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"Kung Fu Hustle" (2004) - Originaltitel "Gong Fu" - ist eine aberwitzige Parodie...

Im Shanghai der 40er Jahre träumt Sing (Stephen Chow, u.a. "Shaolin Soccer") von einer grossen Karriere als Gangster in der berüchtigten "Axt-Gang". Der Chef der Bande will Sing aber nur aufnehmen, wenn er seinen Killerinstinkt unter Beweis stellen kann. Als vermeintlich einfache Opfer sucht sich Sing die Vermieterin eines heruntergekommenen Häuserblocks in der Schweinestallgasse und ihren Mann aus. Doch das Ehepaar gibt nicht so einfach klein bei, und auch die Mieter legen eine erstaunliche Hartnäckigkeit an den Tag, wenn es darum geht, ihren Block zu verteidigen. Schliesslich entbrennt ein heisser Kampf zwischen der "Axt-Gang" und den Bewohnern der Schweinestallgasse...

"Kung Fu Hustle" startete am 2. Juni 2005 in den deutschen Kinos... Die Dreharbeiten zum Sequel sollten im Juli 2006 beginnen, wurden aber zugunsten eines anderen Projekts auf unbestimmte Zeit verschoben...

Kung Fu Hustle

"Kung Fu Hustle" auf DVD !!!
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"Kung Fu Hustle" auf DVD & UMD... Jetzt bei Amazon bestellen !!!

[02.12.2007] Der TV-Sender Pro7 wiederholt heute um 1.20 Uhr "Kung Fu Hustle"...

[30.11.2007] Der TV-Sender Pro7 zeigt heute um 20.15 Uhr "Kung Fu Hustle" als deutsche Free-TV-Premiere in HDTV...

[18.04.2006] meldet...
During a promotional event [..] Stephen Chow said he would postpone the production of Kung Fu Hustle sequel to have more time to polish the story and he would do another project first. This untitled project will involve a lot of kid actors and according to an earlier report, Chow will play an astronaut somehow falls in love with a girl in space. Casting and location scouting have already began for the new project. No further details have been given.

[02.02.2006] meldet...
Yue Qiu, who played the landlady in Kung Fu Hustle, said shooting of the sequel would begin in July, according to some newspaper in China. She said the project was very well on track and the rumor about Stephen Chow's next project, in which he plays an astronaut helping an alien kid returning home, was completely bogus. There has been many rumors about the sequel and few of them are confirmed true. Stephen Chow has rarely talked about about the developing of the sequel project.

[14.11.2005] Yahoo! meldet...
"Kung Fu Hustle" was the big winner Sunday at Taiwan's Golden Horse Awards, taking home five trophies, including best director and best film at the Oscar equivalent for Chinese-language cinema. [...]

[03.09.2005] CS! meldet...
Hong Kong actor/director Stephen Chow told the Associated Press he'll start filming the sequel to his action film Kung Fu Hustle either late this year or early 2006.
Chow called the movie's $17.1 million box office take in North America "not bad," but said, "I hope I can do better in the future."
Chow said casting for the sequel hasn't been finalized and that he hasn't settled on a female lead.
"There will be a lot of new characters in the movie. We'll need a lot of new actors. It's possible that we'll look for people abroad besides casting locals," he added.
The first movie, a collaboration with Columbia Pictures, became the biggest grossing local film in Hong Kong ever.

[07.06.2005] CRI meldet...
A heavy wave of popular Korean film actors and actresses are hitting the Hong Kong entertainment industry by storm, prompting even Stephen Chow to start searching for a Korean actress to play a role in his sequel to the wildly popular release 'Kungfu Hustle'.
Recently many popular Korean actresses have publicly expressed their desire to work with Chow. Chow has also expressed his admiration for Korean artists and culture.
Chow has fanatically binged on Korean movies and television series, and even has a preference for Korean videogames.
He has sent a horde of talent agents out to recruit rising Korean actresses as fresh faces for 'Kungfu Hustle 2'.
When questioned about this matter, Chow expressed: "At this point in time I can only say that the caliber of Korean artists is very high. Will we work together? We can talk about that once it really happens."
The setting for Kungfu Hustle 2 will parallel the original's simplistic style as it seeks to create a Shaolin-infused cinematic world that will be a new visual experience for audiences.

[03.06.2005] Bei gibt es eine Kritik...

[02.06.2005] Heute startet "Kung Fu Hustle" in den deutschen Kinos... Die NZ liefert eine Kritik...

[30.05.2005] Bei CRI gibt es Infos zu einem TV-Spin-Off...
The comic TV drama "Kung Fu Champion", which is based on Stephen Chow's mega-hit "Kung Fu Hustle" has formally start production Monday.
The movie's story line revolves around a series of ridiculous contradictions that occur between a poor man and a millionaire.
The original lineup of the film "Kung Fu Hustle" will also in the cast of the TV series, including the female lead Huang Shengyi and martial-arts veteran Yuan Qiu.
Hong Kong comedian Stephen Chow will direct the film, but will not play an on-screen role.

[26.05.2005] Bei Blickpunkt:Film gibt es eine Kritik...

[14.05.2005] meldet...
Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group is prepping a follow-up to Stephen Chow's "Kung Fu Hustle" as Sony Pictures celebrates seven years of concentrated activity in international production in the Far East and a huge international rollout of "Hustle." Columbia Pictures Film Production Asia managing director Barbara Robinson said Chow and his writing team from "Hustle," including Tsang Kan Cheong, have been writing a draft in the evenings while on the road for the 30-country Sony Pictures Releasing International rollout of the film. The team, gearing up to co-host what will be one of the biggest parties during this year's Festival de Cannes with MTV on Saturday, said the rollout of "Hustle" had been "unprecedented in size and scope" for an Asian filmmaker.

[02.05.2005] Bei gibt es eine Kritik...

[10.04.2005] Bei gibt es eine Kritik...

Kung Fu Hustle
DVD & Video

DVDKung Fu Hustle
Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 12 Jahren
Darsteller: Stephen Chow, Yuen Wah, Leung Siu-lung
Bild: 16:9
Ton: Deutsch (DD 5.1)
DVD & UMD Erscheinungstermin: 8. November 2005

DVD-Extras: u.a. Filmkommentare; Entfallene Szenen; TV Spezial - Hinter den Kulissen von 'Kung Fu Hustle'; Interview mit Stephen Chow; Gags & Outtakes; Poster-Galerie TV-Spots; Trailer

Kung Fu Hustle

Kung Fu Hustle
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Kung Fu Hustle

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Kung Fu Hustle

Kung Fu Hustle
Audio CD
Erscheinungstermin: 30. Mai 2005

19 Titel: u.a. Nothing ventured, nothing gained; Ambush from all sides; The blade of Gu Qin; Casino fight; Buddhist palm

Kung Fu Hustle

Kung Fu Hustle
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Kung Fu Hustle
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Kung Fu Hustle
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