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Michael Jackson "Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story" (2004) ist eine TV-Produktion über das Leben des King of Pop: Michael Jackson wird hier von Flex Alexander (u.a. "The Hills Have Eyes 2", "Snakes on a Plane") verkörpert...

Der Glitzer und Glamour, die Highlights und Skandale seines Lebens erstehen noch einmal vor unseren Augen. Ohne ihn verklären oder freisprechen zu wollen, jongliert der Film auf schmalem Grad zwischen Komödie und Tragödie. Der Film erzählt seinen Aufstieg zum Ruhm und seinen Fall - von der Höhe seiner Kunst in "Thriller" bis zu den skandalgefüllten letzen Jahren. Die objektive Betrachtungsweise des Films lässt einen Blick auf das Leben des rätselhaftesten und extravagantesten Popstars aller Zeiten zu und erzählt die Geschichte eines Mannes, der die Welt 40 Jahre lang verzaubert und verwirrt hat...

"Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story" erschien hierzulande am 7. August 2009 auf DVD - als Originalfassung mit deutschem Untertitel... Am 28. Oktober 2009 startete der Film zu Michael Jackson's finalem Konzert "This Is It!" weltweit... Mit "Gone Too Soon" kam eine weitere "Michael Jackson"-Doku auf die grosse Leinwand... Und dann wäre da noch ein mögliches "Michael Jackson"-Biopic...

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's "This Is It" auf DVD & Blu-ray Disc !!!
Am 25. Februar 2010 erschien Michael Jackson's "This Is It" auf DVD & Blu-ray Disc...

Michael Jackson's This Is It (Doppel-CD) [17.11.2011] Showblitz berichtet über ein mögliches "Michael Jackson" Biopic...
Michael Jackson’s estate wants to be starting something in Hollywood: a King of Pop biopic. With Dr. Conrad Murray’s involuntary manslaughter trial now over, John Branca, the executor of the Jackson estate, has approached Ivan Reitman and Tom Pollock’s Montecito Picture Company about the possibility of producing and financing a Jackson biopic, Variety's Jeff Sneider reports. Project would only cover certain periods of the late singer’s life. Pollack confirmed that the two sides are engaged in early talks but cautioned that there is no deal in place. A spokesman for Jackson’s estate had no comment.

[18.03.2010] berichtet über die Einspielergebnisse von "This Is It"...
The author behind "Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson" is tackling the King of Pop's last days for the bigscreen.
Author-filmmaker Ian Halperin is behind "Gone Too Soon," an 88-minute documentary about Jackson that is culled from 300 hours of footage shot inside the singer's camp.
Shine Intl., which holds global distribution rights to the doc, will unveil "Gone Too Soon" at next month's Mip TV confab in Cannes. Pic is set for a theatrical run in Canada and France, via Transit Medias, on June 25 -- the first anniversary of Jackson's death.
Halperin wrote "Unmasked," which hit No. 1 last year on the New York Times' bestsellers list, after spending five years investigating Jackson.
Footage in "Gone Too Soon" includes video and audio of Jackson shot before his death. It also includes interviews with Jackson's personal manager, chef, spiritual adviser, hairstylist, trainer, protective agent and attorney.
According to the filmmakers, Jackson family members were not involved but are aware of the film. Family attorney Brian Oxman is among the interviewees.
Despite its depiction of the more scandalous aspects of Jackson's life, Halperin called the movie "a balanced tribute to the King of Pop."
"This is the film Michael and his fans deserve," Halperin said.
Shine Intl. president Chris Grant said the doc would "eventually be known as a really important piece of the Michael Jackson saga."
"Ian's done an incredible job telling the story of what actually happened to Michael," Grant said. "We've teased it a bit and the reaction has been tremendous."
Halperin reported in December 2008 that Jackson was in weak health -- and was quoted in a celebrity mag at the time predicting that the pop star would be dead within six months.
Halperin's shingle and Objective Films are behind the doc, which will be distributed for TV in some territories and as a theatrical release in others. Halperin's credits include co-authoring two books about the death of Kurt Cobain, as well as the doc "His Highness Hollywood."
Halperin and Grant are producing "Gone Too Soon" along with Jarred Weisfeld and Sarah Girgis.

[13.11.2009] CS! berichtet über die Einspielergebnisse von "This Is It"...
Michael Jackson's This Is It has reached a box office gross of $200 million worldwide, Sony Pictures Entertainment announced today. The film has taken in $61 million domestically and more than $140 million internationally.
Commenting on the announcement, Jeff Blake, Chairman of Sony Pictures Worldwide Marketing and Distribution said, "Moviegoers and film critics everywhere have truly embraced this celebration of Michael Jackson and his music. This special film documents Michael's creative genius. We are seeing repeat business throughout the world because this movie is so rich with Michael performing his most renowned and recognized songs while offering such a unique, never-before-seen perspective on his artistry. Kenny Ortega and the filmmaking team did a brilliant job of capturing Michael creating a masterwork and it's a genuine thrill to see audiences respond to the film as they have."
Outside of North America, the film has performed best in such countries as Japan ($27.2 million), UK ($14.3 million), Germany ($12.1 million), France ($12.1 million) and Australia ($7.2 million). [...]

[02.11.2009] berichtet über die Einspielergebnisse von "This Is It"...
Auds around the world helped Sony's "This Is It" open to a mammoth $68.5 million at the international B.O. -- the fifth biggest foreign bow of the year -- but the Michael Jackson pic's domestic debut was more modest at $32.5 million in its first five days.
Worldwide opening haul of $101 million for five days, topped by Japan's $10.4 million, led Sony to announce it is extending the film's two-week run by three weeks in North America. Overseas, the decision to extend will be made on a territory-by-territory basis.
"This Is It" bowed Tuesday night. Domestic total included $21.3 million in weekend ticket sales from 3,481 theaters, enough to win the sesh over Paramount's sleeper hit "Paranormal Activity," according to Rentrak. [...]

[29.10.2009] Bei CS! gibt es die gesammelten User-Kritiken zu "This Is It"...

[28.10.2009] Heute kommt der Konzertfilm "This Is It!" in die deutschen Kinos...

[13.10.2009] Auf kann man den brandneuen Song "This Is It!" aus dem Album Michael Jackson's "This Is It" (ab 26. Oktober 2009 erhältlich) anhören...

[27.09.2009] CS! meldet...
IMAX Corporation and Sony Pictures Releasing today announced that the highly-anticipated motion picture Michael Jackson's This Is It will be released for a special run in select digital IMAX(R) theaters worldwide during the film's limited two-week engagement in thousands of theaters globally starting on October 28, 2009. The film's domestic run at select digital IMAX theaters will be for evening showtimes starting at approximately 9 PM Pacific Standard Time, beginning Tuesday, October 27, 2009. Tickets for the worldwide release go on sale for most locations this Sunday, September 27th at 12:01 AM. To find out which IMAX locations have the film, visit [...]

[14.09.2009] Die Offizielle "This Is It!" Website und der Michael Jackson's "This Is It!" Trailer sind zwischenzeitlich online...

[09.09.2009] Bei Yahoo! Movies kann man das Poster zu "This Is It!" begutachten...

[21.08.2009] Bei CS! gibt es eine Pressemeldung von Sony...
[...] Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment announced today that Michael Jackson THIS IS IT will be released exclusively for a special, limited, two-week engagement worldwide, with the studio pushing up the debut of the film by two days, to Wednesday, October 28th. Due to the anticipated demand for this film, tickets for the two-week presentation will go on sale in most cities beginning on Sunday, September 27th.
Separately, the producers of Michael Jackson THIS IS IT announced that Kenny Ortega has been set to direct the motion picture. The film is being produced with the full support of The Estate of Michael Jackson. [...]

[11.08.2009] CS! meldet...
Beginning October 30th, the world will have a front-row seat for Michael Jackson's final concert, as Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment release Michael Jackson's This Is It.
This Is It is being produced with the full support of The Estate of Michael Jackson and will be drawn from hundreds of hours of rehearsal and behind-the-scenes footage, captured in high definition with state-of-the-art digital sound as the late singer was preparing for his concert series in London. The film, which will also offer select sequences in 3-D, will provide a unique career retrospective and feature interviews with some of Jackson's closest friends and creative collaborators. [...]

[09.07.2009] Der TV-Sender Arte zeigt heute um 22.55 Uhr "Moonwalker"...
"Moonwalker" führt 20 Jahre zurück in die Welt des King of Pop, beginnend mit Jacksons Live-Performance von "Man in the Mirror" im Parkstadion Gelsenkirchen: ein volles Stadion, kreischende Teenager, verwischter Mascara; dazu werden Persönlichkeiten höchst unterschiedlicher politischer Couleur montiert wie Mahatma Gandhi, Ronald Reagan und John Lennon.
Der erste Teil des Films ist eine Kompilation aus Clips, Kurzfilmen und Fernsehausschnitten, die die einzigartige Karriere des King of Pop, von den Jackson Five zur Solokarriere, in Erinnerung ruft. Der zweite, fiktionale Teil des Films, basiert auf einer Geschichte, die Jackson selbst geschrieben hat: "Smooth Criminal", nach dem gleichnamigen Song, handelt von einem gutartigen Gangster, der die Kinder einer unbenannten Stadt vor den Kräften des Bösen schützt.
Erschienen während seiner Bad-Welttour in 1988, ist "Moonwalker" ein (autobiografisches) Biopic, das die vielen Seiten des Michael Jackson vor Augen hält.

[04.07.2009] Ethelmae’s Blog klärt das Gerücht, laut dem Sylvester Stallone Interesse an einem "Michal Jackson" Biopic habe...
[...] let’s cut the MJ chatter... Sly knew him, I never heard him call MJ a pedophile although millions of folks around the world believe he was and an MJ biopic is not on Sly’s radar... seriously. [...]

[30.06.2009] meldet...
Johnny Depp has ruled himself out of playing Michael Jackson if a biopic of the late star was ever given the green light.
The Hollywood star said he did not think Jacko "would want him to" don the famous white glove and military jacket.
The actor had been rumoured to have previously expressed an interest in playing the tragic star should a movie of his life go into production.
But he rubbished those reports when he spoke to Sky News [...]

[26.06.2009] Wie meldet, starb Michael Jackson in einer Klinik in Los Angeles...

[18.01.2008] meldet...
Golden Globe winning actor Johnny Depp is hoping to potray Michael Jackson in a biopic about the King of Pop. Johnny is rumored to have patterned his award-winning role in the musical Sweeney Todd after Michael.
"There is still time to play him," Johnny says.

[06.08.2004] Der TV-Film "Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story" aka "Family Values" läuft erstmals im US-Fernsehen...

[11.05.2004] meldet...
Canada has become the film site for a new controversial Michael Jackson biopic. The unauthorized movie is currently being filmed in Calgary, AB, and will wrap up on May 28th. VH1 is the company that has sponsored the made-for-tv movie about the troubled star's life.
The film, tentatively titled 'Family Values', will span Jackson's life from his massive hit album 'Thriller', right on up till today portraying the ridiculed and possibly criminal man that he has become. Flex Alexander, a television actor, will play the coveted role of the self-proclaimed 'King of Pop'. Called in to direct the biopic is Allan Moyle who has been in charge of movies like 'Pump Up The Volume' and cult-classic 'Empire Records'. Following the lead of many American films, it was decided that the Jackson film would be shot in Canada. It seems we offer a cheap location for Americans, hopefully in a good way.
'Family Values' will premiere on Movie Central at the end of June. The creators of the film claim that the movie does not in any way judge Jackson and his life. The viewers of the film will have to judge whether or not the execs are telling the truth.

Michael Jackson
DVD & Video

DVDMichael Jackson's "This Is It"
BLU-RAY DISC Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 6 Jahren
Erscheinungstermin: 25. Februar 2010

DVDThe Michael Jackson Story - New Unmasked
Regionalcode 2
FSK: Ohne Altersbeschränkung
Bild: 16:9
Ton: Deutsch & Englisch (Dolby Digital 5.1)
DVD Erscheinungstermin: 14. August 2009

Dokumentiert das Leben von Michael Jackson von seinen Anfängen als Teil der "Jackson Five" zur unglaublichen Solokarriere als "King of Pop", seine spektakulären Comebackpläne und seinen tragischen, viel zu frühen Tod. Neben seltenem Hintergrundmaterial kommen auch Verwandte, Freunde und Wegbegleiter wie Janet und Jermaine Jackson, Quincy Jones, Diana Ross, Elisabeth Taylor und Sheryl Crow zu Wort.
Diese brandaktuell erweiterte und vervollständigte "Extended Edition" enthält, neben vielen neuen Interviews, Ausschnitte seiner Comeback Ankündigung "This Is It" sowie der unerwarteten Meldung seines plötzlichen Todes. Zudem Aufnahmen vom Eintreffen seiner Familie beim Forest Lawn Friedhof in Los Angeles zur privaten Trauerfeier sowie Fan-Interviews und viele weitere Impressionen am Rande der Michael Jackson Abschiedsfeier am Staples Center Los Angeles...

DVDMan in the Mirror
Die Michael Jackson Story (OmU)

Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 12 Jahren
Bild: 1.33:1 (4:3)
Ton: Englisch (DD 2.0)
Untertitel: Deutsch
DVD Erscheinungstermin: 7. August 2009

Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 12 Jahren
Bild: 1.33:1 (4:3)
Ton: Deutsch, Englisch & Spanisch (Dolby Digital 2.0)
DVD Erscheinungstermin: 18. Februar 2005

Die fantastische Entdeckungsreise in die Welt der Träume und Fantasien von Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson der Superheld verwandelt sich in einen Roboter, in einen Rennwagen und in ein Raumschiff, um seine jungen Freunde Sean, Zeke und Katie vor dem teuflischen Mr. Big zu retten, der die Kids unter Drogen setzen will, um die Weltherrschaft an sich zu reißen...

DVDMichael Jackson - HIStory Greatest Video Hits
Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren
DVD Erscheinungstermin: 3. Dezember 2001
Eine Sammlung der besten Videos zu Michael Jacksons Songs...

DVDMichael Jackson - HIStory On Film Volume II
Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren
DVD Erscheinungstermin: 26. August 1998

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson
Offizielle Website
Offizielle Infos...

Michael Jackson's This Is It!
Offizielle Website
Offizielle Infos zum Konzertfilm "This Is It!"...

Michael Jackson

Hanspeter Künzler
Michael Jackson
Black or White: Die ganze Geschichte

256 Seiten (7. Juli 2009)

Autor Hanspeter Künzler schildert auf ungewöhnliche Weise in zwei Erzählsträngen einerseits die sagenhaften Erfolge des grandiosen Weltstars, andererseits aber auch die schier endlose Kette von Skandalen, in die Michael Jackson in den 40 Jahren seiner atemberaubenden Karriere verwickelt war...

Jochen Ebmeier
Michael Jackson: Das Phänomen
264 Seiten (1999)

Dieses Buch erzählt die Biographie des Weltstars - von den Anfängen in Gary, Indiana, wo little Michael und seine Brüder unter dem Regime des ehrgeizigen Vaters als Jackson Five berühmt wurden, über Verlauf und Höhepunkte der Solokarriere bis heute, da Michael Jackson nach Jahren der Anfeindungen ein glanzvolles Comeback feiert. Es wird berichtet vom Dasein als Kinderstar, von Vor- und Leitbildern wie etwa James Brown, von Aufnahmen in den legendären Motown-Studios, von der Moonwalk-Weltpremiere, der Zusammenarbeit mit Produzent Quincy Jones, dem Entstehen triumphaler Erfolge wie "Bad" oder "Thriller". Es geht auch um die Kluft zwischen weißer und schwarzer Musik und ihre Überwindung, um Schlammschlachten und um die Einsamkeit auf dem Gipfel des Ruhms...

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson
King of Pop - Greatest Hits
Erscheinungstermin: 22. August 2008

33 Titel: u.a. Billie Jean; Beat it; Thriller; Black or white; Heal the world

Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson

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