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"Megalodon" (2004) ist eine kleine Produktion, die mit der Angst vor prähistorischen Riesenhaien spielt, in der u.a. Robin Sachs (u.a. "Buffy") mitspielt... Ein Sequel mit dem Titel "Megalodon...Hunting the Hunter" ist angeblich auch in Arbeit... Ach... Der Bestseller-Roman "Meg" von Steve Alten soll auch verfilmt werden...

Der Paläontologe Jonas Taylor vertritt eine in Fachkreisen umstrittene Theorie: In den Tiefseegräben des Pazifischen Ozeans soll dank günstiger klimatischer Verhältnisse ein gigantisches Wesen aus der Kreidezeit überlebt habe, Carcharodon megalodon - Meg. Dieser riesige Hai beherrschte vor 70 Millionen Jahren die Meere. Meg war eines der gefährlichsten Raubtiere aller Zeiten. Taylor weiss, wovon er spricht: Vor Jahren hatte er als Tauchbootführer im Marianengraben eine grauenhafte Begegnung mit dem Tiefseekiller. Damals fielen zwei Forscherkollegen seiner Panik zum Opfer. Als nun am gleichen Ort einige Forschungskapseln auf unerklärliche Weise zerstört werden, begibt sich Tylor erneut in die Tiefe, und ein mörderischer Kampf beginnt...

Aber da ist ja auch noch "Megalodon - Hai Alarm auf Mallorca" mit Ralf Möller und Jeanette Biedermann, der am 17. Oktober 2004 bei RTL lief und auf DVD veröffentlicht wurde...
Im Meeresbiologischen Institut auf Mallorca wird ein Hai-Dinosaurier gezüchtet, der entkommt und fortan vor den Küsten der Urlaubsinsel für Angst und Schrecken sorgt. Das grausige Töten des fleischfressenden 30 Meter-Ungeheuers scheint nur von Sven Hansen, einem ehemaligen Kampfschwimmer, beendet werden zu können.

Die Dreharbeiten zu "Meg" sollten bereits im Herbst 2005 beginnen... Regie sollte Jan De Bont (u.a. "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - Die Wiege des Lebens", "Twister", "Speed") führen... New Line will den Film offensichtlich nicht realisieren, aber vielleicht wagt ein anderes Studio den Sprung ins kalte, dunkle Nass... ;-)


[13.07.2007] Moviehole hat mehr über die geplante Verfilmung von Steve Alten's "Meg" in Erfahrung gebracht...
"Meg" author Steve Alten recently revealed via his newsletter that New Line Cinema has nixed plans to turn his giant shark tale into a film.
The website got the low-down from Alten on that whole situation, including getting a run-down on what kind of journey the potential film has had.
"Disney (actually Hollywood Pictures) optioned the novel with a script attached (Tom Wheeler). The script was lacking. They hired a new screenwriter (Jeff Boam) and his script was not well received either. About that time the VPs starting leaving Hollywood Pictures and the President who had optioned Meg (David Vogel) lost his job. The rights were not renewed and I got them back. Over the years I penned my own script as a means of enticing producers. In February of 2004 Nick Nunziata and I hooked up for a CNN interview for Resurrection. We discussed Meg and Nick took it to his friend, Guillermo del Toro. Guillermo showed the book to producer Lloyd Levin, and his partner, Larry Gordon. I gave them an option. They added Jan De Bont as director and Jan and I worked on the script. In early 2005 the package went to New Line. They had been trying to find a project for screenwriter Shane Salerno. Shane loved Meg and the deal was done."
Alten says he’s in discussions with some other studios that might be interested in taking on the project. He’s also keeping Jan de Bont attached as the director.
"I think Jan will be amazing with Meg", he says of the filmmaker, whose credits include "Speed", "Twister" and, er, "The Haunting".

[06.07.2007] Moviehole berichtet über die geplante Verfilmung von Steve Alten's "Meg"...
Doesn't look like there are any Giant Sharks in New Line's future.
'Luke' sent over his copy of the Steve Alten Newsletter - Steve's the author of "MEG", as you'd know - in which he essentially confirms the film version of his fab shark scarefest is dead in the water at Shaye's shingle.
Good, bad, or ugly, I've always tried to keep you in the loop as best as I can in regards to progress on my books and movies. July's GOOD news is in regards to THE SHELL GAME and MEG: HELL'S AQUARIUM. The BAD news deals with New Line Cinema. The UGLY the way New Line treated MEG. The key execs never embraced the big shark but there were other problems as well that handcuffed them.
Your update follows:
MEG MOVIE: Extinct at New Line Cinema
Yes, this is bad news mostly in the wasted two years.
The key execs at New Line always treated MEG like an unwanted stepchild, and now, with my option set to expire in October, the[y] decided NOT to proceed.
In a way this is actually GOOD news. The MEG movie WILL HAPPEN and it is better to wait and do it right with the right team than accept mediocrity. From now until October 30th (the day I officially get MEG back) we'll be hard at work! Until then, I am restricted from offering details publicly because (technically) New Line still owns the rights to MEG. There are many people at New Line that really did work very hard on MEG and I appreciate their efforts. No bad feelings let's just move on and work with the right studio that ACTUALLY WANTS TO MAKE A GREAT MOVIE AND OWN A BILLION DOLLAR FRANCHISE.

New Line Cinema paid mid-six against seven figures to put "MEG" out of turnaround from Disney. Jan De Bont was attached to direct.

[02.01.2007] CS! berichtet über die Verfilmung von Steve Alten's "Meg"...
Variety reports that Steve Alten's prehistoric shark story Meg may finally move forward in 2007.
Like many would-be tentpoles, the movie fell victim to escalating costs as well as New Line's focus on other pricey pics, says the trade about the delays.
New Line picked up the rights last year and put the film on the fast track for a 2006 release. At the time, it was hoping to make Meg for $75 million, with a significant chunk financed by selling off foreign distribution rights. But when the estimated budget came in much higher -- some put the figure at $150 million, mostly due to costly f/x -- New Line began scaling back.
Now, Meg is looking to shoot this spring for a summer 2008 release, at the earliest.
"I have no doubt Meg will swim," says director Jan de Bont. Alten, meanwhile, says he won't begin the book "Meg 4: Hell's Aquarium" until the movie is greenlit. "I need the movie to generate publicity for that book," he says.

[12.05.2006] Bei CHUD gibt es ein weiteres "MEG"-Produktionsgemälde...

[16.04.2006] Bei CHUD gibt es ein vielsprechendes "MEG"-Produktionsgemälde !!!

[10.05.2005] TV Guide berichtet über die Verfilmung von Steve Alten's "Meg"...
[...] New Line is fast-tracking the project, with Twister director Jan de Bont on deck to call the shots, for a July 4, 2006 premiere.
Although casting has yet to begin on the megabucks feature - nicknamed "Jurassic Shark" because of the era from which the toothsome predator is held over - the author already has the utmost faith in the flick's real star. (That would be the shark. Hel-lo!) "Like in the novel, the Megalodon that will be used in the movie will be a ghostly albino, her lack of pigment reflecting her ancestors' existence in the depths of the Mariana Trench," he reveals to "She'll be pretty scarred up and gruesome, with some features that make her unique from her modern-day cousin, the Great White.
"Most of all, she'll be big," he adds. "Very big." [...]

[11.04.2005] CS! meldet...
New Line has picked up Meg, Steve Alten's bestselling novel about a voracious prehistoric shark, out of turnaround from Disney with Jan De Bont attached to direct.
Variety reports that the studio is fast-tracking production with the goal of a summer 2006 release. The budget is estimated to be $75 million.
The novel concerns an 80-foot-long ancestor of the great white shark, technically known as carcharodon megalodon but dubbed "Meg," that is found by a modern adventurer.
Larry Gordon and his partner Lloyd Levin are producing, along with Guillermo Del Toro, de Bont, Alten's managers Ken Atchity and Chi-Li Wong and Nick Nunziata.
Shane Salerno (Shaft) is doing a rewrite of the film. Casting will start once the rewrite is complete with production targeted for a fall start. [...]

[17.10.2004] RTL zeigt heute um 20.15 Uhr "Hai-Alarm auf Mallorca", in dem der Megalodon so einiges fressen darf... Evtl. sogar Herrn Spengemann... ;-) weiss mehr über die Terminverschiebung...

[07.10.2004] Wie CHUD meldet, wird Jan DeBont (u.a. "Speed", "Tomb Raider 2") bei der Verfilmung von Steve Alten's "Meg" Regie führen...

[05.11.2003] Bei Moviehole gibt es ein Interview mit Gary J. Tunnicliffe...
Can you tell me about an upcoming film on your CV called "Megalodon"?
Not much to tell...I was asked if I wanted to direct a Hi Def movie with lots of computer graphics...and I said sure - (I would have directed a wedding video at that point in my career) I trusted the people making the film, they said lots of things that I naively believed. Whether they belive it or not they got in 'way over their heads' due to in experience and the belief that being older means you know what happened then...well I was compromised in many ways. Compromised by poor cast (not chosen by me) poor crew (who I was assured could do the job) by time, money,food, locations, computer graphics, music...everything. As it stands right now...I am assured every time I call them (not that I really give a shit) that 'my money and a release are just around the corner'...I am owed $60,000 in writing, directing and fx fees that I am pretty sure I will never, ever see...most of the crew never got paid and there are several suits in action against the producer....I saw a cut which I personally disliked and since this really is not the film I was involved with or intended to make I have removed my name from it. Also, since we started this film there have been a ton of megalodon movies so I don’t think any distributor will rush out to buy this very 'average' movie...hindsight being 20/20 I wish I had never even considered doing it...but you live and learn and a small slice of my trusting nature got ripped away. [...]

[19.06.2003] In der letzten Ausgabe der BILD am Sonntag wird über die Dreharbeiten zu "DER MEGALODON" (Regie: Jorgo Papavassiliou, Kamera: Yvonne Tratz) berichtet... Jeanette aus GZSZ in ihrer ersten Filmrolle !!!

[05.06.2003] Heute erscheint "Shark Attack III: Megalodon" auf DVD...

[29.04.2003] Bei TV Guide gibt es ein Interview mit dem "Meg"-Autor Steve Alten, laut dem sich die Chancen auf eine Verfilmung erhöhen...
"[...] recently, some developments have been spurred on because it seems that teens love Meg - so much so that high school teachers were using the book as part of their curriculum. I didn't know this until English teachers started e-mailing me that the book was a huge hit in their classes.
"So, essentially, we have a growing army of kids who are wanting to see a movie [adaptation]. I wasn't aiming to do that, but it just worked out," he continues, amazed. "Now, slowly but surely, Hollywood studios have gotten wind of that, and it's generated a real interest."

[18.10.2002] Bei CHUD gibt es ein positives "Meg"-Script-Review (7.5/10)...
[...] A big shark movie needs set pieces, and Meg is full of them. A shark that is longer than an eighteen wheeler and is glowingly white makes for some impressive visual moments, including a scene with a surfer that, if filmed right, will have audiences on their feet. The sequence in the Mariana Trench promises to give The Abyss a run for its deep sea imagery. And the ending is incredibly inventive, and shows us things that I can pretty firmly say no movie ever has. In fact, I don't want to downplay the ending - I thought it was incredible, and is one of the most memorable action sequences I have ever come across.
[...] In the right hands, with the right cast (think actors that are just a little too smart for popcorn movies - Aaron Eckhart is my ideal Taylor), Meg could be a really fun and exciting shark movie. It's no Jaws 2, but it's five times the movie that Deep Blue Sea was.

[26.02.2000] meldet...
Zwei Filmprojekte, die sich um Meeresungeheuer dreht, sollen auf dem Amerikanischen Film Markt an den Mann gebracht werden. Bei den Projekten handelt es sich laut "Hollywood Reporter" um "Crush Depth" (dreht sich um Unterwasser-Aliens) und "Megalodon" (gigantischer prehistorischer Hai). Beiden Filmen stehen jeweils nur 3 Mio. US-Dollar zur Verfuegung, bei "Megalodon" zeichnete Gary Tunnicliffe fuers Drehbuch verantwortlich, er lieferte u.a. die F/X fuer "Sleepy Hollow", "Blade" und "Mission: Impossible 2". [...]

DVD & Video

DVDHai-Alarm auf Mallorca
Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 12 Jahren
DVD Erscheinungstermin: 11. Oktober 2004

Mallorca im Hochsommer. Volle Strände, blaues Meer, soweit das Auge reicht. Doch mit der friedlichen Urlaubsidylle soll es bald vorbei sein, denn aus den Weiten des Meeres naht ein Monster, wie es die Welt seit Tausenden von Jahren nicht mehr gesehen hat: Der Megalodon. Ein 20 Meter langer Urzeithai. Als vor der Küste der Baleareninsel immer öfter Wassersportler verschwinden, ahnt zunächst niemand, dass sie Opfer der gefräßigsten Killermaschine aller Zeiten geworden sind. Nur ein Mann schöpft bald einen schrecklichen Verdacht: Sven Hansen. Der ehemalige Kampfschwimmer will nach dem Tod seiner Frau vor einem Jahr, die bei einem Tauchgang von einem Hai getötet wurde, von Mallorca zurück nach Deutschland. Dann macht Sven ein schreckliche Entdeckung. Er findet heraus, dass der Riesenhai dasselbe Tier ist, das damals seine Frau getötet hat. Von da an kennt Sven Hansen nur noch ein Ziel: Den Mörder seiner Frau finden und vernichten. Zusammen mit der attraktiven Meeresbiologin Julia Bennett und seinem besten Freund, dem Polizeichef Carlos, begibt sich Sven auf die Suche nach dem Mörder...

DVDShark Attack III: Megalodon
Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren
DVD Erscheinungstermin: 5. Juni 2003
Eine Serie brutaler Haiangriffe zerstört die Strandidylle. Nick Harris entdeckt beim Tauchen einen seltsamen Zahn. Als er ein Bild des Fundes ins Internet stellt, wird die Paläontologin Cataline Stone auf ihn aufmerksam. Für sie ist klar: Der Zahn stammt von einem Megadolon - der prähistorischen Riesenvariante des Weißen Hais. Nick und Cat werden Zeuge, wie ein Schnellboot angegriffen wird. Zwei Menschen sterben, also beschließen sie, die Bestie zu töten, und werden um ein Haar selbst zu Opfern. Cat kann den Killerhai im letzten Moment erschießen. Der Schock sitzt noch tief, als sie von einem anderen Monster angegriffen werden. Ein zweiter Megadolon mit einem Maul so groß wie ein Reisebus. Nur Nicks spleeniger Freund Roy Bishop kann jetzt noch helfen. Mit seinem Hightech-U-Boot und Torpedos wollen sie die Kreatur vernichten. Eine Schlacht unter Wasser beginnt...


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