently pitches forward onto the ground. She cradles her father's head in her lap.

ANN (CONT'D) (panicked) Somebody help me! Help me!

JACK kneels over LORD DARROW ... shakes his head.

JACK I'm sorry ...

ANN (shocked) No!

ANN bursts into tears ... falls on her FATHER'S BODY, SOBBING with GRIEF. The COLONEL takes her arm.

COLONEL Everyone under our protection. You and your father's body will be escorted to airfield in the morning for plane home. No more permit!

The COLONEL attempts to PULL ANN away from her father's body. JACK roughly shoves the COLONEL away.

JACK Leave her alone for Chrissake!

SOLDIER 2 CLUBS JACK with his RIFLE BUTT! JACK falls to the ground ... SOLDIER 2 snatches LORD DARROW'S FOB-WATCH as a trophy.

SUDDENLY! JACK rockets up, GRABBING SOLDIER 2'S RIFLE. He rams the butt into the COLONEL'S stomach, smashes SOLDIER 2 across the chin ... The FOB WATCH falls to the ground. SOLDIER 1 is by the FIRE, about to burn ANN'S MAP - HE RAISES HIS RIFLE ... In a flash, JACK throws the RIFLE at SOLDIER 1, knocking him into the FIRE! ANN'S MAP flutters to the ground.

CONFUSION ERUPTS! SOLDIERS SHOOT wildly at JACK as he disappears into the darkness ... ANN stands alone by her father's body - ZOMBIE-LIKE.

CLOSE ON The FOB-WATCH ... ANN picks it up. A PIECE OF PAPER blows at her feet - she looks down at THE MAP.

CLOSE ON PEEK watching her.


JACK dodges a flurry of GLOFIRE and leaps into his TRUCK. He guns the engine and ROARS OFF down the JUNGLE TRACK.


CLUNK! SOMEBODY jumps onto the TRAY of his TRUCK before he gains much speed. JACK plants boot and SWERVES VIOLENTLY, trying to THROW THEM OFF. The INTRUDER nearly rolls out - JACK looks into his SIDE MIRROR ...

ANN'S only just clinging to the side, still CLUTCHING THE MAP ... She stares ANGRILY INTO THE MIRROR.

ANN For Godssakes it' s me!

JACK slows enough to allow ANN to clamber into the CAB through the PASSENGER DOOR.

SMASH! A BULLET shatters the REAR WINDOW as TWO SUMATRAN MILITARY CARS speed up behind them'

ANN (CONT'D) They're gaining on us!

The CHASE ACCELERATES out of the jungle, and down a narrow MOUNTAIN ROAD ... A SHEER 300ft DROP on one side. JACK throws his TRUCK around corners with recklessness. The STONY TRACK is barely wide enough for a vehicle -not one sliding around TIGHT CORNERS ... at times ONE WHEEL hangs out in space. ANN clings to her seat.

JACK has gained on the MILITARY VEHICLES as they reach the bottom of the hill, racing on a DIRT ROAD beside a MUDDY RIVER ... JACK looks back - FAILING TO TAKE A CORNER ...


The TRUCK flies off the road, SPLASHING INTO THE RIVER!

JACK and ANN brace themselves as the TRUCK lurches to a halt ... It lies HALF SUBMERGED in the RIVER beside an old WOODEN PIER. The WATER LEVEL is just above the bottom of the TRUCK'S WINDOWS. Within seconds the WATER fills the CAB up to THEIR NECKS.

The FIRST MILITARY VEHICLE roars past ... but the SECOND STOPS. Our old friends - SOLDIERS 1 & 2, get out and approach the PIER.

JACK (whisper) Get out ... Stay under the pier.


ANN falls back into JACK'S LAP ... The CROC'S shoulders are too wide for the window - it gets wedged, SNAPPING at ANN, inches short of her nose! MORE CROCODILES descend on the TRUCK, CLAWING AT JACK'S WINDOW and the WINDSCREEN - it threatens to break under the strain.

A FLASHLIGHT BEAM plays on the car ... the TWO SOLDIERS approach holding RIFLES.

JACK (CONT'D) (yelling) Shoot them!

MORE CROCS scramble onto the TRAY, snapping through the broken REAR WINDOW! JACK and ANN huddle together, their mouths at water level, TEETH SNAPPING ALL AROUND THEM. JACK can see the TWO SOLDIERS through the SIDE MIRROR .. they're ENJOYING THE SHOW - cracking a private JOKE.

JACK (CONT'D) (yelling) Come here!

The TWO SOLDIERS don't respond.

JACK (CONT'D) (yelling) I said come here! I don't have a will and I've got twenty grand stashed in a Singapore Bank. I want you to have it!

As JACK speaks, he is GASPING FOR AIR and SPITTING OUT WATER ... The TWO SOLDIERS WARILY APPROACH, their rifles trained on JACK.

JACK (CONT'D) I know you guys aren't sadistic, evil scum. I know you're really good boys at heart, and I want you and your families to get some pleasure from my lifetime of hard work.

JACK'S POV The TWO SOLDIERS edge closer along the PIER -totally prepared for any trick JACK might pull ... Behind them - A HUGE FAT CROC has climbed the river bank and is WAITING STEALTHILY onto the pier!!!

JACK (CONT'D) Royal Bank of Singapore ... Ask for Mr Sanyun Khan. For Christsake, don't get him mixed up with Sulkin Khan - the guy works at the next desk and is a total asshole. Won't give you anything!

THE SOLDIERS NOD . The FAT CROC is getting near, but moving VERY SLOWLY.' ANN too is watching the approaching CROC through the MIRROR.

A SNAPPING CROC nips JACK'S shoulder DRAWING BLOOD. He gasps...

JACK (CONT'D) I'll give you the account number. You should write it down ... One ... Seven ... Guys! I'm real worried you're going to forget this! I've got enough stress at the moment - write the damn thing down!

SOLDIER 1 lowers his rifle and pulls a NOTE-PAD out of his pocket - just as ...

THE FAT CROC CHARGES! He covers the last few feet moving at LIGHTENING SPEED. He takes SOLDIER 2 in his JAWS and with a FLICK of his TAIL, sweeps SOLDIER 1 INTO THE WATER! ALL THE CROCS leave the TRUCK and descend on the THRASHING SOLDIER like a PACK OF PIRANHAS.

ANN grabs the floating MAP, pushes the door open ... she and JACK quickly wade to the bank the water behind them a CHURNING MAELSTROM!

The SOLDIER'S VEHICLE ... JACK races up to it and leans in - NO KEYS!


He does retrieve a PISTOL from the back seat. He tucks it into his belt.



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