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"Revolver" (2005) ist ein weiteres Crime-Movie von Guy Ritchie (u.a. "Snatch", "Bube, Dame, König, Gras")...

Die sieben Jahre Knast haben sich ausgezahlt für Jake Green. Dank versierter Zellengenossen ist er bei seiner Entlassung ein perfekter Zocker, dem es auch gleich gelingt, Gangsterboss Macha ordentlich auszunehmen. Ob das allerdings schlau war? Der finanziell äußerst lukrative Abend bringt Jake nämlich auf Machas Abschussliste. Denn der ist es keinesfalls gewohnt zu verlieren...

Es wirken u.a. mit: Jason Statham (u.a. "Transporter", "Snatch", "Ghosts of Mars"), Ray Liotta (u.a. "GoodFellas"), André 3000 (u.a. "Be Cool")...

"Revolver" startete am 23. September 2005 in den britischen Kinos - erscheint hierzulande am 20. November 2008 (!!!) auf DVD... Und Ritchie will - trotz miserabler Einspielergebnisse - angeblich auch "Revolver 2" drehen...


Guy Ritchie's "Revolver" auf DVD & Blu-ray !!!
Ascot Elite Home Entertainment veröffentlichte am 20. November 2008 Guy Ritchie's "Revolver" auf DVD & Blu-ray Disc... Jetzt bei Amazon bestellen !!!

[09.12.2007] Bei AICN gibt es ein Interview mit Guy Ritchie... Ausserdem gibt es bei AICN eine Kritik von Capone...
[...] REVOLVER needs to be looked at as something of an ambitious, although not entirely successful, experiment. [...]

[06.12.2007] Bei IESB gibt es ein Interview mit Guy Ritchie...
IESB: [...] There's a lot of stylistic choices in Revolver, such as the animated scene. What the idea behind them?
It's funny, because I wrote it before Kill Bill came out so I really wanted to have a whole animated sequence in the thing and fucking Kill Bill came out and people went "oh, he's just copying Tarantino. So I always wanted to integrate somehow, an animated sequence. I was always interested in 3-D/2-D. So it's the old 2-D fashion, but in 3-D. In fact, I wanted to make a movie like it so it got in there. Actually, it was about - well, there's the simple version and there's the complicated version - let's stick with the simple one. The simple one is that I just wanted to use animation in the movie.
IESB: But you think that it ties into the film's theme?
Well it does. That's the complicated version. The complicated version is about, sort of dual universes, parallel universes and whatnot.
IESB: And that comes through, too with the car crash scene.
Yeah, well the idea is that it's all a game. So within that world, it's all a game. So things can be manipulated. It's a game so obviously the whole film's a conspiracy within itself. So one thing affects everything else. So yes is the answer to that.
IESB: You produced under Samuel Goldwyn and the ethereal villain is called Sam Gold. Is that completely a coincidence?
It's completely a coincidence. How funny is that? By the way, someone just pointed that out half an hour ago and it had never even occurred to me. Very funny. Complete coincidence. [...]

[29.08.2006] Bei Moviehole gibt es ein Interview mit Jason Statham...
[...] Will ‘Revolver’ ever get a U.S release?
I think it is, it's a great film people need to see it, and it's a brilliant movie [...]

[21.01.2006] Bei gibt es eine Kritik (B+)...
[...] "Revolver" is a difficult recommendation to make. The film doesn’t offer literal answers (or, for that matter, even end credits), and might be a frustrating sit to some. However, this is the perfect movie for those who like to crack things open and dig around the innards, with Ritchie encouraging interpretation and curiosity with each new scene.

[12.11.2005] Cinematical zitiert Guy Ritchie...
[...] he's claiming that he "knew" that his latest film, Revolver, was going to flop theatrically. In fact, he says, "It was exactly what I anticipated." Revolver has been nothing but trouble for Ritchie since the beginning, but many observers thought he was heading towards the light when he cut Madonna's role from the film last spring. Whatever that accomplished, it didn't make any difference with filmgoers. But Ritchie insists that it's bound for cult status on DVD. "I like to think that something like Revolver has got miles and miles of room for debate," he says. [...]

[15.10.2005] Moviehole meldet...
Critics Schmitks, says Guy Ritchie. Despite getting a battering by reviewers everywhere, the filmmaker says he’s not abandoning plans to make a sequel to his new gangster hit.
Ritchie tells Sky News that he’ll make a "Revolver 2" after his next, a comedy, which he says is "basically a twist on the reality TV culture of today, about a women who hires a billboard with her name on it and gets famous."
"Revolver", starring Jason Statham, Ray Liotta and Madonna (there’s your problem there mate) and telling the story of a gangster who enters a game with deadly consequences, was booed from the screen when it premiered recently in London.
"After Revolver, Swept Away now looks like Citizen Kane," the review in The Guardian said.

[16.09.2005] Bei AICN gibt es eine weitere Kritik...
[...] Revolver is explosive, stylish, smart, frustrating, simultaneously derivative yet shockingly original. I've never seen anything quite like it, so at the very least it can't be dismissed as simply another gangster caper. Unfortunately, its originality may be its undoing -- Ritchie challenges the audience to such an extent that he will probably lose the mainstream, but generate an obsessive cult following. [...]

[14.09.2005] Bei AICN gibt es mehrere Kritiken...
[...] On the whole... you don't need to understand it to enjoy it, which is good because you probably won't understand it in just one or two viewings. There's a lot of cool moments in the film that work on their own without needing greater understanding, and those cool moments justify tracking the movie down and seeing it. But this is a much deeper work than either of Guy Ritchie's previous films, and if you can get below the surface and start to figure things out you'll find yourself impressed with the effort that clearly went into its conception... as well as a sense that a few times they just tried too hard. Of course, then you'll remember all the great bits in the simple film and you'll let yourself forget about all the cerebral bits that didn't quite add up. [...]

[12.09.2005] hat einen neuen "Revolver" Trailer veröffentlicht...

[05.08.2005] CS! sprach mit Andre Benjamin aka Andre 3000 ...
[...] "With Guy Ritchie, his shooting schedule is quick, because he edits in his head a lot," Benjamin told when asked to compare working with the popular cult director compared to John Singleton. "He wants emotion but at the same time, he will say, 'Now say this line 50 times and four different ways'. So it's not going through the whole scene; it's just standing there saying the same thing, four different ways and he knows how he's going to cut it. In working with John, he's more about emotion."
"I think people will be pleased with this film," he continued. "In 'Revolver', I play a loan shark, but you don't know where it takes place. We shot in London and in other places, but it's sort of multi-racial, multi-cultural and different accents. It's mixed up. I think Guy Ritchie fans are just going to be happy because they got on him about the 'Swept Away' thing. He's back to the shoot-em-up Guy Ritchie." [...]

[18.05.2005] The Z Review hat ein Poster zum Film veröffentlicht...

[14.05.2005] hat den "Revolver" Trailer veröffentlicht...
[...] Jason plays lead character Jack Green - a hotshot gambler who has made thousands from betting.
But when he beats casino boss and crime lord Dorothy Macha - played by Ray Liotta - in a private game that he is expected to lose, things take a deadly turn for the worse.
Jake leaves the game with brother Billy, played by Andrew Howard, but it's not the end of the battle.
Fuming Macha orders for him to be taken out but, with the protection of a pair of brothers out to kill the big man themselves, he proves a tough man to catch. [...]

[14.12.2004] Bei Empire Online gibt es erste Bilder aus dem Film...

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DVDRevolver - Special Edition (2 DVDs)
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DVD Erscheinungstermin: 20. November 2008

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DVD Erscheinungstermin: 6. März 2006


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