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Die archivierten Nachrichten aus der Rubrik "Aktuelles"...

[10.04.2008] Bei DemoNews gibt es ausführliche Infos zum MGS4-Multiplayer-Part...

[26.03.2008] sprach mit dem Produzenten Mike De Luca, u.a. über die geplante "Metal Gear Solid"-Verfilmung...
[...] there’s so much story in Metal Gear as opposed to other video games that I think it’s going to be a challenge but it’s an upscale problem to have some much thematic subtexts and story material to draw from so I think we have a leg up already in that it’s such a rich universe and Kojima is like George Lucas in terms of creating this universe so what it says about war by proxy in this kind of future where war has been outsourced to private companies I think can be almost very topical and also kind of satirical in like a "Robocop" kind of way, so I think if we can get a script that honors the storyline of all 4 games, but that also has a cinematic aesthetic you know the kind of aesthetic Verhoeven brought to "Robocop" or the kind of aesthetic the Wachowski’s brought to "The Matrix". If there’s a cinematic identity to the piece that exists on its own, it doesn’t conflict with the DNA of the game, you know that’s our goal is to pull off those 2 things. Not mess with the DNA of the game but provide a movie that is an adaptation but that has it’s own cinematic identity so even if you don’t play the game you know, you’ll come out of that movie feeling like you did at the end of "The Matrix" or the end of "Robocop". That’s our goal anyway. [...]

[14.03.2008] CS! meldet...
[...] There have been a lot of video game movies in recent years of varying qualities, but one game that seems almost perfectly suited for the cinema experience is Konami's "Metal Gear Solid" and now that the writers strike is over, De Luca and Columbia Pictures can get back in gear (ha ha) and move forward with bringing the game to the big screen.
A few years ago, when Kurt Wimmer's action sci-fi flick Equilibrium came out, fans of the video game were clamoring for him to direct a movie based on the video game, and at the red carpet, De Luca told that they hope to meet with Wimmer in the next few weeks to talk about him writing the script (and presumably directing), so hopefully there'll be an announcement and more development with this project soon. [...]

[26.09.2007] Bei GT gibt es mehrere neue Videos zu "Metal Gear Online"... Ausserdem gibt es bei GT das "Metal Gear Solid 4 - 'TGS 07 Take Down Shakey Cam Gameplay'"-Video... ;-)

[28.08.2007] Bei gibt es ein "Metal Gear Online"-Video...

[12.07.2007] Der neue "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots" E3 2007 Trailer ist online !!!

[09.02.2007] GameFront meldet...
Sony Pictures Entertainment dreht einen Film zu Konamis Metal Gear-Serie. Das bestätigte Yair Landau, Vice Chairman von Sony Pictures Entertainment, auf der D.I.C.E. 2007.
Wann der Streifen in die Kinos kommen soll, ist noch nicht bekannt.

[08.02.2007] CS! meldet...
Sony is bringing Konami's hit videogame franchise Metal Gear Solid to the big screen, says Variety.
Metal Gear Solid has sold more than 20 million units since 1998, but its roots date back even further; the first "Metal Gear" game came out in 1987. The stealth action title became one of the industry's biggest hits and has four sequels, the last three of which came out under the "Metal Gear Solid" moniker. Another sequel is set for release this year.
Michael De Luca will produce the adaptation, with videogame creator Hideo Kojima as executive producer.

[14.05.2006] Bei GameSpot gibt es Impressionen zum kommenden "Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops" für Sony PSP...

[12.05.2006] Wie GameSpot meldet, wird sich Solid Snake in "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" für Nintendo Wii mit Super Mario, Pikachu, Kirby, Link & Co. prügeln... Verpasst nicht das Beweisvideo, das unbedingt bis zum Ende angesehen werden sollte... ;-)

[11.05.2006] GameSpot meldet...
In his official E3 2006 catalog, MGS creator Hideo Kojima announces a big-screen adaptation of the legendary Konami series is in the works. [...]
On the front of the Kojima catalog was a "breaking news" box, which bore the headline "Solid Snake...On the silver screen?" The blurb below it read, "In a late-breaking surprise announcement, director Hideo Kojima revealed that his most famous creation--Metal Gear Solid--is getting the live-action treatment."
Given the semi-comic nature of the fake E3 newsletter/Kojima Productions catalog, many thought the story was a joke. However, on the last page of the pamphlet was a page-long article on the project which showed that Kojima was dead serious when he made the announcement.
After assuring readers at length that German director Uwe Boll will not have anything to do with the project, as rumored, Kojima talked about the film. "I have received many offers to adapt Metal Gear Solid, It has taken a long time, but we have finally settled on an arrangement," said the revered designer. "False facts aside, a movie project is underway. I have finalized a Class-A contract with a party in Hollywood."
Close-up of movie announcement blurb.Kojima did not mention the name of the party, a release date, or any potential directors or stars. Hoever, ever since the original PlayStation Metal Gear Soild, the English-language dialogue of game hero Solid Snake has been voiced by Hollywood figure David Hayter. Though a prolific voice actor, Hayter has enjoyed greater success as a screenwriter, with credits for X-Men, X2, and the forthcoming Watchmen under his belt.

[20.04.2006] Wird Christophe Gans eventuell "Metal Gear Solid" verfilmen !?! CS! sprach mit dem Regisseur...
CS: [...] Any idea what you're doing next?
I'm working on an adaptation of another game, which is very different atmosphere. It's going to be so different from "Silent Hill." (He wouldn't say which game it was, as much as I tried to coax him to tell.)
CS: But are you just writing that or will you direct it as well?
Yeah, I will have to direct it very soon. They want me to start the shoot next March, because they also want that I do the sequel of "Silent Hill" if this movie is very successful. But it's okay, I'm very happy to work. [...]

[06.01.2006] Bei B-D gibt es ein Interview mit Uwe Boll...
Dr. Boll: Now people are coming to me with metal gear solid. They wrote a script, and Konami basically paid these people to write it. And I hope that Metal Gear Solid will be working.
Hunter Daniels: Do you want to do make Metal Gear Solid?
Dr. Boll: yea, absolutely. And especially with the Doom situation. I think we could do it a lot better... its one of the top five of all time. [...]

[28.09.2005] Edge Online sprach mit dem "Silent Hill"-Drehbuchautor Roger Avary über Videospiel-Verfilmungen, evtl. über "Metal Gear Solid" !?!
[...] Would you, as a representative of the writing community, be inclined to adapt any other existing games?
You know, I'm in discussions with one gaming company right now about adapting another game into a movie, and I get approached - probably because of Silent Hill - a lot now. And I'm very cautious about what games I would choose to make into a movie. I would say that more important to me than the game itself is the filmmaker involved, and whether that's going to be somebody I can respect.
As a writer you’re interfacing with a filmmaker and it’s a long process. You really need to have a good connection with somebody if it's going to be a good movie. For example, if filmmaker X just came up to me and said: "I want to do Halo", it would really depend on just who that filmmaker was. Maybe that's a bad example - there's another writer on that already. But Grand Theft Auto, then - a game that I love - if it was the right filmmaker then I'd go for it, because it would be a great experience writing it. At this stage of my life, I have no desire to just churn out product. For me, it's about choosing the projects that I do and about making sure that the experience of making them is as good as the experience of watching them.
I don't mind saying that there is another Konami title - which I can't mention because they haven't closed the deal on it - that Christophe and Sam are in talks about right now. We've already gone into discussions about adapting that material and that would, I must say, be a dream come true.

[19.09.2005] GameFront bietet u.a. MGS4-Bilder...

[17.08.2005] Eurogamer meldet...
[...] Dr Uwe Boll [..] has now expressed an interest in bringing us a Metal Gear Solid movie.
In an interview with film website Insomniac Mania, Boll said that the latest games to catch his eye are "Postal and Metal Gear." [...]

[07.07.2005] Konami of Europe gibt bekannt, dass Metal Gear Acid einer der Launch-Titel zum Start von Sonys PSP Handheld Videospiel-System im kommenden September sein wird: Metal Gear Acid ist ein Karten-basiertes Tactical Espionage Action-Spiel mit Charakteren aus dem populären Metal Gear Solid-Universum in den Hauptrollen...

[11.03.2005] Spiegel Online sprach mit Hideo Kojima über MGS3, u.a. wurde er gefragt, ob er lieber Filmregisseur wäre...

[03.03.2005] Heute erscheint "Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater" für die PlayStation 2 !!!

[01.12.2004] Bei AICN gibt es folgendes Gerücht...
[...] I just got an exciting lead from a bearded man in glasses on the television. He said that Ryuhei Kitamura is going to be directing the adaptation of the Metal Gear Solid series of games. [...]

[29.11.2004] CS! meldet...
Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima is finally thinking about bringing the popular game series to the big screen, reports Variety.
Hollywood studios have been looking to pick up film rights to the testosterone-filled espionage title for some time, says the trade. But Kojima, a movie buff and occasional film critic, has held off on selling film rights until now.
The sophisticated gameplay of the "Metal Game Solid" series has revolutionized the gaming world, and the third installment of the PS2 title offers new 3-D twists and extra components available online. The first two installments were gigantic sellers for Japan's Konami, moving 14.63 million units worldwide (6.64 million in the U.S.) in the past six years. [...]

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