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"Léon - Der Profi" (1994) von Luc Besson (u.a. "Im Rausch der Tiefe") ist einer der grossen Filme des Jahres 1994...

Léon, gespielt von Jean Reno (u.a. "Godzilla"), ist Auftragskiller - ein "Cleaner", der unglaublich präzise und perfekt arbeitet. Er gilt als unangreifbar und unzerstörbar. Sein Schatten hängt, wie eine bewaffnete Drohung, über den einschlägigen Quartieren der Mega-City New York. Bis er eines Tages einen Fehler macht. Er öffnet einem kleinen Mädchen mit großen Augen seine Tür: Mathilda, gespielt von Natalie Portman (u.a. "Star Wars"-Prequels, "V for Vendetta")...

"Léon"-Sequel !?!
Eine Fortsetzung ist seit Jahren im Gespräch, ob und wann das "Léon"-Sequel in den Kinos laufen wird, steht aber noch in den Sternen... Natalie Portman würde jedenfalls sofort zusagen, wenn Luc Besson Regie führen würde !!!


"Léon" auf Blu-ray !!!
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[27.09.2010] sprach mit Natalie Portman mal wieder über ein mögliches Sequels..
Unlike the house plant Natalie Portman planted in the soil at the end of "The Professional," a sequel to that 1994 action flick has utterly failed to take root.
Years have passed, director Luc Besson has gone on record as refusing to helm a second installment, and nothing seems likely to change. Portman herself told us recently that she's even declined to read the script.
"I have never read it because Luc won't direct it himself, and so I'm only interested if he [directs]," she said while at the Toronto Film Festival promoting "Black Swan."
That being said, she'd eagerly return to "Professional" territory - reprising her role as the orphaned Mathilda - if Besson somehow changed his mind.
"I told him if he would do it himself, I would do it in two seconds," Portman said. "But he won't, so..."

[29.11.2007] sprach mit Natalie Portman über Remakes und Sequels...
[...] "When something works you don’t touch it," Portman explained to us recently. "You try to create something new that’s positive." [...]
As such, she insisted that she’ll never star in a long-rumored sequel to her first film, the ass-kicking classic "The Professional." "I really love that film," she added. "And I would work with [director] Luc Besson again, in a second, but [not on a sequel]." [...]

[17.07.2006] Moviehole berichtet über den Stand der Dinge in Sachen Fortsetzung...
There have been rumours. There’s been talk. There’s even been offers. But none of the matters, says Luc Besson, he’s got no plans to do a sequel to his timeless hitman hit "Leon".
According to PR Inside, Besson says he’s received numerous offers from screenwriters hoping to write the follow-up to the film - which starred Jean Reno and Natalie Portman as a kindly assassin, and a young orphan, respectively - but he’s just not interested. And even more, it’s not their sequel to write.
"People say 'Oh, I've written the sequel - here! I'll send you the script.' And I basically send a lawyer and say 'F*** you! It's not yours'. It's not love. It's stealing. These guys are just thieves that's all" If he changes his mind in the future, Besson says he won’t be hiring anyone to pen the follow-up. "If we do a sequel, I will write the sequel. I don't need anyone."
Natalie Portman seems to be the only one that’s semi-keen to do a sequel to the film that set her career on fire. Talking to Moviehole last year, the actress said, "I'd jump at the chance". It was revealed that a UK based writer had recently written a spec outline for a sequel and she has had a chat about it, with the writer, but that's as far as it’s gotten - and from the sounds of it, will get, based on Besson’s comments.

[10.06.2005] Moviehole sprach mit Natalie Portman über das Sequel...
[...] Nat hasn't heard whether one's going to happen, but the dazzler behind Queen Amidala's buns said a "Leon" sequel is something she's interested in.
She wants to take this opportunity to raise her hand now, signalling her interest. "I'd jump at the chance", Portman says, with regard to continuing her famed character Mathilda. It was revealed that a UK based writer had recently written a spec outline for a sequel and she has had a chat about it, with the writer, but that's as far as its gotten. [...]

[01.01.2005] Heute um 22.15 Uhr zeigt Pro7 "Léon - Der Profi" als Director's Cut...

[10.07.2004] CS! sprach kürzlich mit Natalie Portman...
[...] Being action buffs, we wondered if Portman would ever consider doing a sequel to her very first movie Leon, known Stateside as The Professional. "I would do any film that Luc Besson directed. If he directed it, I would do it." And then quickly added with a smile, "...but he hasn't asked me, because that's not anything that's real. You just made that movie up." [...]

[24.12.2003] AICN meldet...
[...] there's been these absurd rumours lately about Jet Li doing the 'Leon" sequel with Luc Beeson.
I don't think so! Natalie Portman - blabing about star wars naturally - told "People" mag what the real deal is.
"When Episode 3 finishes? I don't know. To tell you the truth, I'd like to just relax for a while. Kick back with some friends. If anything, it might be something with Luc Besson, a follow-up to a film I did when I was younger called Leon. The script's really great, and near worth delaying a vacation for. The only problem would be that I would have to hit the gym again - and at the moment I can't even envision tying my own laces up". [...]

[14.10.2002] Der TV-Sender ZDF zeigt "Léon - Der Profi" um 22.15 Uhr als Director's Cut... Die Wiederholung läuft am 15.10. um 0.50 Uhr...

[12.03.2002] MHN bekam folgende anonyme Meldung...
"hello, i am an intern at gaumont studios. i thought that you want to know that leon 2 will be delayed. luc beeson has met with natalie portman and they said that both of them will like to do another leon. it will be delayed because natalie portman has movies before she has to finish, then leon. leon 2 will happen after 2005. i read this site alot and i thought you would like this news."

[05.01.2002] AICN meldet, dass Johnny To (u.a. "Fulltime Killer") Regie führen soll...
[...] Not sure this is true or just a rumor: according to Hong Kong's Oriental Daily, Johnny To had replaced Luc Besson as the director of the sequel of LÉON 2 and he even wants to bring Jean Réno back for this one. Not sure how he is going to do that since Léon, played by Jean Réno, died in the end of the original. [...]

[03.01.2002] Variety meldet, dass Hugh Jackman (u.a. "X-Men") und Bruce Willis (u.a. "Stirb Langsam") im Gespräch sind den Bösewicht im "Léon"-Sequel zu spielen...

[22.12.2001] Einem Gerücht bei MHN zufolge hat sich Bruce Willis (u.a. "Sixth Sense") mit Luc Besson getroffen... Wird er den Bösewicht im "Léon"-Sequel spielen !?!

[30.11.2001] Coming Soon! berichtet über das "Léon"-Sequel... Bei AICN gibt es einen Kommentar von Harry Knowles...
[...] You do know it riiiiiight? Ok, well in my book of cool, LEON is right there hanging around the top of the ring going ding-a-ling! I love it to death. I've seen the film over and over and over again. I've had endless conversations with a number of friends about the film called MATHILDA... no, not that one, but the follow up to LEON... based on Natalie Portman's character.
But I never really thought we'd see it come to pass. Well, seems otherwise. Rumors and stories are popping up all over the place online. Depending where you go, Natalie Portman has signed on for the sequel... to Luc Besson will do it if Natalie does it.... to they're all set to go.... to they are in negotiations.
This is typical of a Luc Besson project... confusion in the ranks of the media... Don't expect to hear many... if any details about this project, Luc runs a tight ship, the leaks do not come often, but folks, if this really is going ahead. If I see our milk drinking charade loving murder obsessed flower raising girl going all Nikita on us.... I'll flip. I'll just flip. Keep your fingers crossed!

DVD & Video

BLU-RAY DISCLeon der Profi
Ultimate Edition

Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren
Erscheinungstermin: 29. Januar 2010

Die Blu-ray enthält sowohl die Kinofassung als auch den Director's Cut...

DVDLeon der Profi - Director's Cut (Tin-Box)
Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren
DVD Erscheinungstermin: 24. Mai 2005

Der Director's Cut dieses grossartigen Filmes umfasst eine Reihe von Handlungssegmenten, in denen das Verhältnis zwischen dem Killer und dem Mädchen noch tiefer beleuchtet wird, als dies in der Kinoversion der Fall gewesen ist. In Sachen Action entspricht dieser Endschnitt des Regisseurs der Kinofassung.


Luc Besson
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Offizielle Infos rund um den Regisseur von "Léon"...


Eric Serra
The Professional [Import]
Audio CD
Erscheinungstermin: 1. Dezember 2000

23 Titel: u.a. Ballad for Mathilda; What's Happening Out There?; Bird in New York

Eric Serra
Audio CD
Erscheinungstermin: 3. Februar 1995

23 Titel: u.a. Birds of Storm


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