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Rocky 1-5 DVD Collection Die archivierten Nachrichten aus der Rubrik "Aktuelles"...

[09.07.2006] Bei TcH gibt es erste Szenen aus dem kommenden "Rocky Balboa" Trailer...

[19.05.2006] CS! meldet...
Rocky Balboa, written, directed by and starring Sylvester Stallone, will be distributed in the United States and Canada by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM), it was announced today by Revolution Studios partner Tom Sherak. The film is scheduled for a December 22 release. [...]

[17.05.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik zu einer frühen Testvorführung von "Rocky Balboa"...
[...] There is a VERY GOOD movie in there, but in its current form it is absolutely mediocre. With some edits to make the movie shorter, some better music, and some more genuine "Rocky" type moments this could be a very good movie. Stallone gives a great performance here. [...]

[11.05.2006] Bei TcH gibt es einen ersten "Rocky Balboa" Clip...

[19.04.2006] Bei DH gibt es eine Kritik zum "Rocky 6"-Drehbuch...

[03.04.2006] Bei Zap2it gibt es ein Interview mit Milo Ventimiglia...

[10.03.2006] Bei TcH gibt es ein Video-Interview mit exklusivem Filmmaterial der Produktion...

[05.03.2006] Bei TcH kann man den ersten "Rocky Balboa" Teaser-Trailer downloaden...

[27.02.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik zum "Rocky 6"-Drehbuch...

[06.01.2006] hat das erste offizielle Bild veröffentlicht...

[20.12.2005] Bei gibt es neue Bilder...

[15.12.2005] berichtet über die Dreharbeiten, inkl. Video vom Set...

[11.12.2005] haben neue Bilder der Kämpfer veröffentlicht...

[06.12.2005] Bei AICN gibt es einen Setbericht... Und Sony Pictures sucht noch Statisten für den finalen Boxkampf !!!

[05.12.2005] hat die ersten Bilder zu "Rocky Balboa" veröffentlicht...

[23.11.2005] meldet...
Rocky Balboa has a new bambino. Milo Ventimiglia has signed on to play Sylvester Stallone's adult son in "Rocky Balboa," which is being co-produced and co-financed by MGM, Columbia Pictures and Revolution Studios. In the sixth installment about the mythic Philadelphia boxer, Rocky has long since retired but is drawn back to the ring one last time. He is challenged by a powerful new champion, by personal tragedy and ultimately by himself. Rocky's son, Rocky Balboa Jr., was first introduced into the franchise in "Rocky II," when his birth was a pivotal moment in the film. The role most recently was filled by Stallone's real-life son, Sage Stallone, in "Rocky V."

[17.11.2005] East Side Boxing meldet...
The doors are locked and the windows are shuttered. No one is allowed to look in as boxing superstar Antonio Tarver prepared for the fight of his life. His opponent? Rocky Balboa. But even though Tarver's acting debut as Mason "The Line" Dixon in the sixth Rocky film - entitled "Rocky Balboa" - sees him portraying a fictional heavyweight champion, "The Magic Man" believes that in this case, art may soon be imitating life.
"Mason Dixon is a very brash, very skillful heavyweight champion," said Tarver, taking a break from a hectic filming schedule. "Unfortunately, he came along at a time when the heavyweight division is much like it is today, and people are remembering the great days when Rocky Balboa was on top. It must have been a fortune teller who wrote the script because that's what we're gunning for in the near future. Acting in this film gives me an opportunity to really feel what being the heavyweight champion of the world is all about."
Promoter Joe DeGuardia of Star Boxing believes Tarver is a natural for Hollywood. "Boxing fans have known for years how charismatic Antonio is," said DeGuardia. "Now the entire world will see 'The Magic Man' not only as a spectacular fighter, but as a true superstar." [...]

[08.11.2005] Bei IGNFF gibt es eine Kritik zum "Rocky Balboa"-Drehbuch...

[02.11.2005] meldet...
DOLPH LUNDGREN will be among the familiar faces in the new ROCKY movie - he's returning as an AIDS-stricken boxer IVAN DRAGO.
According to numerous internet reports, the Scandinavian muscle man - who once played Rocky's Russian arch-enemy - has signed on to reprise his role in new movie ROCKY BALBOA.
Lundgren will appear briefly in the sixth Rocky film - as a man dying of AIDS. Balboa, played by SYLVESTER STALLONE, will visit the ailing fighter in hospital.

[20.10.2005] meldete kürzlich...
[...] light heavyweight king Antonio Tarver informed that his representatives are in the final stages of negotiations for a deal that would land Tarver the role of Mason Dixon in the eagerly anticipated Rocky 6, which begins filming shortly. Sylvester Stallone will play Rocky Balboa, and Tarver will co-star as heavyweight champion Mason Dixon. [...]

[18.10.2005] Moviehole meldet...
According to Variety, the much-discussed sixth instalment of "Rocky" - which, as revealed last week, Sylvester Stallone will write, direct and star in - is courting former heavyweight champion Roy Jones Jr to co-star.
Jones Jr would play heavyweight champ Mason "The Line" Dixon, opposite Stallone's Rocky Balboa, and Burt Young's 'Paulie'.
According to the trade, "Rocky Balboa" (yep, that's the title) will be co-produced and co-financed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Columbia Pictures and Revolution Studios and will be distributed by Columbia Pictures.
Stallone has been trying to make a sixth movie for years and has spent time reworking a script. The latest version, which sources said is similar to tone and grit to the first two movies, persuaded the studios to negotiate a deal. In the new installment, Rocky, lonely and retired in Philadelphia, is approached to fight a match with reigning heavyweight champ Mason "The Line" Dixon, and soon his comeback ignites a media firestorm.
Shooting is scheduled to begin in December in Los Angeles and Philadelphia.
"We'll try to capture the essence of the first couple of films," Stallone told the trade. "[in the film] There's a computer fight between the reigning world champion and Balboa, and Balboa wins. The champion's management says let's do this for real, for charity. Rocky says no but decides to be true to himself even though he's going to be berated by everyone. Just to compete, not to win."
Charles Winkler, William Chartoff, David Winkler and Kevin King are producing. Robert Chartoff and Irwin WinklerIrwin Winkler, who produced the previous "Rocky" pics, are aboard as exec producers. Bill Conti, who wrote the original "Rocky" score, returns as well.
The film has taken quite a while to get off the ground, says Sly. "You had the studio difficulty, two studios in transition, then there was a reluctance to go forward until everyone felt there was a script that ecfemaled the kind of sincerity and values the first one had, and had some poignancy like the first one had."
Stallone said Joe Roth was instrumental in bringing the project together. He "worked very closely with Irwin Winkler and Bob Chartoff and was instrumental in just putting all the pieces together."
He added that Rocky's arc has been autobiographical for him over the years, and this is no exception.
"I am drawing on a lot of my feelings that are in synch with many people's feelings about facing the last chapter of their lives and how they want it to be written. Rocky goes through the skepticism of trying to go against the tide, to go against common sense."
He also said the business had changed quite a bit in the 30 years since the first "Rocky."
"In the '70s and '80s, you could change start dates and be flippant about commitment. You can't do that anymore. It's very, very precise; it's run as a strict business now. And I like it. There's no illusion anymore. It's not a dream factory now, it's a real factory. In a good way."

[13.10.2005] CS! meldet...
Sylvester Stallone will direct and reprise his role as Rocky Balbao in the sixth installment of the boxing franchise, reports Production Weekly.
In the film, lonely and retired boxer Rocky Balboa comes out of retirement, intending to fight a few low-profile local fights just to keep his hand in. But when he's approached to fight a match with reigning heavyweight champ Mason "The Line" Dixon, Rocky's modest little comeback becomes the center of a media firestorm.
Rocky 6 is scheduled to begin filming early December in Los Angeles.

[23.05.2005] Heute erscheint die 25 Jahre Jubiläums-Edition Rocky 1-5 Collection Box mit 5 DVDs...

[07.03.2005] Bei AICN gibt es ein paar erste Infos zum "Rocky 6"-Script... SPOILER !!!

[21.02.2005] Moviehole meldet...
Seems Sony's unite with MGM might've been a bit of a blessing for the Italian Stallion.
Whilst MGM were about as interested in making Sly's proposed "Rocky 6" as the Academy is of putting Babs Streisand on a nomination ballot, Sony apparently are.
Talking to TV's "Dennis Miller Live", the big guy announced that Sony are keen to bring back Balboa, and that it's shaping up nicer than a prized sand-castle.
In "Rocky 6" - previewed in this month's debut issue of 'Sly' magazine - the glove-wearing Boxer, now now a restaurateur, is struggling to get over the death of his wife Adrian, whilst trying to mend a broken relationship with his son. The opponent of the pic is heavyweight champion of the world, Mason Dixon.
It's believed Sly's son, Sage, who starred alongside his famous pop in "Rocky 5", has been attending meetings with his Pa, so it looks like he'll be back playing Rocky Jr again.

[11.02.2005] Moviehole meldet...
Seems Rocky's going to have real reason to cry 'Adrian' in Balboa's next bout, the wife of the boxer will be six-feet-under in "Rocky 6", meanining Talia Shire probably won't be back.
Part of the "Rocky 6" script - it features Balboa, a disillusioned restaurant owner, struggling to come to terms with his wife Adrian's death and trying to stay close with his high-flying son - will be available in Sylvester Stallone's new lifestyle magazine "Sly", with cartoon scene descriptions to boot.
According to Contact Music, the first three issues of the magazine will feature parts of the storyline.
No studio has picked up "Rocky 6" as yet but this blatant plug might change all that.

[26.10.2004] Bei DH gibt einen Auszug aus einem "Maxim"-Interview mit Sly...
Has working on (The Contender) gotten you fired up to make Rocky 6?
I'm always fired up to make another Rocky. It dawned on me a long time ago that I have this character who's almost autobiographical, so his story can keep going. The character can go places where the actor is in his life. The movies almost become documentaries.
So where is Rocky now?
Society says to people, "Step aside; age gracefully." I've never thought there was anything graceful about aging. So I used what George Foreman did with his comeback fight a few years ago as a model. Everyone thought he was a joke, but he followed his own drum. [...]

[02.09.2004] Moviehole meldet...
With MGM recently nixing the idea of doing a new "Rocky" film, all signs started to point to Dreamworks to take it on, who Sylvester Stallone has been working on TV's "The Contender" with. But seems the Shrek stable doesn't want Balboa.
"I have a friend (call him Gooburn) that works at Dreamworks and he says that THE CONTENDER -a boxing reality series produced by Sly, Mark Burnett and Jeffrey Katzenberg and featuring Sugar Ray- is the only boxing project Sly and Dreamworks will be making together! He says that ROCKY VI will not be made by Dreamworks as far as he knows.
It looks like MGM and Sly might come to an agreement instead of battling each other in court. If The Contender is a hit, the new Rocky: Legends game is a hit (in stores December) and the new Rocky box-set is a hit (THE ROCKY ANTHOLOGY due out in December), then Rocky VI will sure to get made!". [...]

[14.07.2004] meldet...
Even though movie audiences haven't heard from Rocky Balboa since 1990's "Rocky V," when the permanently injured champ return to Philadelphia to become a mentor, rather than a fighter, star Sylvester Stallone says that he still thinks there's more to tell although the project hasn't been started yet.
"We're pushing towards that. I think it will come to fruition," says Stallone, who was nominated for two Oscars in 1977 in association with the first "Rocky," and who wrote all five films. "It's pretty much based on what George Foreman is doing and has done with his life.
"So, to me, it gives it credibility. It takes it away from just about boxing. It's about a certain ideal."
Not that it sounds as if "Rocky VI" will be particularly upbeat as Stallone expands on what he wants to accomplish with the film.
"As you get older, you realize that life changes. Quite often you're not ready to step aside," he opines. "You're not maybe ready to watch the parade go by.
"It's about redemption and also trying to follow one's dream to the very end. What you lack in skill you may not make up in will."
More immediate for Stallone is NBC's upcoming reality show "The Contender," where 16 aspiring boxers are put through training camp with the goal of becoming a true champion. Stallone represents the "fictional" side of the sport, and Olympic gold medalist Sugar Ray Leonard will be on hand for the "reality" side.
DreamWorks founder Jeffrey Katzenberg (who executive produces "The Contender" along with reality show king Mark Burnett) asserts that something that Stallone said about "Rocky" became the project's mantra.
"From the time we got into business with him, he has said to us, '"Rocky" is Adrian's story, and don't ever forget it. It is seen through her. It's where the heart and it's where the emotion is.'"

[10.06.2004] Bei Moviehole meldet...
Insider on all things Sly, ‘Long John Silver’ has an update on both Rocky 6 and Rambo 4 that should please fans of both series.
"Sly wants to get both Rocky VI and Rambo IV out in the year 2006. These are the two projects he's most trying to get made right now and why not -- they have made lots and lots and lots of money for all involved. Bill Conti is ready to record the BIG Rocky theme score one last time and the crew is ready to go. Stallone is strong arming MGM with his lawsuit and they look like they will cave in and just make the movie. If they don't, Sly is going to make an example out of the studio with why not to stand in the way of his personal vision." [...]

[17.05.2004] meldet...
Actor Sylvester Stallone sued Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. and a production company, claiming they stymied his efforts to make a sequel and Broadway musical based on the "Rocky" film franchise. The suit filed Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages against the studio and the production company. It also seeks an order allowing Stallone to proceed with a "Rocky VI" film. "He looks at litigation as the very of very last resorts," attorney Gerald Margolis said of Stallone, his client. "It means he's extremely sad, disappointed and put out by all of this."

[30.04.2004] Moviehole meldete kürzlich...
Sylvester Stallone's script for "Rocky 6" was rejected by the big guns at MGM, says a report today on the Ananova website.
Studio bigwigs told Sly that Rocky is too old - no one wants to see him bopping about a boxing ring anymore - but the big guy disagrees."As long as people feel life is an uphill battle, it will never be over. Rocky VI is about people who get to 50 and life says 'Get out of the way, you're obsolete'. I say to life: 'Move me or go around. I'm not volunteering to step out'."
He said he'd like to leave a certain message at the end of the sequel. "As we get older, what we lack in skill, we can make up in will. And that is what we need to take into our later years."
By the sounds of that, Sly's not giving up on making the "Rocky" flick just yet. Any takers?

[22.10.2003] AICN meldet...
Sylvester Stallone says Rocky VI has been shelved for now, but notes "I think Rambo is going to happen" [...]

[25.07.2003] Laut einem Bericht bei AICN lautet der Titel "Rocky 6: Puncher's Chance"... Und Rockys Gegner heisst "XL"... ;-)

[24.06.2003] Laut einem Bericht bei Moviehole trainiert Sylvester Stallone bereits für "Rocky 6"...

[21.06.2003] DH meldet...
Sylvester Stallone gave a brief interview to ESPN's "Sportcenter" program this week and aside from playing a bit of golf he talked a bit about who'll he be facing in the next "Rocky" film which he's currently training for - "Actually, (referring to the opponent), he's kind of in the same situation that Rocky was. Even though he's the champion, it's the same situation that Rocky was in in Rocky 1. You know, it's kind of like, an uncertain point in his life and even though he has all the skills, we don't know if he has the real heart for it". Guess this means the project is a go, though likely after Sly wraps up work on the rap star flick "Rampart Scandal".

[01.03.2003] Harry Knowles von AICN sprach bei einem Set-Besuch mit Sylvester Stallone über "Rocky 6"...
"[...] It seems that Stallone has taken inspiration from George Foreman with ROCKY 6. George after getting whupped by Spinks just sort of walked away from boxing and gained weight, took up charity work, but then one day discovered that the money had run out for the charity and himself, and nobody would give him a loan, his friends told him that the ships had sailed. And he just didn’t have anything anymore. He was an overweight, out of shape, middle aged man of questionable diminished fame. George decided to go back to boxing, mainly small club fights, tiny venues, people calling him a joke, but he was winning, and around that 16th fight, people started to take notice, things began to turn around. Well Stallone wants to basically tell that story, the has-been giving it a run story, but he also has in ROCKY 6 a character that he’s heading towards fighting, a new champ, which represents the modern black athlete which is very different from the Apollo Creeds or Alis of yesteryear. That new generation of Athlete with their posses and hanger ons. And what he wants is a DMX or a LL COOL J type to have in there, that has his own reasons for fighting, his own motivations. Not just some icon of evil that he has to defeat, but someone with their own demons and their own reasons to step into that ring.
By the time he was done, I was ready to see ROCKY 6, it definitely sounded more up my alley than ROCKY 5. [...]"

[12.12.2002] CS! meldet...
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rocky VI is one step closer to fighting its way to the big screen. MGM is nearing a final deal with Sylvester Stallone to write, star in and produce another installment of the Academy Award-winning franchise.
The new "Rocky," however, will return the franchise to its indie-style roots. The original 1976 film rang in at a budget just north of $1 million and went on to gross more than $220 million worldwide. The new film is expected to carry a low budget in the $10 - 15 million range.
The storyline for Rocky VI would find Stallone as a 50-year-old Rocky Balboa who is now at work running a youth center. He is lured out of retirement from the ring for one last fight.

[25.01.2002] Dark Horizons meldet...
Stallone talked with the UK's The Mirror about followups to his two biggest franchises, and fans won't be happy. In regards to more Rocky Balboa adventures - "I've taken my ideas for a Rocky 6 to MGM, and they made it quite clear there would be no cash until I can prove myself once again with a hit movie". [...]

[11.01.2002] Coming Soon! hat eine erfreuliche Meldung für alle Rocky-Fans... Sly hat bereits ein Drehbuch für "Rocky 6" geschrieben...
Moviehole tells us 'Paul Fischer' attended the junket for "D-Tox" yesterday with Sylvester Stallone in attendance. The most interesting thing that came out of it, was Stallone's confirmation of a "Rocky 6" and slamming of a "Rambo 4".
He told Fischer that he hopes to bring back Rocky Balboa directly after his next flick, Avenging Angelo. "It's true that I've written a story for Rocky VI," Sly concedes. "This one will hopefully bring forward Rocky's more spiritual side. I really love this character, he's a part of me and I'm longing to bring him back. There are guys my age who still box, after all." Stallone is even prepared to get back to the tough physical regiment required to shoot another Rocky. "It's brutal, very tough, but I'll do what is necessary to make it real." [...]

[30.08.2001] AICN berichtet über "Rocky VI"...
The man himself, Sylvester Stallone, told his fans today what he's currently up to via his official website SylvesterStallone.Com . What a surprsise it was to hear that ROCKY VI is one of his next few projects. The way he talked about Rocky VI makes it sound as if he and MGM might have agreed upon a budget and it is almost a done deal. Sly says he just didn't want to make another Rocky movie without coming out with some more original projects first. Sly is also developing a ROCKY play for Broadway for which he'll be writing the dialogue (he will not be starring) based from his original Rocky movie screenplay. What a perfect time for ROCKY VI to come out with sequels being so popular again.
Sly also talks of his plans to still make the Stephen King mystery/thriller DOLAN'S CADILLAC. Sly will play Jimmy Dolan, a real son-of-a-bitch...Sly's first real all out bad guy. Kevin Bacon is rummored to star along side Sly.
It seems like Sly has been bitten by the James Cameron bug because he says he is currently discussing venturing into television producing and writing but not starring. Some of his numerous ideas sound interesting like a detective series. All in all, Stallone is a very busy guy.

[11.07.2001] Die offizielle Website verkündet...
[...] No Rocky6 at this time, but hoping to write a broadway show based on Rocky. [...]

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