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Skizze © Blur Aus dem genialen SF-Roman "Mindbridge" (dt. "Die Denkbrücke") von Joe Haldeman soll ein computeranimierter Film werden...

Jacque Lefavre, ein Pionier der interstellaren Kolonisierung, entdeckt auf einem der Planeten ein molluskenartiges Wesen, das als psychisches Bindeglied, als Denkbrücke für Telepathie verwendet werden kann. Aber der Preis dafür ist hoch...

Die Firma Blur (u.a. "Rockfish") schreibt über das Projekt:
"This is our passion... We started with a Sci-Fi book called Mindbridge by Hugo and Nebula award-winning author Joe Haldeman, that we optioned and are developing as completely computer generated feature film. The script is currently being written by comic book writer extraordinaire Warren Ellis. In a nutshell Mindbridge revolves around a team of people whose task is to find new worlds for mankind to colonize and ease the burden of an overpopulated earth. It´s a dangerous job that turns deadly when we learn that we are not the only intelligent life in the universe. It´s not for kids."

Das Drehbuch von Joe Haldeman, welches von Comic-Genie Warren Ellis (u.a. "Transmetropolitan") überarbeitet wurde, möchte Blur am Computer zum Leben erwecken... Leider gibt es noch keine Geldgeber... Ob und wann der Film in die Kinos kommt, steht daher noch in den Sternen... *g*


[27.02.2007] Auf die Frage, ob "Mindbridge" noch in Produktion ist, schrieb uns Tim Miller von Blur...
We'd still love to do the film eventually but it's on the backburner at the moment.

[10.08.2002] Auf die Frage, ob "Mindbridge" noch in Produktion ist, schrieb uns Tim Miller von Blur...
Mindbridge is still in development but quite honestly after Final Fantasy tanked so badly there aren't too many folks in Hollywood interested in all CG Sci Fi movies. It's day will come though...

[28.12.2001] Bei HomeLanFed gibt es ein Transcript von einem Chat mit Tim Miller und Jeremy Cook, in dem sie u.a. auf "Mindbridge" zu sprechen kommen ...
[...] It's hardcore scifi for adults about a team of explorers making first contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life--and it's not too happy to meet us. It's a great story, with wonderfully developed characters, danger, love, betrayal, redemption, evil, sacrifice, global catastrophe and people in powered suits kicking the shit out of aliens. What more could you want?
We're currently we're working on a "proof of concept" so If you know of anyone with 20 million dollars lying around please send them our way. We just hope that Final Fantasy didn't do any long-lasting damage to the psyches of entertainment executives. The fact that it tanked SO badly is bound to hurt our chances some, but we'll see. We're also planning to develop some lighter--but still incredibly cool--stuff. When I say light I don't mean My Little Pony or Barbie s*** ...that's still not allowed through the door. ;)

[16.10.2001] Und noch ein exklusives Bild: "Mindbridge" #4 !!!

[06.10.2001] Und noch ein exklusives Bild: "Mindbridge" #3 !!!

[27.09.2001] Ein weiteres exklusives Bild aus der "Eye Candy"-Mail: "Mindbridge" #2 !!!

[21.09.2001] Ein Bild aus der "Mindbridge Eye Candy"-Mail von Jeremy Cook gefällig !?! Hier ist "Mindbridge" #1 !!!

[08.09.2001] Heute erreichte mich eine Mail vom "Mindbridge" CG Supervisor Jeremy Cook, inklusive "Mindbridge Eye Candy"...
[...] The project is really in it's infancy and we are mostly working out the "details" at this point. Alot of R&D stuff and mostly concept work. [...] I'm personally doing alot of the modeling and R&D at this point. [...]

[31.08.2001] Heute erhielt ich folgende Mail von Tim Miller von Blur, den ich vor ein paar Tagen zum Film (Starttermin, Stimmen, etc.) befragt hatte...
Hey Mario,
thanks for the site and the free PR.
we'll get you some more stuff...I'm passing this along to Jeremy Cook who is the CG supervisor on the project, he can throw you a few more tidbits of art.
release date is a LOOOONG way off. We don't even have a finished script...much less a distribution deal or the money to make the film. We're still trying to get up to the plate to take a swing.....Warren is doing rewrites currently on his first draft.
no voice talent yet either of course, but my #1 choice would be Claudia Black from Pitch Black/Farscape to voice Carol Wachal (female lead) we'll ask her when the time is right....
tim miller

[27.08.2001] Ich habe mal wieder "Die Denkbrücke" gelesen... Und nun frage ich mich, wie genau sich Blur - bzw. das Drehbuch von Warren Ellis - an die literarische Vorlage hält: Wie werden wohl die vielen Zeitsprünge, eingestreuten Dokumente und das detailliert beschriebene Telepathie-Sex-Experiment umgesetzt werden !?! Man darf gespannt sein...

[23.08.2001] Heute erhielt ich folgende Mail vom "Mindbridge"-Autor Joe Haldeman, den ich vor ein paar Tagen zum Film befragt hatte...
Mario, this reply is late and short because I've been in Romania the past week -- piles of email to catch up on.
The artwork that's been done on MINDBRIDGE is very cool -- not what I had envisioned, but I don't pretend to be up on such things.
I wrote a script and then they hired a comic-book writer to do another version; that's all I know. Not familiar with Warren Ellis, but I trust the guys at Blur.
Best wishes, Joe H.

[15.08.2001] Moriarty von AICN berichtet freudig erregt über den Hinweis auf der "Official Warren Ellis Website"...

[12.08.2001] Comic-Genie Warren Ellis (u.a. "Transmetropolitan") gibt auf der Offiziellen Website "" bekannt...
I've just finished a screenplay. A screenplay for an computer-generated animated feature film. An adaptation of the fine sf novel MINDBRIDGE, by Joe Haldeman, whose most famous work is probably still THE FOREVER WAR. I've written it on commission from topflight animators Blur Studio, whom you can find online at

[14.07.2001] Joe Haldeman schreibt in seinem "Online-Tagebuch" einen interessanten Kommentar, der neugierig auf Blur`s Endprodukt macht...
Yesterday before I went to the store, I asked Gay to call Bob and Patience Mason to see if they wanted to go to the movies with us, [...] The movie we chose was _Final Fantasy_. Of course I have a professional interest in it, since like our _Mindbridge_ it's a science fiction movie with no human actors; all computer-generated. It was a big budget, over $100M even though they obviously didn't waste any money on a script.
Tim Miller, the _Mindbridge_ director, saw an early release and said we didn't have anything to worry about; it wasn't close to state-of-the-art. I can see what he meant. The machines and monsters are fine, but the humans are unconvincing; you're always aware that you're looking at a computer-generated puppet. There are some strikingly realistic effects, like hair and skin tone and clothing folds. But the faces and hands don't work. The subtle working of musculature that comes into play when you talk to someone, or even look at someone, is either missing or exaggerated.
The story itself is like a lame sixties Star Trek episode. Aliens got souls, too. So does the Earth. Everyone who goes out to battle the aliens is in big clanking armor, unless they happen to sport tits & ass, in which case Lycra will do. (And the guys in armor die, but the Lycra keeps our heroine safe.)
I think the movie's failures will help give our team focus. That is to say, if we screw up, it will at least be in a different way.

[17.05.2001] Coming Attractions weiss mehr...
A nasty feline friend stopped by to give us the exclusive word: Warren Ellis (who gave us Transmetropolitan and other fun like Planetary) has landed his first paid gig taking a crack at a feature screenplay, this one for the adaptation of this Haldeman book for Blur Studios.

[17.04.2001] Auf Joe Haldeman's Tangled Website gibt Haldeman bekannt...
Currently working on Listen to the Raven, a hard-sf novel set in 1894, 1952, 2004, and points beyond. On the back burner are the novels Reset and Out of Phase. Doing a screenplay adaptation of Mindbridge for Blur Studios.


Englischsprachige Infos von der Firma, die den Roman am Computer zum Leben erwecken will...

Joe Haldeman's Tangled Website
Englischsprachige Infos vom Autor des Romans "Mindbridge"...


1943 in Oklahoma City geboren, arbeitete Haldeman als Diplomphysiker und -astronom, bevor er 1967 eingezogen und nach Vietnam geschickt wurde. Lebensgefährlich verletzt kehrte er zurück nach Amerika und arbeitete, nach fünfmonatigem Krankenhausaufenthalt, als Bibliothekar und Programmierer.

1969 veröffentlicht er in "Galaxy" seine Science Fiction Story "Out Of Phase". 1974 entstand der Roman "Der Ewige Krieg", der mit zahlreichen Preisen (u.a. HUGO & Nebula) ausgezeichnet wurde. Haldeman, der Shooting-Star der damaligen SF-Romanszene erhielt für sein nächstes Buch "Mindbridge" die bis dahin unglaubliche Honorarvorschuss-Summe von 100.000 US-Dollar... Und auch dieses Buch wurde für den "Hugo Gernsback Award" als "Best Novel" nominiert...

Joe Haldeman
Englischsprachiges Taschenbuch
185 Seiten (15. Juni 2000)

Jacque Le Favre is a tamer, a member of one of the exploration teams that humankind has been able to send to the stars. His first world is the second planet out from Groombridge 1618, a rather unpromising place until they encounter the alien L'vrai, with its awesome and appalling gift of telepathy...

Joe Haldeman
Die Denkbrücke
(Juli 1981)


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