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"Megalopolis" - ein gigantisches SF-Projekt von Francis Ford Coppola (u.a. "Apocalypse Now"), welches schon einige Jahre in seinem Kopf herumspukt...

Nachdem Coppola "Star Wars - Episode I" gesehen hatte, war er so beeindruckt von den Möglichkeiten der modernen Special Effects, dass er umgehend mit den Arbeiten an "Megalopolis" begann - einem SF-Opus über eine riesige futuristische Stadt und den reichsten Mann der Welt...

"Es geht um unsere Gesellschaft und die Perspektiven der Zukunft: Wie geht es weiter mit unserem Leben? Warum schaffen wir es nicht, allen Menschen ein wunderbares Leben zu bieten, obwohl wir die Fähigkeit dazu längst hätten? Welche Kräfte hindern uns daran? [...] Als Metapher dafür steht eine riesige Stadt..." Quelle:

Der Produktionsstart verzögert sich und verzögert sich... Die Dreharbeiten sollten eigentlich im Herbst 2002 in New York beginnen... Zwischenzeitlich hat Coppola beschlossen eine Pause einzulegen... Und wie lange diese dauern wird, steht noch nicht fest... ;-)


[10.05.2007] Harry von AICN sprach mit Francis Ford Coppola u.a. über sein neues Projekt und den Stand der Dinge in Sachen "Megalopolis"...
Harry: [...] How did you come to the material, YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH?
I had been working for a year that period, when I was working on MEGALOPOLIS, during the so-called 10 years when I wasn’t doing anything, I was a little preoccupied on this script I wrote that I had made into an extremely ambitious project, that it was very difficult even to get feedback on it, given the fact that the sort of notes I would get would be related to the projects’ financial or pop-value.
I didn’t want that kind of narrow movie feedback, because I was trying to write a script that was even more ambitious than that. it’ll grow up after a while... I sent it to a friend that I had known in high school who was a young woman who became a great [tape blurs here] ... at the University of Chicago and she read my script and gave me some notes, from a broader literary or intellectual perspective, which is what I wanted. That’s what I was trying to do and in the course of it, she sent me a lot of quotes from Mercea Eliade, who was this professor and thinker from which I learned a lot of stuff. And she had a lot of quotes relative to a couple of the themes I was playing with related to the consciousness of MEGALOPOLIS and I became curious of the story that these quotes had come from and I managed to get it. It wasn’t easy to get. When I read it, I just said "well, here I go. I’ll just retell everybody and I’ll just write this and go off on my own and use my own dough and just make a film" ...instead of being you know, stuck with this MEGALOPOLIS project which after the events of September 11th, 2001, I just didn’t know how to continue with it.
Harry: Is that what happened to it? Was when 9/11, it...
It made it really pretty tough... a movie about the aspiration of utopia with New York as a main character and then all of a sudden you couldn’t write about New York without just dealing with what happened and the implications of what happened. The world was attacked and I didn’t know how to try to do with that. I tried.
Harry: When do you think that you could revisit that material?
I have abandoned that as of now. I’m now going to... I plan to begin a process of making one personal movie after another and if something leads me back to look at that, which I’m sure it might, I’ll see what makes sense to me. [...]

[14.04.2005] DH meldet...
Director Francis Ford Coppola has declared at Italian Busto Arsizio Festival this week that he won't make his long in development sci-fi epic "Megalopolis" any time soon reports Estrenos de Cine.
So why not? Because "It is a very ambitious project, perhaps too much, and at this moment I believe that it does not go ahead, so I have chosen to stop and to reflect". Instead he's into a very different project: he's planning to open a little hotel in the South of Italy.
The acclaimed "Godfather" and "Apocalypse Now" director described the project once thus "The setting is modern New York. It deals... with the idea that the future world we're going to live in is being negotiated today... It's kind of a shape-of-things-to-come film in which the characters are concerned with artists, businessmen, proletariat all having a stake in the future but very few of them having a hand in what it's going to be like. It's a little bit like an Ayn Rand novel."
He has been developing it on and off for well over a decade now with various factors along the way ranging from financial problems to 9-11 causing delays and setbacks - not the least of which being that the distribution was expected to be handled by the now defunct United Artists. Already hours of second unit footage is said to exist and the likes of Nicolas Cage, Russell Crowe, Robert De Niro, Paul Newman, Parker Posey, and Kevin Spacey have all been attached at one time or another.

[10.04.2003] Hollywood Reporter meldet...
MGM and director Francis Ford Coppola have ended their official relationship, according to MGM's annual proxy statement filed Wednesday with the Securities and Exchange Commission. MGM and Coppola's production company, American Zoetrope, will continue to collaborate on a project-by-project basis, but their three-year first-look deal established in 2000 expired at the end of last month, according to the studio. In addition, Coppola, who has been a member of MGM's board since 1998, will not stand for re-election in MGM's upcoming annual board meeting. Said MGM spokesperson Lea Porteneuve: "With demands on his time from both his business and creative ventures, specifically the intense focus he's placing right now on getting 'Megalopolis' made, Francis felt he couldn't devote the attention he wanted to continuing to serve on the MGM board. We were respectful of his decision."

[27.02.2002] Tja... Man hat schon längere Zeit nichts mehr von dem Projekt gehört... Auch auf der Liste der "Zoetrope"-Filme taucht der Titel bislang nicht auf... Hoffentlich lässt Coppola das Projekt nicht fallen... Mögen die Dreharbeiten im Herbst 2002 auch wirklich beginnen...

[30.01.2002] Bei Spiegel Online gibt es den Artikel "Nach dem Terror-Schock: Stars werben für New York"...
[...] Aber auch Francis Ford Coppola ("Der Pate") arbeitet derzeit an seinem Drehbuch für "Megalopolis", das er mit 65 Millionen Dollar Eigenkapital zu einem Kino-Hit machen will - im Mittelpunkt das World Trade Center vor, während und nach dem 11. September. [...]

[17.10.2001] Variety meldet, dass sich die Dreharbeiten um ein ganzes Jahr verschieben... Zudem gibt es nähere Infos zur Story...
[...] The picture had seemed ready to roll in late summer, but Coppola has elected to do a rewrite on the Cecil B. DeMille-style picture, which is budgeted at $50 million-$60 million. He plans to start production next fall. [...]

[25.07.2001] "Die Deutsche Robert De Niro - Page" hat eine völlig gegensätzliche dpa-Meldung zur Besetzung...
[...] Nach den Wünschen von Regisseur Francis Ford Coppola ("Der Pate") sollen Russell Crowe, Robert De Niro, Nicolas Cage und Paul Newman die Hauptrollen in seinem nächsten Film "Megalopolis" übernehmen. [...]

[19.07.2001] DH berichtet...
AOL reports that Kevin Spacey, Parker Posey ("Scream 3") and Warren Beatty have all be rumoured to have been involved in a reading of Francis Ford Coppola's long-awaited script "Megalopolis". The plot of the pic is rumoured to be very similar to Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead" and follows a battle of wits between a big city mayor and a real estate magnate over using a "innovative low-cost plastic compound' to build a giant structure (Beatty is thought to be up for The Mayor).

[08.06.2001] AICN hat ein Interview von 1999 veröffentlicht, in dem Coppola über "Megalopolis" sinniert... Das komplette Interview gibt es beiScenario...

[23.05.2001] Ein mögliches Teaser-Poster...

[13.05.2001] AICN berichtet, dass Ron Fricke (u.a. "Baraka", "Koyaanisqatsi") eventuell die (Bild)-Regie übernimmt...

[10.05.2001] AICN berichtet... Coppola gab in Cannes einige Details zur Produktion preis... u.a. betonte er die enge Zusammenarbeit mit George Lucas...
"Coppola said his new film MEGALOPOLIS will have an comparable scope to APOCALPYSE NOW and THE GODFATHER.
The pic, planned for a late fall or January shoot, is the story of a man who wants to build the city of the future. Coppola's longtime production designer Dean Tavoularis is working on the film's elaborate look from a 'secret New York location' and Coppola confirmed the pic will be shot at least partially in Gotham.
Although Coppola would not confirm MEGALOPOLIS would be entirely shot digitally, he said he is consulting with George Lucas, who lensed the upcoming STAR WARS: EPISODE II on the Sony 24p hi-def video camera, about ways to take advantage of the latest digital technology."

[12.09.2000] BW Online sprach mit Coppola über die Arbeiten an seinem Drehbuch zu "Megalopolis"... "[...] The setting is modern New York. It deals with...the idea that the future world we're going to live in is being negotiated today.... It's kind of a shape-of-things-to-come film in which the characters are concerned with artists, businessmen, proletariat all having a stake in the future but very few of them having a hand in what it's going to be like. It's a little bit like an Ayn Rand novel."

[14.07.1999] AICN veröffentlicht Gerüchte um "Megalopolis"...
BTW, I've heard about Coppola's "Megalopolis". From what I've been told, it's the story of the most richest man on earth (fictionnal), from his rise to his downfall. As for Godfather 4, 3 months ago, the rumour was very HOT, then it took dive. Puzo's death wasn't a factor, neither Leonardo DiCaprio. When I first heard about the rumour, Nicholas Cage was mentionned as well.

[02.04.1999] AICN berichtet über Francis Ford Coppola und "Megalopolis"...
And we heard that Coppola wanted to make a big gigantic imagination freeing science fiction epic... Well, the project has a name, and it is called MEGALOPOLIS. This will be a movie that Coppola will write as well as direct. It will be a movie that will be an auteur vision... He was so jazzed by STAR WARS EPISODE ONE, that now... he wants to work on MEGALOPOLIS exclusively. So there is no time in his life right now for 13 DAYS. So the hunt continues, I hope that film finds a strong director that sees the genius of David Self's script... and at the same time, I am happy for Coppola and us.... it sounds as though we have a new geek project by a master filmmaker in the works.... Oh... Goody!!!
Needless to say, if you hear anything on Coppola's MEGALOPOLIS, let me know. Right now... all we can guess is that it has something to do with a really really really huge city or communtiy or something.... What will that guy dream up?

[14.08.1998] Aus einem David Chute-Artikel in der L.A. Times...
And sure enough, on the next to the last page, Lewis quotes, from a Film Comment interview, Coppola's description of an apparent sci-fi project called Megalopolis: "[It] is based in part on Roman history, because it takes a period in Rome just before Caesar. ... I researched this period, taking the incident of the revolt of the Catiline, and I wanted to tell a story in a kind of Plutarch vision of New York as the Roman city, although it's not going to look like Rome, it's going to look like New York."
This early vision of Megaloplis, with its Fritz-Lang-on-acid overtones, may not be exactly what Coppola has in mind today. Still, doesn't the prospect of a humungous new project make his supposedly hard-nosed new consigliare a little nervous? Jay Shoemaker insists it doesn't. "This is what Francis was put here to do," he says. "He was sidetracked for 20 years by the success of The Godfather. Now he wants to go back to doing his own projects."

[14.08.1998] Aus einem Interview mit Coppola in der
Sie schreiben momentan am Drehbuch?
Coppola: Ja. Es ist ein sehr ehrgeiziges Projekt, und manchmal denke ich, dass ich mir dabei vielleicht zuviel vornehme.
Wir reden vom Drehbuch zu Ihrem Projekt mit dem Arbeitstitel "Megalopolis"?
Coppola: Genau. Aber es ist mir peinlich, ständig darüber zu reden, statt es endlich zu realisieren. Es geht um unsere Gesellschaft und die Perspektiven der Zukunft: Wie geht es weiter mit unserem Leben? Warum schaffen wir es nicht, allen Menschen ein wunderbares Leben zu bieten, obwohl wir die Fähigkeit dazu längst hätten? Welche Kräfte hindern uns daran? Das sind Fragen, die ich in diesem Film beleuchten möchte. Als Metapher dafür steht eine riesige Stadt. Es ist schwierig, das mit ein paar Worten zu erklären.
Warum eigentlich?
Coppola: Weil ich zuerst selber herausfinden muss, wohin die Menschheit gehen soll. Dieser Film wäre ein Riesenprojekt. Das Kino kann riesige Raumschiffe durchs All fliegen lassen und gigantische Ozeanschiffe versenken. Da könnten wir doch mit den gleichen technischen Möglichkeiten auch reale Perspektiven für die Menschheit zeigen, die uns für die Zukunft stimulieren.

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