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Mit "Max Payne" kam - nach "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" & Co. - eine weitere interessante Videospiel-Verfilmung...

Der desillusionierte Cop Max Payne macht seit der Ermordung seiner Frau und seiner Tochter als Undercoverbulle für die Drogenbehörde DEA Jagd auf die New Yorker Unterwelt. In einer Welt aus Gewalt, Machtgier und Korruption versucht Max, die Quelle einer synthetischen Droge namens Valkyr zu finden. Rückendeckung hat er dabei keine. Schlimmer noch: Als mit seinem Vorgesetzten der Einzige ermordet wird, der um Max wahre Identität weiss, ist dem Ermittler mit einem Mal nicht nur die Mafia, sondern auch noch die halbe New Yorker Polizei auf den Fersen...

Die Dreharbeiten begannen am 3. März 2008 in Toronto... Der Film zum Spiel mit Mark Wahlberg (u.a. "Planet der Affen"-Remake) in der Titelrolle startete - nach einer Terminverschiebung - am 20. November 2008 in den deutschen Kinos...

Max Payne

"Max Payne 3" für PS3, Xbox 360 und PC !!!
Am 18. Mai 2012 erscheint "Max Payne 3" für PS3 & Xbox 360... Jetzt bei Amazon bestellen !!!

"Max Payne" auf DVD & Blu-ray !!!
Am 20. März 2009 erschien "Max Payne" auf DVD & Blu-ray Disc... Jetzt bei Amazon bestellen !!!

[17.02.2012] Ein neuer "Max Payne 3" Trailer ist online !!!

[16.06.2009] zeigt erste Scans zu "Max Payne 3"...
[...] Das Spiel und Max spielt in Sao Paulo, Brasilien, wo sich Max an einem Tiefpunkt in seinem Leben befindet, und zudem Schmerzmittelabhängig ist. Äußerlich ist Max deutlich gezeichnet, mit Bart und Glatze etc.
Technisch soll Max Payne 3 alles bieten was zum aktuellen Standard gehört. Sowohl Grafik, als auch physikalische Gegebenheiten spielen eine große Rolle.

[20.11.2008] Heute kommt "Max Payne" in die deutschen Kinos...

[20.10.2008] CS! berichtet über die US-Kinocharts...
[...] Winning the weekend as expected was Mark Wahlberg playing video game gumshoe Max Payne (20th Century Fox), although it only brought in an estimated $18 million in 3,376 theaters, an average of $5,300 per site. While it opened bigger than the movie based on Resident Evil in 2002 and the movie based on Doom in 2006, it was still only the ninth biggest opening for a movie based on a video game and Wahlberg's seventh biggest opening. [...]

[16.10.2008] Bei Latino Review gibt es ein Video-Interview mit Amaury Nolasco, der die Rolle des Lupino spielt...

[15.10.2008] Bei AICN gibt es eine recht negative Kritik...

[14.10.2008] Bei CS! gibt es ein Interview mit Mark Wahlberg...
CS: [...] How close are the characters in the movie to the game?
Fairly close except for Chris Bridges - his character was originally a 60-year-old white guy. So we changed that up a little and made him younger and a little more hip. It's a much more interesting dynamic - me and him going head to head.
CS: There are some really intense moments in this film for you. How challenging were the actions scenes or are you used to them by now?
They think I am. It was pretty difficult at times. I'm not getting any younger. I'm not as reckless as I used to be. I have three small children now. I have to be more responsible. The emotional stuff was probably more difficult because I have to imagine something happening to my family which is not a fun place to go. That's what happens to the character so [...]

[13.10.2008] Bei CS! gibt es ein Interview mit Chris Bridges aka Ludacris...

[09.10.2008] Bei CS! gibt es Szenenbilder... Und bei Latino Review gibt es exklusive Ausschnitte...

[10.09.2008] Kotaku zitiert den Produzenten Scott Faye...
[...] Faye said 20th Century Fox is committed to the film, which will receive a large opening and a strong marketing push. Wahlberg and director John Moore (Behind Enemy Lines) have already expressed interest in a potential sequel.
"What more do you need to hear than Mark say he'd be interested in doing a sequel," said Faye. "I would imagine if the film is successful that there'd be a sincere desire to do a sequel. There have been no conversations about what the scenario would be, or whether we'd look at the Max Payne 2 game. Hopefully, this film will find an audience."
Faye said he’s learned a lot about adapting games over the decade of developing Max Payne and working closely with Miller’s 3D Realms.
"Why go out of your way to acquire an IP is you're not going to use as much of it as you can in the adaptation process? Asked Faye. "Of course, a game is a game and a film is a film, and decisions need to be made, as is the case in any adaptation. But it’s important to be true to the source material." [...]

[29.08.2008] Ein neuer "Max Payne" Trailer ist online !!!

[23.08.2008] Bei IESB gibt es neue Poster...

[10.08.2008] Bei CS! gibt es neue Bilder...

[26.07.2008] Bei CS! gibt es eine ausführliche Beschreibung des Filmmaterials, das auf der Comic-Con gezeigt wurde...

[10.07.2008] Der "Max Payne" Teaser-Trailer ist online !!!

[03.04.2008] meldet...
It seems there are advantages to playing Meredith's spurned lover on Grey's Anatomy. Chris O'Donnell, who hasn't headlined a major film since 2000's Vertical Limit, just landed a role opposite Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis in Max Payne, Twentieth Century Fox's live-action adaptation of Rockstar Games' shoot-'em-up game. Payne is the story of a cop (Wahlberg), haunted by the death of his family, who's hot on the heels of a series of new murders. O'Donell will play executive Jason Colvin. John Moore (Behind Enemy Lines) is directing the crime noir drama, which is currently shooting in Toronto, from a script by newcomer Beau Thorne.

[19.03.2008] meldet...
Beau Bridges has joined the cast of the Fox dramatic thriller "Max Payne," based on the hit Rockstar video game.
Bridges will play B.B. Hensley, a former cop and mentor figure to Max Payne, who helps him track down a cunning, ruthless killer.
Principal photography began March 3 in Toronto on the John Moore-directed film. Beau Thorne penned the script.
Mark Wahlberg stars as Payne, a maverick cop determined to track down those responsible for the murder of his partner and family.
Mila Kunis will play an assassin who teams with Payne to avenge her sister's death.
Julie Silverman and Scott Faye are producing. Tom Karnowski is executive producing.
Bridges was nominated for an Emmy last year for guest actor in a comedy for his role as Carl Hickey, father of Jason Lee's Earl Hickey on NBC's "My Name Is Earl." He recently wrapped another episode of the sitcom and is set to film an additional episode this month.
Bridges, who is repped by CAA, also has had a regular role on Sci Fi Channel's "Stargate: SG-1."

[11.03.2008] meldet...
Twentieth Century Fox has set Mila Kunis to star opposite Mark Wahlberg in "Max Payne," the John Moore-directed action adaptation of the Rockstar videogame.
Kunis, best known for a long run on "That '70s Show" and voicing the androgynous teen Meg Griffin in "Family Guy," will play an assassin who teams up with the title character to avenge her sister's death. Wahlberg plays Payne, a cop haunted by the tragic loss of his family who finds himself in the thick of a conspiracy when he investigates a series of murders. [...]

[08.03.2008] Bei gibt es ein erstes Bild vom Set: Mark Wahlberg als Max Payne...
[...] Mark Wahlberg will take the roll of Max Payne, and although he does not look much like the character I am sure we could have been stuck with much worse. Better news comes from the fact that John Moore will be directing. He did not do that bad with his effort in Behind Enemy Lines - although Flight of the Phoenix was less impressive. There is a bit more bad news though, as recent reports hint that the film is trying to achieve PG-13 rating, and we just can't see Max's character been portrayed correctly under the confines of that rating.
It is currently unknown if the movie with keep the heavy film noir and slow-motion scenes of the game intact, or if it will instead adopt it's own approach. However, it is not scheduled to be released until sometime in 2009 so we still have loads of time to find out, and then complain if necessary. [...]

[09.11.2007] meldet...
Twentieth Century Fox has Mark Wahlberg in the crosshairs for "Max Payne," a live-action adaptation of the bestselling Rockstar videogame that will begin early next year. John Moore will direct.
Wahlberg is negotiating to play the titular cop who is haunted by the tragic loss of his family and has little regard for rules as he investigates a series of mysterious murders. He finds himself up against an adversary bent on destroying Max and the streets he protects.
The script was written by Beau Thorne. Julie Yorn is producing through Firm Films, along with Scott Faye.
Wahlberg will make the film after he completes "The Lovely Bones" for director Peter Jackson and DreamWorks. He recently starred for the studio in the M. Night Shyamalan-directed "The Happening," which will be released next summer.
Moore has directed "Behind Enemy Lines," "Flight of the Phoenix" and "The Omen" for Fox. He also is developing a live-action adaptation of the Virgin Comics title "Virulents" for Fox and New Regency.

[21.06.2006] meldet...
Das Gerücht, dass Uwe Boll nach seiner FAR CRY-Verfilmung keine Videospiele mehr verfilmen will ist schon lange widerlegt. Uwe will weiterhin Games verfilmen, zwischendurch aber auch mal Eigenkreationen wie jetzt SEED verwirklichen. Neue Filmlizenzen von Videospielen müssen also her. Ganz oben auf der Liste steht z.B. der Action-Shooter MAX PAYNE.
Boll: "Max Payne wäre eine ideale Alternative zu Hitman. Bei beiden Titel sind die Rechte zwar vergeben, allerdings liegt alles auf Eis. Ich werde mich um beide bemühen." [...]

[08.02.2006] Bei Yahoo! Games gibt es ein Interview mit dem Produzenten Scott Faye...

[27.06.2005] meldet...
Producer Scott Faye of Collision Entertainment has teamed up with Firm Films head Julie Yorn to turn "Max Payne," the action video game franchise, into a feature film for 20th Century Fox. Karen Lauder of Abandon Entertainment will executive produce, with Faye and Yorn producing. Fox exec Robbie Brenner will oversee the project for the studio. Released on PC in July 2001 and later that fall on Xbox and PlayStation 2, "Max Payne" tells the story of a New York cop whose wife and baby are killed by thugs high on a designer drug called Valkyr. Devastated, the cop joins the Drug Enforcement Agency and goes undercover with the mob to find the source of the drug. Framed for the murder of his partner and hunted down by both the mob and the police, he is forced to wage a one-man war against crime. The game's intricate film noir story, which involves government cover-ups, the Mafia and a city crippled by the century's worst blizzard, is told through comic book-style storyboards.

[12.09.2003] Bei KGN gibt es eine "Max Payne 2"-Preview...

[27.06.2003] Bei Giga Games gibt es Bilder aus "Max Payne 2" zu bestaunen...

[24.05.2002] meldet...
"Max Payne" gehört jetzt Take 2 Interactive. Der Publisher hat von den bisherigen Lizenzinhabern Remedy Entertainment und Apogee Software das Label für zehn Mio. Dollar (10,82 Mio. Euro) und 969.932 seiner Aktien gekauft. Nach Angaben von Take 2 umfasst der Vertrag Warenzeichen, sämtliche Verlags- und Urheberrechte, Charaktere und Lizenzen für den Gebrauch von Markentechnologien wie der "Max Payne"-Game-Engine und der damit verbundenen "Bullet Time"-Technologie. Mit dem Lizenzerwerb habe sich das Unternehmen auch die Rechte gesichert, für die Produktion von "Max Payne"-Inhalten für Film, Fernsehen und Literatur Gebühren einzufordern. Zudem kündigte das Unternehmen die Entwicklung von "Max Payne 2" an. Das Spiel soll im nächsten Jahr auf den Markt kommen und werde von Rockstar Games in Zusammenarbeit mit Remedy Entertainment entwickelt.

[21.04.2002] Die Max Payne Zone meldet...
Was schon im Handbuch angekündigt wurde, ist nun offziell bestätigt worden. Max Payne wird auf der Kinoleinwand erscheinen ! Ein gewisser "Shawn Ryan" hat sich dieser Aufgabe gestellt und wird nun versuchen unseren Lieblingshelden so gut wie's nun mal geht, in die Lichtspielhäuser zu bringen. Die Gründe für eine Verfilmung, sind die bombastischen Verkaufserfolge auf der X-Box, der PS 2 und nicht zu vergessen dem PC.
Wann wir erstes Material sehen können und wann ein konkreter Release Termin feststeht, ist zur Zeit noch nicht bekannt. Hoffentlich werden wir nicht mit einem "When it's done" Kommentar abgefertigt. ;)

[25.08.2001] Collision Entertainment !?! Abandon Entertainment klärt auf...
Collision Entertainment is a joint venture between Abandon Entertainment, Dimension Films (a division of Miramax Film Corp.), and veteran producers Paul Rosenberg and Scott Faye. As a new diversified entertainment company, Collision will focus on developing franchisable properties for exploitation across all media, including film, television, animation, electronic games and the Internet. With the creative talent and experience of Rosenberg and Faye, responsible for day-to-day operations, and the financial support and distribution mechanisms of Abandon (foreign) and Dimension (domestic), the Company is strategically positioned to create cutting-edge product in a variety of entertainment areas.
Collision’s current production slate includes the feature film Alice, based on the Electronic Art’s game and to be directed by Wes Craven; Syphon Filter, an action adventure television series about techno-warrior Gabe Logan based on the mega selling video game franchise, for the USA Network; Max Payne, the feature film, also based on a soon to be released video game, about a young New York City homicide cop who is framed and hunted as a cop killer; and the feature film Jealous, the story of a successful divorce lawyer whose life spirals out of control when she is framed for murdering her former lover.

[19.08.2001] Im Max Payne Network wurde die Frage gestellt: "Wer sollte Max im kommenden Kinofilm spielen?" Hier das vorläufige Ergebnis: Von 1194 Stimmen erhielten die zur Wahl gestellten Keanu Reeves (370), Bruce Willis (293), Edwart Norton (129), Mel Gibson (107), Russell Crowe (104), Tom Cruise (84), Brad Pitt (55) und John Travolta (52) Stimmen...
Der "Matrix"-Stil des Spiels scheint sich demnach auch auf die Wahl des Hauptdarstellers auszuwirken...

[18.08.2001] Schon gewusst !?! Es gab mal einen Darsteller namens Max Payne - vermutlich ein Pseudonym - der in einem einzigen Film mitspielte: "J.C." (1972) - Alternativtitel: "Iron Horsemen"... Max Payne spielte zwar nur eine Nebenrolle: Mr. Clean... Aber der Slogan des Films lässt vermuten, dass sich die Spieleentwickler von diesem Machwerk inspirieren liessen: "When Society Turned against him, he made his own society!"...
Ein Userkommentar bei IMDb...
With a religious fanatic for a father, the last thing J.C. wanted was to follow in old Pops footsteps. So to Escape his background he becomes the leader of a bike gang. Then one night, while tripping out on some harsh drugs with his biker buddies, he preaches a sermon asking that his followers (his tripped out biker buddies) to head west with him. They get no further than his home town before a headlong confrontation between the establishment and the Prophets. This film is the usual run of the mill Bikersploitation film, with it's average dose of violence and general bad behaivour.

[09.08.2001] 3D Realms (siehe auch Abandon Entertainment, Coming Soon!) berichtet, dass die Film- und TV-Rechte für "Max Payne" veräussert wurden...
"We are excited to have the opportunity to craft the next successful video game icon into a larger-than-life film icon," said Faye of Collision. "We are extremely fortunate to have a great creative partnership on this project with the game's creators, 3D Realms and Remedy Entertainment. We hope this will be the first of many creative collaborations."
"Everything was tailored for "Max" to hit the big time," said Scott Miller, chief executive officer of 3D Realms Entertainment. "Most developers and game publishers don't put a strong focus on characters like they should, but we took a different tack with "Max". We feel that, with Collision's creativity and expertise, we have the next great movie anti-hero on our hands."

[25.07.2001] Im Videospiel-Forum Max Payne Zone Board wird bereits über die Verfilmung diskutiert, da im Handbuch zu lesen steht...
"Oh, und machen Sie sich keine Sorgen. Das wird nicht das Letzte gewesen sein, was Sie in Zukunft von Max sehen werden. Dimension Films und Collision Entertainment schließen sich zusammen, um einen Kinofilm zu produzieren, der auf Max Payne basiert und weitere Abenteuer dieser Figur befinden sich bereits in Arbeit."

[21.02.2001] Miramax registriert die Domain !!!

[15.12.1999] 3D Realms registriert die Domain !!!

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