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"Madman" ist die Verfilmung von Mike Allred's "Madman"-Comics...

Madman, alias Frank Einstein - evtl. gespielt von Viggo Mortensen (u.a. Aragorn in "Der Herr der Ringe"-Trilogie - ist kein Durchschnitts-Superheld... Oh nein... ;-)

Wann "Madman" in die Kinos kommen wird, steht bislang nicht fest...


IGN meldete kürzlich...
Mike Allred has given fans the skinny on the current status of the movie adaptation of his comic book Madman, which George Huang will direct and Robert Rodriguez will produce for Dimension Films. points out that Allred told that he and Huang have now completed a second draft of the screenplay. "It can be a struggle to figure out exactly what the movie should be. It's where it's faithful to the original series, but also feels contemporary and in the now," Allred explained.
"The bottom line is that all the elements I'm excited about are in there, and all the moments that I think the most diehard fans would want are in there," he revealed. "Right now, we're waiting on the studio notes, and hopefully we'll get the green light and be able to start casting and scheduling. Otherwise, we'll go back for a new polish and start up again. But that's the exact situation we're in now."

[19.12.2006] Moviehole meldet...
He’s no longer onboard to direct - says Variety - but Robert Rodriguez’s long-planned film adaptation of the comic "Madman" has finally got up.
Dimension has tapped Rodriguez to produce, and George Huang ("Swimming With Sharks") to direct the movie, a post-modernist reimagining of the Frankenstein tale, with a superhero twist. Title character, killed in a car accident, is reanimated by an eccentric doc who names him Frank Einstein and instills in him enhanced senses, psychic power and exceptional physical skills. The doc can't fix his creature's face, so Madman wears a costume modeled after his fave superhero to hide his scars.
Huang will also write a script with original author Michael Allred.
Rodriguez has been trying to adapt the "Madman" comic for several years - at one stage it was rumoured that Johnny Depp was his no.1 choice to play the title character - and felt the creative combination was the right one.

[02.05.2006] Moviehole meldet...
[...] speaking of everything Rodriguez, the director’s next project - possibly before "Sin City 2" - might be his long-planned film transfer of the comic book "Madman".
Both Popoholic and Aint it Cool are reporting that an all-green-screen adaptation (much like the amazing looking "City") is set to be before the cameras in May.
Though both Johnny Depp (who, I’m guessing, would still be in the mix) and Viggo Mortensen have always been rumoured to be the frontrunners for the role, the lead role is still yet to be cast".or announced, anyway.

[24.05.2004] zitiert Mike Allred, u.a. bzgl. der "Madman"-Verfilmung...
[...] "So, at this time George Huang, a long time friend of Robert's and writer-director of the indy hit Swimming With Sharks is writing the Madman treatment based on the outline Robert and I put together. So, when that's approved we kick into the screenplay and if approved shoot the movie. We already have our Frank "Madman" Einstein; He’s star of 2003’s biggest money maker. I'm pretty sure it was the biggest box office flick (that should get a few tongues wagging). So, it either happens or it doesn't. It seems to me this is just gonna be one of those projects that just take a long time to hit the big screen. Keep in mind I was first approached about making a low-budget Madman movie right out of the gate in 1992. It should be obvious why I stopped holding my breath. But when I'm called on--just try to hold me back!"
On the comics front of Madman, Allred plans to release a new series to coincide with the release of the movie. While Allred was hesitant to reveal the specifics on this new series, he did confirm that not only would it have the continuing adventures of Madman, but also the cast of The Atomics, including Flem, Astroman, Metal Man, It Girl, Mr. Gum, Cool Cat, The Slug, Spaceman, Black Crystal, Lava Lass and others. [...]

[29.01.2004] Moviehole sprach mit R. Rodriguez, u.a. über "Madman"...
[...] "Mad Man", we're writing "Mad Man" right now. Yes, Mike Hollard's going to come down, he just finished moving, he's coming in the next couple of weeks to come go through what we've been working up and see what he thinks."
Rodriguez says it’s early days for the casting, but there’s a chance some of his former "Spy Kids" and "Desperado" cast might have parts. And the lead role? "I can say, but -- I know who but I can't say right now. We do have somebody." [...]

[08.09.2003] meldet...
With the current craze for comic book adaptations, it's only natural that Robert Rodriguez would want to get in on the action.
Although some might argue that his "Spy Kids" movies are already comicbook-ish -- and, by the way, Rodriguez wouldn't disagree -- the "El Mariachi" director is still planning to bring Mike Allred's classic "Madman" comics to the big screen.
"'Madman' is a really funny comic because you could kind of spoof comic book movies and do a really great one all at the same time," Rodriguez tells Zap2it. "I think it would really catch on and be funny and fun."
Rodriguez, who just finished "Once Upon a Time in Mexico," is currently working on a CG animated film, which he "can't talk about." In addition, he says he has a thriller waiting in the wings that he will probably helm later this year -- but he is thinking that he will direct "Madman" next year.
"I optioned the rights years ago and I've had them all this time," he adds. "The whole time that I was optioning the rights, I'm looking at what I was making -- the 'Spy Kids' movies -- and the guys are in jet packs and all these dumb guys -- it's very much like what he's doing in 'Madman.' We have very similar taste as far as not wanting to do something too reality based because it's like, why? It's like shooting a documentary."
As for who he would cast as the comic book hero, that's also top secret.
"I can't say, but I do have somebody in mind," he smiles.

[03.01.2002] Comics2Film meldet...
Madman creator Mike Allred tells Comics2Film that a big-screen version of his snappy character is very much on the radar of filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. Rodriguez purchased the option on the character back in 1999 with the intention of writing, directing and producing the movie.
It looked to be the project he would do following Spy Kids, but the success of that movie had the studio clamoring for a quick sequel while the Spy Kids were still kids. In between those two movies Rodriguez also filmed Once Upon a Time in Mexico, the third film in his El Mariachi cycle.
However, Allred is hopeful that Madman will be the next movie Rodriguez makes. "[Madman is] still on Robert's agenda I'm happy to report," Allred told us. "But he'll be in post production on the two films for most of the new year I'm sure. Spy Kids 2 has an August release date."
Allred also shared a bit of dreamcasting with readers on his message boards. In a recent posting Allred told his fans that he thinks Viggo Mortensen would be fantastic for the lead role of the Madman movie. "After seeing The Lord of the Rings (the first time) I suggested Viggo to Robert for our dream list (we've fewer than a dozen fellas to consider)," the comic creator wrote. "We've similar lists for Joe and others characters."
Fans won't have to wait for Madman to see an Allred/Rodriguez collaboration on the big-screen. "Our 8 year old daughter, Kelby, will have a brief cameo as a Spy Kid," Allred said. Fans of The Atomics may also recognize Kelby as the creator of "Mook", a character who appeared in later issues of the series.

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