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VIDEOSPIELE - Hardware, Spiele & Zubehör Die Action-Videospiel-Serie "Onimusha" von Capcom soll verfilmt werden...

Wir schreiben das 16. Jahrhundert...
In einer Welt voller Dunkelheit und Magie kämpfen machthungrige Kriegsherren um die Vorherrschaft im feudalistischen Japan. Inmitten des Chaos wird die edle Prinzessin Yukihime entführt. Ein einziger Kämpfer, der mutige Samanosuke, meldet sich freiwillig, die Prinzessin zu retten und zu rächen. Doch in diesen finsteren Zeiten erkennt selbst Samanosuke die Aussichtslosigkeit seiner Mission nicht. Eine ganze Legion dämonischer Krieger steht zwischen ihm, der Prinzessin und dem entgültigen Sieg...

Es heisst weiter abwarten... Immerhin kümmert sich Christophe Gans darum, der mit "Silent Hill" bereits eine respektable Videospieleverfilmung abgeliefert hat... Takeshi Kaneshiro (u.a. "House of Flying Daggers") soll - wie im Spiel - Samanosuke spielen, daneben agieren u.a. Tsuyoshi Ihara (u.a. "Letters from Iwo Jima") und Emilie de Ravin (u.a. Claire in "Lost", "The Hills Have Eyes"-Remake)... Leider wurde die Produktion auf unbestimmte Zeit stillgelegt...


"Onimusha - Dawn of Dreams" für die PS2 !!!
Am 17. März 2006 veröffentlichte Capcom die lang erwartete Fortsetzung "Onimusha - Dawn of Dreams" für die PlayStation 2... Jetzt bestellen !!!

[20.10.2010] Wie meldet, wird es wohl so schnell kein neues "Onimusha"-Videospiel geben...

[23.01.2009] Bei gibt es ein Interview mit Toshihiro Tokumaru...
[...] Besides "Street Fighter", are there any plans to make any other movies?

Well, there's "Onimusha". But it has been licensed out completely, so we have no direct investment in it. And then there's also "Clock Tower" and Lost Planet, though both of those two have been licensed out as well. [...]

[29.03.2008] Bei AICN gibt es Infos zum Stand der Dinge...
[...] Onimusha is postponed for a long time. Which is really sad because the shooting was about to begin in June in China. The pre-production was over : 3D previz, storyboards, casting, sfx preparation, locations, stage designs... The casting was about to be revealed : Takeshi Kaneshiro, of course, but also Tsuyoshi Ihara (Letters from Iwo Jima), Satomi Ishihara and Emilie de Ravin (Claire in Lost).
The film was ready to shoot. So, what happened ?
Believe it or not, the first reason is linked to the tragic death of Heath Ledger on January 22th. Like everybody knows, Ledger was working on the new Terry Gilliam movie, which is produced by independent french producer Samuel Hadida (Resident Evil, Domino, Silent Hill, The Perfume, True Romance... and Onimusha !). The shooting of Dr Parnassus was stopped which forced Hadida to push back Onimusha a first time. But very soon the schedule of Takeshi Kaneshiro didn't matched anymore with the new shooting dates of Onimusha, because - as many asian actors - he shoots as many movies he can each year... and so was for the japanese cast of the movie. It was maybe possible to find another solution, another shooting dates for all the asian actors and Emily de Ravin, but there was still a problem for the casting of the second leading part of the movie, Jacob, which was american : the upcoming actors strike in June which is still not resolved !
All those problems put together leaded to one choice : Onimusha's shooting is postponed to an unknown date. [...]

[09.11.2007] Bei CS! gibt es die Synopsis zu Christophe Gans' "Onimusha"-Verfilmung... Vorsicht SPOILER !!!

[08.11.2007] Todd Brown von Twitch meldet...
[...] There have been rumors about this film seemingly forever and it is now well underway and deep into the preproduction process with an eye to shooting in early 2008. Cast and finance are in place, the entire thing is storyboarded and I was treated to a look at animatic treatments of two major action sequences - the opening battle and the final one on one duel that closes the picture. This thing is going to be simply huge and, if the opening survives as currently envisioned, very bloody. Takeshi Kaneshiro will play the role of Samanosuke - a role he also filled in the original game - with Tsuyoshi Ihara and Emilie de Ravin rounding out the headline cast. While the people manning the office weren’t sure who would be filling the secondary fighters roles Tony Ching is handling the choreography so you know it’s going to be good. [...]

[01.11.2007] CS! berichtet, dass die Dreharbeiten zu Christophe Gans' "Onimusha"-Verfilmung im April 2008 beginnen sollen...

[03.06.2007] AICN meldet...
[...] DVDrama, a French website with close ties to Gans, got the word directly from him about the fans' biggest worry. Who is playing ONIMUSHA?
It's unique, in a way. Ever since the very first ONIMUSHA game, they have modeled the character after a known actor, who also voiced his character. That actor is Takeshi Kaneshiro (Wong Kar Wai's CHUNGKING EXPRESS). So, you already have a good actor known as this character, but the fans know that in these adaptations they hardly ever bring the right stuff over to the big screen, so there's been worry about this casting.
Gans said to DVDrama that "Of course" Takeshi Kaneshiro will play ONIMUSHA. [...]
Other news about ONIMUSHA is you won't see it for a while. It's going to start shooting early '08 and Gans guarantees there will be a full year of post production on the movie (budgeted at $70 million). So we're looking after September 2009 before we see it in theaters. John Collee (MASTER AND COMMANDER: THE FAR SIDE OF THE WORLD) and Lesley Krueger are writing the script. [...]

[26.12.2006] CS! meldet...
In a French interview with Silent Hill director Christophe Gans at DVDRama, he says he may direct a sequel to the 2006 hit. There is a translation here which reads:
There will be a Silent Hill 2. [Roger] Avary returns after adapting the VG Driver.
Gans is happy because Silent Hill is one of the biggest horror success of 2006 in terme of box-office. He arrives 3rd after Saw 3 and an american haunting.
One of his goals for Silent Hill 2 is to correct mistakes he made with the 1st one which cost him a lot of energy. However, he wonders if he can truly come back for a 2nd movie because of Onimusha. [...]

[23.04.2005] Die japanische Offizielle "Onimusha 4: Dawn of Dreams" Website ist gestartet...

[21.04.2005] Bei GameSpot gibt es Infos zu "Onimusha 4: Dawn of Dreams"... Bei gibt es erste Bilder...

[18.06.2004] Unter gibt es sehenswerte "Onimusha 3" Trailer & Clips !!!

[17.06.2003] Bei Giga Games gibt es Bilder zu "Onimusha 3" !!!

[21.05.2003] Hollywood Reporter meldet...
Samuel Hadida's production label Davis Films has pacted with Gaga Prods. to make a $50 million live-action adventure fantasy picture, "Onimusha," adapted from Capcom's eponymous best-selling video game. "It's samurai fighting against demons -- it's very close to this simple pitch. There's also a love story woven in. It's a big adventure movie with lots of special effects," said Hadida, who with brother Victor heads French distributor Metropolitan Filmexport.
The film is set in 16th century Japan, where warlords are using the forces of darkness to rule the country. But a young warrior has to battle the evil.
Keiji Inafune created the game version, which runs on Sony's PlayStation 2 and has sold more than 4 million units worldwide. A third installment of the game is due out soon. The subsequent episodes of the "Onimusha" game allow the story to be moved through both time and space, so the sequel possibilities are extensive. "It's going to be a franchise, absolutely," Hadida said.

[16.04.2003] GameSpot meldet...
Bloomberg Japan recently conducted an interview with Nichiho Marumo, president of Gaga Communications, the Japanese company that is producing the upcoming Tekken and Onimusha movies.
In the interview, Marumo commented that Gaga's business has mainly been the distribution of movies in Japan. This will be the first time the company will step into the movie production business. Marumo said that Gaga plans to release the Tekken and Onimusha movies worldwide [...]
Gaga hopes to begin production of the Tekken movie and begin scenario production for the Onimusha movie by September, which is the end of the company's fiscal year.

[19.03.2003] Moviehole meldet...
According to a report on the Monkey Peaches website, actor Donnie Yen has announced that a feature film version of popular Playstation 2 game "Onimusha" is in the works. Yen says, "The director (attached to the project) is quite well-known. He would be in charge of the detail (of the movie), and I would be the action director and the leading man." The film, which will be released by Disney, will hit cinemas in 2005. [...]

[18.03.2003] Bei Giga Games gibt es Infos zum "Onimusha"-Ableger: "Onimusha Buraiden" bzw. "Onimusha: Blade Warriors" !!!

[20.12.2002] Coming Soon! meldet...
Variety reports that distributor Gaga has taken an exclusive option on the film rights to Capcom's samurai computer game Onimusha.
The move follows the enormous success of another Capcom game-turned-pic, the Milla Jovovich starrer Resident Evil, which topped Japan's B.O. for three weeks earlier this year and earned $20.7 million. Resident Evil was distributed in Japan by Gaga competitor Amuse Pictures.
Resident Evil producer Samuel Hadida is attached to develop Onimusha for the bigscreen, together with Gaga. Some 4.6 million copies of the "Onimusha" game series has been sold worldwide.


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Future Press
Onimusha 3
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(31. Juli 2004)

Onimusha - Dawn of Dreams
Das Offizielle Lösungsbuch

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VIDEOSPIELE - Hardware, Spiele & Zubehör Capcom veröffentlichte am 17. März 2006 "Onimusha - Dawn of Dreams" für PlayStation 2...
Ein neuer Held, ein neuer Feind, ein neues Epos Als die Genma Dämonen und der böse Lord Nobunaga vernichtend geschlagen wurden, legten die Onimusha ihre Waffen nieder. Doch der große Frieden dauerte nur 15 Jahre Japan im Jahre 1596: Neues Unheil zieht über das Land. Der neue Kaiser Hideyoshi lässt alle Kirschbäume entwurzeln und unter seiner Führerschaft kehrt die unbarmherzige Genma Armee zurück. Mal wieder müssen die Onimusha in die Schlacht ziehen, um die Welt vor dem Terror zu retten. Doch diesmal scheint die Situation ausweglos...

Am 7. Juli 2004 erschien "Onimusha 3" für PlayStation 2... Am 21. Februar 2006 folgte die Umsetzung von "Onimusha 3" für Windows-PC...
Der internationale Film Star Jean Reno (Mission: Impossible, Ronin, Godzilla) spielt den französischen Polizisten Jaques Blanc, der mitten in einem schrecklichen Angriff auf Paris gerät. Takeshi Kaneshiro schlüpft wieder in die Rolle des bekannten Onimusha Kriegers Akechi Samanosuke und führt den Kampf gegen den abgrundtief bösen Nobunaga fort. Mit vereinten Kräften stellen sich die beiden Helden dem übermächtigen Gegner und erleben eine Reise, die sie 500 Jahre durch die Zeit führt. Wird es ihnen gelingen Nobunagas Macht zu brechen und sein dämonisches Heer endgültig zu zerschlagen?

Am 4. Oktober 2002 erschien "Onimusha 2 - Samurai's Destiny" für PlayStation 2...
Im Japan des 16. Jahrhunderts geht erneut ein altes Übel um. Der Kriegsherr der Dämonen, Nobunaga, ist als Untoter wieder zum Leben erwacht und versetzt die Bevölkerung eines Bergarbeiter-Dorfes in Angst und Schrecken. Entsetzt von der Brandschatzung seines Dorfes schwört der edle Jubei blutige Rache. Durch das ganze von dämonischen Kreaturen und untoten Kriegern übersäte Land zieht sich Jubeis Kampf gegen Nobunaga, wobei ihm neu gefundene Freunde zur Seite stehen. Führe Jubei zum Sieg - oder Japan verfällt der ewigen Finsternis...

Am 6. Juli 2001 erschien "Onimusha Warlords" für PlayStation 2...


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