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"Red Sonja" ist die Verfilmung der gleichnamigen Comic-Serie mit Rose McGowan (u.a. "Planet Terror", "Sin City") - produziert von Robert Rodriguez...

Sie lebte in einer wilden Welt, in einem unzivilisierten Zeitalter-eine von Männern regierte Welt, in dem die Regeln des Schwertes galten. Man nannte sie Red Sonja - wegen ihrer flammend roten Haare und wegen des glühenden Feuers ihres Stolzes, der ihrem Schwertarm eine Kraft verlieh, mit der kaum ein Mann sich messen konnte und die keiner je überwand...

Bereits 1985 spielte Brigitte Nielsen (u.a. "Beverly Hills Cop II") die Titelrolle in "Red Sonja" unter der Regie von Richard Fleischer (u.a. "Conan der Zerstörer")...
Königin Gedren (Sandahl Bergman, u.a. Valeria in "Conan der Barbar") ist gierig nach Macht. Ein Zauberstein, der in einem Kloster aufbewahrt wird, könnte ihr übermenschliche Kräfte geben und sie setzt alles daran, um diesen Stein zu bekommen. Bei dem Überfall auf das Kloster werden alle Insassen getötet, auch die Schwester von Red Sonja, einer Schwertkünstlerin. Red Sonja schwört daraufhin Rache an Königin Gedren und macht sich auf die Reise, um den Zauberstein wieder zurückzuholen. Auf Ihrer Reise trifft sie Lord Kalidor (Arnold Schwarzenegger, u.a. "Conan", "Terminator"), der offenbar als einziger diesen Talismann zerstören kann. Kalidor und Prinzen, der zusammen mit seinem Diener die Welt bereist, sind Red Sonjas einzige Weggefährten auf ihrer gefährlichen Mission...

Robert Rodriguez' "Red Sonja" - unter der Regie von Douglas Aarniokoski (u.a. "Highlander: Endgame") - wurde auf Eis gelegt... Zuletzt sollte Regisseur Simon West (u.a. "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider") es richten - die passende Sonja wird noch vermisst... ;-)

Red Sonja

[22.07.2011] Heat Vision sprach mit Robert Rodriguez, u.a. über die "Red Sonja"-Neuverfilmung...
[...] with Conan the Barbarian getting a reboot, I asked Rodriguez about his long-gestating Red Sonja remake. He said that that had been ready to go at one point but that the rights owners wanted to give Conan a re-birth first to make sure people were ready to re-enter that kind of universe. (The Lionsgate release opens opposite Spy Kids 4.) That type of circumstance is one of the reasons Rodriguez says he’ll never work for anyone else again. With Quick Draw he plans to finance and produce his own movies outside of the studio system so that he can get rights to the things he wants to make and not have to wait for other people’s decisions.

[15.02.2011] Via Empire kommen Neuigkeiten in Sachen "Red Sonja"-Neuverfilmung...
With Conan the Barbarian 3D approaching the status of done-and-dusted, thoughts at production company Nu Image are turning to what comes next. Speaking to Empire this afternoon, producer Avi Lerner let slip that Red Sonja, long in development hell, is right back on the ajenda, with Simon West (The Mechanic, Con Air) in the frame to direct, and Amber Heard the favourite to fill Sonja's oh-so practical chain-mail bikini.
Sonja, lest we forget, is sort of a Robert E Howard creation, but actually has more to do with Roy Thomas' Conan comics for Marvel. She was previously embodied onscreen by Brigitte Nielsen in 1985, with Arnold Schwarzenegger also on-hand as the all-but Conan Prince Kalidor.
Twenty-odd years later, Sonja reared her crimson head again, in a projected film that was to star Rose McGowan, with Robert Rodriguez producing and Doug Aarniokoski (Highlander: Endgame) behind the camera. Teaser artwork was produced showing McGowan in costume, but the rest was ultimately silence, and as of last spring, the whole shebang had basically been scrapped and started again with a new team.
Which brings us to today, and Avi Lerner's confirmation that Sonja is still very much a going concern. "We didn't want to start it until we'd finished Conan," he tells us, but with confidence in Marcus Nispel's revivified warrior growing, and a sequel already in development, Lerner reveals that, "We will definitely shoot Red Sonja in between Conan and Conan 2. We already chose the director: an English guy called Simon West."
It sounds as if West will get going on Sonja (if you'll excuse the expression) after he completes The Medallion with Nicolas Cage. The second half of Lerner's bombshell is not a done deal however, although it does sound entirely plausible.
"We're talking to a few girls for the role of Sonja," he says, "but we just finished a movie called Drive Angry with Amber Heard, and I want to see her. She's my favourite for the role."
Mandy Lane as a sword-wielding, free-running warrioress? Oh hells yes. "Amber is the new Red Sonja... but she doesn't know it yet!" laughs the producer. "When you write it she'll get the shock of her life! She'll call me and say 'How dare you talk to Empire before you talk to me?!'" [...]

[10.09.2009] Cinematical berichtet über den Stand der Dinge, nach dem Gerüchte laut wurden, laut denen Rose McGowan sich bei einem Stunt für "Red Sonja" verletzt habe...
Only two months ago, Robert Rodriguez said that Red Sonja was still in the works, and that although money problems were plaguing the production, the Double R still wanted to make it. Fast-forward two months and star Rose McGowan seriously injured her arm doing her own stunts. The actress told Fox News' Pop Tarts:
I had wrist and elbow surgery and they took part of my elbow out. I had really bad nerve damage from doing stunts -- I do a lot of my own stunts. I could no longer use my arm, but now I can hold a fork and drive so we're working our way up. It'll probably be another six months of rehab, but it's the price you pay for being really limber and being able to do back flips!
Tarts says it's from doing stunts for the film, but the quote makes it sound more like injury from doing stunts in general.* Whatever the case, now things are making sense. On August 26, McGowan vaguely tweeted: "Just this once I'll address questions about Red Sonja & others I was meant to do in '08. Major personal & private reasons I pulled out. Starting 2 want to work again. Sometimes real life f***ing sucks. That's all God bless us survivors." A few days later, she followed it up with: "To clarify press reports: Red Sonja is delayed. I pulled out of doing it in '09. Not permanently. Hopefully will follow Conan." And also: "I am still contracted to do it Red Sonja. Hopefully filming in '10 not '09."
Will it come to fruition? Hard to say. But I think it's safe to assume that there will be a lot more stunt double work in McGowan's future. Best wishes to the actress and her rehabilitation. We need our machine gun-legged hero!
*Added note: I'm really hoping Fox News is responsible for a later quote in the piece where she talked about the film "The Doomed Generation."
*UPDATE: As suspected, McGowan did not injure herself while performing stunts as Red Sonja. In a new Twitter update, the actress said: "News is wrong! No injuries stopped the filming on Red Sonja! Film didn't start. Stunt on Planet Terror & eventual arm/hand surgery delayed."

[29.09.2008] Latino Review hat kürzlich eine Kritik zu einem "Red Sonja"-Drehbuchentwurf veröffentlicht (Note: C)... Vorsicht SPOILER !!!
[...] It’s reminiscent of a lot of the superhero movies that focus on the character’s origins; it all feels like one big prologue by way of commercial for the sequel, which will inevitably be better without having to worry about establishing the characters and their backstory. An epic quest to defeat the evil wizard Kulan Gath would make for a far more interesting (albeit still quite familiar) movie, but what we actually have here is clichéd, bogged down, and disappointingly small in scale. It can’t be a good sign if you’re more interested in the eventual follow-up than the first movie that hasn’t even started shooting yet [...]

[03.09.2008] sprach mit dem Regisseur Douglas Aarniokoski...
[...] we asked if there were any preliminary thoughts on any follow-ups or other films from the Red Sonja universe of characters, and while Aarniokoski obviously wouldn’t (or quite possibly, couldn’t) elaborate, he did drop some clues. "I mean, if we start to talk about that, I start to give away the third act," he said. "Yes, let’s just say yes. It’s definitely got franchise written all over it."
And in terms of silence speaking volumes, when pressed for possible Red Sonja films featuring the likes of Conan and Thulsa Doom, once again, Aarniokoski wouldn’t comment, but left the door open to speculation. "You know, again, I’d love to tell you but I can’t divulge that. It’s a little bit under wraps right now." [...]

[26.07.2008] Bei CS! gibt es - neben dem Teaser-Poster - auch ein Interview mit dem Cast & Crew...

[26.06.2008] USA Today meldet...
Red Sonja is back.
And Robert Rodriguez has her.
The Grindhouse co-director will produce a new big-screen adventure featuring the flame-haired comic-book vixen. While Brigitte Nielsen wielded Sonja's sword in the poorly received 1985 version, Rodriguez's Planet Terror zombie slayer and real-life leading lady, Rose McGowan, will wiggle into the metal mesh bikini in the 2010 release.
"I was surprised when Rose brought me a script of Red Sonja that she liked," Rodriguez says from his home base of Austin, where he is shooting Shorts, a family film with James Spader and Jon Cryer. "I found it very entertaining. Sonja was strong, smart, cunning - just about everything she'd have to be to survive."
McGowan's initial impulse when offered the part? To laugh.
"When they first came to me with it, I thought it was funny," says the actress, 34. "I do have a body made for sitting on a veranda with mint juleps and a parasol. I don't know why I always have to save the planet."
Rodriguez considers her a perfect fit as the mighty, and mighty voluptuous, avenger. "Rose is a pistol. She's whip-smart, has attitude to burn, is sexy, extremely strong, yet has a vulnerable side that would surprise her closest friends. That description also fits Red Sonja."
Not that his star isn't committed to the whole barbarian babe concept, including the crimson locks.
"I do have a very scrappy-do personality," says McGowan, who will undergo intense training before filming starts in October. "I lean toward physicality. The story has characters trashed by life who fight their way back. That is my theme."
Unlike her one-legged Planet Terror heroine, she assures, "I need all my limbs for this."
McGowan and Rodriguez have not seen Nielsen in the original, and they have no plans to catch up. As the actress explains, "Why put that in my head?"
Instead, the origin story, to be directed by longtime Rodriguez associate Douglas Aarniokoski, will take its cues from the comic books as well as works by pulp novelist Robert E. Howard, father of the original Sonja (then spelled Sonya) and Conan the Barbarian (also undergoing a movie revival).
"Howard's goal was always, first and foremost, to spin a good yarn and to entertain," says Rodriguez, who is hoping his Red Sonja turns into a franchise. "That's our goal."

Red Sonja
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Red Sonja

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Red Sonja

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