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"Oldboy" (2003) ist ein koreanischer Rachefilm von Chan-Wook Park (u.a. "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance"), der auf einem 8-bändigen japanischen Manga basiert...

Oh Dae-Su (Min-sik Choi), ein durchschnittlicher Geschäftsmann und Familienmensch, wird von Unbekannten scheinbar grundlos entführt und in ein fensterloses Zimmer gesperrt. Es vergehen viele Jahre ohne jeden menschlichen Kontakt. Jahre, in denen sich Oh Dae-Su immer wieder fragt, wer sein Peiniger ist. Von Hass getrieben fängt er an, seine nackten Fäuste an der Zellenwand abzuhärten. Einzig der Gedanke an Rache zählt noch...

Plötzlich, nach 15 Jahren, findet sich Oh Dae-Su in Freiheit wieder. Doch sein Albtraum ist damit längst nicht am Ende... er fängt gerade erst an...

"Old Boy" kam am 2. September 2004 in die deutschen Kinos... Ein "Oldboy" US-Remake war geplant, unter der Regie von Steven Spielberg und mit Will Smith in der Hauptrolle - Rechtsstreitigkeiten haben das Projekt aber kalt gestellt... Und nun kümmert sich Spike Lee um die Verfilmung, Josh Brolin wird die Titelrolle übernehmen...


"Old Boy" auf DVD !!!
Am 3. März 2005 veröffentlichte e-m-s den genialen Film "Old Boy" auf DVD !!! Seit 20. Dezember 2004 im Verleih erhältlich...

[08.01.2012] Twitch meldet...
Spike Lee's remake of Oldboy is still looking for its villain. Christian Bale was rumored for the part at one point before it was formally offered to Colin Firth. When Firth turned it down it was then offered to Clive Owen. And now Owen has said no as well.
The lack of a villain seems less of a pressing issue at the moment, though, as word is now also out - via Variety's Jeff Sneider - that production is being pushed back to late summer or early fall to accommodate Josh Brolin's press commitments for Men In Black III.
Where do producers turn next? Hard to say, though there are still some solid options out there. Idris Elba would be an excellent choice, for one, or Michael Fassbender, though his schedule is a tough nut to crack as well. [...]

[29.11.2011] CS! meldet...
[...] recently visited the set of CBS Films thriller 7500 and was able to talk to the film's producer, Roy Lee, about his upcoming projects.
One of them is the Old Boy remake, to be directed by Spike Lee and starring Josh Brolin. "We are planning to shoot 'Old Boy' in March and that should start pre-production in late January," he said. "This is a brand new script by Mark Protosevich. It is very similar to the film, but Protosevich has added new elements that will throw off the audience who have seen the original movie because there are new characters and new situations that present themselves in a way that change the story but eventually go in the same direction. The ending will be something audiences--especially fans of the original movie--will be very happy with. Some may consider it a bit darker."
He added that "there's going to be a different interpretation of the hallway scene that is hopefully going to be Spike's signature moment in the movie that he wants to show in a way that has never been seen in an action movie." [...]

[30.09.2011] Twitch meldet...
With Josh Brolin now confirmed for the lead of Spike Lee's remake of Oldboy and the vultures circling Christian Bale for the villain role the question of the moment is who will play the female lead? And sources are telling Twitch that the actress being targeted to play the character - renamed Marie in this version of the story - is Rooney Mara.
While we should point out that this has not yet progressed to a formal offer we also point out that when Twitch broke the news about Josh Brolin's potential involvement things were at this precise stage, meaning we have every reason to be confident in our sources here.
It is also worth pointing out, of course, that Mara would be a very strong choice. She's not only an actress on the rise - Fincher's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo providing a huge boost in name recognition - but she carries the mix of fragility and fearlessness that the part will demand. Should this work out it's a fabulous choice in our books.
The US version of Oldboy is set up at Mandate with Doug Davison and Roy Lee producing and Mark Protosevich (Thor, I Am Legend) writing the script.

[30.08.2011] Deadline meldet...
Josh Brolin was rumored to be on the short list to star in Spike Lee’s Oldboy, a remake of the cult 2003 Korean revenge thriller from Park Chan-wook. Now it’s official: Brolin will topline the Mandate Pictures redo, which begins production in March. Brolin, who just wrapped Men in Black 3 with Will Smith, next begins work on Warner Bros’ Gangster Squad. It looks like he’ll squeeze in Oldboy before shooting Jason Reitman’s Labor Day opposite Kate Winslet; that movie is set to begin production in June.
The new Oldboy has script adapted by Mark Protosevich, who will co-produce. Roy Lee and Doug Davison will produce via Vertigo Entertainment with Lee’s 40 Acres & A Mule. Mandate president Nathan Kahane will executive produce. Originally, DreamWorks was looking to pick up remake rights in 2008, with the idea that Steven Spielberg would direct Smith. [...]

[16.06.2011] Heat Vision meldet...
Steven Spielberg has dinosaurs back on the brain lately. In addition to the impending launch of the television series Terra Nova on Fox in the fall, Spielberg has been meeting with screenwriter Mark Protosevich to kick around ideas for how to re-boot the Jurassic Park franchise.
Several years ago, the Oscar-winning director worked with Protosevich on a potential remake of Chan-wook Park's Oldboy that was to star Will Smith. That film ran into rights problems and didn't come to fruition [...]
Stampeding dinosaurs endangering humans, fighting each other and smashing things never gets old, and Cameron showed how far an ambitious filmmaker can push an integrated, immersive 3D world with Avatar. A new Spielberg-produced Jurassic Park that takes full advantage of those tools could be (pre)historic. [...]

[18.06.2009] berichtet über einen Rechtsstreit in Sachen "OldBoy"-Remake...
Futabasha, the Japanese publisher of Garon Tsuchiya and Nobuaki Minegishi's Old Boy manga, is suing the Korean film production company Show East over the rights to remake the story into a Hollywood film. In the story, a man who was imprisoned for over a decade hunts down his mysterious former kidnappers to take revenge. Show East had produced the popular, critically acclaimed 2003 Korean film version that Chan-wook Park directed. The lawsuit was revealed at the Seoul Central District Court on Wednesday, although the lawsuit was actually filed on Monday.
Futabasha is suing to confirm the lack of a binding contract between the two parties, due to an alleged breach. Futabasha asserts that Show East violated its basic agreement with Futabasha, and thus nullified it, when Show East pushed for the production of a film remake with America's Universal Pictures. Show East signed its contract with Futabasha over film rights in September of 2002, and signed a second contract in December of 2003 that amended the original one to cover other materials.
3 million people saw Park's Old Boy film in South Korea. The Variety entertainment trade news source reported last November that director Steven Spielberg (Saving Private Ryan, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jaws) and action star Will Smith (Independence Day, I Am Legend, Men in Black) were discussing a possible collaboration to remake the film. However, later that same month, Smith told the Film School Rejects website that Spielberg's team was adapting the original Old Boy manga, and not remaking Park's film version.
Dark Horse Comics published the manga in North America from 2006 to 2007, and the manga won an Eisner Award for Best U.S. Edition of International Material - Japan in 2007.

[22.11.2008] Film School Rejects zitiert Will Smith...
[...] we heard it straight from the star’s mouth that he is definitely starring in Steven Spielberg’s Oldboy... with a twist. Smith wanted to make a very strong point that this is not an adaptation of Chan-wook Park’s 2003 film. So what is it an adaptation of?
We’re looking at that right now. Not the film though, it’s the original source material. There’s the original comics of ‘Oldboy’ that they made the first film from. And that’s what we’re working from, not an adaptation of the film...," said Smith.
Apparently Spielberg wasn’t acquiring the rights to the film Oldboy, he was acquiring the rights to the original source material of the graphic novel ‘Oldboy.’ I guess the next question would be - what does this mean? This means that fans can rest a bit easier knowing that no one is trying to make a better Oldboy for an American audience. This means that Spielberg is free to truly adapt the source material and not try and copycat the brilliance of Park’s masterpiece. This also means that it will likely be an entirely different film, however, but the graphic novel is still very close to Park’s movie. [...]

[20.11.2008] berichtet über das US-Remake...
Nothing brings people together like $584 million in worldwide revenue.
In a potential high-profile star-writer reunion, "I Am Legend" co-scribe Mark Protosevich is in early talks to pen the remake of "Old Boy" that boxoffice king and "Legend" star Will Smith is developing with director Steven Spielberg.
DreamWorks secured the remake rights from Mandate Pictures, which also is staying involved in the project. Although the studio was meeting with several high-profile writers to do the adaptation, Smith invited Protosevich to meet with Spielberg on the project.
DreamWorks declined comment. The rights deal with Mandate is not complete.
Mandate acquired the 2003 Korean film co-written and directed by Park Chan-wook from Universal, which picked up the rights in 2004 with Vertigo Entertainment ("The Eye," "The Grudge"). The original film, which like much edgy Asian cinema includes some disturbing material, detailed a man's mysterious kidnapping, 15-year imprisonment and feverish quest for revenge upon being released.
A slew of Asian remakes have found their way into American theaters and onto development slates in the past few years. Screenwriter William Monahan won the best adapted screenplay Oscar in 2007 for translating the Hong Kong thriller "Infernal Affairs" into the 2006 best picture winner "The Departed," at Warner Bros. And Brad Ingelsby is adapting the 2000 Korean gangster movie "Die Bad," which "Quantum of Solace" director Marc Forster is negotiating to helm for Universal.
DreamWorks has engaged in a flurry of activity since its departure from Paramount two months ago. At that time, Spielberg and co-chairman and CEO Stacey Snider took 17 projects with them that DreamWorks had developed at Paramount, which retains an option to co-finance and co-distribute any resulting production.
"Old Boy" would be DreamWorks' first acquisition since the move, though Mandate might retain some ownership role in the film. Spielberg has been working on directing the first of a planned series of "Tintin" films with fellow producer Peter Jackson.
The CAA-repped Protosevich also has written "Poseidon" and "The Cell," and he worked on "Thor" for Marvel Studios.

[07.11.2008] berichtet über den Stand der Dinge in Sachen US-Remake...

[09.04.2008] Der TV-Sender arte zeigt heute um 22.45 Uhr "OldBoy"...

[29.09.2007] CS! sprach mit dem Regisseur Justin Lin...
[...] At one point, Lin was also slated to direct a remake of Park Chan-Wook's Korean action-thriller Old Boy, so we wondered whether that might be something that will still happen. "That was a situation where the studio had purchased a property and I love the original movie," he said. "Everybody has their opinions on remakes and if the goal was to basically make a Xerox copy, then I wouldn't want to make that. It's a tough movie to remake. It's a big challenge. In the last year, if anything, I've been protecting it a little bit, because if it's not the right situation, then I'm probably not the right guy for it. I think it's one of those things that came and as a young filmmaker, I just want to try things whether I succeed or fail. That one, because it's at a big studio, and I think for all the pieces to fall right and to be able to make the film correctly, I don't know if I'm even the right guy to do that. These are things that I've learned, especially with other films, sometimes you go and make it just to make it and have fun with it. That was one where I was very protective and if one element wasn't correct - that's where I'm standing. If it's not totally there, it's not worth it. I personally haven't been able to find the right fit nor the right rhythm, so we'll see. I honestly will probably move on from that." [...]

[25.01.2007] B-D meldet...
While attending a screening of his hilarious new film, Finishing the Game, at this year's Sundance Film Festival, Director Justin Lin chatted a bit with Bloody-Disgusting about the delayed remake to Oldboy. He tells us that right now it doesn't look like it will happen. He says he has a lot of other projects in the works and that the only way he'd make it is if everything "gelled" together right. He loves the original film and wouldn't want to disrespect it. So the short answer is don't expect a remake to Oldboy - at least from Justin Lin. In a recently paroled middle-aged man, who spent 15 years in prison without any explanation as to why he was jailed, seeks revenge on those who conspired against him.

[07.01.2007] berichtet über das US-Remake...
Roy Lee, who produced the English-language remakes of Japanese horror films The Ring and The Grudge, has more than a dozen films in development next year that will also be based on Asian hits, Variety reported. Lee has produced seven remakes so far, including Dark Water, The Lake House and The Departed.
Among the films Lee is producing is Host, which holds the all-time record for biggest box office in Korea. Lee told the trade paper that he is currently trying to figure out a way to remove the pic's underlying anti-American stance, while making it more than a generic monster movie. Lee's other upcoming projects include The Invasion - starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig - The Eye, Ikiru, Oldboy and a third installment in the Ring franchise.

[14.12.2006] AICN berichtet über das "Old Boy"-Manga...

[30.01.2006] sprach kürzlich mit dem Remake-Regisseur Justin Lin...
[...] DRE: I've heard a couple rumors of rumors about the Oldboy remake. That the main character will eat tacos instead of squid. Is that correct?
[laughs] We're just playing around. We went from tacos to burritos but right now we're so far away from it being a reality. I love that film and the only reason I wanted to explore that avenue is because it really spoke to me. I didn't sign on to make a Xerox copy of the original because it's a masterpiece. I wanted to explore other themes within it. If I was going to come close to making a Xerox I hope I have enough sense to stop that process. Oldboy is one of those projects where structurally it's so solid and it brings up so many great themes that you could give it to ten different filmmakers and it would be interesting to see what comes out of each of them.
So far Universal has been very open to anything. I told them that I'm not signing on unless we're not going to water down the ending. It has always been important to make sure that it's understood up front what we're trying to accomplish.
DRE: Is Nicolas Cage still attached?
We don't have formal attachments. It's a great movie and any actor in their right mind would want to be a part of it. I know he said publicly he'd be interested in it. I just don't think we're at that stage yet so hopefully after I wrap this movie I'll have a little bit more time to play around and see what comes up. [...]

[30.10.2005] CHUD berichtet über das indische "OldBoy"-Remake Zinda...
[...] You thought that only the USA made ill-advised remakes of recent foreign films? Oh no, my friend! The Indians are getting in on the act with Zinda - a Bollywood remake of Park Chanwook’s masterpiece Oldboy.
You can check out the website (such as it is now) right here. [...]

[23.04.2005] Bei AICN gibt es ein Interview mit Fabian Marquez, dem Drehbuchautor des US-Remakes...
[...] when asked about writing the film during the panel discussion, Marquez mentioned that a lot of set pieces like the one-take fight scene, themes, philosophy, and plot points would remain. Also, he mentioned that tomorrow, Friday the 22nd, was the day that he'd be turning in a rough draft, the 7th or 9th or so, to Universal. So we are still in the very, very early stages. Marquez also mentioned the original Korean film to be "a masterpiece" and that what he's written so far has been an "homage" to the original.
[...] Marquez mentioned that Russell Crowe is interested in playing the main character, Oh Dae Su. Hell yeah! I'm fine with that! He can play 3 weeks ago, after all! Aside from Chris Rock's Oscar jokes, for the villain, when I asked, there wasn't anywone attatched or interested or named or whatever either. However, Marquez mentioned that he would like to see John Cusack play Lee Woo Jin. Hell yeah again! Imagine John Cusack in that role! [...]

[29.03.2005] Bei Moviehole gibt es neue Gerüchte zum US-Remake...
I've heard the following whisper myself around the traps - so there might be something to it. It is early though - so predicting the weather in August might be easier.
According to Bloody Disgusting, Thomas Jane - "The Punisher" mightn't have been much chop and mightn't have set the box office on fire but it's seemingly done wonders for his career - is up for the lead in the recently announced U.S remake of Korean hit "Oldboy".
According to the site, they've heard a few whispers of a Jane link to the remake, but it took an interesting turn this weekend when Jane was spotted at the Nuart theater in California checking out Tartan's Korean vengeance flick. [...]
Justin Lin ("Better Luck Tomorrow") is behind the Nikon of the Universal retool.

[03.03.2005] Heute erscheint "OldBoy" auch hierzulande auf DVD... Wer diesen Film im Kino verpasst hat, sollte zugreifen... Keine Widerrede !!!

[24.12.2004] Bei AICN gibt es Gerüchte zum US-Remake...

[23.09.2004] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik, die sich vor allem den technischen Aspekten des Films widmet...

[22.09.2004] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik...

[03.09.2004] Spiegel Online liefert eine Kritik...

[02.09.2004] Heute startet "Old Boy" in den deutschen Kinos... Bei der NZ gibt es eine Kritik...

[04.08.2004] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik zum Original...

[03.08.2004] CS! meldet...
Helmer Justin Lin (Better Luck Tomorrow) and a team of writers have climbed aboard Universal Pictures' remake of the South Korean film Oldboy, reports Variety. Lin will adapt the film with "Tomorrow" co-writers Ernesto Foronda and Fabian Marquez. [...]

[01.08.2004] Bei AICN-D gibt es eine Kritik...

[16.05.2004] Bei artechock gibt es eine Kritik...

[15.05.2004] Bei gibt es eine Kritik...

[27.02.2004] CS! meldet...
Universal Pictures has acquired remake rights to psychological thriller Old Boy from Cinemark Asia. A writer is expected to be brought onto the project soon.
The original film, directed by Park Chan-wook, follows a man who has been kidnapped by unknown captors and held in a room for 15 years. On the anniversary of his capture, he is put to sleep and wakes up in the middle of a city. The plot centers on his search to find out who kidnapped him and why.
The film was released in South Korea to critical acclaim and box office success in November.

[09.12.2003] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik von Anghus... SPOILER !!!
[...] this is a film where all the cylinders were firing. An amazing cast, a deft director, engaging cinematography, and an amazing script.
This movie deserves an audience.

[23.11.2003] Bei AICN gibt es Ausschnitte und Kritiken...

[23.11.2003] AICN meldet...
[...] The working title of Park's next film so far is 'Old Boy', apparently based on the Japanese manga of the same title. The plot works as so. A healthy twenty year old male is kidnapped and imprisoned in a small room by gangsters hired by an unknown client. The duration spent in the room goes on until the deal expires, which happens to be 10 years. The man has no idea who the client is, nor does he know the reason behind his imprisonment. Upon being released, the unleashed man begins his hunt for the client responsible for his lost ten years.
Casting for the young man has already been decided. Actor Min-Shik Choi, who most recently starred in Strokes of Fire, [ the film responsible for director Kwon-Taek Im's Cannes Best Director Award ] is set to star as the young man. Choi is one of the most respected and loved actors working today, and has starred in some of the most influential Korean pictures in the last ten years, including No. 3, The Quiet Family, and the record-setting Swiri, all three which he incidentially co-starred with Sympathy leading man, Kang-Ho Song. "Sympathy for Mister Vengeance has a low temperature to it while Old Boy's will be high. That's why I've opted for hot blooded Choi rather than cold blooded Song." [...]

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